6th September 2016

Mr. Pany Symeou – Faraday Solicitors
148 Seven Sisters Road
Finsbury Park
London – N7 7NS

Your Ref: Mrs. Despina ENGLEZAKIS
My Ref: PSSe2016


Posted RECORDED DELIVERY 8th September 2016

Mr Symeou,

    Orchestrated CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES in CONTEMPT of Parliament’s Law, through abuse of trust and reliance on the creators, the operators, the administrators and ‘the organisers of the courts’ within the United Kingdom

    I refer you to your parts in the organised CONSTRUCTIVELY ENGINEERED CRIMINAL IMPOSITIONS as ORCHESTRATED and imposed on my sister, Despina Englezakis

, care of the blunt abuse of trust she was subjected to and the victim of such states, care of YOUR CONVENIENT FAILINGS and your parts in the orchestrated ‘failures’ of many product-creations of the Law Society

    to address and deal with the issues attached to the divorce Despina instructed YOU to proceed with

, after the man who was ultimately responsible for the loss of her second child, her daughter Rita, who was caused to take her own life as YOU WERE aware of and partly to blame for.

    I hasten to qualify the above conclusion of mine

:- “IF you cared for and YOU EVER really concerned yourself with my niece’s feelings and the torment she was going through” when her father and the rest of the Englezakis clan were seen to be the main and only cause and reasons (as far as I was made aware of) each time a break in the relationship of the two of you, the two young persons who had committed themselves to marriage and the creation of a family. Only a person of such considerations as I was caused to write of, to you, in one of my letters AFTER the convenient and questionable FAILINGS, also ‘the run of the mill activities, by and from within the legal circles’, YOUR CLIENT’, my sister was subjected to, especially after the attempts to create and generate FRAUDULENT IN INTENT INCOME / REVENUE such as:-
1. The attempt to secure a signature on the document, which you personally submitted by forwarding it to my sister to sign / endorse as YOUR PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION to the orchestrated ‘ventures and the plans of her husband, his activities, such as I was caused to question after her husband’s demand that she should bank the rents she was to be receiving from the first rooms Despina (with my assistance) made habitable, in the joint account under HIS ABSOLUTE control as of inception.
2. Despina’s decision to go her own way after her husband set about to deviously secure YOUR CLIENT’S signature to dispose of / transfer the two properties in Hornsey care of the solicitor Stelios Votsis. As Despina informed you too, in the course of the instructions meeting you arranged with YOUR CLIENT, Sotiris had taken her along to the solicitor for and because of legal issues related to the divorce of his youngest brother, Haris Englezakis. Needless to remind you Despina having made up her mind to go her own way after losing her daughter Rita under the IMPOSED CONDITIONS and the tragic circumstances YOU WERE FAMILIAR WITH, she had made her own arrangements and no longer was she prepared to tolerate the ways of the stone age arrogant Sotiris Englezakis.
3. I am obliged to remind you, also, of the attempt the solicitor Stelios Votsis engaged in by issuing and forwarding a demand to Despina for funds relative to some legal issue the solicitor had engaged in as instructed by the devious and crafty Paphitis, Sotiris Neophytou Englezakis. I need not allude and refer to the other actions and the criminal in essence activities Sotiris, the stone age male chauvinist engaged in, when he set out and attempted to create an insurance claim, which activities were challenged appropriately, by me, after Despina called and invited me to go along and look at the states she was faced with. I simply refer to the condition, the two properties your client had taken over, were in and the circumstances you had been made aware of, following her husband’s adamant refusal to furnish to me the warranted information I sought from him in respect of the accountant he had been using and relying upon for the married couple’s tax returns.
4. The attempt to enjoin / amalgamate the factual Default Summons with the concocted lock changes and the alleged eviction of the created, as used, fraudsters who engaged in the moonlight flight after they were served with the Default Summons. I refer, of course, to the Default Summons which YOUR CLIENT (with my assistance) issued and had served on the CREATED & USED fraudsters-couple, the tenants who contracted with YOUR CLIENT for and in respect of the unpaid rents YOUR CLIENT was the intended victim of, as arranged and organised with the many others you were aware of and FAMILIAR WITH, as part of the lies, the deceptions and the fraudulent in intent misrepresentations, care of the instigator, the master-mind and the fraud of a husband who arranged