Extended Studies After The Attempts To Abandon A High Court Action.

Andrew Yiannides

January 26, 2014 at 11:10 · Reply

Any visitors and concerned / interested readers who read here of the abduction of the Human-Rights Organisation Community on Line, are asked to contact me at if interested in the project being re-instated but ONLY IF GENUINE VICTIMS OF ANY ABUSED PUBLIC OFFICE & OR PUBLIC FACILITY from within any state/country, no matter who, when and how the breaches of ‘the law’ and violations of the rights commanding restitution.

I hasten to draw attention to the fact that the reasons WHY I SET OUT TO STUDY & RESEARCH THE LONG ONGOING ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES, in the United Kingdom, WAS TRIGGERED BY THE FACT THAT I WAS DEFRAUDED OF MY RIGHTS, allegedly assured in law, and the abuser who VIOLATED MY RIGHTS, BY BREACHING THE LAW, was an old school friend to whom I turned as such, with instructions to instigate legal proceedings against some dreamers who indulged in COMMERCIAL FRAUD at my expense.

When instructing the solicitor, my old school friend Kypros Nicolas of Nicolas & Co, Seven Sisters Road, London N4, I provided him with full particulars and the documented evidence in support of the case. I specifically pointed out to the solicitor that the case commanded a High Court action because of the systematic criminal operations many of our compatriots fell victims to because of the conditions that prevailed in the making up and the subcontracted clothing manufacturing commercial enterprises, within the United Kingdom.

The evidence I handed to the solicitor included an official letter from a third party, among other documents. The specific letter made it very clear that the offending defendant indulged in false assertions in order to impose the states that attached to the fraud that was imposed on me. The offending defendant HAD LIED and the deception I had been the victim of commanded restitution; the wrong I had been the victim of could NOT BE CORRECTED OR CHANGED IN ANY OTHER WAY, safe admittance of THE WRONG DOING and the essential corrections which the evidence I presented and handed to the solicitor, commanded.

However, solicitors and the barristers thereafter simply engaged in the usual activities many speak and I got to know of and experienced as the case ‘evolved’ and as the legal circles engaged and indulged in. Two years into the case and my old school friend, MY SOLICITOR, INVITED ME TO HIS OFFICE IN ORDER TO INFORM ME OF DEVELOPMENTS >and thereat< HE ADVISED ME ‘to give up / abandon my claim!’.

In support of his advice, to one whom he assumed to be a naive and typical feed for the fodder sucker, he produced from the case file a document which he, informed me, he had received from the Defendants’ solicitors. I simply asked for a copy in order to study the content, without disclosing an instantaneous observation as of the moment he passed / threw from across the table the document he took out of of the case file and directed me / advised me to abandon my case, because of the evidence (the specific document) he received from the offending fraudsters solicitors. The copy he passed / threw over, I asked for a copy to take away and study with a view to considering his advice and I asked to be excused for having to dash off because I did not wish to discuss his advice there and then. to “drop / abandon the case for it had already cost plenty, for a case bound to fail” (his words) in view of the evidence he had received from the Defendant’s solicitors. We agreed to meet over the weekend at his residence in order to discuss the developments, including his advice, of course.

I did not raise any issue with MY SOLICITOR, but armed with the copy of the document he had received from the defendant’s solicitors, I proceeded to the police station in Blackstock Road, nearest to the solicitor’s office, and place of business. When there I produced the copy of the document I requested and received from the solicitor and I told the police officer at the front desk that my solicitor told me that he had received the document that prompted him to invite me along that evening in order to advise me to drop my claim and abandon my High Court action.

The mentality of all, all the way to the office of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Robert Mark was very clear and most offensive. The last, Sir Robert Mark, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, I ensured he received, from me, true copies of the FORGED FALSE INSTRUMENT and the most clear of the evidence which the copy of the specific letter I received from the third party made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR THAT SUCH A DOCUMENT as my solicitor accepted from the SOLICITORS OF THE DEFENDANT, in support of a concocted defense, DID NOT EXIST AT THE TIME & FOR SOME TIME WELL AFTER THE DECEPTION I was the targeted victim of.

The solicitor, evidently, elected to ignore a very clear change / amendment to the document. I pointed out, to the police officer, the relevant change and amendment to the document. I emphasised the simple observation that the amendment most definitely had been made / executed after the document had been created in the instance at hand for the purposes of a concocted defence. The amendment activity clearly pointed to ‘falsification of an already FALSE DOCUMENT as far as the issue of such evidence went and attached to the specific document. Such was the case and my report was repeated to the police station nearest to my residence; such was, also, the report to the police station near the Local Authority, the London Borough of Islington, the Town hall in Upper Street, London N1, where I met with the Local Member of Parliament, who was representing me and my rights in LAW, assured by and at government level. The M.P, directed me to report my observations and the obvious attached to criminal activities and operations by solicitors, commanded investigation by the police because of the issues I did relate to the solicitor in the first instance when issuing my istructions and because my report related to an active High Court action.

Anyone who has experienced similar practices, failures and mentalities OR was faced with similar MENTAL BLINDNESS by and from the police or alleged professionals, such as the legal circles, including a number of High Court judicial chair occupants, Judges who, later were faced with much more than simply HANDLING THE BLUNT FALSE INSTRUMENT (not a simple document) after it was FORGED, for it established the foundations for the high court action YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (1970, Chancery Division). The very case was the cause and reasons for the comprehensive studies and the extensive research I engaged in thereafter, leading also to the changes for MY PLANS FOR MY LIFE and the family I was to create.

