The Indifference of Mr & Mrs Average reflected either by failures to consider the obvious OR BLUNT INTERFERENCE by the manager-controllers of PSEUDO-Democracies!!!

The miracle of reckless indifference by persons who do not bother to consider the obvious to which I have been pointing for decades, NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME.

The issue of the constructive FRAUD IMPOSED on the tax-payers, on Mr & Mrs Average, who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of such states as I have been writing of and POINTING TO THE PROOF, to the evidence, calls for reconsideration and A NEW APPROACH attached to re-appraisal by the electorate. The arrogant abuse of the facilities I have been pointing to for far too long command prompt looking into and consideration of the realities attached to THE PRACTICES the professionals engage and indulge in.

It is high time the taxpayers ceased turning blind eyes to the written word and to the EVIDENCE PUBLISHED in the public domain; such as the FALSE & FORGED document which the legal circles introduced in the High Court action >YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS – 1970, Chancery Division< care of the collaborating ARROGANT SOLICITORS. The OBJECTIVE OF THE COLLABORATING FRAUDSTERS, OBVIOUSLY WAS TO OBSTRUCT & DENY JUSTICE TO THE TARGETED VICTIM OF THE SYSTEM IN PLACE, AS USED, by the very circles, by the professionals.

Simply put, the targeted victims of ‘the system as is & used, experience and benefit from the very reflections of the operations that SERVE ONLY THE OBJECTIVES of the creators of THE SYSTEM AS ORCHESTRATED BY THE CRIMINALS IN CONTROL. The system as operated simply SERVES THE PLANS & THE OBJECTIVES OF THE CREATORS-OPERATORS >>>the legal circles who, in the particular case, introduced in the fray TWO YEARS AFTER THE INSTITUTION OF THE HIGH COURT ACTION and the close of pleadings the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT >an instrument, in fact, that was used FOR the specific plan of the creator-users of it; specifically the corruption of Justice while creating false records for the case at hand, thereby absolving the original wrongdoers of all criminal in concept and execution ACTIVITIES & OPERATIONS!?!?

WAKE-UP SUCKER-SERFS, for our successors’ sake. We cannot and we ought not to let them (>OUR SUCCESSORS<) inherit from us what our illiterate parents had passed on to US the very practices you are pointed to for the umpteenth time!!!

No one could ever have wished for a better present than the opportunity the legal circles afforded me back in 1972. Yet, for over 49 years I have had to put up and tolerate such excuses and mentalities as I benefited today from a blood line, same family tree member. The individual, when asked IF HE EVER CONTACTED any newspaper or politician about the criminal activities on-going in and through the High Court >as the author of these submissions and observations had and has been subjected to, the person simply retorted:-“I never saw the FALSE & FORGED document you have been speaking of and writing about! So, WHY should I have acted as you ask now??? Such a proclamation & aspersions, in spite of the fact that he was one of the first two persons who had seen the very copy I secured from the solicitor who saw fit to engage in the criminal activities, namely ‘the orchestrated operations I reported to the police >as I covered in the brief and THE VERY CLEAR DOCUMENT >>1PFamAff<<,as arranged and imposed by the legal circles with the blessings of the police, all the way to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Robert Mark QPM!!!

 WAKE UP Sucker-Serfs!!!

Also, when the person was pointed to the issue of being denied access to the Court of Appeal for the specific hearing he was not allowed access to ‘the venue’, all the person could come up with:- “You asked me to attend, didn’t you?” (>implying he was simply doing me a favor<).  And even though I was not interested or concerned with the states being imposed on you’ (>and by extension< ‘As I was all right personally, WHY should I have bothered?” Simply put, ‘the very approach and mentality’ as the remarks related here, granted me THE RIGHT TO WRITE OF SUCH sucker-serfs and their selfish arrogant failures to consider the simple reality that ALL CITIZENS have taxes imposed on them for the retainers and the maintenance of such criminals as the police relished and relish in by ignoring the arrogant criminal operations I did not just speak of but I did produce the evidence to all who expressed the  wish / desire to have sight of THE EVIDENCE I WAS SPEAKING OF. The very evidence, later, I DID PUBLISH IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, of course, as an indictment on such persons, FOR THE WORLD TO MARVEL AT!!!

