VISITORS AND FOLLOWERS OF THE FACTS RELATED AS published HERE and at as of the days when I set out to study and look into the criminal activities ongoing in the legal system through abuse of the courts >FACILITIES< such as I was subjected to throughout 1972-1976. I request all visitors to read the specific challenges I put in writing to the abuser of public office, the arrogant dreamer of an alleged servant of the public who had been appointed to the specific office where my letter >published below, was received by the offending servant of the public, who had been / was operating out of the Customer Investigation Team maintained by the government of the day at the expense of the tax-payers, Mr & Mrs Average. My letter, from a person who had been a victim of the abused courts FACILITIES >AS USED BY THE LEGAL CIRCLES< is very clear in every respect. Hence I copy-paste here my as written by me and as received by the arrogant and contemptuous of the law >servant of the public, one Christine Worsley< who was / has been deployed and used as she dared to indulged when responding to the submissions she received from a typical victim of the abused >COURTS FACILITIES<.

The submissions and challenges >as received by the arrogant abuser of the position she was / has been assigned to< are very clear and anyone seeking additional information should consider the fact that I have been and I am obstructed from getting on with what I set out to do care of the fraudsters >the abusers of the mobile telephone services facilities, so far the H3G service and the Lebara mobile telephone services. READ to the end PLEASE, my long letter and consider the offer, invitation & CHALLENGE to Ms Christine Worsley to engage in any ‘legitimate’ legal battle / action with me >IF SHE WISHES OR DARES to instigate court proceedings >ANY CLAIM< on slander or defamation about her failings as addressed by me because of her failures to consider and act appropriately after she read the complaints she received from Mr Ali Halil, the victim of the abused facilities.

In the circumstances I invite readers to get in touch, write to me directly to Andrew Yiannides, 26 Bigbury Close, Tottenham, London N17 8JQ. I need only add that the arrogant and offensive abuser of the position in the public service Ms Christine Worsley held / holds failed to act as invited / challenged OR, as it appears, she is NOT likely to comply >MEET THE CHALLENGE< for obvious reasons. She is NOT likely to take up the opportunity to make ant case resting on unjustified claims about her parts in the ORCHESTRATED ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES the rampant free-for-all, such as I was the victim of after the introduction of the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT, the legal circles set about using as the instrument for fraudulent revenue generation through abuse of >the courts facilities<. All and everything culminating in and with the performance of Ms Christine Worsley parts in the ORCHESTRATED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD ON the citizens, the British Tax payers.

COPY-PASTE OF my letter of 18th December 2017 follows below:-

18th December 2017

Ms Christine Worsley

Customer Investigation Team

HM Courts & Tribunals Service

6th Floor (6.02)

102 Petty France



My Ref.                      18DCWCaT

Your Ref.       JB/Oct17


Dear Christine Worsley

Re:      COMPLAINT / >REPORT< Abuse of Judicial chair

Copy of your letter of 4th November (>as above Referenced<) was passed to me by the recipient, Mr Ali Halil, the person who COMPLAINED about the mentality of the specific arrogant abuser of judicial chair occupancy, for comment and observations by me..

I write as one of the three witnesses who attended the specific hearing on 22nd August 2017, the judicial chair occupant asked Mr Halil if he was intending to APPEAL the decision that was to be entered on the day, When Mr Halil’s reply was affirmative DJ Hart assertively exclaimed that there was no way the order could be appealed. In so far as I was made aware of the background to the scenario for the day, the issue of any appeal was and should entail elements of false instruments (>as far as I was and I am concerned<) which the specific judicial chair occupant was to issue at the conclusion of the staged scenario. Mr Halil qualified that he was to appeal in order to seek justice and the judicial chair occupant DJ Hart simply told Mr Halil that the court was NOT going to permit / allow such action (>appeal<) as indicated by the victim of the abused courts (>plural do note<) facilities. >courts/justice service provisions<, ongoing for years, for well over four decades that I know of and personally experienced in a High Court Action which I personally instigated as a victim of commercial fraud. Do, therefore, read this communication to the end before treating it as just another trash can (**) case.

