Face The Realities and commit to challenge the offenders

The copy-paste that follows comes from the results when searching my presence in the public domain (>Andrew Yiannides – London UK<) :-

  1. The Steps, leading to…. –
  2. Original WITH THE DASH / minus sign used VERY CLEARLY IMPLYING human(-) without rights as for other animals on planet earth care of allegedly principled and obedient to ‘THE LAW’ created / enacted by the representatives of the well-informed ALLEGEDLY CONSIDERATE OF OTHER ‘human beings’ / inhabitants / occupiers of planet earth

The steps taken, leading to the creation of the material published under copyright protection as the results of the commanded of me and necessitated studies and research following the orchestrated CRIMINAL OPERATIONS and activities the licensed by the state >THROUGH ‘the Law Society’ as promoted and USED BY ALL, in the United Kingdom when relying on such criminal operations as I was subjected to throughout 1972-1976 )>and ever since< within the mother of all allegedly civilised PSEUDO-Democracies!!!

Needles to say the case (>Yiannides -v- Radley Gowns 1970, Chancery Division<) entailed activities and practices by solicitors as Mr Andrew Yiannides was subjected to, decades later, by an old school friend, Mr Kypros Nichola of Nicholas & Co. in London. He was entrusted with the conduct of the specific High Court case). Mr K. Nichola bluntly abused the trust placed in him and he indulged in tandem with other allegedly honourable officers of ‘the LAW’ in criminal activities intended to cause the damages that were imposed on the targeted ‘serf’(>my person<) as arranged >ORCHESTRATED BY & WITH OTHER LICENSED BY THE STATE , >by the government< CRIMINALS, operating out of the courts/ the justice system maintained by allegedly honourable officers of the LAW created by ‘the elected representatives of the SHEEPle, >by the revenue providers, by the taxed sucker-serfs<, such as I had been and was as an individual and as an employer in the mother of all PSEUDO-Democracies.

I proceed with a copy-paste from my submissions towards a comment that was left by a visitor reader of other material published here at as I now prepare for the release of invitations to other victims of the abused court >FACILITIES< which the abductors and rapists of >Justice, the principled Goddess< which all readers are invited to consider as ‘true humans = THINKERS'<.

For the benefit of readers / visitors, I wish to inform all who have made time to STUDY and not simply read the content of the letter to one Christopher Garwood, the particular abuser of public facilities, such as I was first subjected to back in 1972, I now ADD, that a relative of mine, one who never got interested or indicated any concerns most important to me, at the time, apparently was informed by a colleague of the fraudster who received from me the EXPLICIT INFORMATION and the DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE,just like the police had received from me THE EVIDENCE, the actual FALSE & FORGED INSTRUMENT which >by no means could be treated as a simple document, care of the wrong date such as the criminals who systematically abuse the courts facilities promoted by indulging and engaging in FOR THE CREATION OF THEATRICAL productions in the courts. Thus and thereby generating FRAUDULENT IN CONCEPT LEGAL COSTS CHARGES attached to criminal operations >ENTERPRISING SCENARIOS ENACTED WITHIN THE COURTS< such as I was subjected to >as of the moment I had sight of the concocted DEFENCE DOCUMENT that was introduced and USED BY a solicitor (an allegedly honourable officer of the Supreme Court of England & Wales, who was an ex high school friend, and compatriot BUT A PRODUCT CREATION OF THE SYSTEM AS IS / CREATED without any considerations or concerns about my submissions and my reasons for instructing him to institute High Court proceedings returnable on the offending Defendants. The specific reasons for my clear instructions evidently ignored by the Law Society product-creation in contempt of the Rev. Canon Newham LEGACY CREATION, another ex ‘English High School of Nicosia Cyprus. The most clear of directives by the founder of our common Education:- “Respect the other person’s feelings”.

I add that the recipient of my specific letter, as an abuser of the courts facilities >simply carried on with his enacted parts in the fraudulently concocted and created ALLEGED INSOLVENCY of my sister Despina; the woman who was treated as the vehicle that was used by the criminals in control of the United Kingdom, >after declaring her an allegedly insolvent bankrupt<. The concocted states, AFTER I HAD CONVERTED >FOR HER< to benefit from the two properties my sister owned with her husband in the Hornsey / Crouch End area of North London. Conversion of the two residential properties to self contained flats, namely to 4 single bedroom and to one two bedroom flat while preparing to convert, also, the ground floor business premises of the second property to the 6th >as intended< to another two bedroom flat. All and everything, >care of the orchestrated fraudulent in concept and execution court theatrics for the corruption of society in the ways of the legal circles<, the professionals who systematically engage and indulge in orchestrated criminal operations such as I had been the victim of throughout 1972-1976 with the blessings of the Metropolitan Police and Ministers of the Crown. Everything premeditated >as arranged by my sister’s husband, the tax-evader fraudster with the Metropolitan Police working in tandem with other abusers of public office, in Newbury Park Ilford; also in Haringey North London with the blessings of judicial chair occupants operating out of county courts, >the lowest of the low< such as and especially the Central County Court, operating out of the Royal Courts of Justice, in London. The additional information and my submissions / responses to visitor-readers of my published work such as the articles one reads here at:- simply rest and are founded on my conclusion “THROUGH AN ACT OR AN OMISSION, THE COMMISSION OF THE CRIME”. I dedicate everything to all abusers of my goodwill and time, specifically to all who set out to OBSTRUCT & HINDER ME in the processing of >my commitment to CHALLENGE & EXPOSE >OPENLY< ALL ABUSERS OF TRUST & PUBLIC OFFICE, no matter who and HOW HIGH THE OFFICE HELD by such arrogant abusers of position. In the group, I include same family members and a number of victims (>genuine or not immaterial<) of the abused justice system >SPECIFICALLY THE COURTS FACILITIES< such as were used in the scenarios concocted and processed by abusers of public office, throughout 1972-1976. One and all simply relied on abusers of judicial chair occupancy in order to process and create allegedly legitimate court orders, through which to take to fruition the plans of all starting with the husband of my sister Despina after her husband, his clan and their elder daughter Eleni caused their younger daughter Rita (>Charita<) to take her own life by committing suicide, as her wedding present to the evil and foul-mouthed disrespectful, vile language animal of an alleged human, >her elder sister Eleni< who turned out to have been the most evil of persons I have ever-encountered in my 47 years, so far, while looking into the systematic abuse of the courts facilities for RAMPANT FRAUD ON & THE CORRUPTION OF SOCIETIES care of the theft and ownership conversion of targeted assets ‘through abuse of the legal system’ and the courts facilities; invariably always the lowest of the low >COUNTY COURTS< as herein above qualified and clarified.
It goes without saying that the disrespectful and most evil of the abusers of my time and the contemptuous of the sacrifices I had to undergo, to endure and accept as the rewards to me, one and all simply CHERISHED the criminally imposed states I have had imposed ‘on me’ by the creators of the allegedly civilised Societies & Countries which the abusers of trust and public office have been most pro-active in,

Included in the many lover-promoters of the created states, same family / same genes, same roots and same background foundations DO POINT TO THE SINGLE ELEMENT to which I have been pointing for over 30 years.

I refer, naturally, to the simple conclusions one reads of as the product-creation of Isokratis, which I used in my letter of submissions to Christopher Garwood, the abuser of public office. He received my recorded delivery letter and enclosures as covered by me in the very letter which I have now released / published in the public domain at:-
As always I conclude by submitting to one and all of the readers / followers of my work
Andrew Yiannides >< 6th August 2019 DIOGENIS looking / searching for ‘humans’ >THINKERS<

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