and organised it all, care of Haringey Council staff and officers, not to mention Haringey Police and your personal contributions and most convenient of failings in the matter of THE DIVORCE instructions you benefited from as THE ISSUE OF THE LEGAL AID certificate / facility EVINCES, especially the absolute control of the married couple’s finances, which only lover-promoters of the abused legal system could / might recklessly ignore and cast aside, as happened to have been the creation and promotion of the false and forged document / instrument that was introduced in the case Yiannides -v- Radley Gowns Ltd. (1970 / Chancery Division). I allude to and I refer, of course, to the case and the scenarios that opened my mental eyes over 44 years ago.
5. I should NOT HAVE TO POINT OUT that it was incumbent upon you TO GO ABOUT SAFEGUARDING YOUR CLIENT’S INTERESTS AND RIGHTS IN LAW, as of the moment you accepted her instructions to proceed with the divorce from the man who was responsible for much more, than Rita’s fatal decision to end it all. For that event I hold you just as responsible and guilty of as her father, simply because IF you were genuine in your desire / decision to marry the gem of a human you would NOT & SHOULD NOT have been so blind and or indifferent to her feelings and the torment the Englezakis clan had been IMPOSING ON HER for far too long.
The documents enclosed, as listed below, should qualify and clarify my stance and viewpoint, especially my letter of 30th March which was settled as submissions-reminders to my sister’s solicitor, not just to a run of the mill product-creation of the Law Society and the practices of the professional circles operating within the justice system as maintained by alternating political parties governments in the United Kingdom.
In order to assist you to get in tune with my grasp of the realities I submit also part of the explicit STATEMENT OF FACTS relative to my experiences as a VICTIM OF THE PRACTICES such as I spoke of to you as my late niece’s fiancé. Pages 11 to 16, only of the document ‘A’ as listed below (Ref. 2PFamAff) submitted for YOU TO STUDY and recognise the fact that NOT ALL can be treated as sucker-serfs subject to the criminal ways of the abusers of the system of operations within the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies. Reference to and diligent consideration of the precedent case related / covered in paragraphs 18 to 24 should cause you to reflect on YOUR PARTS IN THE PRACTICES and the organised constructively orchestrated DENIAL OF RIGHTS assured in law, such as my sister was being and has been subjected to care of the black economy services on tap under the table, such as the tax-evader, deep pockets Sotiris Englezakis secured and carried on benefiting from as of the moment he secured, also, the participation of the staff and the officers maintained by Haringey Council in the scenarios concocted around and about the alleged redundancy / unemployment of the created >AS USED< fraudster Nihal Wijemuni, who engaged in the orchestrated as concocted scenarios born of and attached to the alleged redundancy. Reference to my letter of 30th March 2016, reprint of which you now receive as part of the present recorded delivery package, SHOULD & MUST cause you to reflect and reconsider YOUR PARTS IN THE ORCHESTRATED CONSTRUCTIVE DENIAL & OBSTRUCTIONS TO RIGHTS ASSURED IN LAW and the most offensive of CRIMINALLY IMPOSED BANKRUPTCY to which YOUR CLIENT, my younger sister has been subjected to care of the black economy services and the facilities available on tap care of the legal professions, the police and abusers of judicial chairs occupancy, such as I experienced, over 44 years ago; also in the course of the PRIVATE PROSECUTION I WAS LEFT WITH NO OTHER OPTION BUT TO PUT ON RECORD (official records) after Haringey police recklessly and wilfully failed to prosecute Sotiris Englezakis who attempted to strangle me when I informed him, in the presence of third parties / witnesses, that I recorded (photographs were taken of the childish creation of the alleged water flood from above). Needless to say the issue of the invisible services Sotiris Englezakis benefited from were the subject of the instigated civil action, the Summons I issued out of the relevant County Court (for obvious reasons) that was followed by the alleged demise of the offending Magistrates Court Clerk, changed to ‘retired’, over a decade later by the clerical staff at the very Magistrates Court. (Part of the long on-going research and STUDY OF THE PRACTICES WITHIN THE LEGAL SYSTEM & THE COURTS, Mr Symeou). The young man who was asked to attend with me the call at Haringey Magistrates Court, may well have elected to suppress and fail to confirm the reasons as to WHY THE VISIT at the Magistrates Court, in spite of the fact that he and his mother had been benefiting from my presence and assistance at the Enfield Magistrates Court (on a number of instances)