 The evidence in the public domain in accordance with my notice and MY INTENTIONS, AFTER 20 YEARS of the tolerance and the patience COMMANDED OF ME.

Good day to one and all who simply act and operate as indifferent and selfish LOVERS OF THE DAMAGES IMPOSED on others >even same family members as the person I allude to here today, on 6th December 2018 made clear care of such responses!!!

Persons who HAVE BOTHERED to read this comment and submissions, need to access and read the EXPLICIT ARTICLE resting and founded on the explicit judgment that related / relates to THE FALSE & FORGED document (>an instrument in fact<) concocted by solicitors >AS APPROVED & IGNORED BY THE POLICE and the media Intellectual Prostitutes (reporters). ALSO the POLITICIANS, the elected representatives of the sucker-serfs who collectively although made aware of the realities and the fact that the false & forged document simply represented the avenue the legal circles engaged and indulged in, in order to generate FRAUDULENT IN CONCEPT INCOME and fraudulent in concept REVENUE FOR THE COURTS, as the elected politicians and the Lord Chancellor’s office >the Ministers & alternating Secretaries of Justice determine & ENDORSE >none bothered to consider the victim of all<, as I pointed out, also, to same family members!!!

WAKE UP Sucker-Serfs!!! Look up and consider the realities written of in my letter to Lord Mackay, the Lord Chancellor back in 1992. Only TWENTY YEARS (>20 years, after setting off to study and extensively research, look into the ARROGANT ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES FOR FRAUD APLENTY!!! Access, readers, please, the specific submissions; the copy of my letter to the Lord Chancellor published in the public domain care of the Facebook team who created a special portal for me and my human’s rights work at:-/ yiannides/

When there, simply consider the recorded likes and the interest indicated / expressed by a number of visitors / readers. Thereat simply ask why such a difference in likes and interest as opposed to articles I published and publish in other portals!!! Is it not just a case of the EVIL POWERS AT WORK, all out to create their New World Order projections IF NOTHING ELSE???

The above realisation takes us to the most clear of arrangements by the impostors who set out to create their preferred societies, a world of attrition and WRONG-DOING >CRIMINAL IN ESSENCE OPERATIONS for the intended CRIMES INCORPORATED OPERATIONS?!?

Access also the specifics pointed to by me care of very clear conclusions entered by the Judiciary at the high Court in respect of WRONG-DOING, at:- 

Sincerely CONCERNED, Andrew Yiannides, London, United Kingdom

December 2019

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1 comment to The Indifference of Mr & Mrs Average reflected either by failures to consider the obvious OR BLUNT INTERFERENCE by the manager-controllers of PSEUDO-Democracies!!!

  • Looking forward to Mr & Mrs Average, contacting me, the author of this specific article and in particular the creator of the work that I had to undertake after I got to know of and realized how the many who contacted me or were sent along to mess about with my goodwill and the tolerance all benefited from as of the moment I set out to, and I was inviting others who were complaining about each faced by wy of problems and interference in their attempts to draw attention to THE OBVIOUS, such as I qualify here through this specific article and MY SUBMISSIONS FOR PERSONS WHO CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES after considering the obvious, such as the BLUNT FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT WHICH THE LEGAL CIRCLES introduced TWO YEARS AFTER THE CLOSE OF PLEADINGS in the high court action, YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS in 1970, as covered in many a posting and submissions / pointers to such evidence as was called for on each and every occasion when I HAD TO DRAW THE ATTENTION OF THE ABUSERS OF MY TIME and my tolerance of the states each elected to introduce in the affray as each elected to indulge either as a lover of the system as is IRRESPECTIVE OF THE FACT, that I had been THE VICTIM OF ORGANISED CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, the legal circles engaged and indulged in, care of the accommodating solicitor who, to all intents and purposes was representing me and acting in my own interests BY ENDORSING & PROMOTING THE FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT, copy of which I secured from the licensed by the Law Society of England and Wales, with the blessings of the Metropolitan Police and Members of PARLIAMEMEN……
    GREAT PERFORMANCES ONE & ALL, starting with same family members, true followers of the sperm provider, the hopelessly EVIL Kyriacos Petrou Ioannides TSAROULLA!!!

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