The below copy-paste is but the first of submissions and invitations to victims of the abused system of operations such as I >Andrew Yiannides fell victim to when solicitors  engaged and indulged in the arrogant promotion of a FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT as part of the orchestrated operations fully intending to deny, to obstruct and pervert-corrupt JUSTICE as allegedly honorable officers of the LAW & THE COURTS arranged.

The message below is VERY CLEAR. Other victims of similar practices / engagements by alleged officers of the LAW, need to read the crystal clear NEW STEPS Andrew Yiannides is to set in motion FOR VICTIMS WHO WISH TO CO-OPERATE IN & FOR THE PROPOSED USE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES in order to institute proceedings against such abusers of trust from within the legal circles who systematically engage freely in organised constructive fraud based on the legal costs / fees enterprises.

HERE WE ARE the first announcement:-

The victims of British Justice, namely, of the Police, of the Solicitors, of the Magistrates Courts and of the abused Justice System Generally, intend to and are PUTTING TOGETHER their combined efforts towards the essential & THE WARRANTED COURT CHALLENGES intended >also< to be USED FOR THE AWAKENING of the British SHEEPle generally, to the FACT that the WOLVES OUT THERE are devouring the SHEEP to their hearts’ delight with the blessings of the  Police and abusers of important positions within the PSEUDO-Democracy they created. The very offenders have been promoting and selling to the ill-informed, to the misled, and to the misguided sucker-serfs, THEIR System of Operations in the so-called Parliamentary / Elected Chambers / Representatives of THE SHEEPle Democracy, resting and founded >allegedly< on the elected Representatives of the SHEEPle >on the elected Members of Parliament< and other elected chambers  whose prime function and DUTY TO THE SHEEPle (>as the shepherds of their respective fold<) is to ensure that THE LAW, as created by the shepherds (>by the elected<) is applied in every instance commanding correction of any wrong doing by any member of SOCIETY, no matter who the wrongdoer. (>By Andrew Yiannides, ex English School Old Boy >1951-1956< of Nicosia, Cyprus, >JOHNSON<).

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