The Realities born of the abused courts facilities

5th April  2016

Christopher Garwood

Wilkin Chapman llp

The Hall



HU17 8HL

Your Ref:        Despina Englezakis in Bankruptcy (as orchestrated)

My Ref::         CG5A2016_4R


For release in the public domain : JUSTICE TO BE SEEN TO BE DONE


Mr Garwood

Re:-  Orchestrated Bankruptcy of Despina Englezakis

As created by abusers of trust, public office & public facilities

I draw your attention to your contemptuous of Parliament’s law mentality in the execution of the public office and the facilities attached to the very office you have been enacting in the instance at hand.

You received from me relevant material, parts of which I copy below for release in the public domain. I draw your attention to the most clear of DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE in the High Court case that OPENED MY EYES to the rampant abuse of the courts facilities as used by alleged ‘judicious persons’. Such was the case when TWO Lord Justices indulged themselves in similar manner. Access the document I allude to as published in the public domain at:-

Thereat, consider the law that applies to FALSE INSTRUMENTS which the persons who created / concurred in the making of such, as indeed was the case for the arrangements for the person (yours truly) was also to meet the cost of the theatrical production enacted by the participants of the scenario on the relevant day at the Court of Appeal, by failing to address the element of the FALSE INSTRUMENT that was FORGED also and thereby afforded the creators of the FORGERY you are pointed to, the avenue to IMPOSE LEGAL COSTS on the victim of the original fraud and the costs FOR THE FAILURES OF THE ABUSERS OF JUDICIAL CHAIRS on and for the orchestrated FRAUD AS ARRANGED & ORGANIZED by the legal circles YOU REPRESENT as a product of the Law Society and the Justice System in operation in the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies.

I was most impressed with the introduction / write up about your professional standing as presented to visitors who access the web-site of the partnership (>limited liability!!!<), just as I was most intrigued to read of your request for directions from the deep pockets Sotiris Englezakis who abused my younger sister’s trust for decades as a typical fraud of an ‘alleged human’. I refer to the man who caused and with the rest of the Englezakis clan drove the second daughter of the Sotiris and Despina Englezakis children, their daughter Rita to end it all by taking her own life.

Remarkable, indeed, that YOU WERE OFFERING or on the other hand YOU WERE AFFORDING the specific choice to Sotiris Englezakis by USING YOUR POSITION as an alleged judicious person to decide and let you know IF YOU SHOULD remove my sister Despina from one of the properties targeted by the creators of the allegedly civilized society / states resting and founded ALLEGEDLY ON PRINCIPLES OF LAW and MOST DEFINITELY ON SUCH DIRECTIVES & ORDERS as the TWO Lord Justices indulged over 4 decades ago. I refer, of course, to the 2 abusers of public office and position; the two Lord Justices who elected to create their own FALSE INSTRUMENT (>order<) LACKING ACCOUNTABILITY by and after failing to address the very document that was endorsed with the wrong year date, when it was created initially and later amended to the correct year date.

The above stated naturally, AFTER THE INSTITUTION OF THE HIGH COURT ACTION that was >instigated by ME, yours truly<, the cause and reasons why YOU PERSONALLY AND THE REST OF THE CRIMINAL KABAL in control of the justice system >and the abused courts set out to impose YOUR CRIMINAL WAYS on my younger sister, Despina, who married the REAL OFFENDER, Mr Sotiris Englezakis whose parts in the states Haringey Council staff and officers and Haringey police, also solicitors WITH INTENT ENGAGED & INDULGED IN THE CRIMINALLY IMPOSED STATES such as the Law Society had been party to when plundering funds from my sister’s bank account after the fifth solicitor who FAILED WITH INTENT TO ADDRESS THE RIGHTS OF MY SISTER passed on to the Law Society, the Legal Aid Certificate / facility for no apparent reason or justification for any alleged legal services the targeted woman benefited from.

The copy-paste below is of the realities / submissions / reminders the first product-creation of the Law Society and the legal system should clarify the REALITIES for simple readers of the FACTS STATED AS COVERED BY THE RECORDS, including the Edmonton County court records / realities, which I took the step to publish in the public domain FOR THE REASONS STATED IN THE REMINDER-submissions to the abuser of trust and PRODUCT-CREATION of the Law Society and the system of operations AS PRACTICED IN THE COURTS.

