DEMOCRACY! Care of the lied to and the misinformed electors???

The content of the letter / submissions >copied below< should cause TRUE HUMANS >THINKERS< to reflect on their personal experiences, >such as the author of the document covers and relates to!!! WAKE UP sucker-serfs for >you have taxes imposed on you for the creation of such states as I was first made aware and THE TARGETED VICTIM OF< over 47 years ago. Everything care of the indifferent police, the media barons, care of the Intellectual Prostitutes whom the Media Barons use and rely upon in order to disseminate and promote waffle and rubbish >for the conditioning and the indoctrination of NON-THINKERS / NON-HUMANS to and for whom I could easily use an alternative qualification and adjectives!!! CONCERNED BUT NOT PERSONALLY FUSSED BY SUCH PERFORMANCES which the imposed upon tax-payers appear to be indifferent to such impositions which the alleged citizens of the states I cover in the copy-pasted material recorded as the realities which all visitors and readers are to be made aware of, as reported and recorded below. COPY-PASTE FOLLOWS:-

26th May 2019


Star House

20 Grenfell Road



Your Ref:- Promotions / Advertising 2019

My Ref:- 26MyAdCo >MayAdoptedConditioning (>by programmed human-robots<)

Dear Sir/Madam

Re:- Staff Arrogance & Liberties in contempt of ‘the LAW’ & clients’ RIGHTS

I apologize for the lengthy but essential introduction for this specific communication, most relevant in the performance of alleged servants of clients. On Friday the 25th instant accompanied with a family friend, after printing from a USB storage device at the Central Haringey Library in Wood Green, London N22, I handed copy of the attached (>violate<) document and I asked the friend to accompany me to the Haringey Civic Centre in order to note what I wished for him to witness and consider for further reference also to the specific copy document which I handed to him along with whatever was to follow when we were to reach the Civic Centre. When there, we observed a large group of youngsters, who were waving placards and demonstrating outside the building accompanied with a number of parents who were concerned about >their, (humanity’s) FUTURE on planet earth<.

We proceeded to the reception desk, when inside, where I asked the receptionist if she had read the copy of the document I had given to her the previous day (>copy of which the friend and others benefited from, also the previous day<). Interestingly, we benefited from a flat ‘NO’ to the called-for inquiry. I thanked the receptionist and on my part I informed her that I had not benefited from any call-back from Ms Kathleen whom the receptionist called on the telephone from the unit in the hall / the floor reception area the previous day; and thus I reported to Kathleen also why I attended the Civic Centre and WHY the urgent and most important need to seek an urgent meeting with the Chief Executive following the arrogant and irresponsible performance of the manager(!) of the floor at the library building, specifically about his vulgar language and his adopted dictatorial mentalities which included the boasting, “I am his brother”(>in response to one of my remarks that he was acting and behaving as if Hitler, who failed to succeed in his plans for Europe and for the humans of planet earth<).

I beg to point out that such mentalities and arrogance as ‘the library floor manager(?) used, were matched later by the manager of the 3-THREE mobile telephone service. The performances of both commanding prompt consideration and attention by the persons who retain and maintain such persons as ‘servants of the public’ and >alleged< servants of the citizens, >I emphasize<, who, in the case of the library floor manager(!) all citizens are called upon to remit the taxes imposed by the controllers of the state, the mother of all Pseudo-democracies, just as the clients remit funds for the provision of the telephone service the clients subscribe to, unlike >the ‘imposed tax revenue collections’ for the maintenance of such product-creations as I was first made aware of, back in 1972-1976′ in the high court action YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (>1970, Chancery Division<).

Following the call at the Civic Centre, I asked of the friend to meet with me after mid-day with other persons at the Cypriot Community Centre opposite the Police Station at the corner of Nightingale Road for general discussion of the present developments later at the High Road where I was to deliver also a copy of the document I had just given to him for discussion of the issues commanding consideration by the public at large; specifically the issues arising out of such performances as I set out to look into, following my decision to change MY PLANS FOR MY LIFE after my bitter and life threatening experiences in late 1969, in particular from early 1972 to late-1976.

On arrival at the 3-THREE branch last Friday I asked for the manager because I needed to deliver a specific document for reference to by all at the branch and for the manager to pass on to the controllers of the enterprise / the business trading as 3-Three. The young lady(?) replied:- “he is not in” and walked away. To such mentalities and arrogant contempt for ‘a client’s request and needs (approved by or indoctrinated) planted programmed robots and created non-thinkers acting and operating as foul of all logic and unprincipled alleged ‘humans’, simply led to ‘the only conclusion that such being the case the young attendant should be told ‘sternly’ to walk back and take the document herself and pass it on.

Typical of all other manner of programmed robots, the rude attendant simply retorted that she did not wish to deal with me and ordered me to go away!!! Her performance called for me to adopt her mentality and manners so I commanded of the ‘bitch to simply come over and take the copy of the document which I simply wished to hand over to her for I had other issues to attend to, rather than waste my time with such arrogant and rude persons. Surprise, surprise, a young chap, walked out of the blue / dropped from the clouds and ordered me out of his world / his kingdom; for if I did not go away, they ‘your product-creations’ would be calling the police to remove me(!?!).