    at the same building housing both Magistrates Courts, but the existence of the issued Civil Action returnable on Sotiris Englezakis and Eleni Michael, the person who participated in the creation of the alleged water flood, from above, and witnessed also

(with another two persons)

    the assault and the attempt to strangle me, cannot be erased from the records nor are the recorded realities likely to be ignored by the international jury, members of the public at large who are using and referring to the Internet, Mr Symeou

My letter of 30th March 2016 to YOU, Mr Symeou, my sister’s solicitor (8 pages) should need no additional information bar your confirmation or denial of the events and the realities YOU CANNOT BURY, care of the failure to process THE DIVORCE INSTRUCTIONS as you were called upon and relied upon to proceed with, as the intended son-in-law who simply engaged in many a convenient failings and the recklessly inconsiderate participation in such scenarios as the police invitation and the threats for prison sentences to the victims of the orchestrated ALLEGED REDUNDANCY & ABUSE OF THE ALLEGED HOUSING BENEFIT FACILITIES & PROCESSES PLUS THE CREATION OF FALSE RECORDS by Haringey Council Staff and officers who also indulged in the alleged forwarding of alleged Housing Benefit remittances to the fraud of an alleged human, YOUR CLIENT’S HUSBAND, at the time when YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY TAKEN STEPS TO SAFEGUARD YOUR CLIENT’S RIGHTS as of the moment you accepted the divorce instructions.
My letter of 14th April to Mr Paolo Puccinelli should be of considerable interest and concerns to many a victim of the abused COUNTY COURTS FACILITIES, especially to victims of alleged hearings proper, as conducted by the lowest of the low, District Judges (solicitors in the main aiming for and seeking permanent / regular income >pointing to other considerations, which only the naive and ill-equipped are not in a position to grasp and comprehend<, Mr Symeou. Sincerely CONCERNED Andrew Yiannides Contributing articles at as ‘Diogenis’, searching for ‘true humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on. ATTACHED / ENCLOSED:- A. Copies of pages 11 to 16 of Statement of FACTS by A. Yiannides (6 pages) B. Copy of Letter of 25th February to Christopher Garwood should suffice for any diligent reader of the content, to grasp the orchestrated scenarios created by the solicitors, all too busy creating legal actions and theatrical productions / scenarios in the abused courts. C. Copies of 2 Letters to Christopher Garwood, Trustee in Bankruptcy of 25th February and 18th May 2016 (4 + 4 = 8 pages) D. Copy of letter of 14th April 2016 to Paolo Puccinelli, surveyor. (5 pages) E. Copy of letter to Freedom of Information officer/team of 25th June 2016 to Haringey Council. (2 pages) F. Copy of letter of 15th February 2016 to THRINGS llp, solicitors for Maria Antoniades G. Copy of letter of 12th July 2016 to Christopher Garwood Trustee H. Copy of letter of 23rd July 2016 to Pany Symeou, solicitor COPIES to:- 1. The Law Society, 2. Christopher Garwood, Trustee in Bankruptcy, acting in an official capacity. 3. Paolo Puccinelli, of Currell, Chartered Surveyors, 309 Upper Street Islington, London N1 2TU 4. THRINGS llp, solicitors for Mrs Maria Antoniades 5. Metropolitan Police Commissioner 6. Home Secretary, Cabinet office. 7. Lord Chancellor / Justice Secretary, Cabinet office 8. Attorney General 9. Selected MEDIA From PLATO:-




, when asked why he was roaming the streets of Athens, in broad daylight, with a lit lantern.