Copy-paste of submissions to the solicitor Pany Symeou, who was engaged to my niece, to Mrs Despina Englezakis’ second child, her daughter Rita Englezakis, follows below:-

Your Ref:        D\ENGLEZAKIS

My Ref:           PS16M016






Dear Mr Symeou

Re:- Contempt for the law & abuse of trust and the courts facilities

When I contacted you last year your initial reaction and the civilities you addressed me with, specifically your inquiries of and about my sister Despina left nothing to be desired.

Later, when I contacted you and asked of you to telephone Despina as a matter of necessity I was disappointed because you failed to act as I was expecting of the person whose civilities and special relationship with Despina I should not and I do not wish to delve in because of the realities I never cast aside. As it turned out it was wrong of me to expect / anticipate of you to surprise Despina for I had not mentioned to her the fact that I had traced and contacted you at Faraday’s, the solicitors.

By way of explanation attached to the use of ‘the disappointment I allude to above’, I am attaching copy of an explicit letter I was left with no option but write, as I did, to a typical product of the Law Society such as I was first made aware of, over 44 years ago. The content of my letter (of 25th February 2016) should put you in touch with the realities you are very familiar with, such as I first spoke of when you were introduced to me care of the special relationship my late niece Rita Englezakis did share with you.

I will appreciate it if you be so kind as to acknowledge this letter and let me have a simple answer to the burning question I am to conclude this communication with, after reminding you of the  issues and the elements you were very familiar with; also the states you were made aware of, after Despina decided to seek a divorce from the man whose indifference to the needs, to the choices and to the decisions of any other; also his unacceptable ways that extended to far worse states and scenarios such as you were made aware of after Despina took over the two properties the Englezakis couple owned in Hornsey in the London N8  area.

I refer above to the criminal states which the deep-pockets boastful Soteris Englezakis created with others, such as the water damages attempt and the assault on my person after I challenged the obvious. You were informed and made aware of the reasons why the need arose for the private prosecution after Haringey police ‘elected to ignore the photographic evidence attached to the orchestrated water damages scenario attempt, ‘intended to lead to a fraudulent insurance claim’ such as I took steps to notify the insurance broker about; hence the assault of my person, by the fraud of a husband and father, >the deep pockets boastful Soteris Englezakis< who set out to create and generate all manner of criminal impositions such as the created states you were made aware of when everything surfaced and came to the forefront.

I refer above to the used, as created, fraudster Nihal Wijemuni, the male side of the partnership-couple Wijemuni-Congalves, whom Despina accepted and contracted with, after she attended, with my help, to the extensive needs of the first floor rooms at 68 Rathcoole Gardens, Hornsey N8. I do not wish to go into the details you were aware of, attached to the objectives and the plans of the man whose ways caused the second daughter of the Englezakis couple, Rita, to take her own life. However, I am obliged to remind you and point out the following realities supported by the records as created by ‘the dependent on such others from whom Soteris Englezakis was seen to benefit care of the participation of alleged servants of the public and Parliament’s Laws, in and for the objectives of the deep pockets Soteris Englezakis. The others, I allude to, maintained by and through the system of operations care of the orchestrated constructive fraud arrangements I relate to below:-

