Related below and thereafter revert to the author-victim of the abused courts facilities as covered and pointed to for over 35 years in the public domain at (humans MINUS, with NO rights, note) and hereafter justify or excuse your failures readers for acting as conditioned / indoctrinated NON-THINKERS, non users of gray matter / (brains) or as maligned and recklessly irresponsible NON-HUMANS.



  1. Following the suicide of my niece Rita (>Harita<) Englezakis, my youngest brother Savvas, asked of me to call on our sister, Mrs. Despina Englezakis because, as she put it to him, she could no longer tolerate the ways of her husband after the loss of their second child, their daughter Harita, who was caused to commit suicide after her elder sister Eleni spoke to her in the most unacceptable of ways from another sibling.
  2. Despina explained that she wished to apply for a divorce from the recklessly irresponsible male chauvinist >who relished in the stone age as ‘the man of the house'<. It was the first time my sister ever spoke to me about her marriage to the barber who married her as the woman who had set up and was running her own business as a hairdresser of long standing reputation and as a ladies hairdresser who was also engaged in the tuition and the training of young ladies who wished to follow a professional career in hairdressing.
  3. For the purposes of the divorce Mrs Englezakis arranged for us to visit and instruct the young solicitor, Mr Pany Symeou, who had been engaged to her daughter Rita after the two had committed themselves to marriage and the creation of a family. The instructions were very clear on all points and issues the divorce commanded addressing, especially the issue of the properties the couple had acquired from beyond their marriage to one another and in the course of it. All and everything in my presence to the young solicitor who was more than familiar with everything care of his long established relationship between the two families that caused the two (>Rita & Pany<) to get engaged and have / create their own family.
  4. Because of the long standing financial control of all and everything, as imposed by her husband, from the onset of the Englezakis couple’s finances by the male chauvinist, Mrs Englezakis, had to apply for Legal Aid, for the needs of her divorce. It should suffice to point out that at the time, Mrs Englezakis was abandoned in London and she had been existing on some £45, or so, per week which funds she was receiving, as rent income from a property Mrs Englezakis was to have acquired as joint owners with our cousin and her God-sister who was working for me at the time as manageress for my making-up factory A&S Fashionables.
  5. Owing to the fact that Mr Symeou the solicitor failed to produce / submit any evidence that he had acted as he had been instructed, the divorce case-file was transferred to another firm of solicitors and the process was repeated another three times. In the meantime, because of other unacceptable states which Mr Englezakis engaged in, including physical violence, in and for which I had to intervene and warn him that the violence had gone too far after the unacceptable words of threat and much more, I was assaulted too, at which point in time Mrs Englezakis telephoned the emergency services and asked for the police service. However, because the police failed to act as their public duties commanded, I (>the victim of inexcusable violence<) was advised by the two young police officers not to engage in any ‘interference’ such as I had no choice >but to give notice< to the violent male chauvinist Sotiris Neophytou Englezakis. It should be noted that the male / husband who abandoned the bereaved mother went to South Africa, to spend time with his brothers and sisters, he was receiving some £80 per week, as rental of Mrs Englezakis’ Hairdressing business premises from the manageress of the business premises as of the days when Mrs Englezakis had undergone Mastectomy Operations because of cancer developments. And in addition to the aforesaid weekly income her husband was also in receipt of whatever income/takings the combined barber/ hairdressing salon (where Mrs. Englezakis had been working as of her Mastecomy Opertions).
  6. In the meantime, the fourth solicitor who benefited from transfer of the divorce case-file, after failing to act as the original instructions had been to the solicitor Pany Symeou, and the numerous attempts that followed, intended to misdirect and misconduct the divorce proceedings, in contempt of Mrs Englezakis’ rights and as she instructed Mr Pany Symeou<, abandoned the divorce case altogether and transferred the benefit of the £75, (or so) per month ongoing for years to the Law Society itself as beneficiary >FOR WHICH CHARGES / benefits ALL SOLICITORS and the Law SOCIETY COLLECTIVELY have been rendered accountable, as of the instructions to the irresponsible solicitor Pany Symeou who indulged and engaged in the very practices such as I was first subjected to throughout 1972-1976 after the solicitor Kypros Nichola engaged in the promotion of THE FALSE & FORGED INSTRUMENT (>alleged legitimate document<) acceptable in evidence for the High Court action YIANNIDES -v RADLEY GOWNS LTD.(>1970, Chancery Division<), two years after the service of the High Court Writ of Summons and the close of Pleadings in 1970.


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