Remarkable the assertive response from a person who is not legally qualified whereby you proclaimed, to me, that no person retained by the administrative section would be replying to the victim of organised criminal activities ongoing through abuse of the courts facilities (most definitely not part of any LEGITIMATE JUSTICE SERVICE, as maintained by the government of any political coloration / orientation / proclaimed policy or commitment to JUSTICE for all, purportedly resting and founded on ADHERANCE TO THE LAW OF THE LAND >Parliament’s Created Statutes / Acts of Parliament<.

I attach / enclose the explicit document I created for YOU to read and IF YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND THE CONTENT PERTAINING TO THE INTRICACIES ATTACHED TO AND BORN OF ABUSE OF TRUST AND the courts facilities, let alone the background to and the purpose of such a creation, I suggest that you seek assistance from a legally qualified person, or make some effort to attend some classes in the basics of the English Legal System; and in particular the principles of ethics and moral foundations. By way of a simple explanation to my directive in response to your assertive arrogance, if you do not mind, I copy-paste below one of the basic principles which any true British citizen, ought to be well versed with and in, especially when addressing any matter and issues relative to the administration of JUSTICE, and I ask that you do not overlook or elect to ignore the simple fact that for the administration and the service you operate out of, the British citizens have taxes imposed on them over their working and >creative lives<. I refer, of course, to the taxes imposed for the cost and the benefit of maintaining such services as you are retained for, as an illiterate in basic principles of law and the rudiments of JUSTICE to be served by truly honourable persons, BY HUMANS, NOT by programmed robots as arranged and organised by abusers of trust and public office / public services and facilities intended, as your response to Mr Halil evinces to frustrate and offend Mr & Mrs Average who are gifted with some grey matter (>human brains<) that has been properly prepared for any position of authority held or appointed to such a service as you are operating out of, not as a programmed robot but >as a human<, such as I allude to. .

The specific words that follow, I copied from one of the most revered proclamations from the history of the English people >British History< and I suggest that you acquaint yourself with the very elements the words convey, madam arrogant servant of the public:-

COPIED words for lesson number 1 –one-.

39. No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send (I add OR ALLOW/ PERMIT) others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals (>NOTE the word used, when drafting the specific provision = JURY, not otherwise committed ‘puppets or marionettes<) or by THE LAW (upper case for emphasis) of the land.

40. To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice

In case you never heard of, or read of such foundations for the assured rights to the English / British citizens, do note that the above words were copied from the MAGNA CARTA. 

Let the above words convey the right messages to you Ms Worsley and get off your high horse! After you have had a good read >provided you are capable of understanding plain English<, if not a programmed robot / repeat gramophone record stuck in the same groove or wound up by some other abuser/s of public office, seek assistance, if necessary, for the actual meaning of & for the implications attached to the position of ADMINISTRATORS. Land back on planet earth; in the alternative cease taking the staff you have been provided by some other abuser of public office / service and get used to the obvious, for THE SUCKER-SERFS are slowly and for sure WAKING UP TO THE REALITIES, such as the arrogant abuse >USE, my choice< of the courts FACILITIES by persons who have been at it for over 45 years that I know of and personally experienced. I refer, naturally, to the activities, to the related facts and the evidence pointed to by the creator of the specific document you now receive evidence of, from me (>added to the list that includes the specific letter which the arrogant and obstinate abuser of judicial chair occupancy, District Judge Hart (>the lowest of the low<) received from me, dated 17th November 2014 as published in the public domain. Do consider the realities and cease relying on promotions that amount to more than freedom from government interference extending to free from the restraints of Parliament’s LAW. Such abusers of public office are NOT FREE TO ENGAGE IN ORGANISED CRIME, in the conduct of alleged court proceedings. Persons who engage in organised abuse of judicial chair ARE ALSO subject to the restraints of ALL LAW.  WAKE UP and get off the high horse you have been riding, for who knows how many years. Your small head is too big for the promotions you assertively projected to THE VICTIM of the organised criminal operations Mr Ali Halil was and is being subjected to care of such assertions as YOU CAME BACK WITH.

