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For over four decades, since February 1972 in fact, the need to change my plans for my life arose, after an English School of Nicosia Cyprus, old school mate benefited from instructions from the creator of the humans without rights website, The beneficiary of the instructions as provider of Legal Services and as an officer of the Courts and the justice system, created and maintained by the controller-managers of the lives of the SHEEPle, the sucker-serfs of the mother of all modern PSEUDO-Democracies, simply indulged in the usual practices such as the legal circles excel at.

The beneficiary of the instructions was provided with the full background and copies of the documented evidence in support of the scenario  that brought about the need of the sought and applied for services which the solicitor was meant to provide as a qualified ‘professional’. However, the allegedly honourable officer of the court, as qualified and ‘certified’ by the Law |Society of England and Wales, two years after the institution of the High Court Legal Action, saw fit to engage in fraudulent in concept and reckless promotion of additional FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATIONS such as the cause and reasons the solicitor was contacted for in the first instance.

This present statement from the victim of orchestrated CRIMINAL OPERATIONS that followed AFTER OFFICERS OF THE METROPOLITAN POLICE engaged and indulged in contempt of Parliament’s LAW and their public duties while seen and noted to be acting in contempt of the LAW as lover-promoters of the orchestrated criminal scenarios and theatrical productions that were used for the generation of fraudulent income / legal costs as planned by both firms of solicitors,  the Defendants and the Plaintiff’s solicitors, who saw fit and proper to promote the introduction of a FALSE & FORGED document such as the Plaintiff’s solicitor presented to his client and advised his client to abandon, walk away from the High Court action which the barrister whom the solicitor called upon / introduced to the victim of the original FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATIONS had declared an open and shut case after sight of the documented evidence in support of the Plaintiff’s high court action.

The above introduction to such issues as the victim-beneficiary of such services as the licensed by the Law Society solicitors engaged and indulged in, in the United Kingdom, should suffice to cause other victims of similar practices / other causes and reasons to seek further / additional information after contacting the victim who did actually publish more of the warranted information in the public domain, if anything, to enlighten and ensure other victims of similar practices and activities to connect with such other victims as the creator of this here facility, hence the domain registration as the FACILITY where members of the public CAN LOOK FOR & secure information and contact with others with whom others each can share with and assist one another to move on and seek proper and adequate information / guidance to BENEFIT FROM THE WARRANTED & CALLED FOR RESTITUTION OF THE RIGHTS the seekers CAN & SHOULD BENEFIT FROM.

On similar lines and for such connections members of the public at large can instigate / start a facility and provisions for connection with any other who seeks and needs such connections and looks for any specific services providers and or items sought or for disposal / sale a type of FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES & NEEDS FACILITIES.

Readers of this brief introduction to the new / planned for facility can and should feel free to contact the creator of the concept by email at the present time while the presentation and preparation of the facility is under way. For the cost of the facility a one-time contribution from both individuals for the original submissions (at different cost-levels) are envisaged and the creator of the concept is looking forward to contributions and suggestions / enquiries from interested parties, individuals and business enterprises who can and should point to any other introduction / published material in the public domain, on the Internet.

3rd December 2018

Andrew Yiannides email address

LONDON – United Kingdom

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  • Persons who have made time to read of the realities covered and pointed to through my writings / work as published here and at will and SHOULD HAVE NOTED / NOTICED the last announcement about the NEW FACILITIES which I trust and hope the thousands / millions of the victims of the legal circles and the abused courts facilities will do their best to DRAW ATTENTION BY JOINING FORCES as members of the new facility / search type CREATED BASE for victims and all other individuals who seek information for any specific element and issues which the citizens of the world are desperate for.
    Contact me, the proponent creator, through my email address at:
    Andrew Yiannides
    6th December 2018

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