  1. The tenant Nihal Wijemuni asserts and states that he was made redundant and, as an unemployed(?) person (tenant), he benefits from advice and requests of him to fetch along the essential application forms in order to benefit from assistance to complete same.
  2. At no time the allegedly unemployed tenant, produced anything in support of the alleged redundancy / unemployed state and at no time did the very tenant Nihal Wijemuni produce any application forms for Social Security Benefit in respect of his, his partner’s and their child’s needs founded and resting on their housing needs and their contracted rent obligations.
  3. The ‘reasons, excuses and justifications for the no rent payments state, as created and promoted by the tenants, verbally supported and seconded, promoted by the relevant staff and officers maintained by Haringey Council, the Local Authority acting as the centre of operations attached to many a scenario care of the long established and organised constructive fraud resting on the misappropriated rents (Social Security facility / remittances(?) due and payable to the owners of the residential property that was occupied by a family of asylum seekers / refugees). For and in respect of the occupation of the specific property, the Housing Benefit / Social Security remittances never reached / not remitted to the owners of 196 Lymington Avenue, the residential property within the London Borough of Haringey. For and in respect of the orchestrated constructive fraud as arranged and organised by and through the abusers of public office and public >facilitiescommanded, of me, the explicit Appeal published on the Internet, ‘as settled and lodged at Edmonton County Court, by yours truly, the person who set out to observe and study the legal professions in operation, over 20 years earlier, aiming thereafter, to REPORT & EXPOSE THE ABUSERS OF THE COURTS FACILITIES, such as I was first subjected to, between 1972 and 1976. Access the explicit appeal published at:-
  4. Care of the orchestrated assertions, with NOTHING IN SUPPORT OF THE PROMOTIONS pertaining to the no rent payments states, as arranged between ‘the co-operating in the scams parties’, such as I had secured more than enough evidence for and of, when I was invited to work with and assist Vasilis Mavrou of Varosi Lettings whose management team was facing(!) such problems(?!?) as were referred and reported to the victim-owners of properties managed by Varosi Lettings. Everything care of the orchestrated scenarios such as Despina was facing for months in respect of the first floor rooms at 68 Rathcoole Gardens N8:-

(a) NO evidence presented in respect of the redundancy promotions,

(b) NO evidence relative to the unemployment state ever produced(!) and

(c) NO evidence in support of any application for Social Security Assistance in respect of the unpaid rents, ongoing for months; everything in contempt of the rules care of many a promotion including the lost / misplaced files syndrome, emulated in the police corruption states that made the headlines in 2015!!!

