The Headlines for an article published by the London Evening Standard on Tuesday 23rd July 2019 should be of interest, if not of some concern and considerations by the many who contacted me in the past 47 years, specifically the British citizens and victim-challengers of the abused courts facilities reported and recorded in the public domain by me, Andrew Yiannides, following the bitter experiences which I covered and cover in the public domain. I refer to the website I registered over 22 years ago, namely where visitors can read the published results of my extensive studies and the observations most relevant to and for the ADMINISTRATION OF THE LAW; specifically the use and ABUSE OF THE COURTS, FACILITIES as the long on-going fraud on the citizens and the corruption of such sucker-serfs / shitizens, as I encountered in the past 47 years. In fact, since the legal circles, solicitors, barristers and judges, all the way to the court of Appeal, in the United Kingdom, the mother of all allegedly civilized PSEUDO-Democracies. One and all were seen and observed to be engaging in arrogant fraud on the tax-payers; on Mr. & Mrs. Average who have taxes imposed on them for retaining and the maintenance of Master-Criminals who are licensed by the state, by the government of the day, no matter which political coloration the blind and deaf non-thinkers (>the electors<) vote for and into government. The content of the London Evening Standard article I now copy paste below and I point all visitors / readers to the obvious, in order to stress and emphasize the cause and the reasons for my personal concerns. All readers / visitors should and OUGHT TO BE CONCERNED & TAKE SOME INTEREST, as true humans >thinkers< IN OUR DAYS, after reading of the reported discreditable observations recorded by Martin Bentham and Kate Proctor, in the specific article.

The Evening Standard chosen headline for the article:-

Ex-DPP: case was like game of Cluedo – it was obvious to some, but not the police.

POLICE must end the ‘victim culture’ to prevent more reputations being ruined through false claims after the “madness” of the VIP sex-ring probe, a former top prosecutor said today.

Lord Macdonald said it was “absolute rubbish” for police to believe people making allegations of crimes and to view them as victims before any offence was proved. He added that the practice was a “fad” that had got out of control and led to criminal investigations being “blinkered” and unbalanced.

Miscarriages of justice, including rape and other sex cases, were one potential result, as well as the wrecking of innocent people’s lives through false claims.

His concerns follow the convictions yesterday of the paedophile Carl Beech, 51, whose invented claims led Scotland Yard to mount a £2.5 million investigation into fictitious allegations of child murder, rape and torture by a Westminster based sex ring.

Senior figures wrongly accused during the probe – whose high -profile cheer-leaders were led by Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson – included a retired armed forces chief Field Marshal Lord Bramall, the former home secretary Lord Britman and the ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor.

Beech’s fantasy account included claims that he had witnessed three child murders and been flown overseas to be abused. He also claimed to have been tortured by snake bites and had his dog kidnapped by MI5.

In 2014, the Met’s Det. Supt Kenny McDonald described the allegations as “credible and true”.

But following Breech’s conviction at Newcastle crown court on 12 counts of perverting the course of justice, Lord Macdonald, who was director of public prosecutions between 2003 and 2008 lashed out at police over their approach to the case.

He declined to single out individuals but said police nationwide had been “entering investigations completely blinkered” because the notion of “we believe the victim” had gone “much too far”.

He said: “Parts of this victim culture have the aspects of a fad and talking about believing victims is just preposterous.

“How can you investigate a crime professionally if you start from a position of believing what you are told? It’s absolute rubbish”, he said.

He added: “This was an extreme example and looking back you could’t make it up. This was like a game of Cluedo it was obvious to some people but not to the police apparently”.

Three Met officers were cleared yesterday, by the Independent Office for Police Conduct of wrongdoing during the investigation into Beech’s allegations.

Scotland Yard said that it had reformed its practices in the wake of a review carried out by former judge Sir Richard Henriques and that former Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe had also apologised in person to those most affected by Beech’s false claims.

Meanwhile, at Westminster, Tory MPs called for Mr. Watson to apologise for using his parliamentary role to press for Lord Britman to be investigate.

Tory MP Bob Blackman said: “He needs to apologise by making a statement in Parliament. Parliamentary privilege is something we have to use with proper respect. You have to be sure that you are right”.

Former deputy speaker Nigel Evans added that Mr. Watson’s “allegations were false and reckless and have brought the workings of Parliament into question”. He said: “he needs to fully apologise for his actions”.

Mr. Watson has insisted that his actions helped secure the conviction of three child abusers.

And on page 12 of the L.E.S, the following editorial:-

LIES and the LAW:

WHEN someone says they were hideously abused as a child, their claims must be investigated and prosecutions may follow. But the police and politicians do not have the right to destroy innocent lives in the process. The fantasist Carl Beech has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice after making up claims that a Westminster ring of child abusers existed, too late for some of those he accused, who died before their names could be cleared. The Labour MP Tom Watson gave Beech’s false claims publicity. Worse, the police took their duty to investigate as a right to accuse, infamously, when the officer overseeing the inquiry said on TV: “the claims were credible and true”. Millions of pounds were wasted on their inept and destructive investigation. Will the Met learn the lessons?

The punch-line question from Andrew Yiannides >Diogenis<: “Have THE MEDIA?” (learned ANY lessons? Refer to the specific article and the revelations published here by the targeted victim of the organised criminals who orchestrated and took part in the theatrical productions / scenarios enacted in the Royal Courts of Justice throughout 1972-1976, after the Metropolitan Police indulged in contempt of PARLIAMENT’S Law on ‘false and forged documents, most definitely created for the generation of the fraudulent in concept and execution of the theatrical productions that were ongoing in the Royal Courts of Justice / the high court throughout 1972-1976. The specific article published here is the MOST APPROVED by the visitors / readers. YET the many alleged victim challengers who contacted me, the victim of the orchestrated CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES / OPERATIONS, just like the police of the days gone by and the recent scenarios concocted by the convicted fantasist over as reported by the London Evening Standard command more than some simple approval spoken of. ACTION by the elected representatives of the SHEEPle is called for, as happened to have been the creation / enactment of the Human Rights Act in 1998, three years after the two Barristers politicians Paul Boateng & Tony Blair were in government made good their undertaking to address the issue, namely the absence of an act of Parliament for and in respect of HUMAN RIGHTS.

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