All visitors should note that the Human-Rights is a non profit N.G.O (>Non Governmental Organization<) based on the Internet.

As such we do not provide any material for sale but we do address and provide such information and point to the realities we cover, for and in respect of the assured rights all humans are entitled to through the commitment of the governments of such states and countries that signed up to the Internationally agreed basic human rights. Personally, I cover the very rights related in the introduction page / the chapter of my work and specifically the document that was published at the time when the provision of and the facilities to persons who signed up to the HUMAN-RIGHTS COMMUNITY ON LINE concept. The specific document was and has been / remains published at:-

Visitors and all who concern themselves with the issues we cover in our home sites at & also through the articles we publish at have been and are provided by me (>Andrew Yiannides<). In the first instance, I fell victim to the arrogant commercial BUSINESS FRAUD, that was instigated and imposed on me,  through  abuse of position  care of the criminally motivated fraudsters who were operating out of a limited liability company, while of opinion that they (>the offenders<) could simply walk away as if  the headless and lifeless business entity (>as registered<) could be used as the offender WHEN IN FACT IT WAS THE DIRECTORS of such entities / registered business facilities who indulge and engage in ORGANISED CRIME care of the protection rackets operated by the legal circles; precisely as my high school friend engaged and indulged in when he (>the solicitor<) purportedly was acting / operating in the interest of the victim of the orchestrated ORIGINAL COMMERCIAL / BUSINESS FRAUD.

Friends should note that an application has now been made for the creation of a PayPal account where supporters of my studies and research (>Andrew Yiannides’<) work can contribute any financial input such as will be called for when legal proceedings are to be instituted against ALL WHO ENGAGED IN BREACHES OF THE LAW and obstructions to justice such as was the case when the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT was introduced and relied upon by the criminals who indulged themselves in the orchestrated CRIMINAL OPERATIONS, the legal circles, the police and the abusers of judicial chair occupancy ENGAGED & INDULGED IN, WITH CRIMINAL INTENT.

It is MOST IMPORTANT that friends and supporters NOTE that Andrew Yiannides is NOT going to rely on any professional to plead and settle / fight his / MY CORNER for I will be settling MY STATEMENT OF FACTS & foundations FOR the CLAIMS against one and all who indulged themselves in their usual ways as if immune from Parliament’s provisions under THE LAW. For and in respect of the aforesaid I beg to draw attention to the fact that Parliament introduced (>Why CP?<) through Section 26 of the  CRIMINAL COURTS & JUSTICE ACT of 2015. THE SPECIFIC PROVISIONS ARE VERY CLEAR, as regards the convenient failings of police officers who recklessly engaged and engage in the usual procurement of gains  FOR & TO persons who secure such assistance as the many who indulge at the expense of TARGETED VICTIMS. And, as my personal tribulations at more than financial terms as my state of health established AND WAS PUT ON RECORD, care of the named and to be named offenders. I  am not in the least concerned or worried BUT MOST INTERESTED to relate to & FIND OUT, OBSERVE >HOW< the APPLICATION OF PARLIAMENT’S LAW in every instance can be applied when police officers were seen to be more than simpletons BUT accessories and abettors to and FOR the orchestrated CRIMINAL OPERATIONS  for and in which Local Authority staff and officers happily engaged in, while operating hand in hand with Letting Agency officers in similar manner and tactics as in the case that opened Andrew Yiannides’ (>MY<) MENTAL EYES to the criminal operations the High Court case YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (>High Court, Chancery Division, 1970<) benefited from and thereby PUT ON RECORD the ORCHESTRATED CRIMINAL OPERATIONS the legal circles indulged and indulge in, systematically >AS THEY DO< with the blessings of the Metropolitan Police and judicial chair occupants, such as the ORCHESTRATED ALLEGED INSOLVENCY / BANKRUPTCY OF MY SISTER, Mrs. Despina Englezakis benefited from, care of a number of solicitors, starting with the dreamer Pany Symeou, who recklessly and with premeditated intent failed to put in motion and process the divorce he had very CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS ON & FOR, with a number of followers (>other solicitors<) thereafter >INCLUDING THE LAW SOCIETY ITSELF<. One and ALL SIMPLY PLUNDERING FUNDS from the bank account Mrs. Englezakis started because of the states that had been imposed on her by the fraud of an alleged >human< and because and in respect of the essential works, as >I, the author of these submissions and REVELATIONS came forward with, and >I DID PROCEED WITH AS I HAD UNDERTAKEN TO BRING TO PROPER FRUITION<, while the many who abused my goodwill and trust indulged themselves as typical product-creations of an allegedly civilised society; one that is founded and rests, allegedly on the rule of LAW, man’s law, such men and women whom one meets in every walk of life, especially within the legal circles, the police and the beehives referred to as courts where sweetness and sting run side by side.

I conclude my present submissions and contribution to the way forward for true humans, FOR >THINKERS< by pointing to recent developments, and in particular the issues attached to the case of USUAL ABUSE OF & FOR THE NEED FOR LEGAL PROCEEDINGS and the cost attached thereto. Precisely as had been in and FOR the case of orchestrated theatrical productions that ensued and were imposed by the legal circles; simply commanded of the targeted victim of the original COMMERCIAL / BUSINESS FRAUD. The commanded  /  warranted and imposed by the legal circles and all who engaged in use and the promotion, reliance on the FALSE & FORGED document TWO YEARS AFTER THE CLOSE OF PLEADINGS when and while relying on the Metropolitan Police to simply operate in the established ways of THE SYSTEM WAS & HAS BEEN which leads me to the present states most relative in the matter of the PROSECUTION OF THE JUDGES WHO ENGAGED IN the £12.6 million LEGAL AID SCAM, precisely as had been the case of the divorce for the targeted woman, my sister Despina, Mrs. Englezakis whose first born was directly responsible for her younger sister’s decision to take her own life, >COMMIT SUICIDE<  just  as her mother was responsible for the ills one and all were subjected to care of the criminal she was stuck with and to, for decades. All the while expecting and anticipating of me, after I was made aware of life with the Paphitis Sotiris Neophytou Englezakis, to keep on accepting THE EVIL WAYS OF ALL as products of their own thoughtlessness, and selfish and uncaring of others ways. Most offensive, however, being THE CRIMINAL IN CONCEPT & IMPOSITION WAYS, of ONE & ALL<.

The recent / ongoing case of and FOR the prosecution of the judges, who engaged and indulged in the £12.6 million LEGAL AID SCAM >reference point TO & FOR the Divorce Mrs. Englezakis did not benefit from< care of the abused LEGAL AID FUNDING FACILITY many had their fill from, for years, inclusive of the LAW SOCIETY itself.

WAKE UP SUCKERS, victims of such states as I was first subjected to care of allegedly honourable officers of THE LAW (>solicitors, police officers, barristers & JUDICIAL CHAIR OCCUPANTS, as covered in the First Part of my Family (of man) Affidavit (>1PFamAff<) published as part of the specific article at:-

WAKE UP VICTIMS OF THE ABUSED COURTS FACILITIES, which at the end of the day any seriously CONCERNED CITIZEN can only conclude that the well being and the lives of the sucker-serfs, (>as I coined<), are managed, controlled and rearranged by the criminals in control of the courts, the legal system and all manner of other ‘alleged’ services to the public?!? (>official & Voluntary<)

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