  1. The realities related / pointed to, above, commanded of me to issue the essential DEFAULT SUMMONS IN RESPECT OF THE UNPAID AND MISAPPROPRIATED RENTS.
  2. What followed thereafter should make interesting reading for victim-owners of residential properties, who, like the Antona’s couple, faced and face the scenarios you were made aware of, through me, because the developments commanded of me to attend to the orchestrated abuse of the court’s facilities in the Antona couple’s property case:-
  • A FALSE INSTRUMENT lacking accountability was introduced by abusers of public office and facilities, after the letting agent (>acting for the Antona couple<) was directed to issue a Default Summons in respect of the orchestrated shenanigans attached to the misappropriation of the Housing Benefit rent ploys used by the co-operating in the scams parties, inclusive of the management team of the relevant property. The need arose to challenge the false instrument through AN APPEAL as settled and lodged by me at Edmonton County Court, the relevant county court.
  • The failure to set down and address the challenges through THE EXPLICIT APPEAL commanded of me to publish the appeal on the Internet for good measure, relying on the principle that JUSTICE SHALL BE SEEN TO BE DONE, taking one to the attempt to create and generate the scenarios that amounted to obstructions to and denial of rights assured(?) in national and international law; everything care of abusers of public office and public facilities!!!
  • In the Wijemuni-Congalves unpaid rents case, the female tenant Christina Congalves(!) telephones the day following the service of the Default Summons and claims that she(!) visited(?) the relevant section / department maintained by Haringey Council, and asserts that the couple’s Housing Benefit had been processed and all due rents had allegedly been paid!!!
  • The above assertions and promotions in respect of remittances / alleged payments, later were reported to have been posted to another address(?), not to the address the Shorthold Tenancy was endorsed with!!! And the promotions included over-payments to the anonymous recipient!!!
  • Attached to the above assertions the parallel failures of the debtor-couple Wijemuni-Congalves to enter a Defense to the duly issued and served Default Summons!!!
  • Added to the convenient failure to enter ANY DEFENSE, the solicitor retained and instructed to represent the offending tenants, issues a Summons >without any pre-action submissions< as arranged and acted upon by the licensed by the Law Society ‘professional’ who procured and submitted also evidence pertaining to the effect that he even applied for Legal Aid funding for a concocted claim founded on allegations that the Wijemuni-Congalves couple were allegedly dispossessed / evicted illegally from the rooms for which the couple were aware that no rents had been paid for months. And the offending tenants engaged and were caught in the broad daylight moonlight flight THREE DAYS after service of the warranted Default Summons that was called for in the specific scenario. In the meantime the offending created fraudsters acquiring luxuries such as a top range television set, a Hi-Fi system complete with speakers, a video recorder and a satellite receiver system.
  • All the while, the boastful deep pockets Soteris Neophytou Englezakis assertively promoting his plans to teach the brother of the bereaved mother Despina (>Despina his wife and her brother<) lessons the two will never forget, such as you were informed and made aware of, care of the orchestrated abuse of the facilities available on tap, through the convenient failures of Haringey police to prosecute the created and used criminal Nihal Wijemuni following the attempt by the couple Wijemuni-Congalves to disappear to destinations unknown, as I cover below and you were given full details of AT THE RELEVANT TIMES. Despina’s tenants were served personally, with the Default Summons, in the evening of Wednesday and the female, Christina Congalves, telephoned the following afternoon to promote the alleged remittances as above related under 6(c), 6(d) and 6(e). In the circumstances the tenant Christina Congalves was asked to secure the warranted evidence from the relevant and co-operating Department, as maintained by Haringey Council, copies of all documents supporting the promoted application for Housing Benefit and the accepted as processed and acted upon through the assertively promoted Social Security Benefit payments.
  1. Thereafter Christina Congalves, telephoned to assert that she was to collect and produce the requested evidence, stipulating at the time that the copies should be collected on Sunday when Nihal was to be in!!! (Unemployed?)
  2. On the Saturday, Despina benefits from a call instigated by the tenant in occupation of the ground floor rooms who informed her that the first floor tenants were moving out. I benefit from a telephone call Despina instigated immediately in order to inform me accordingly. I simply asked Despina to go to Rathcoole Gardens and watch from a distance until I arrive myself, from Leyton, when the two of us could confront the created deceitful fraudsters.
  3. On arrival the two of us enter the building and proceed to the first floor where we find the brother of Christina Congalves (the guest of the couple / tenants) packing crockery in the kitchen. In the circumstance we asked the busy guest / the accessory to the moonlight flight taking place in broad daylight, to accompany Despina and myself to the other rooms where we are to check if any of the properties of Despina, the landlady, have been taken away >removed / stolen<.
