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Persons who have any experience of >personal suffering & have been victims of the abused courts facilities<, such as I was subjected to and suffered from, >after I instigated the high court action YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (1970, Chancery Division)< should access the evidence I published here at my Facebook portal after decades of shelving the specific evidence following the attempts by persons who were sent along OR of their own, each set out to obstruct the work done by me, leading to the exposure of the abusers of public office and the courts facilities. The FALSE document which the legal circles introduced TWO YEARS AFTER THE CLOSE OF PLEADINGS in the high court action, was FORGED before the criminals projected & promoted the offensive instrument that was introduced as their ticket for generating fraudulent court proceedings in the theatres of justice.

ALL READERS can access it here on Facebook >IF interested OR concerned< Thousands, millions the victims of the abused courts’ facilities; hence the reason WHY I decided to release the specific letter from two barristers-politicians as part of the evidence, specifically after many of the alleged friends and alleged victims of the courts facilities, elected to IGNORE such proof and evidence, thereby exposing themselves as wrong-doers and lover-promoters of >The System As Is<. NOW, I simply point to my conclusion and words back in 1972 after the police elected to act as blind, as deaf and as dumb as they come; >simply as lover-promoters of it all, as EVIL and SATANIC WRONGDOERS. Just as the very Metropolitan Police collectively were seen to be, by ignoring the specific EVIDENCE which the interested and the concerned CAN ACCESS HERE on my Facebook presence in the public domain. WAKE UP SUCKER-SERFS and MARVEL at the FALSE and FORGED creation advanced and used by the legal circles >date / year amended< after the criminals realized that THEY HAD ENDORSED THEIR CREATION WITH THE WRONG YEAR. For Mr & Mrs Average reader, I hasten to point out, that the cause and reasons for the legal action took place in 1969 and the high court action was instigated in 1970; hence the criminal activities by the legal circles were noted the moment my solicitor (>the wronged person’s solicitor<) passed the creation to the targeted PLAINTIFF, the wronged person, from across the table, in the solicitor’s office in the course of a private meeting, >which the solicitor specifically arranged<. I repeat, the OFFENDING CREATION WAS USED by the master criminals, BY THE LEGAL CIRCLES as the licensed and authorised(?) by the state, by the police AND as endorsed by the elected representatives of THE SUCKER-SERFS who are kept in the dark by the MEDIA BARONS and their agents / servants >the reporters all retain and maintain for the indoctrination and the conditioning agendas< FOR the electors who meet the cost of it all through taxes!!!

In respect of the last element and issue, I request of readers to access the last article I published at in the wake of the REPORTED by the media >specifically the London Evening Standard reflecting the realities, to and for which the editor of the London Evening Standard afforded me the opportunity to add MY OWN OBSERVATIONS & CONCLUSIONS resting and founded on the 47 years of studies and research I had committed myself to, >after changing my plans for MY LIFE< following the life threatening experiences after I instructed another English School Old Boy, the solicitor Kypros Nicola, to instigated the High Court proceedings in and for the case YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (1970, Chancery Division).

The photograph below (>copyright applies as per stipulations for all material published by Andrew Yiannides at the bottom of all web-pages / chapters of my work<) as pointed to and published here in evidence and as proof of the 47 years long ongoing work FOR human-rights, published with the essential evidence in support of the activist’s statements / revelations and articles at both websites, linked to from below my personal email address published, below. The specific photograph was taken by me, Andrew Yiannides in the course of the debate “Can We Trust The Judges?” when the very issue and elements were part of the >Festival Of Rights< the International Convention held in London over the last week of June and the first week of July in 1995. On the panel for the specific day’s venue, taking submissions from the public / visitors Barrister Helena Kennedy and Barrister Paul Boateng, the latter was the SpokesPerson >for the Opposition< in the House of Commons on legal issues at the time.

