Police engage in criminal Operations

Dear Xxxxxxxx, birthdays come and go one’s a year but memorable days stay with us for ever. I trust this one brings with it that special development you have been working for.

Below, one of the attempts the Metropolitan Police in London used in order to eliminate the objector who set out to study, to research and to look into many cases when the police were seen to be actively engaging in arrogant breaches of public duties and with criminal intent FAILED TO PROSECUTE FRAUD ON THE PUBLIC (and targeted citizens / objectors) because of the institutionally ORCHESTRATED abuse of the courts facilities such as the objector was and has been pointing to, with the essential evidence published at:- & at:-

READERS should note that as a result of the research referred to  above, the victim RIGHTLY CONCLUDED, in 1976, “THROUGH AN ACT OR AN OMISSION, THE COMMISSION OF THE CRIME” which sound observations over 39 YEARS LATER, miraculously found its way in sections of the Criminal Justice & Courts Act of 2015, victims OF THE POLICE & police failures and arrogant criminal in concept operations as in the case of the FALSE & FORGED instrument which the legal professions introduced in the High Court case YIANNIDES -v RADLEY GOWNS LTD (>1970, Chancery Division<)

No need for any observation, comment or additional information such as to HOW THE END PRODUCT, care of the criminals who are retained to protect the victims of ORGANISED FRAUD & CORRUPTION as covered at:- (>CONFODENTIAL FRAUD<) Wake-up sucker-serfs for you have taxes imposed on you for the maintenance of criminals as your alleged servants!?!

Do access the articles published at & PASS ON THE RELEVANT NFORMATION to all who are concerned about such states as the concocted scenarios that caused me to change my plans for MY LIFE, as a considerate of other humans.


Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI. FNAAAS


22nd January 2019

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  • Four weeks since the publication of this brief article whereby the realities extensively covered in earlier articles and the documented evidence in support of my observations as of the days when I was faced with the problems that were thrust at me care of A PRACTICE I was made aware of when and after I spoke to other proprietors of making up outworking businesses who also hailed from Cyprus. Hence the reasons why I contacted the compatriot solicitor who happened to have been also a product of The English School of Nicosia, Cyprus, an old school friend one might say because both were of the Kitchener House, one of four competing in the sports and games field after school hours.
    I was not surprised but I was amazed at the fact that no visitor/reader of the article contributed any comment attached to and born of the realities that caused me initially to CHANGE MY PLANS FOR MY LIFE. I refer, of course, to the results of the 46+years of study, research and looking into such states and scenarios others were victims of, as covered in the chapters of the extensive material published at the domain I registered as human without rights >< based on my experiences care of the failures of alleged servants of the LAW and the citizens. At the website I published THE EVIDENCE THAT OPENED MY EYES wide enough and caused me look further afield in respect of the activities and the practice I had been the victim of, which practice other proprietors of outworking units, as I refer to above, related to me their experiences. Reference to the PRACTICE and the REALITIES which my research work supported, simply justified my decision to change my plans for my life specifically because of wide-spread practice in the dress ware making up My disappointment and concerns about the imposition of FALSE DEMOCRACY which allegedly rests and is founded on principles of LAW & ORDER of which I had been well conditioned to accept as the real Democracy. My experiences, however, as of the days when I decided to change my plans for my life, most definitely pointed to anything but a democracy because its citizens are treated as serfs of times gone by. As of the days when I was obliged to take the only route open to me and seek restitution by instructing the solicitor to institute the High Court action, as a product of the misrepresentations while at the English School and the newspaper I was receiving regularly from family in London. The need to seek justice after securing and passing on to the solicitor the essential DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE while of the conditioning and the indoctrination about Justice was shuttered after my solicitor was noted and seen to be actively engaged in, by promoting a false and forged document. The 46+ years of studies, research and looking into other cases when added to the failures of the police to act as their duties to the public command while the allegedly free press carry on promoting all manner of falsehoods about the criminal activities I was subjected to, care of the abused courts facilities, hence the specific petition that merited no support 'apparently'. ALL & EVERYTHING care of the creators and the promoters of FALSE STATES OF SECURITY & JUSTICE as the media Barons and their Blind and Deaf Intellectual Prostitutes collectively relish in, while ignoring the states imposed on the revenue providers for the retainers and MAINTENANCE OF CRIMINALS IN THE PUBLIC SERVICES ENTERPRISES.

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