  4. Miracle of miracles! The couple / tenants had acquired extensive luxuries such as I relate above at, 6(f) where I point also to the fact that the created fraudsters failed to enter any appearance or Defense in respect of the served Default Summons. In the circumstances I took steps to ensure the created >as used< fraudsters, were caused to enter an appearance at court and thereby seek recovery of the goodies, taken possession of, using the lien facility / provisions to hold the items, until such time as the issues were dealt with, by and at court >was the objective<. The offending fraudsters (as created and used) had been caught in the intended disappearance operations and there was no way the moonlight flight could have been justified or excused, especially the speed at which the moonlight flight was arranged in addition to the delaying / obstruction tactics the couple were noted to have been tutored and assisted in and used for by the organisers of it all.
  5. Nono Congalves, the guest of the defaulting tenants was called upon to assist with the removal of the luxuries taken possession of and a list of ‘the acquisitions‘ removed to be held on lien was issued to him. Telephone calls to the police by Despina YOUR CLIENT are cast to the four winds and the created states are declared ‘CIVIL MATTERS’. Nihal Wijemuni benefits from a telephone call (mobile phones used) from the guest of the couple, who had declared his sister secured her own flat and he had NO KNOWLEDGE of the whereabouts of the created fraudster Nihal Wijemuni; and the couple, with their child, accompanied by a friend. who was assisting in the removal, appear from around the corner.
  6. Following criminal damages to property, my car, in which I was seated with all doors locked, Despina is directed by me to go to the police in order TO REPORT THE CRIMINAL DAMAGES TO MY CAR. Because of a punctured vein caused to my right arm after the assailants Nihal Wijemuni and Nono Congalves, smashed the glass window of the driver’s door and with their combined force tried to break my arm over the window sill, I point out the risk to MY LIFE to the two assailants and to the friend who had been assisting in the moonlight flight and had placed himself in front of my car, thereby obstructing any attempt by me to drive away.
  7. Typically when the police officer, Pc Holder, who escorted Despina, YOUR CLIENT, back to the scene of the COMPOUNDED CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, in spite of the smashed glass window pieces and the blood on the road, where my car had been stationary, also the crumpled paper l used to list the goodies taken possession of, discarded by the tenant Nihal Wijemuni who was handed the list by Nono Congalves, his partner’s brother, the police officer THREATENED & INTIMIDATED my sister, YOUR CLIENT with 5 year prison sentences (>for me too<) UNLESS WE RETURN the goods taken possession of, (>until such time as the created fraudsters were to meet their contractual obligations<).
  8. Better still, as part of the services on tap through the black economy, the police officer offered to take along to hospital the assailant in order to have the scratches seen to and officially recorded. However, the offender who smashed the glass and benefited from the scratches when attempting to grub the ignition key from the steering lock DID NOT ACT AS INVITED, for obvious reasons. The blood on the road was conveniently ignored by Pc Holder whose offer clearly was intended to create a record of the scratches I refer to. The aforesaid was reported to me by Despina, your client, in the evening because at the relevant time I was driving myself to hospital in order to have the life-threatening punctured vein hemorrhage attended.
  9. And the scenarios you were made aware of immaterial and irrelevant!!! You had, in the meantime, ELECTED TO CAST ASIDE THE ORCHESTRATED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD THROUGH ABUSE OF THE FACILITIES OF THE COURTS, such as I had been the victim of between 1972-1976 when my sister Despina, your client, was more than aware of the states she witnessed, such as the results of the abused High Court facilities. You were made privy to it all, as of the first instance when the boastful deep-pockets Soteris Englezakis was seen to have benefited from the black economy services available on tap as of the second assault on my person with the attached damages to my car and clothing in addition to the grievous injuries I sustained after I took steps to safeguard my sister’s interests (>lien on the luxuries taken into care / custody of<) in order to cause the defaulting fraudsters to enter any alleged defense they or any solicitor they might care to consult as the created and used fraudsters might benefit from. Everything care of the abused public services and reliance on the black economy running amok through the invisible services available on tap CARE OF THE ESTABLISHED WAYS of the administrators of Parliament’s Laws. I allude here to hopes on my part that the abusers of public office and public facilities might re-consider their parts in the orchestrated CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS, such as I had been subjected to when real estate, a property of mine was targeted, as covered inThe Breeding Grounds – case”, which realities and documented evidence I published on the Internet as proof and in support of my conclusions as of 1972-1976!!!
  10. I refer and conclude above to renewed criminal activities such as I had been subjected to decades earlier, which realities your client, my sister DESPINA was made aware of, for she did witness and experienced the health problems that evolved as a consequence of the breaches of trust (>placed on the legal circles<) and abuse of the courts facilities that warranted the extensive research I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO ENGAGE IN, in order to challenge the abuse of the County Courts facilities. I need only refer you to the fact that you were party to the subsequent invitation from and the intimidation, by the police, whereby Despina and I should return the goodies we had taken possession of, which goodies, >the created, and used for couple, Wijemuni-Congalves< were acquiring the expensive goodies by not paying any rent for months. And all the while the alleged Social Security assistance, alleged application and assertions used as the vehicle / excuse because of the promoted ‘facility not processed’, as advanced and used by the very public servants who were seen to be so pro-actively engaging in other cases too!!!