I need only add that the evidence which I kept on the shelf, for over 24 years (>and I Published at my Facebook presence/portal<) is but an explicit letter which I received from the House of Commons within days of the Rt. Hon. Member of Parliament wrote and posted to me using his official position, as the person who DID LISTEN TO MY SUBMISSIONS (>views if one must) at the instigation of the Leader of the Opposition who had been receiving from me pointers, as of the day he was elected Leader of the Opposition. I simply add that my communications to Barrister Tony Blair rested on my experiences throughout 1972-1976 and my long ongoing studies and research >as of 1972<, namely on the very issues that caused me to change my plans FOR MY LIFE >after the legal circles, >including judges< and the Media editors with the Metropolitan Police party to the orchestrated CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD, the denial of and the obstructions to justice, not ignoring the TWO ATTEMPTS ON MY LIFE as arranged and orchestrated by the Metropolitan Police operating out of Leyton Division (>when using the gestation vessel, the ungrateful Kyriaki Koulla Evangelou, the EVE of my life<); also the police officers operating out of Haringey who used and relied on the THREE TEENAGER THUGS who had their fun punching me after the three were directed by a police officer, who emerged out of Nightingale Road Police Station with the three school thugs and pointed to me (>not simply the bus-stop, as I wrongly assumed at the time<) and directed the three who joined me on a 329 Arriva bus, travelling South from Enfield to Victoria. Many the persons, including family members who saw the state I was rendered into, care of the pedal bicycle drive chain vicious strike over my head. Also many the self promoting victim challengers and victims of the creators of PSEUDO-Democracy; not one ever raised any issues or expressed opinions or personal views over the years. And the petition I set down for support in order to cause and force the government of the day to instigate a proper and comprehensive investigation that could lead to prosecutions or specific law (>as the House of Commons >years later< enacted<) for it had no option but to introduce THE RELEVANT ACT OF PARLIAMENT in 2015 >Link from here to the specific sections of the relevant Act of Parliament<. Thus and thereby the United Kingdom government, is seen >on paper alone< to be protecting its citizen’s from organised crime >and dedicated master criminals< such as the police officers who arranged and ignored the criminal assaults I was subjected to, care of the police officers, who simply ignored the victim of their own doing, >as the master-minds, among them, determined<. One needs only to qualify and expects (>the victim specifically to be seen to benefit from the existing law at the time of the arrangements the police made for the targeted victim of the police and thereafter of the politicians / of the government, >no matter which party-political propaganda and promotions its members and supporters LOVE TO ENDORSE as ‘true humans’:->THINKERS< who should and ought to concern themselves with THE RIGHTS OF THE CITIZENS TO BE & FEEL SECURE FROM CRIME & ORGANISED CRIMINALS!!!


Andrew Yiannides,

Founder of the Human-Rights.Organisation & creator of

London – United Kingdom

28th July 2019

Above, the photograph of the panel, was taken by the researcher Andrew Yiannides, the author of this article, in the course of the submissions to the debate & the big question:- “CAN WE TRUST THE JUDGES?” >PART OF THE FESTIVAL OF RIGHTS< that was held in London, in the last week of June and the First week of July in 1995.
The injuries sustained by the researcher Andrew Yiannides, care of the used three young thugs who were directed / instructed to join the targeted victim of the orchestrated assaults as arranged by the Metropolitan police officer operating out of Haringey Police, the officers of which, simply took control of the video recording from the bus company running the 329 bus route from Victoria to Cockfosters; denied a copy of the video recorded assaults to the victim of all and never arranged for any appearance of the victim to the alleged prosecution of the assailants, and NO REPORTS FOR THE STATE OF THE INJURIES THE VICTIM SUSTAINED, simply because all were expecting other end results for their project!!!
AMAZING THE ABSENCE OF ANY COMMENTS from / by readers / visitors when one would expect SOME SERIOUS CONSIDERATIONS BY OTHER HUMANS who made time to acquaint themselves with THE REALITIES published here with the photographic evidence in place and IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT.
Andrew Yiannides, the targeted activist-challenger is now considering inviting some of the persons who were introduced to him OR OF THEIR OWN, came along to play havoc as victims of the abused court / justice facilities and OR AS VICTIMS OF THE POLICE MAINTAINED by the elected government of the day in the United Kingdom, the mother of all Parliamentary PSEUDO-Democracies, as I coined after my daily newspaper, ‘The Manchester Guardian’ let me down and bitterly disappointed me after the editor of the newspaper at the time simply passed the documents evidence such as I point to here in this short and very clear presentation with the supporting evidence which only the blind, the deaf and the otherwise motivated, or conditioned and committed maligned NON-HUMANS elected and elect to ignore.
The image above is of the specific eye opener that was introduced TWO YEARS AFTER THE CLOSE OF PLEADINGS in the High Court action YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (>Chancery Division 1970<) which document (>above<) the legal circles introduced >at that late hour< as their ticket to and for FRAUDULENT COURT PROCEEDINGS, for the generation of alleged legal work that was simply resting on typical FRAUD, as endorsed by the blind, by the deaf and the dumb operating and acting as Honorable officers of the courts, with the blessings of judicial chair occupants and OFFICERS OF THE Metropolitan Police; also with the blessings / support of Members of Parliament, not forgetting or overlooking the media Barons, the editors and their Intellectual Prostitutes all out and busy conditioning and indoctrinating the sucker-serfs >the citizens of an allegedly civilized state / country who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of such persons as alleged servants of the public.
The specific document (>published above<) was introduced in the High Court action which the plaintiff Mr Andrew Yiannides, the victim of the original wrong-doing (>fraudulent in concept and IMPOSITIONS through abuse of contracted business activities, instigated. Simply arrogant and reckless abuse of position in commercial work (executed by the victim-Plaintiff and his staff). The arrogance of the wrong-doer necessitated the instructions, by the wronged party, who simply contacted the solicitor Kypros Nicola who, also, was an English School Old Boy, (1951-1956). The High Court action through an old high school friend, so the plaintiff wrongly assumed the solicitor to be. However, the solicitor established through the parts he adopted thereafter, care of the scenarios enacted >by the legal circles< to have been just a typical Law Society product and Justice system creation.
It shall be for the average visitor and reader of this here introduction to the long and protracted / enterprising activities and operations by the legal circles, for the Average reader and visitor to draw his or her own conclusions. IN PARTICULAR the failings of the police and judicial chair occupants; also, the parts and failings of the media Barons and the obliging reporters all relied and rely upon to ignore the obvious in such cases as the fraudulent in concept, high court proceedings such as the legal teams on both sides and the police engaged in, allegedly legitimate court proceedings from within the self-proclaimed ‘best legal / justice system in the world???