It is up to any individual who has been subjected to similar acts and impositions, as a victim of the organised abuse of the courts facilities, to accept or reject my reasons for stating and asserting that I was left with no option but to engage in the comprehensive study of the arrogant abuse of the trust of the SHEEPle and the blunt abuse of the courts facilities, as of the spring of 1972, two years after instigating the high court action, well after the defendants, who, as it appeared, were being protected by criminals and the evil forces in control of the police and the justice system of an allegedly civilised, as promoted by its creators, by the managers of the society, the Pseudo-Democracy allegedly resting and founded on principles of Law & Order, such as the orders I benefited and I was subjected to care of arrogant abusers of judicial chairs occupancy >BY NO MEANS JUDICIOUS PERSONS< as each established without any doubt in and for the specific high court case, YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS LTD (1970, Chancery Division).

The extended research and the studies that followed the attempts of the many who were sent along or of their own set out to obstruct and hinder my long ongoing attempts to inform and educate Mr & Mrs Average, how the taxes that were / are imposed on them were and are used by abusers of their trust, DID CAUSE ME TO LOOK FURTHER INTO THE CONSTRUCTIVELY ENGINEERED FRAUD, LONG ONGOING THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES. And, as I discovered decades later, FOR THE CORRUPTION OF SOCIETY CARE OF THE VERY ABUSE OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM IN PLACE, which, on the surface appears to be admirable and commendable, when considering what is written and relentlessly promoted by the army of abusers of the trust of Mr. & Mrs. Average, contrary to the PRACTICES….. to the PRACTICES….. to the PRACTICES…….

The realities born of my research and studies of court cases over the last four plus decades (47 years) established a picture far removed from the commendable promotions WHEN CONSIDERING THE REALITIES AFTER POINTING TO THE EVIDENCE ATTACHED TO & BORN OF THE ARROGANT & FRAUDULENT IN INTENT, MISREPRESENTATIONS ATTACHED TO THE ACTIVITIES of and by all manner of persons who simply suppress the realities born of the practices which many simply elect to promote wrongly care of the reckless states of FAILURE TO SPEAK & WRITE OF THE REALITIES I HAVE BEEN LOOKING INTO FOR over 47 years. THE ACTUAL PRACTICES COMMAND & WARRANT THE NECESSAERY INVESTIGATIONS, by committed SERVANTS OF THE LAW, not the typical servants of the masters in control of the mother of all PSEUDO-Democracies, such as my long ongoing research and studies of misrepresented scenarios by otherwise committed lousy actors, such as THE MANY I HAVE HAD TO look at whereby many were and have been subjected to the criminal operations and activities by alleged servants of the public and law. One and all systematically engage and indulge in such operations in tandem with the professionals who operate freely, out of the legal services with the blessings of the police and the law enforcement bodies >as maintained< in the United Kingdom and other Parliamentary PSEUDO-Democracies as I have been pointing out for well over three decades.

Persons who have suffered, as victims of the abused courts facilities, and had similar states imposed on them by the legal circles and or by any / all manner of abusers of public office, should feel free to EXPOSE the abusers of public facilities, and IF genuinely concerned / interested, such persons should feel free to contact me directly using my personal email facility at:-

>< and note that I have been doing my best to reconnect by securing my RIGHTS to benefit from use of my mobile telephone number / telephone service the number 07449592353 which the telephone service 3 >three< care of FALSE RECORDS and others >including an alleged same family member engaged in when of opinion that one and all could and can go on interfering with MY RIGHTS; thereby seen to be proactively engaging in the relentless attempts to stop me from carrying on with my commitment to expose WRONG DOERS & INSTIGATE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS / correctly & SOUNDLY PLEADED CLAIMS AGAINST THE OFFENDERS STARTING WITH THE POLICE & ABUSERS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT FACILITIES >founded and resting on the abused public services facilities<, starting with the Social funds attached to HOUSING BENEFITS such as the specific appeal I had to settle and lodge at the local County Court which I published at:- covering the CONSTRUCTIVELY ENGINEERED theft and misappropriation of the genuine case of the Stavros & Danae Antona property. Parallel to the obvious abuse of and the reliance on the abused courts facilities (>HENCE THE APPEAL<) consideration of the concocted false and with fraudulent intentions-promotion of the Wijemuni redundancy and not processed housing benefit RENTS due and owing to my sister >Mrs. Englezakis< rents for the occupation of the first rooms I did my best to renovate and render habitable in order for her to secure some income after I got to know of her circumstances as the fraudster she had married engaged in as of the days of her marriage to the fraud of an alleged human, who is to benefit now from the most clear notice attached to his protected states as arranged with the criminals operating out Haringey Council and the Metropolitan Police.
Andrew Yiannides, London – United Kingdom.

The photograph I published here at was and remains very clear, after following the attempt to eliminate me altogether or turn me into a mentally disturbed zombie, care of the Metropolitan police directions to the three teenager thugs. It opened the door wide to all common sense and human brain users, hence the present challenges to the Metropolitan Police which I created for posting to the Commander operating out of Nightingale Road in Haringey N22. I will release it here after allowing TWO WEEKS ONLY for a response proper and action by the very police officers in control now. ans below was added to my reply to one of the comments and submissions to the articles published at in order to inform visitors to the articles I publish at the specific website, using the WordPress software facilities. The photograph relates to an attempt that was made to eliminate me / or have me pronounced / declared a mental case. In the premises I seek opinions and comments, from readers about this specific evidence that should suffice for readers who can use their brains. Now I am to proceed with the preparation of the STATED FACTS that are to constitute the PARTICULARS OF CLAIMS and relate to the creation of such arrogant offenders who breach with impunity PARLIAMENT’S LAW. I refer to persons who systematically rely on such facilities as the assertion that “…the court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which must fail; as pointed to in the header of almost all pages (chapters of my work) published at:- ALSO at


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