Operation successful, waiting for test results from sample taken to lab. Thanks to all who did their best for me while I am looking forward to the evil lot who engaged in all manner of criminal activities using creative false accounting and records for my person; thereby helping themselves and stealing my extensive properties, starting with the use of the parasitic gestation vessel I married, out of compassion because she was not welcome as a refugee from the island we were both born, Cyprus. Yet she proved very handy and useful for the criminals in control of the British Isles, care of the criminal cabal who created the Fraudulently concocted European Union.

The British voted (<as I did<) for the United Kingdom to join the European ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (>the important word being >economic<). and not some MONSTER-FRAUDSTERS CLUB.

The above copied from my Facebook Portal on 29th January 2019. Thank you to all friends and visitors who might feel contributing their thoughts most relevant to the recent and present attempts to create and escalate scenarios intended to plunge humanity down the abyss of the bottomless pits of depravity as concocted and created by the very criminals who concocted and created THEIR CREATOR OF ALL AND EVERYTHING, most clearly written of in their alleged Holy Scriptures which they ensured were added to the Bible OVER THREE CENTURIES AFTER the teachings attributed to the one whom the Romans Crucified, because of the pressures the mighty Romans were faced with.

Work at it friends and figure out the scenarios commanding qualifications and explanations, especially what evolved and developed after the elimination of ‘the objectionable one’! Andrew Yiannides of

29th January 2019.

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    • Friend access the material facts related as STATED REALITIES and then come back with such views and opinions as blogging about the results of studies and research work AFTER READING, STUDYING & COMPREHENDING THE MATERIAL PUBLISHED AT Incidentally the domain name relates to human MINUS /WITHOUT RIGHTS and the chapter, webpage specifically points to THE AIMS of the intended / projected COMMUNITY ON LINE of the SHEEPle being devoured by the WOLVES devouring the SHEEP in control of allegedly civilised pseudo-democracies. WAKE UP CHUM, get know of the subject matter and write of YOUR VIEWS and opinions as a serious THINKER, A TRUE HUMAN BEING not some conditioned non thinker and indoctrinated / programmed robot inclusive of and WITH THE INDOCTRINATED >AS ORCHESTRATED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD< PROMULGATED THROUGH ABUSE / USE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Some non-concerned and NOT INTERESTED IN THE OBVIOUS such as the thousands of visitors who left contributions >COMMENTS< one needs interpreters / translators to get a picture of the aptitude and the mentality of the commentators / contributors to the subject matters and the REALITIES EXPOSED & CHALLENGED in the chapters of the extensive work that rests and is founded on over 46 years of studies and looking into actual court proceedings / cases as enacted by lousy actors and fraudsters who simply use the courts facilities for FRAUD APLENTY on the sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them for the retainers and the maintenance of seasoned (as trained and used for) protected criminals in public office / the alleged public services such as the provisions for the imported refugees and alleged asylum seekers as the family that was used for the theft and misappropriation of the housing benefit the agents handling the properties INCLUDING THE RENTS OWING & DUE ? PAYABLE TO THE OWNERS OF THE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY OWNERD BY THE STAVROS & DANAE ANTONA situate at 196 Lymington Avenue in the Haringey / Wood Green in North London..... as with many other properties and other targeted properties owners let to / occupied by the used and created USED FOR FRAUD APLENTY shitizenS of the allegedly civilised states / countries that rest and are founded allegedly on principles (???) of LAW (???) and orders created by abusers of judicial chair occupants!?!?!?!?!?!? WAKE UP CHUM, read, digest and express the only due and understood views on THE REALITIES POINTED TO AND COVERED IN TERMS OF UNDERSTOOD SCENARIOS & STATES you do not give a darn about as a NON AFFECTED & UNCONCERNED / NOT INTERESTED PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!! +----------------

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