The Present States Command Looking Into

The imposed states of homelessness and dispossession of properties were premeditated and inexcusable. NO PROCEDURES PROPER WERE FOLLOWED in addition to the inexcusable failures of third parties who simply engaged in the creation of the states that were used to cause and create the imposed states prior to creating and causing the destitute states that were imposed on my sister, Mrs. Despina Englezakis and on my person, by abusers of position and public office. Readers/ visitoirs are requested to access and read the explicit letter which I was obliged to write to a specific abusers of public facilities such as were concocted about myyounger sister Mrs. Despina Englezakis. The specific letter was released / published at:-

NOTICES were submitted to the Metropolitan Police and to the Local Authority, Haringey Council because of their parts in the orchestrated criminal activities such as I set out to look into ever since the Metropolitan Police failed to proceed with any investigations proper after the legal circles (>solicitors and barristers<) engaged and indulged in the use of a blunt FALSE & FORGED INSTRUMENT (by no means a simple document) for the generation of revenue and income in respect of criminal in concept and execution work / activities.

The staff and officers of Haringey Council, were the instigators of a concocted insolvency state and the alleged bankruptcy of my sister Mrs. Despina Englezakis. The only information that was imparted to me related to a liability of £46 (pounds sterling) care of a letter / demand which my sister, Mrs. Despina Englezakis, received from Haringey Council. However recently I was informed by our younger brother that the liability / demand which Mrs Englezakis failed to pay >by not accepting my directions<, was half of the amount she spoke of to me. The specific scenario when considering the amount promoted / projected made mockery of common sense and the facilities used in order to create and impose such states on my sister and specifically on my person. Everything, care of the concocted & alleged insolvency after I had done my best to convert TWO PROPERTIES IN THE HORNSEY / CROUCH END area of North London to FIVE self contained modern flats. The two properties and Mrs. Englezakis’ hairdressing salon business, her husband had been using for the income / revenue he had been collecting / amassing as ”the man of the house / the family; as the great one who, ultimately, was responsible for the loss of the second daughter of the Sotiris & Despina Englezakis couple, Harita / Rita, my niece, naturally.

The young lady, was driven to suicide after the Englezakis clan had caused to the gem of a person the break up of her relationship and commitment to marriage for the creation of her own family and home with the young man of her choice. The young man was very familiar with the mean ways of the fraud of a husband and the father proper to the three children born of my helplessly naive sister who never spoke to me of her husband’s arrogant and selfish ways until after I had committed myself to help her get out of the rot the mean ‘man of the house’ had driven Harita / Rita to take her own life after her elder sister Eleni had been most offensive and recklessly indiferent to her sister’s plans and decision to proceed with her plans and her decision to marry the man of her choice. Unfortunately owing to the pressures I was under at the time, when Rita telephoned me in order to inform me of her sister’s arrogant command that she did not want the young man her sister had committed herself to, at the family table for the bridal reception / celebrations, by telling Rita, that she did not want Rita’s fiance at the bridal reception / family table.

Of such mentalities and selfish arrogance the implanted manners and the adopted ways ‘from the man of the house‘. All I could contribute and suggest at the time to Rita was to wait until after the wedding reception and she and I should discuss the problem with her mother (who had never spoken to me of her husband’s indifference and his selfish ways over the years. I simply suggested that the three of us (with her mother put into the picture, we should decide if we should talk to her father, ‘the man of the house’, about the demand from Eleni, her elder sister. I was not, at the time, in a position to know of the states and the conditions the Englezakis couple had raised their children in such ways as for the eldest daughter to have adopted her father’s selfish and indifferent to the needs of any other. My sister spoke of such matters only after the suicide of Rita, her second daughter, who obviously could not take any more of the thoughtless and arrogant orders / commands from Eleni, her elder sister who had given me more than enough reasons to advise her mother, my sister, to take the necessary steps to ensure her elder daughter did not engage in more inappropriate and recklessly indifferent activities as she had indulged after she was sent and left in Cyprus to oversee and look after the Sotiris & Despina Englezakis interests, such as ‘the man of the house’ had engaged in and was involved back in Cyprus; specifically in the part of and the village area from whence ‘the man of the house’ came from as an illiterate hair clipping barber. Just a thoughtlessly selfish rogue of a an alleged human.

In due course the release of the submissions to the dreamer who set out to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE >a criminal offence< by entertaining promotions of the creation of a payment he made to the mobile telephone company service provider that engaged in demands for alleged use of the mobile phone while I was in hospital and not able to use a phone that was in any event unusable. Yet our younger brother came up with alleged directions from me, for him to pay such a telephone bill of account (charges) whereas all the exchanges and challenges >BY ME< made of the mobile telephone service provider established, qualify and evince the simple fact that one was dealing with inexcusable and fraudulent in concept demands. One only has to consider WHY the payment made ended up being three payments (for inexcusable and unsubstantiated telephone calls). The said demands and payments COMMAND EXPLANATIONS and the failures to provide the proof and the evidence of / for such payments >using a Visa Debit card facility was provided in mid-June 2019. However the payments for non substantiated charges, which the telephone service provider’s staff refused and failed to provide the essential itemized bill of charges for which our younger brother and a third party attended the branch where the account was instigated.

Confirmation of the visit and the request for the itemised bill of charges pertaining to the extracted payments for the alleged use of the mobile telephone while I was in hospital >and in NO POSITION to use a mobile telephone unit commanded and called for the warranted proof as was commanded & demanded by the two persons who called, on the second occasion at the Wood Green High Road branch, as I made myself very clear when I had cause to demand on Friday the 28th of June by attending myself to the problems which the telephone service provider imposed on me. At the time I was promised a letter by Wednesday the 3rd of July which has as yet to be received, 5 days later

Of such activities and imposed states the many abusers of position,INCLUSIVE OF THE POLICE who failed to prosecute the criminals who introduced the FALSE & FORGED document 2 years after the commencement of the high court action YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (1970, Chancery Division); the foundations and the evidence of all and everything within the knowledge of the dreamer who set out to obstruct me and my rights to unadulterated Justice!?!?!

Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS

17th June 2019

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