The realities covered in THE DEMAND INDICTMENT document. (>copy attached / enclosed<) RELATE TO THE PRACTICES, you should acquaint yourself with, as covered in the document you now receive from the author of these submissions. Read, therefore, of THE PRACTICES, such as Mr Halil was, has been and is being subjected to, these very days. Wake up and cease such arrogant promotions as the illiterate in law programmed robot you most definitely happen to be, care of your own admissions.

The present (>my<) submissions are most relevant to such other complaints and reports as you must have received from and or on account of countless other victims of the abused courts FACILITIES. Abused courts FACILITIES, I REPEAT, facilities for and to licensed and retained criminals who are provided with such facilities and freedoms to indulge in contempt of all LAW. FACILITIES, I REPEAT, provided to and MADE AVAILABLE to abusers of judicial chairs, care of the SELECTIVELY ORCHESTRATED SYSTEM OF OPERATIONS within the courts at the lower levels, extending to and including the misrepresented as High Court cases / proceedings when the lowest of the low engage in such arranged scenarios as Mr Ali Halil, the targeted sucker-victim of abusers of the courts FACILITIES (>I repeat<) on selectively pre-arranged Court hearings.

REPORTS, such as the relevant government officer / department received, ought not to be treated ad nauseum as if just irrelevant and unjustified / inexcusable complaints from the citizens, such as the report / complaint Mr Ali Halil submitted, as if some irrelevant communication  from some misguided Mr & Mrs Average when the reports / complaints relate to WRONG DOING, such as I personally was subjected to over 45 years ago. Everything care of the rampant abuse of the courts FACILITIES (>I repeat<), thereby creating and providing the causes and the reasons that should be clear to anyone who is gifted with a few grams of grey matter in his or her skull. Hence the reason why YOU RECEIVE THIS COMMUNICATION AND SUBMISSIONS >from me<; from the victim who created THE EXPLICIT DEMAND INDICTMENT REFORM / INDICTMENT document, which presently is benefiting from access by Mr & Mrs Average care of the fact that I published the very FACTS OF LIFE born of THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES I WAS SUBJECTED TO and the victim of such operations just because I was naïve enough to accept / believe such promotions as the lessons I was benefiting from, when a student at The English High School of Nicosia Cyprus. l now ask that you consider the difference between ‘student and pupil’ and thereafter I dare you to forward more rubbish for the author of this letter to STUDY but first and foremost carefully consider my response to the assertive promotions from you to Mr Ali Halil, for indeed it was your assertive promotions that commanded this communication from the author of this letter who simply dares to add that I did and I do not consider MY RIGHTS TO ADDRESS SUCH ISSUES AND ACTIVITIES, AS IF IRRELEVANT UNDER THE LAW >AND AS THE LAW COMMANDS & STIPULATES >REPORT CRIME< to such servants of the LAW< and Justice to address and deal with; provided that the abusers of public office and duties are not THEMSELVES engaged in such activities as the stipulation and the creation by the self appointed >the allowed to indulge in such promotions and projections as I copied from the revered bible created by abusers of judicial chairs, which arrogant assertion you can access and read the big question in the blue upper case font at the top of any chapter / web-page of my work published at:- and ANY other chapter of my work; any web-page benefiting from the common header part of almost all web-pages created by the author of this letter and the submissions / challenges; by the very person who applied for and SOUGHT JUSTICE IN THE HIGH COURT, only to benefit from the constructively engineered FRAUD and the blunt DENIAL OF RIGHTS inclusive of the protection from CRIME & CRIMINALS as the DEMAND INDICTMENT document makes very clear, provided of course, the reader and any >alleged< judicious person (Judge) is not BLIND, DEAF or otherwise pre-occupied and committed to and for the very states that I was subjected to and thereby established more than enough to lead to the conclusion that Justice is systematically raped by the legal circles whether blind or deaf and especially when the dumb >nobody dares to speak for her< and the raped victims of your world

