Time For The Sucker-serfs To Wake Up

For over 46 years I have been pointing to the arrogant abuse of the legal system and the courts facilities in the United Kingdom. Yet many the alleged victim-challengers who went and go about asserting and promoting alleged complaints about the creators of many an alleged scenario such as THE REPORTS I published in the public domain, here at > WHERE I PUBLISHED the First Part of  MY AWAKENING  TO THE REALITIES; namely the arrogant contempt for the law by the alleged protectors of the citizens FROM CRIME & CRIMINALS. In one word >the POLICE< as maintained by successive elected governments of different political views and commitments.

My latest submissions to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cresida Dick and to the Metropolitan Police Service generally, specifically to the Directorate of the Legal Services of the Metropolitan Police, are to be made public, hence the reason why my letter was posted using the RECORDED DELIVERY POSTAL SERVICE under the OPEN LETTER COVER.

I need only add that I release here, below, the last two paragraphs of my letter to the Commissioner for THINKERS / for users of gray matter to consider:-

Par. 1. “DO NOTE, that in the event you elect to ignore this communication, in line with every other officer of the police force you head and represent, I shall have no alternative but to proceed with the preparation of the EXTENSIVE FACTS TO BE STATED, based on my personal experiences and thereby settle a substantive claim against the Metropolitan Police force for failing to perform its functions as promoted by the government of the day and the media barons, care of their blackmailed intellectual stooges”.

Par. 2. “NOTE FURTHER that if I am obliged / forced and caused to act as above I make quite clear. I shall be seeking compensation at the same hourly rate as your retainer commands / carries due to the fact that I consider my grasp of the realities and THE LAW APPLICABLE, at the very least equivalent  if not higher than your comprehension of the REALITIES & THE PRACTICES one and all from within the Metropolitan Police exhibited their capabilities and commitment, THUS FAR care of their parts as lover-promoters of THE SYSTEM AS IS“.

I look forward to observations and comments from followers and readers of the present submissions / information which I publish for consideration by actual victims who CAN ESTABLISH & PROVE FAILURES BY THE POLICE TO LOOK INTO / INVESTIGATE PROPERLY and prosecute crime and criminals.

Andrew Yiannides – 9th November 2018

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1 comment to Time For The Sucker-serfs To Wake Up

  • Amazing indeed the obvious, as far as I have been concerned, as of the days when the creators and promoters of the FALSE FRONT, >LIPS< , (>the Litigants In Person Society< ) ATTEMPTED TO SUCK ME, into their world of HYPOCRITES and LOVERS of the system as established and used by the CRIMINALS IN CONTROL OF PSEUDO-Democracies, they were dreaming. In the first instance >DEMOCRACY< relates to and stands >FOR WELL INFORMED CITIZENS, >the ELECTORS< , NOT for the blind, FOR the deaf and FOR the dumb. (>NOT for and by persons who do not give a darn about the damages imposed on any other so long as the blind, the deaf and dumb have not themselves been personally affected by the WRONGDOING >ESPECIALLY the rampant FRAUD ON & THE CORRUPTION OF SOCIETY, as ORGANISED by the criminals in control of the legal system and the courts. Reference to the precedent case I have been pointing to FOR DECADES should make things clear to any considerate TRUE HUMANS >THINKERS<, "No Matter of the date and time of the wrongdoing, the WRONG MUST BE CORRECTED, immaterial of when and how!!!!!!!!!!!!

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