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  • The image of the specific document can be accessed at:-
    NOTE:- human DASH (minus sign used) IMPLYING : WITH ‘NO’ (negative sign) rights, on green earth (the provider of life) with RED LETTERS (the blood splattered all over it) care of man’s greed for feed and conquering power >THE GLORIOUS WARS marketed and spoken of by blind in mind fanatics; not forgetting the smaller black letters representing the mourning of the dead care of the many wars one reads of and is constantly reminded of by the advocates of divide & rule; guess reader where one reads of the very principle, at least over the last 1700 plus years!!!
    The false & forged document >ticket to fraudulent in concept and execution court proceedings, as concocted by the Defendant’s team of wise gurus, should have been enough for the Metropolitan Police to instigate an investigation proper INSTEAD OF ALLOWING THE LICENSED & AUTHORIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT, by THE STATE, TO FURTHER THEIR CRIMINAL IN CONCEPT OPERATIONS.
    The FALSE & FORGED document was promoted and advanced to the victim of all, >TWO YEARS AFTER THE INSTITUTION of the High Court action and the close of pleadings, case:-
    YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (1970, Chancery Division< ). Readers / visitors should access the true image of the creation as concocted and used by the legal circles, with the blessings of the great Metropolitan Police and the relevant Government Ministers of the days >1972-1975< . Sight of the offensive creation should suffice for any 'decent human' >ANY THINKER, user of the human brain< . I refer to persons / readers who CAN USE COMMON SENSE, after sight and grasp of the criminal in concept objectives of the legal circles of the times and the Metropolitan Police EVER SINCE. Readers who failed to access the specific evidence, the very document that started the saga of the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT that was simply ignored by the great Metropolitan Police 'gurus' for years should now access the offensive creation and grasp the opportunity to add their names to the petition that was killed off soon after it was put on record care of a PETITIONS SITE.... Just as one now comes to recognize how the Internet providers and users control push forward or kill petitions as the controllers of such facilities determine!!! ALL and everything without ever minding or considering the SHEEPle who are taken along windy and rainy trips to oblivion TO THE END OF THE ROAD. TRIP perhaps should be the last word in the previous statement and the author, the victim of many, is open to suggestions and 'the world I was born into. Past and present readers / followers of the victim's work are now to be given another opportunity to test their vision both eye-wise and their mental capabilities. All thereafter should do their best to establish, to the world at large which way the society each lives in should go. ALL SHOULD SIMPLY CHOOSE BETWEEN RIGHT & WRONG. The specific document was & has remained the eye-opener, as the creation that was concocted by the defendant's (or their legal team) and the offensive instrument was promoted >USED FREELY BY THE LEGAL CIRCLES in their joint ventures for the generation of plenty of funds. THE FUNDS, ‘there for the taking’, so long as the objectives of ‘the wronged’ carry on believing in the justice system maintained by criminals, for the benefit of the very criminals in control of ‘the best (>allegedly< ) justice system in the world'. At least that is what the wronged party, the PLAINTIFF, Andrew Yiannides, was hearing of from his early years as a student at the English High School of Nicosia Cyprus, the Reverend Canon Newham, LEGACY CREATION in many ways..... most certainly NOT WHAT THE VICTIM OF THE CRIMINALS IN CONTROL OF THE BRITISH SHEEPle (as the victim-plaintiff coined) following the life threatening marathon run he has been on for over 49 years since he directed the solicitor Kypros Nichola, an approved and well-grounded in the practices learned of and tutored in the course of the training and the actual practices established and passed on care of the SYSTEM OF OPERATIONS FOR THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, resting and founded, allegedly on THE LAW >the Statutory Provisions put on record as ACTS OF PARLIAMENT & THE PRECEDENT COURT CASES recorded in detail as maintained through the centuries, in the mother of all allegedly civilized….. PSEUDO-Democracies where the media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes all retain and maintain as the kink-pins of the piston driven engines that run such states and societies!!!
    Andrew Yiannides
    13th August 2019

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