The URL / link below relates to a submitted and approved comment by way of additional information and extensions to the published article : >The-realities-for-thinkers<. All visitors / readers should consider the number that identifies the specific comment / document submitted for consideration by readers / students of the specific issues covered by the EXPLICIT ARTICLE.

>>NOTE: I apologise if the URL does not link directly for any person who might wish to access the specific comment which was added to the article that was published last August as the record …2019/08/the realities….. EVINCES. The above proof / evidence was shown to a person who was passing by my place of work (>library<) at the time when I needed to edit / introduce changes to the comment, a couple of days ago, >on Friday the 6th of September 2019.

Following on from the above REALITY, I would like to ask visitors / readers / researchers to scroll down the list of the articles since going on line, pointing to and >PUBLISHING THE REALITIES< IN ORDER TO CHALLENGE AND EXPOSE THE OBVIOUS, the offenders. I refer to THE REALITIES I set out to study for, to look into, to engage in research for and thereafter >TO REPORT / EXPOSE THE OBVIOUS< which years later took me to the clearly covered CONFIDENTIAL FRAUD chapter of my work:-

After all civility be considered, only the maligned and recklessly irresponsible persons elect to IGNORE THE OBVIOUS!!! Only NON-THINKERS, non-humans, could possibly be expected to accept such reports as recorded by the software I have been using for the presence of my work, the articles here at in the Public Domain, on the INTERNET. 

After considering the record of ‘most likes’ one need use common sense to draw the relevant conclusions. In addition to the aforesaid, I would like to add another dimension to the powers that be, by posing ANOTHER REALITY commanding consideration by true humans >THINKERS< : “Why on earth did the team in control of the Facebook ‘phenomenon’ engage in the creation of the additional blog / extension to my personal presence in the group of the subscribers who took up the offer ‘to join and connect with such others as we all have experienced personally?” The punch line question follows : “WHY did the Facebook team, of their own CREATE the human-rights blog, as part of my presence among the millions of the Facebook platform users, if not considered as worthy of retention and pointing to FOR the readership that was and is to ‘generate traffic and therefore advertising revenue potential for the creators of the Facebook platform??? Consider the aforesaid and simply think of the issue and question “WHY on earth should one be invited to ‘advertise and point to the specific work, which TRUE humans >THINKERS< / visitors and readers, should of their own point all other contacts each visitor-reader is in contact with??? Readers, friends and followers are asked to reflect on and consider my choice of reports and presentations over the last 40 or so years, most definitely NOT as an enterprising BUSINESS but as a considerate of others >the millions of victims out there<.

By way of clarification and qualifications I wish to draw attention to the relevance of and WHY THE USE OF SUCH WORDS as ‘orchestrated >verb< / orchestrate >act<, I now request of all visitors and readers who have familiarised themselves with my work and presentations for and at:- (>a typical chapter / web-page worthy of REAL CONSIDERATIONS<). When considering the use of such words as ‘orchestrate’, ‘orchestrated’, ‘orchestration’. ALL TRUE HUMANS >THINKERS< have to reflect on the use of the specific presentations and reports by the creator of the chapters / the warranted work attached to the systematic abuse of the courts facilities as arranged by the creators of PSEUDO-Democracy, allegedly civilised states / countries / societies resting and founded on principles of LAW & ORDER (>orders issued by abusers of judicial chair, such as I was faced with throughout 1972 – 1976 in the High Court case / action YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS, 1970, Chancery Division<).

Following on from the above, I wish to point out and emphasise the fact that in the final analysis when the OBVIOUS CONCLUSION related and relates to more than organised criminal activities, NOT SIMPLY CONSPIRACIES one has to prove / establish BUT ON ESTABLISHED OPERATIONS, there arises the need to speak and write of THE REALITIES, not simply in the legal context but BY USING a better approach, than the legal terminology, which ‘conspiracy’ in itself alone makes clear the intentions of the participating offenders. CONSIDER, however, the fact that when dealing with >and addressing< such issues as ‘acts of some conspiracy, in other words : coordinated activities’, we should simply think of an agreed >by the conspirators< course of action/s. The agreement, I allude to here, when considered in terms of such scenarios and realities to which other persons CAN RELATE TO & REFLECT UPON, in terms of THE OBVIOUS based on personal experiences, such as I was subjected to in 1972-1976 and thereafter ever since, the only true and real reference to such activities as I set out to study for, to look into and thereafter to report / EXPOSE THE OFFENDERS could and can be addressed as ‘orchestrated’ (agreed arrangements) agreed courses of action, leading to the use of SYMPHONY which is derived from and based on the Hellenic word [>ΣΥΜΦΩΝΙΑ = AGREEMENT<]. In musical terms what we have in Symphonic works are MANY PERSONS WHO act / take part in the execution of the symphonic work by contributing their parts as qualified ‘executioners of the particular parts / sections’ whereby each contributes HIS OR HER PARTS IN HARMONY with the rest of the orchestra / participants. Hence and therefore the use of the specific terms and words used for my presentations and reports.

Further to the above qualifications and clarification regarding my choice of specific words and the terminology THE HINTS to the foundations of the unacceptable criminal ways of the states systematically imposed on the misinformed and lied to Mr & Mrs Average taxpayer, the contributors to the funds used for the maintenance of PSEUDO-Democratic states, societies / countries there arises  simple reference to the element of ACCOUNTABILITY by persons who wrongly impose such states as I set out to point to and EXPOSE the offenders, command all due considerations for the victims of such states; hence the registration of the domain Justice Restored (>www.justicerestored<) as the next phase / avenue and part of the facilities for use by the genuine victims of the ORCHESTRATED ASSAULTS on their peace of mind, besides and after the theft and misappropriation / conversion of targeted assets to others, following the type of the orchestrated scenarios I was subjected to after the woman I married was used as the EVE of my life, care of the EVIL powers that be, in the mother of allegedly civilised PSEUDO-Democracies, the United Kingdom.

Contributions by and comments from readers who >access and read of THE OBVIOUS / THE REALITIES pointed to in this present article<, shall be considered and responded to with warranted replies, >provided the submissions / comments relate directly to the elements and the issues covered in this present article< ONLY.

As usual I sign off


Andrew Yiannides

8th September 2019

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