Setting aside the fact that:-

  • The allegedly made redundant / unemployed state Nihal Wijemuni promoted and used for months,
  • NEVER PRODUCED ANY EVIDENCE IN SUPPORT OF the states others co-operated in the promotion of and relied upon by using such states,
  • The solicitor retained by and instructed(?) / relied upon(!) by the created and used fraudsters who relied also >on a concocted scenario< which the solicitor DARED  TO PLEAD< by alleging an illegal eviction / repossession for and on behalf of the created and used Wijemuni-Congalves couple, the created as used fraudsters, who nonetheless indulged also in the moonlight flight / disappearance activies and the attached criminal damages yo my car and clothing, also the assaults on my person who suffered also the consequential risk to life and the extensive hospital attendances for physiotherapy exercises and treatment!!!

The same solicitor miraculously procured / secured the issue of a Legal Aid Certificate through which to give credence and legitimacy to the compounded criminal activities Despina, your client, and myself were subjected to,

  • There followed also the attempt / plan to enjoin the DEFAULT SUMMONS CLAIM resting and founded on the unpaid rents >as contracted with your defrauded client<) WITH THE CONCOCTED, ILLEGAL EVICTION AS ARRANGED BY THE CO-OPERATING IN THE SPECIFIC ATTEMPT BY THE LEGAL CIRCLES:- (i) the relied upon solicitor acting for / retained by the created and used for and co-operating in the orchestrated constructive fraud, the couple Wijemuni-Congalves, (ii) your person and (iii) the presiding judicial chair occupant.
  • However, the above related ploy, as you got to know on the day and AT THE TIME, I simply pointed out to ‘the judge’ that the solicitor who was representing the Defendant Englezakis, (>you & your client<) was NOT REPRESENTING ME TOO, for I was to represent and act for myself, in person.
  • And the above submissions sufficed to put an end to the attempt to enjoin / amalgamate the two actions, both issued out of Edmonton County Court : the GENUINE AND JUSTIFIED with THE CONCOCTED & INEXCUSABLE as arranged by >the criminal cabal, systematically abusing the courts facilities, in the mother of ALL PSEUDO-democracies< such as you were made aware of and experienced. Most definitely, in the instance at hand, as arranged by the boastful Soteris Englezakis with the deep pockets, the man who got to know of and recognized the fact that the lessons intended and paid for, reverted to the deep pockets beneficiary of the black economy operations (>thus far<) to the buyer of the invisible services, such as YOU could not have been ‘immune from’ as the solicitor representing Despina Englezakis : YOUR CLIENT, my sister and most definitely NOT MY PERSON.

The above realities resting on public records and the essential challenges such as the convenient failures of Haringey police to prosecute the encouraged as created and used fraudsters Nihal Wijemuni and Nono Congalves who were relied upon to enact the roles the two were relied upon to engage in, >as arranged, in tandem with and by abusers of public office and public facilities, namely the police and the courts facilities such as I was first made aware and the victim of in 1972-1976.

In support of my conclusions relative to the problems as the orchestrated ORGANISED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS such as the Wijemuni-Congalves couple, the tenants of Despina Englezakis (> the tenants of your client, I stress<), were created and used for, I should not have to, BUT I DO RELATE TO IN THE ABOVE PARAGRAPH under 18.(e)(i), 18.(e)(ii) and 18.(e)(iii) where I relate and point to THE REALITIES qualifying and quantifying the parts of alleged servants of the public and Parliament’s Law in and for the creation of the societies of allegedly civilised states of Democracy. Everything, most definitely resting and founded on fraudulent misrepresentations and the misappropriated / plundered TAXES – >also assets such as targeted real estate properties< care of such ploys and facilities as one can and should recognise when applying gray matter to the activities such as first I was the victim of in 1972-1976<; also later in ‘The Breeding Grounds’ – case when, the rogue builder, as created, encouraged and used for, Stephen Perry who, like the Wijemuni-Congalves couple, the created and used-for fraudsters, was reported by his wife to have scrammed / disappeared to destinations unknown after judgment was (>reversed<) entered against the used stooge. The disappearance act of the used builder-stooge in the mold of the Wijemuni-Congalves couple moonlight flight operations. In both instances the scenarios conclusively relate to one another and quantify PRECEDENT CASES, in legal terms for and to GRAY MATTER USERS. The abusers of the Bow County Court’s ‘facilities WERE CAUSED to re-consider their parts in the relentless attempts to ‘force me to retain professionals to fight my corner’ FOR THE CONCOCTED CLAIM which the created and used-for rogue builder was assisted by many to engage in when a real estate property was targeted.

For and in respect of the overall picture, resting and founded on the criminal in intent abuse of the courts facilities, in the case you were called upon to address your client’s rights as herein-above related by way of reminders I need only add that the attempt / ploy to secure your client’s signature to the document submitted to her by Graham’s the solicitor, when you were part of the specific firm, was questioned and challenged, at the time, by yours truly, as you were made aware of and experienced the consequences.