The created scenario benefited from “If that’s the way you wish to play hide and seek, do as you please and when the police arrive ask them to call on me at the Cypriot Community Centre opposite the Nightingale Road police station; for I have other problems/issues to attend to; ‘in the meantime give me your full name; what does the initial stand for and note that I am walking over to the bus stop across the road’.

What followed is for the present Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Cressida Dick who is to receive what is commanded of me and WARRANTED BY LAW, in your allegedly civilized society / world?!?!?!


Andrew Yiannides

ENCL. 1.Copy of the ‘violate’ document created by me and published in the public domain as part of my work most relative to the VIOLATIONS of human rights the citizens are subjected to by the master-controllers of Pseudo-democracies.


  1. 26MyAdCo, my letter to the Mobile Telephone Service ‘enterprises’.
  2. To the Chief Executive of Haringey Council, for reference to by the Legal gurus retained and used by the Legal Department maintained by Haringey Council at the expense of Mr. & Mrs. Average.
  3. To the Media and reporters on legal, political & general state policies.
  4. For release in the public domain, as part of my commitment to expose in the public domain the most relevant of the violated principles in the mother of all Pseudo-Democracies, the United Kingdom.

Following the copy of the article published by the London Evening Standard of 23rd July 2019 :, and in consideration of and on reflection of the material facts covered and pointed to in this here article, the issue of the VIOLATIONS, the SHEEPle are subjected to care of such lousy performers as the Metropolitan Police were criticized by the editor of the London Evening Standard. All visitors / readers are urged to consider the punch line / question which Andrew Yiannides >Diogenis< added at the end of the editorial overall comment, warranted for consideration by all, specifically the failures of alleged >humans< ‘THINKERS’ who failed to perform as ‘expected’ anticipated of alleged servants of the LAW & JUSTICE.

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  • Readers and concerned citizens / TAXPAYERS should note that the content of the above submissions RELATE TO THEIR CHOICE & SUPPORT OF THE REGIMES >IMPOSED ON THEM BY ABUSERS OF PUBLIC OFFICE<: - (a) the elected representatives of the SHEEPle (as I coined) and (b) the alleged officers of the LAW, the police and abusers of judicial chairs occupancy, such as I was faced with throughout 1972-1976 in the high court case (YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS - 1970, Chancery Division). I had instructed an old school 'friend' (who, also, attended the Reverend Canon Newham legacy-creation 'The English School of Nicosia Cyprus'. The solicitor who benefited from the exclusive instructions had been told (>informed< ) of the states being imposed on our compatriots (other Cypriots) who were engaged in the 'outdoor making-up ladies (by and large) clothing enterprises in London, after the end of WW2. The solicitor, who elected to follow a professional career as one of the legal gurus making fools of the citizens of the United Kingdom, simply assumed and presumed that his client (another product-creation of 'The English School of Nicosia Cyprus' was just another baboon and not an educated, a well read and informed British citizen who had passed on to him one of the most significant and important legal cases the dreamer of an allegedly honorable officer of 'the High Court' and the LAW, indulged himself by introducing and promoting a FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT, such as the legal circles, concocted for promotion and 'entertainment' by the Law Enforcement agencies, including High Court Judges and TWO Court of Appeal, abusers of the courts facilities. One and all simply determined to use the false & FORGED document >as THEIR TICKET TO PLENTY OF FUN and the usual FRAUD ON THE CITIZENS who seek Justice in and through their creations, namely ‘the beehives of and FOR THE THEFT & CONVERSION OF TARGETED PROPERTIES & ASSETS TO ALLEGED LEGAL COSTS attached to such services as the legal circles systematically and habitually engage and indulge in.
    Many the victims of the abused court facilities who contacted me over the last 47 years >EVER SINCE THE INTRODUCTION & THE RELIANCE OF THE LEGAL CIRCLES on the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT that was seen and handled as a true copy of the criminal in concept and use DOCUMENT which the LEGAL CIRCLES CAME UP WITH, two years after the institution of the High Court ACTION / CASE which I demanded the case should be. Yet the many victims and ‘ALLEGED’ VICTIMS of the COURTS FACILITIES for the usual FRAUD APLENTY OPERATIONS & ACTIVITIES, simply ignored and buried / suppressed THE OBVIOUS by one and all, inclusive of the Metropolitan Police >all the way to the Commissioner< , Sir Robert Mark QPM, (>at the relevant times<) with Ministers of the Crown, the Media Barons and their Intellectual Prostitutes playing fiddle as lover-promoters of the system of operations within the mother of all allegedly civilized PSEUDO-Democracies, resting and founded on the lied to and the fooled sucker-serfs, such as I had been as a product-creation of 'the Reverend Canon Newham secondary / high School of Nicosia Cyprus'. Andrew Yiannides, NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS London 12th July 2019

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