Most interesting of revelations based on studies

The above stated realities and realizations, caused me to change my plans for my life to which I adhered on the basis of what my new plans were founded. All followers and friends, who can understand my mother tongue, the Hellenic language (commonly referred to and known as Greek) should spare the time to listen to the revelations that helped me personally through the four decades of personal torment, to understand why I stuck to the changed  plans for my life after I had gone through the hell of possible death if I had not accepted the advice of a well respected Doctor and relative from my father’s part of my family tree. The revelations I first heard of and I listened to today, at this stage and point in time in my 80th year. The specific revelations relate to something that has always bothered and concerned me, specifically in my later years, following the unacceptable criminal activities I was subjected to when I instigated court proceedings in the United Kingdom, at which point, the legal circles engaged and indulged in criminal operations, which  I soon came to recognise to be  typical activities, with the blessings of the police / the law as maintained and enforced by the government. The video recording I listened to can be accessed as part of the Code of Mysteries (>ΚΩΔΙΚΑΣ ΜΥΣΤΗΡΙΩΝ<) series from Greece as recorded and reproduced on Youtube. I put forward and recommend the specific video as I recorded (notes made) care of my feelings and considerations after I benefited from the revelations which the researcher ELENI ZOGRAFIDOU DAGIOU came in with, for the benefit of all who seek the truth about the human species and the many cultures and religious dogmas stretching back hundreds and thousands of years. I trust the URL as copied functions OK and I will return for corrections and additional information relevant to my personal considerations for humanity in general after 40 years of tribulations following a simple hasty reaction as a considerate human, who simply had to live through my mistake for the sake of others which example my daughter at least is to consider as she reflects back on life with father who never spoke of such realities as her father had to go through until recently after she came back to my life, as the estranged child who was raised by a used typical EVE and creation of the criminals in control of an allegedly civilised PSEUDO-Democracy. My daughter Artemis came  back with a simple question:- “I just want the truth. What really happened?”. She benefited from a simple reminder and what she had witnessed on a specific day. The particular  reminder, after I was allowed to fly back to London following hospital stay because of a heart problem. My thoughts for the day on reading the headline in the free METRO of 20th September 2018;- “Is it undemocratic to want more democracy?” Well founded the question but most offensive the absence of the most relevant consideration when one speaks or writes of Democracy without any reference to ACCOUNTABILITY, to the electors, to Mr & Mrs Average who have taxes imposed on them for the retainers, the training and the MAINTENANCE OF CRIMINALS IN PUBLIC OFFICE such as I was faced with when as a misguided believer in the allegedly honourable ways of the British Society, I found my life turned upside down and I suffered the consequences of just a fooled believer of such promotions as I was taught and tutored in when in fact in the real world of PSEUDO-Democracy the lives of the sucker-serfs, who I later coined are but SHITIZENS not worthy of the reference to as ‘humans’ whose lives in any alleged Democracy are organised, managed, rearranged and controlled by the very criminals who write of the principle of democracy when in fact the very persons are responsible for the absence of UNADULTERATED TRUE & FACTUAL INFORMATION to and for the electors who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of such states, as the criminals in control of the Legal System and the courts organise and arrange. I refer to persons who indulge in such criminal operations as I was faced with back in 1972-1976, just because I trusted an old school friend who benefited from the same secondary / High School education as myself but with a big difference what followed for our learning and adjustments, as each one engaged in, for our chosen ways for life and CONDUCT AS HUMANS. For details, readers can and should access the material facts published here at Justice Raped where the criminal operations the legal circles engage in, as encouraged and maintained / granted free reign and supremacy over all else are addressed, as if proper activities by allegedly infallible, honourable officers of the law created by the elected into government representatives of the electors in allegedly civilised PSEUDO-Democracies, such as the mother of all, founded on such promotions and assertions as the words I used and the realities I pointed to, when I set up the first web-pages from my early studies and research of and about the Justice System relative to the RIGHTS GRANTED TO JUDGES who engage and indulge in DISCRIMINATION such as the ARROGANT OBSTRUCTIONS TO JUSTICE as I was faced with WHEN SOLICITORS ENGAGED IN THE CREATION & PROMOTION OF A FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT >two years after the institution of the High Courts action YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (1970, Chancery Division).
All serious readers and researchers are asked to access and read the article I published on the 2nd of August 2018, starting with a letter to a typical product-creation of the legal system, as created and maintained care of and with the blessings of the police and Ministers of Government, responsible for the police forces and the courts of Justice as  maintained by elected governments of alternating polytical coloration in the mother of all PSEUDO-Democracies.
Incidentally I spell PolYtical with a Y instead of the letter ‘I’ because the original and real world of DEMOCRACY springs from / is a derivative of POLIS which relates to THE CITY and not to some POLYGON (Which I use as an example depicting the MANY angles from which one can view things / problems under consideration / discussion / DEBATE. Sincerely CONCERNED Andrew Yiannides of 22nd September 2018 
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