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9th February 2019

When reading yesterday’s article in the Metro of the loss to her parents, to close family and to the friends, of the teenager Molly Russell I could not but help myself and think of the contribution of the social media care of the Internet facilities.

I refer, of course, to the very facilities which I, myself started using as soon as the enterprising creators of the free social communications circuits came forth. I had no option at the time but to resort to such facilities mainly because the media barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes never indicated any real interest in the horrific states I was subjected to by the purported protectors of the citizens as provided by parliament’s law and the officers of the law through the creation and the presence of the police and the judges; both groups retained and maintained by the state / government of the day. None ever concerned themselves with the criminal activities ongoing through the use & abuse of the facilities of the courts, as the legal professionals arrange and organise with the blessings of the police and ministers, in spite of the fact that all was reported in writing with the attached documented evidence. Most intriguing, however, was the realization attached to the performances of other citizens of the United Kingdom. Many had sight and received copies of the letters where I covered the reported complaints such as I passed on to many who contacted me (over the years) as victims and promoters of their individual case histories or as creator-leaders of some group. Not one really considered the way to address the problems attached to the organised criminal operations the legal circles systematically engage and indulge in.

Readers should refer to the material published at the human-rights website where the revelations and the evidence pointed to, as published should cause any genuine and sincere persons, specifically those, who failed to consider the avenue which I myself set off to use and rely upon in order to awaken the humans without rights (>hence humanrights<) to reconsider their failures, thus far, especially after each had been and, if a new victim is made aware of the next step that was called for, as of the moment I was caused to reconsider my plans for my life, above all else, after Dr. Kamaris, my father’s cousin, whom I visited the day before I was to undergo the surgery that was recommended back in the 1970’s because of the state of my health care of the extensive stomach ulcer I suffered from.

This article and outpourings from me, Andrew Yiannides, RELATE TO LIFE and in particular the lives of the humans who are affected by any wrong doing such as I was subjected to over 46 years ago after I instructed a solicitor, who, like me, was an ex English High School of Nicosia Cyprus old boy but unlike me a true product creation of the legal and justice system as operated and used in the mother of all Pseudo-Democracies, the United Kingdom.

Reference above to the failures of the media and the many victim-challengers who elected to ignore the revenue providers who have taxes imposed on them for the revenue that maintains abusers of trust as the kept in the dark SUCKER-SERFS (>as I coined, for the taxed ‘citizens’, over 43 years ago<) at the same time when I also coined “Through an act or an omission,the commission of the crime” the very thoughts that found their way in the Criminal Justice And Courts Act in 2015, over 38 years later, in relation to police officers who fail to attend to their duties in order for some person/s to benefit or suffer losses.

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