The Obvious addressed by Parliament

The introduction of the specific section 26 of the Criminal Justice & Courts Act of 2015 should be considered by all readers / visitors after reading the explicit DEMAND FOR INDICTMENT DOCUMENT (petition) which the many victims of the abused courts facilities simply elected to ignore, for years. In fact as if the petition applied and applies only to and on the day when the criminal activities by the legal circles who targeted me and indulged as they did by introducing the FALSE & FORGED document (>instrument<) as the vehicle for the denial of rights and the corruption of justice, throughout 1972-1976.

The brief submissions, the article I publish below, all readers / visitors to consider for the simple reason that no government / no minister could go on ignoring the fact that some citizens do make time to look into such activities OF WRONGDOING by servants of the public and the Law.

Section 26 of the Criminal Justice & Courts Act of 2015 clearly addresses the very issue of FAILURES, by the police, to address the wrong activities, such as the legal circles indulged in by introducing the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT two years after the service of the High Court Summons calling upon the Defendants to justify their fraudulent misrepresentations which the references to the sound foundations of the claim which the realities of the stated case / claim, no sensible person could possibly justify.

The same applied and applies to the failures of the police at the time of the events that caused the wronged party, the Plaintiff to contact the police as of the moment he was faced / confronted with the promotion of the FALSE & FORGED concocted defence document as projected by the legal circles who entertained and used the specific creation as their ticket to and for income generation activities care of the theatrical scenarios in the courts.

Copy paste of the specific document / article which readers need to consider follows:-

1. “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office”


2.“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers”

Thomas Jefferson

3. “Through an act or an omission the commission of the crime”

Andrew Yiannides >Consider reader, please, WHY the introduction in the specific section 26 of the Criminal Courts & Justice Act of 2015 explicitly addressing the issue of POLICE FAILURES and the prescribed ‘remedy’ by the representatives of the tax-burdened electors. The specific section is copied and pointed to here at as my contribution to the intended awakening of the misguided and the misled tax payers who have taxes imposed on them for the retainers, for the training and for the maintenance of such criminals as I was first faced with in 1972-1976 after I instigated at my insistence the High Court action YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS, 1970 Chancery Division, in and for which the legal circles, in other words, solicitors, barristers and judges saw fit and proper to introduce and entertain the FALSE & FORGED instrument; not just a plain document in support of a concocted defence TWO YEARS AFTER the service of the Summons as settled by a barrister and served by the solicitor who had very clear instructions, specifically WHY THE OFFENSIVE ACTIVITY I was the victim of HAD TO BE CHALLENGED in the High Court and not in some County Court, as the solicitor initially suggested while of opinion that his client, the victim of the orchestrated criminal in concept operations had been the victim of, care of the altogether practice the defendants indulged in as part of the operations many the victims of the endemic / systematic breaches of position the Defendants had engaged in as part of the orchestrated constructively engineered breaches of position such practitioners as the defendants engaged and indulged in while relying on such criminal activities as the legal circles engaged in by introducing the FALSE & FORGED document >the income / charges generating instrument for theatrical productions / scenarios in the courts. Everything with the blessings of the Metropolitan police, all the way to the Metropolitan police Commissioner of the days. Readers, followers of the research work the victim of the legal circles was caused to engage in should access and read the specific DEMAND FOR Indictments document which the victim of all publishes here at:h as the opening shot called for in view of the recklessly irresponsible Metropolitan police officers, who collectively simply act and operate as supporters of the criminal in concept and execution activities the legal circles engage in SYSTEMATICALLY care of the FREE-FOR-ALL arrangements in place for the sucker-serfs to ‘benefit from’!!!

Andrew Yiannides 1975 >first time wrote of his specific conclusion to government<

APOLOGIES to all readers and followers of the developments as of the days when the mobile telephone service >3 – THREE< company of fraudsters engaged and indulged in the criminal operations such as I was faced with long before I ended up in hospital and their staff and officers operating out of the >3 THREE< branch / store in Wood Green, London N22 relied on a dreamer, a true Joannides / Ioannides >a fraud of an alleged brother< indulged himself and for months was noted to have been party to such evil plans and schemes as the collaborating creations of the mother of all PSEUDO-Democracies excel at care, of the abused public facilities specifically the legal and justice operators with the blessings of the media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes all retain and rely upon to promote and condition / indoctrinate non-thinkers with THEIR PLANNED-FOR promotions and the long ongoing conditioning of non-thinkers who were sold the rubbish about the creator of all and everything ; >THE EVIL ONE<.

For qualifications and the explanations commanded / needed for the concluding words of the above paragraph readers / visitors should refer to the specific material that was added to the Bible in the third century AD in the course of the second Synod in Rome, as the Old Testament as concocted by the creators of the alleged Old Testament foul of common sense and logic scenarios. All readers / visitors are simply asked to read >STUDY< specifically the ten commandments as created by the creators and promoters of the alleged creator of all and everything who should now note that as of a young age, when I was benefiting from the usual Catechism teaching I asked the priest taking the classes I was part of “Is this the God I should love” after reading on my own for the first time the Ten Commandments. The priest simply affirmed the conditioning and I told the priest that I do not love the specific God as I was being told I should, because He was / is our maker. I simply responded by repeating that I cannot and will not love such a God after pointing to the specific extract from the Old Testament scenarios and promotions that gave away to my young mind more than enough. And such was and has remained my attitude as of those days. I will appreciate the understanding of my personal decision / conclusions which I do not wish to impose on any other for and because of my PERSONAL APTITUDE & UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT TO ME WAS & REMAINS VERY CLEAR to common sense and human brain cells.

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