DO READ and diligently STUDY, the DEMAND INDICTMENT document and take on board the parts of and by the arrogant abusers of judicial chair occupancy who indulged in the ORCHESTRATED ARRANGEMENTS by many an alleged honourable officer of the Court and ‘THE LAW’. One and all, collectively engage and systematically indulge in such practices  FOR FRAUD APLENTY ON THE sucker-serfs; on Mr & Mrs Average who receive such promotions from an admittedly illiterate in law, and alleged servant of the public >an alleged servant of the victim of the CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, SUCH AS ANY DILIGENT POLICE OFFICER / INVESTIGATOR COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE EXCUSED FOR, IF OVERLOOKING SUCH OBVIOUS CRIMINAL OPERATIONS as the creation of the FALSE & FORGED INSTRUMENT which the legal circles introduced and used as their part in the constructively engineered denial of rights to Justice<. I refer here to the arrangements between abusers of like minded CRIMINALS and their supporters, such as YOU who dares to promote the usual responses to the victims of ORGANISED CRIMINAL OPERATIONS THROUGH & care of abused court papers (>alleged court orders that lack accountability<) by the offenders; by the creators and by the promoters of FALSE INSTRUMENTS.

I simply draw your attention to the ‘DEMAND INDICTMENT’ document wherein YOU SHOULD READ OF THE STATED FACTS >THE REALITIES< the abused HIGH COURT facilities (>do note<) such as I was personally subjected to >CARE OF THE FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT< which the collaborating criminals promoted and with criminal intent used in the case YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS, over 45 years ago,

In case you do not know what FALSE or FORGED relate to >in terms of law and court proceedings< seek assistance and benefit from legal ADVICE, before you attempt to carry on with such arrogance as to ignore further or additional submissions in respect of the mentality attached to >contempt for THE LAW< & >Parliament’s Statutory Acts< as in the instance at hand, the attitude of such persons as District Judge Hart who indulged herself in the case of THE ORCHESTRATED >ALLEGED INSOLVENCY OF Mrs, Despina Englezakis< care of a number of solicitors who failed to process the divorce of the targeted victim of many, starting with the fraud of a husband proper and the father of the three children born of Mrs. Despina Englezakis care of her marriage to the fraudster who started boasting to me about his capabilities to pay for such invisible services from one and all as it suited him and fitted his plans, starting with the police who failed to prosecute him when he attempted to strangle me in the presence of three witnesses, including his wife, who had a choice on the specific occasion which I, the victim of the assault duly noted.

The copy of my letter to D.J. Hart, included with the copies and reprints which the specific Department and the police received from me, which the arrogant abuser of judicial chair contemptuously elected to ignore and simply shoved under the carpets, if not in the dark corners of her empty scull, do note that the specific letter was released / published, by me, in the public domain at In the circumstances if DJ Hart or your person are minded to institute legal proceedings on some alleged slander or defamation grounds I will be most pleased to accommodate and combat with the two of you >and your legal representatives< in any properly constituted and >OPEN TO THE PUBLIC< United Kingdom Court.

On the basis of your assertive arrogance and lack of any considerations arising out of the performance of such a position as you were assigned to (>the specific office you operate out of<) as an alleged servant of the public, all I can say at this juncture is a simple and naïve:- “God help humanity”, IF you have any notion of and about such creations, such as reliance on and expectations from any Deity; such expectations and promotions command “GOD HELP ANYONE whom you are called upon to judge as a juror, and as an illiterate in and for the basics of JUSTICE (>provided, naturally that you are in any way conversant with such provisions and the rudiments of the BRITISH JUSTICE SYSTEM<)..

