The Realities born of the abused courts facilities

Following extensive looking into, as a victim of, the abused courts >FACILITIES< and the promotions about the justice and the legal services to the deceived electors of alleged DEMOCRATIC STATES, the reader / visitor is afforded through the REALITIES published and pointed to below, to come to terms with the obvious covered in the extensive submissions to abusers of the courts service, >FACILITIES< we have to repeat & emphasise. References to the first chapter and the realities and the specific evidence linked and pointed to at:- should suffice for any resident / citizen of the United Kingdom or any other European country / state that signed up to the European Convention for human rights, following the warmongering and the atrocities of the Second World War (>WW2<) for serious consideration of the REALITIES covered in the article made up of copied submissions to allegedly honourable officers of the law and the courts. The recipients of the explicit communications failed to consider and respond or challenge the REALITIES pointed to, and reminded of such wrongdoing as the criminal, in concept, states imposed on the targeted persons, specifically my sister and my person, should cause readers to reflect on any other states and scenarios the readers / visitors heard, or have been made aware of, to contact the relevant public services and in particular the Law Society of England and Wales for such states as the licensed by the very Law Society itself for issuing practice certificates to such persons as the individuals identified in the explicit article we publish here at Justice Raped Dot Org without fear of any assertions or aspersions by the abusers of trust who benefited and benefit ‘practice certificates’ issued by the Law Society to such persons leading to and creating such arrogance and contempt for parliament’s law by such abusers of the courts and the Justice System FACILITIES, as pointed to and covered in the specific article that follows. . . . → To read the rest of this article see here: The Realities born of the abused courts facilities