BELOW, evidence of one of the attempts intended to silence or eliminate me / Andrew Yiannides, when the Metropolitan Police were more than party to the organised / arranged criminal assaults. The >photographic evidence below< was arranged by the targeted victim who was never interviewed by any police officer, after release from hospital. No statement was taken from the victim. No photographs were arranged / taken by an official police photographer. The performance of the police was limited to simply impounding the video evidence of the orchestrated assaults and copy of the assaults in the 329 Arriva bus company video recording was denied to the victim. ALSO NO EVIDENCE of any prosecutions of the THREE USED SCHOOL THUGS was presented / produced to the victim who WAS NEVER INVITED TO ATTEND SUCH & GIVE EVIDENCE TO ANY ALLEGED PROSECUTIONS which the Metropolitan Police might care to promote in support of such prosecutions, not to mention the failure of the police to inform the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority which issue should be considered with the issues covered above in respect of THE ORCHESTRATED BANKRUPTCY IMPOSED ON THE WRONG PARTY while the TAX EVADER, husband of the defrauded and DENIED HER RIGHTS WOMAN, the bereaved mother who lost her second child / her daughter Harita / Rita care of her criminally motivated penny-pinching husband who made a big issue of his power to buy anybody under the counter care of the black economy facilities available on tap and thereby benefited financially, along with the criminals who simply abuse the courts facilities. Everything care of the realities covered in the above stated facts as submitted to the Law Society product-creation subject to the practices and the unspoken of arrangements between the practitioners who IMPOSE THEIR WAYS, as covered in this communication to the solicitor Pany Symeou. The parallel between the 1990’s product-creation with the Law Society’s product-creation of the 1970’s should NOT BE OVERLOOKED / IGNORED. ANDREW YIANNIDES July 2016 This image is dedicated to my two innocent children who were used by the blackmailing feminasty gestation vessel, the woman I married who was herself used by the system’s operators for their joint evil ends when relying on the criminals in control of the abused courts’ facilities and the justice system and thereby deliver up to her their combined plans for ‘the bonded sucker-serf’. The orchestrated scenario their mother engaged in with Leyton police, part of the Metropolitan police, failed to bring about the intended removal of the targeted male sucker-serf in accordance with the plans of the conspirators who set about promoting / using the large birthmark the gestation vessel came along with as the result of some concocted assault by ‘the idiot who married the evil hypocrite Kyriaki / Koulla Metri Evangelou’. The arrest as orchestrated and planned-for by the co-operating in and for the intended criminal records and the eviction of the idiot from the residential property >the bricks and mortar the gestation vessel expected from ‘the idiot’ who married her under the specific circumstances which family members were made aware of, after the feminasty hypocrite came to the United Kingdom, as a refugee from the racial warmongering in Cyprus; the very states as created by the used and coerced non-thinkers, such as her eldest brother was party to. In due course the criminal in essence activities the legal circles engaged in and through abuse of the county courts facilities, as with the police through abuse of office and misconduct indulged in the extension of the organised PLANS FOR THE IDIOT WHOM THE FEMINASTY mother of the two innocent children wished and wanted eliminated / out of her way having secured what she expected of the sperm provider and the sexual services the animal desired and benefited from. Letters to such other product creations as Kypros Nicholas and Pany Symeou, both perfect specimen creations of the Law Society and the System of Operations within the Justice System maintained by successive governments of alternating political proclamations / interests and concerns, YET OF THE SAME COMMITMENT to the creation of the bonded sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them for the creation and maintenance of the New World Order.

The heavy strike sustained injuries intended to silence or eliminate the challenger

The above image and the message it conveys is dedicated to the many alleged victim challengers who were sent or came along of their own and conveniently ignored the FALSE & FORGED document can be accessed at

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