One need only read the first two pages of the >DEMAND< document which I created after 45 years of study and research work, as a victim of SUCH CRIMINAL OPERATIONS as I relate to and write of in plain English, for the challenges intended for such other abusers of public office, such as every police officer, including the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, the late Sir Robert Marks who qualified also for the award of (>or was it reward?<) from the Queen’s Police Medal, remarkable arrangements indeed!!!

I attach / enclose, also, the printed copy of the letter to the very abuser of judicial chair who was seen and >noted in an earlier ‘staged scenario’ to have been a RETAINED FOR< such abuse of judicial chair occupancy, as the very arrogant fraud of an allegedly honourable officer of the law & Justice who took part and engaged in the long ongoing assaults on the possessions case >starting with the theft of all the trading stock and the tools of the allegedly insolvent victim of many, Mr Ali Halil< the victim who benefited from your run of the mill waffle and assertions. Everything care of the abused court facilities Court PAPERS WITHOUT ANY COURT HEARINGS for and in respect of any concocted / alleged liabilities such as the alleged DEBTS ATTACHED TO AND GIVING GROUNDS for some alleged Insolvency and the concocted Bankruptcy of the targeted person who has merited from no consideration or the rudiments of an investigation proper FOR & IN RESPECT OF THE ALLEGED LIABILITIES, through and because of which some alleged judgements that gave grounds to the alleged INSOLVENCY of the targeted victim of many abusers of official papers without substance in support of the promotions and the alleged declaration and promotion of >the concocted Bankruptcy< of the victim who benefited from such readiness to assert and promote such STATEMENTS & PROCLAMATIONS resting on the concocted INSOLVENCY of the targeted person for whom you and the rest of the team without looking into the REPORTED ACTIVITIES attached to criminal activities operations you rushed back to promote such views and opinions without looking into or seeking better particulars, lest of course you were supplied with and pleased to promote your hasty proclamation in such serious matters and issues Not so blunt and arrogant as the very states that were imposed on me care of two Lord Justices who elected to ignore the FALSE & FORGED INSTRUMENT >for fraud and denial of rights, allegedly assured under the law to ALL RESIDENTS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, without any prejudice or discrimination on any grounds, lest of course when and while the instigators and users of such false INSTRUMENTS for the generation of legal costs charges attached to FRAUDULENT COURT PROCEEDINGS in the interests only of the legal circles (>the professional criminals<) who nearly saw the end of me at the time, back in the early 1970’s,

I do qualify and assert >WITHOUT ANY COURT PROCEEDINGS & PROOF OF & THE EXISTENCE OF SUCH RECORDS<. You ARE hereby called upon to secure and stand by, any creations you might dare to promote and assert as the foundations for the alleged insolvency and the recklessly promoted bankruptcy of the targeted VICTIM OF ALLEGED SERVANTS OF THE LAW & JUSTICE, as maintained and USED by abusers of public office. I do refer to the criminals who collectively indulged in all and everything that turned Mr Ali Halil’s world upside down. The attached / enclosed document was published by me after the fraud of an allegedly honourable officer of Justice and by implication one who adheres to and respects >THE RULE OF LAW<. I suggest that you have a good read, and that you consider the simple fact that I had no second thoughts about the performance of the arrogant and lousy actress, the hypocrite who walked out of the court the moment she was challenged and I demanded the right to record the proceedings she was adamantly insisting should be conducted in tandem with some fraud / any / some solicitor licensed by the Law Society, such as the criminal who indulged in the promotion of and the reliance on the FALSE & FORGED instrument (>by no means looked upon as a document, by me<) the moment the licensed criminal, the solicitor Kypros Nicholas promoted the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT as some alleged defence document TWO YEARS AFTER THE CLOSE OF PLEADINGS, >if such processes ever saw the light of day<, were recorded in the annals of BRITISH JUSTICE IN THE MAKING (>1970-1976, Chancery Division the case YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY COWNS, 1970 Chancery Division<).

