Need for the truly concerned to ACT

The last two articles published here were and remain clear as to THE REALITIES I set out to cause true humans >THINKERS< to start using THEIR RIGHTS which I made sure were and remain solidly founded on LAW. I refer naturally to the LAW created by the elected representatives of the electors / citizens who need protection from any wrongs being imposed on the electors HENCE THE NEED TO CREATE / enact the essential LAW WARRANTED and thereby seen to secure the rights of the electorate / the citizens of democratic societies / states / countries.

Visitors / Readers are asked to access the specific article pointed to below, at the end of this article, which was published in 2016, when on 11th September 2016 at 17:40 the following comment, was contributed by the visitor whose site was not accessible. The comment is very clear for ‘true humans’ >THINKERS< to consider and reflect upon:

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Readers should consider the two previous articles as presented by me, Andrew Yiannides and thereafter THINK OF THE REALITIES such as I pointed out to, after visiting and considering the number and the content of the comments from persons who did access the specific article which included the words ‘YOUR TURN NOW’

Reference to the last two articles CAN ASSIST true >THINKERS< = ‘humans’, to reflect on any personal experiences which somehow left the person who was / can now be caused to consider any suffering from some ‘wrong which another created or caused to the person who >NOW< has to think in terms of THE WRONGS THE PERSON SUFFERED, including some damages both in terms of financial or emotional / mental duress and physically damaging consequential to THE WRONGS OTHERS CREATED.

The briefly related REALITIES should cause ‘true humans’ >THINKERS< to reflect on such issues and REALITIES that command of anyone who was / is the victim of ANY WRONG ACTIVITY or such practices which I set out to address and EXPOSE AS MATTERS / ISSUES THAT commanded & warrant addressing by whosoever caused the WRONG that caused any damage to the wronged person / persons.

Moving on from the above introduction and the references to the REALITIES commanding consideration we have the need to cause the wrong-doers (no matter who) to reflect on the wrongs each wrongdoer did cause & impose on the WRONGED. The choice and use of >WRONG< should take the reader of this present article to the specific choice of the appeal ruling which no one ever challenged (appealed) because the ruling as created and recorded was VERY CLEAR in the specific case. In the circumstances ANY APPEAL from the specific ruling was doomed to failure because no judge would be so naive or reckless as to disregard the very clear ruling / judgement to which I have been pointing for decades.

At this point in time, we need to consider the fact that others are coming into the picture, the scenarios I have put on record, >forward<, through the articles published here at & the realities >stated and covered< through my work published FOR & at:- SPECIFICALLY after pointing to and EXPOSING THE MOST ARROGANT OF ABUSE arrangements for FRAUD on targeted citizens >who sought / seek justice< and >IF properly and adequately represented victims of the wrongs imposed through the WRONG PRACTICES & ACTIVITIES ongoing in and through the courts >such as I experienced and I was the victim of throughout 1972-1976 in the the High Court case YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (1970- Chancery Division), one needs only to consider the problems caused to my health and the possible end of my existence / life >had I not taken the advice of my father’s cousin, the doctor< who was the only person who took to heart the state of my health, hence the reason >I pointed to the fact in, my previous two articles< the very element of one of my siblings who never indicated or exhibited any interests or concerns about the wrongs I had been and I was subjected to for years.

Now, the need arises to point to a very interesting scenario / reality FOR CONSIDERATION by ‘true humans’ >THINKERS< commanding of me to point all visitors / readers to the article I published here at:-

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