Commanded Considerations

Persons who have accessed and did read / familiarised themselves with the realities pointed to and covered in the article published last August here at JusticeRaped using the title ‘The Realities Born Of The Abused Courts Facilities’. should note that the opening shot, specifically my letter to Mr Christopher Garwood, the criminal who was relied upon and was noted to have offered his invisible services to the criminal cabal as he recorded in his letter to the fraud of a father >of the three children born of my sister Mrs Despina Englezakis< DID GRANT TO ME THE RIGHT to write as I did to the acting Trustee in the alleged insolvency and the assertively promoted Bankruptcy of my sister, Mrs. Despina Englezakis. Visitors / readers of my specific submissions to the arrogant abuser of the public office the fraud Christopher Garwood, was noted to have engaged in such offerings and services under the counter >he was reported to me, some months later, as deceased; departed; left the scene of the criminal operations!!!

Persons who are familiar with such states and in particular the abused courts facilities, which realizations did cause me to change my plans for my life, should now consider the obvious which others have caught on to and are not in any way intimidated or feel threatened by such other criminals as the many victims who are now standing up and could be counted to stand firm against the abusers of the courts facilities.

Readers and followers of my work and submissions, specifically my challenges to abusers of public office and public facilities, should now reflect on the charges preferred on the judges who engaged and indulged in the millions of pounds fraud, while using the Legal Aid facilities and provisions. The aforesaid pointed to realities afford me the opportunity, now that I am out of hospital, to point out and remind followers of my work that a number of solicitors were engaged and recorded as beneficiaries for the divorce that was never processed as arranged by and care of the solicitor who had been engaged to my late niece, Miss Harita >RITA< Englezakis, the second child / daughter born of my sister Despina, Mrs. Englezakis.

Further to the above I now draw the attention of all visitors and readers of my work, to the latest developments in the United Kingdom. I specifically refer to the arrest and the charges laid on the police officers who failed to execute their public duties, such as I set out to report and CHALLENGE way back in 1972, when the solicitor who purportedly was acting for me, for the plaintiff, in the matter of the constructively engineered commercial fraud, did engage and indulged in the promotion of the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT while of opinion that he was addressing and advising just a simpleton or simply a product of his and the legal circles creations, such as the thousands of the victims of the police, the thousands of the victims of the solicitors and the victims of judicial chair occupants in the United Kingdom, the mother of all allegedly civilized Pseudo-Democracies; one and all promoted as states that rest and are founded, allegedly, on the rule of law; the LAW created and recorded as Acts of Parliament, as enacted by the representatives of the electors,

I now look forward to submissions from victims of the abused facilities I have been pointing out to for over 47 years. Indeed I anticipate connection with others who have taken to their rights and are challenging abusers of trust, whom their victims plan and aim to claim damages from abusers of public office, without fear or reliance on persons who are licensed by the Law Society of England & Wales or any firm comprised of a number of such abusers of trust, as I relied upon, in the first instance, on a compatriot and product of the Reverend Canon Newham legacy-creation the English School of Nicosia, Cyprus.

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  • SIX DAYS SINCE THE PUBLICATION of the realities covered and pointed to in the article which apparently has not benefited from any considerations, submissions or additional COMPLAINTS & REPORTS by any other who has made time to read, to consider and to reflect on such realities as I set out to look at and into in order to write of the obvious criminal activities and operations such as the legal circles, including judicial chair occupants engaged and indulge in systematically. Personally I FIRST EXPERIENCED AND SUFFERED THE CONSEQUENCES of the blunt indifference exhibited by the Metropolitan Police, all the way to the top, the Commissioner Sir Robert Mark, himself!!! He was considered by the government of the day >MINISTERS< to be fit and suitable to take and benefit from a seat in the House of Lords!?! Indeed so determined the government of the day after the alleged officer of the LAW had provided his blunt and contemptuous of Parliament's LAW mentality, arrogance, IF I MUST, when considering HIS PERSONAL SUPPORT and the blunt / arrogant endorsement of the organized >as orchestrated by the legal circles< the criminal activities ongoing through abuse of the High Court >FACILITIES, I stress< for the licensed criminals (>the legal circles< ) who imposed the states my person and the British society, >as a whole< . Everything care of the parts and the police engaged and engage in systematically, as I am to publish RECENT (2016-2019 revelations and EVIDENCE). I refer to such ORCHESTRATED contributions towards the creation of the New World Order, far removed from the rule of 'the LAW', as I experienced and I have been pointing to such activities and operations for over FOUR DECADES!!! WAKE UP, sucker-serfs British SHEEPle. Sincerely CONCERNED Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS London - United Kingdom 30th March - 2019 COMMENT / CONTRIBUTION UPDATED on the 11th of April 2019, with added considerations born of and attached to the criminal operations I WAS SUBJECTED TO >between 1972-1976 and ever since< , thanks to the PSEUDO-democracy created, organized and arranged by the criminals in control. The very criminals who set out to create their choice of allegedly civilized societies and states such as the many victims who contacted me over the last 25 or so years. I refer, here to such persons who simply embraced, endorsed and set about to enhance the criminal operations with and through their reckless failings and >contributions< towards THEIR CHOICE OF SUCH SOCIETIES!?!?!?!?!?!?

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