Note please that True copy of this communication is to be received by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner who presently should be looking at and considering other submissions that were posted using the RECORDED DELIVERY postal service as part of the challenges and the exposures called for and warranted / commanded of such public servants as the officers of THE LAW & JUSTICE, starting with the lowest of the low, such as DJ. Hart who arrogantly asserted that she is (>was<) not going to allow the victim of many to appeal her decision, the alleged judicial ruling purportedly founded and resting on GENUINE & JUSTIFIED COURT PROCEEDINGS AND RULINGS. Most clearly founded and resting on FALSE INSTRUMENTS, purportedly resting on alleged court proceedings proper.

I look forward to acknowledgement of this letter and the explicit submissions you receive from me, for I write as a typical VICTIM OF THE ABUSED COURTS FACILITIES >such creations and concocted judicious rulings and findings attached to such promotions as the alleged insolvency and bankruptcy of Mr. Ali Halil, the victim who submitted his complaints and raised the issues born of and attached to concocted judicial rulings  for which the Justice Department is accountable to Mr Halil, and the many others who are to called to connect and in common raise and submit such  reports and complaints, as Mr Halil was the victim of, just as I, myself was subjected to after I instigated High Court proceedings in the matters that granted and afforded me THE RIGHT TO SEEK JUSTICE THROUGH THE High Court action YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (> 1970, Chancery Division<).


Andrew Yiannides, founder-creator of the world wide web

Publishing also articles at


Consider the attempt to eliminate me or turn me into a mentally disturbed zombie, if you are to be thought of and considered to posses ANY HUMAN ATTRIBUTES (capabilities)  Access and marvel at the end product, the photographic evidence of the state I was rendered into, care of the arrangements, police officers made with and for the three school thugs who obliged Haringey police operating out of the Nightingale police station in Wood Green London, N22. The evidence I arranged myself to be created (the photographs were taken by a retired professional) after the bandages were removed from my head, BECAUSE OF THE NEED TO PROCEED WITH A CASE TO BE PLEADED AND LODGED at the High Court, because the author of this letter and submissions / challenges refuses to ignore such marvels as the creations of the licensed & authorised criminals who act and operate as alleged servants of the LAW & JUSTICE care of the free-for-all such persons engage and indulge in as the simple facts covered in the >DEMAND4I< document only the wilfully maligned elect to ignore, with INTENT.


Any citizen who was ever faced with similarly imposed states, as the person whose complaint  to the Customer Investigations team of HM Courts & Tribunals Service merited such a poor and arrogant response as Mr. Ali Halil  received from Christine Worskley, should feel free to write directly to:-

Andrew Yiannides, at  26 Bigbury Close, Tottenham, London N17, but ONLY IF WILLING TO TAKE PART in official challenges that are to include the option of ISSUING & SERVING claims that will be submitted to the High Court to address and determine in accordance with the rules of procedure and due / merit >the warranted reference to the EVIDENCE TO BE SUBMITTED & MADE PUBLIC< by publishing the submitted particulars of claim/s and the EVIDENCE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.

TIME TO CLAIM BACK and work with the author of this invitation and request in order to FREE JUSTICE from her abductors, the abusers of the public services maintained by the creators of PSEUDO-Democracy and much more which realities the creator of the website work / chapters spent over 48 years looking into as of the days when the legal circles, including High Court & Court of Appeal Judicial chair occupants indulged themselves as covered in the specific document >DEMAND4I< as submitted  to the offensive Christine Worsley, the alleged servant of the public with the specific duties her appointment to the public service she was assigned to warranted.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, the offensive Christine Worsley failed to take up the challenge to do battle with Mr Andrew Yiannides in an OPEN COURT case as stipulated and made clear by the author of the letter released in the public domain, here at

January 2020 

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