Corrupt Metropolitan Police

Wow, on Tuesday the 30th of April the primary headline article of the London Evening Standard for its readers to consider, was but a typical run of the mill report informing the readers of the paper that the Labour Party is nowhere near any credible position to secure its usual ‘alternating political mainstream parties’ in the next general election!!! Surprise, surprise, the news item simply related to a split among the ruling body of the party founded on differences between the National Executive on the proposal at the heart of the split. Most revealing being the issue of the wording of the party’s European Parliament forthcoming election while the electorate is faced with the complexities arising out of the very mess the polYticians created out of concerned peoples’ considerations that reflected badly on the creation of the European Union out of the proposal for the UK to join the European Economic Community, farce, joke, call it what you like, readers of such diversionary promotions while the REAL CONCERNS of the awakened SHEEPle, everywhere on planet earth, not just the UNITED KINGDOM are most disconcerting!?!?!?.

Below the big headline news, the even bigger problem the British electors were reading, was the most encouraging / revelations OR SIMPLE DUST IN YOUR EYES SUCKERS. I refer to the developments that should have been on the National Executive’s agenda for the meeting IF THE CONCERNS of the electors >the tax burdened SHEEPle, were / are anywhere near the minds and the hearts of the NATIONAL Executive, as reported and recorded NEWS reflecting the blunt indifference of the Media Barons, and the Intellectual Prostitutes!!!!!! One and all at the ready, for decades promoting the devious misrepresentations such as the suppressed realities I came across in the course of attending to my needs and MY LEGAL RIGHTS, as a creative person who was engaged in business and as an employer of a number of other citizens who were and had been subjected to the REAL WORLD of the administrators of the lives and the future* of all who are called upon to elect their rulers in the mother of all Parliamentary PSEUDO-democracies.

The specific article of news I beg to draw attention to, relates to the ADMINISTRATION OF THE LAW / the multitude of STATUTES CREATED by the elected polYticicians over the centuries; the article of REAL NEWS is copied below for and in the interest of ALL electors / citizens of / in the United Kingdom, the sucker-serfs who are called upon / have taxes imposed on them for the creation of such administrations as the polYticians have been imposing through FALSE FRONTS and elected governments made up of the long existing promoted parties, AS EVOLVED & CREATED, over the centuries. This long introduction should help the readers of this article to determine IF the choice of promotions the main stream media in any way represent or address the issues of REAL CONCERNS to Mr. & Mrs. Average elector in the United Kingdom. Copy of the article of news that prompted this presentation / reaction follows and it is for the readers, the revenue providers >the taxed sucker-serfs to act in accordance with their own considered and better informed considerations.

The headline of the secondary article ‘Corrupt’ West End police unit in sex, drugs and racism probe, as penned and presented by Justin Davenport, Crime Editor, follows below.

A Scotland Yard unit tasked with fighting crime in the West End is at the centre of an inquiry into allegations of bullying, racism, drug use and perverting the course of justice. Up to 11 officers face claims of wrong-doing stemming from an inquiry by a watchdog which was triggered by reports that an officer had sex with a vulnerable woman at Charring Cross police station. Most of the officers were on the Met’s West End Zone Impact team, formed in 2014 to tackle night-crime and violence around Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, which has now been disbanded. The Independent Officer for Police Conduct today announced that the scope of the original inquiry had “widened considerably”. It said analysis of phone messages between officers had uncovered evidence of a number of allegations involving the police team at Charring Cross. The allegations include:

  • Violence towards women and taking advantage of vulnerable people.
  • Racist, misogynistic and other discriminatory language and behaviour.
  • Perverting the course of justice by deleting messages relevant to a criminal investigation.
  • Bullying and inappropriate behaviour towards other officers, including sending threatening and malicious messages. There were also allegations that officers used drugs such as steroids, and failed to report wrongdoing by other officers. The claims emerged from the IOPC inquiry launched last year into an allegation that an officer had sex with a vulnerable woman in a room at Charring Cross police station – described in some reports as a cell. Scotland Yard said today that two sergeants and nine constables were under investigation. A former constable was also under investigation. The Met said four officers, three constables and a sergeant were on restricted duties and one constable had been suspended. The IOPC said that the allegations revealed today did not apply to all officers. IOPC regional director Sal Naseem, said: “these are very serious allegations and it is vital for public confidence that these are independently investigated. We are committed to using our enforcement powers to root out officers whose conduct undermines the public confidence in policing and who should not be wearing the uniform. There is no indication that this is part of any wider teams within the station but our over-arching report will consider the wider culture and team. WE would also like to hear from other officers at Charring Cross station, or the wider public, who may be able to provide valuable information to our investigation.Scotland Yard said in a statement: ”The Met takes all allegations of wrongdoing extremely seriously and is fully co-operating with the IOPC investigation. The inappropriate behaviours in this matter appear to have been displayed through text messages and the use of social media apps. While the large majority of staff are responsible in their use of social media the Met has issued guidance to all staff around the expectation that they, and colleagues, maintain the professional standards expected of them as a member of the Met at all times. Officers and staff also have a duty to report, challenge and take action against colleagues where they believe those standards have fallen”. The force said ‘the Impact Team was responsible for neighborhood-based policing and problem solving focused on the night-time economy around Leicester Square and Picadilly. The team was disbanded when Westminster police was restructured to become part of the Central West Basic Command Unit.

REQUEST of readers: When reading of ‘the future in the article created by Andrew Yiannides of THINK of Families United To Unconditionally Restore Equality among the family members as ‘the LAW stipulates and provides.

Andrew Yiannides of &

2nd May 2019 from the Evening Standard the interesting choice of priorities for the sucker-serfs to consider.

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