In due course I am to relate and expose the users of the gestation vessel I married under the circumstances others were aware of and recently confirmed the realities the two innocent children were the victims of >after alleged servants of the public and law engaged and indulged in as manipulators and users of >the maligned feminasty gestation animal< through whom the imposition of THE CRIMINAL IN INTENT STATES IMPOSED ON MY PERSON care of the practices such as I cover herein above, care of the reminders I relate and point to; to the practices of persons who engage in contempt of all principles of Law & Procedure at court, through use of all manner of devious activities for the creation of FALSE INSTRUMENTS LACKING ACCOUNTABILITY, care of which the states two innocent children born of the feminasty gestation-vessel were subjected to.

When introducing the reasons and the need for this communication I qualified that I was to end with a specific question or two:-

  1. Inform me please if at any time Despina, your client, instructed you or you suggested to her to ignore / not proceed with the called for adjustment / distribution of the Soteris & Despina Englezakis matrimonial assets and confirm in writing such matters / issues  (without any attempts to promote some lame duck excuses about any other solicitor thereafter securing such idiotic (>as far as I am concerned<) concessions from a married woman who had her own business when she married the fraud of an alleged husband-proper and father, such as YOU EXPERIENCED / RECOGNISED care of your special relationship with Rita Englezakis, the young lady who was caused to take her own life after her father and others set out to impose their ways for the umpteenth time leading to her decision to end it all because she could not put up with the states which other product-creations of the Englezakis clan (>such as you were aware of<) imposed repeatedly.
  2. As you were made aware of my conclusions born of my experiences with and at the hands of the abusers of the courts facilities, DID YOU, AT ANY TIME, CONCERN YOURSELF WITH THE IMPOSITIONS my sister Despina, YOUR CLIENT, was being subjected to when all she had asked for and EXPECTED OF THE MAN WHOM her daughter Rita was and had been aiming to marry, as I HAD BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO, by placing her choice above my opinions about all products of the Law Society, namely the abusers of the abused courts facilities, such as I cover herein above and remind you of and about.


Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS

Contributing articles at as Diogenis searching for ‘true humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on

The copy-paste of the realities attached to the criminal activities I was the targeted victim of back in the period of 1972-1976, I add below, for obvious reasons:-

Copy-paste of the relevant part received by you and by the solicitors THRINGS who are representing the ‘tool used to break up my marriage following issues I was not aware of but obviously related / passed on by the offending solicitor, ex old school friend the solicitor product of the Law Society and the system of operations such as I was subjected to by the CRIMINAL CABAL in control of the justice system and the operations / the criminal activities I was subjected to up to and in / through the Court of Appeal scenario when the TWO Lord Justices engaged in the creation of the court order that was nothing but a FALSE INSTRUMENT LACKING ACCOUNTABILITY care of the contempt for the evidence, THE FORGERY you are pointed to above as PUBLISHED in the public domain. AND CONTEMPT FOR PARLIAMENT’S LAW, I repeat at:-

Copy-paste of the relevant part starts below:-


  1. Moving on from the introduction to the clone products of the late Kyriacos Petrou Joannides Tsaroulla, I turn to the foundation stones on which the kingdoms of the Joannides, the Antoniades and the Englezakis principalities were created by such clone creators as Kyriacos Petrou Joannides. The very elements and principles directly relate and apply to the present day scenarios as created and concocted by the master abusers of trust and the crafty product-creations of the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies resting and founded, allegedly, on principles of Law and Order, such as the false instruments (>alleged court orders proper<) as I was to benefit from, a decade or so later; everything simply arranged and organised by the legal circles, with the blessings of the police and Ministers of the Crown, when I was the victim of such after I instigated legal proceedings in the High Court as covered in paragraphs 17 through to 23 hereinafter, related and covered most clearly, in plain English for even the most illiterate non-thinker to grasp and understand, lest the person be a simpleton / moron.
  2. Five years after returning to London in 1964, I found myself in a case of business misrepresentations and after conducting the essential research and securing the evidence called for, I contacted an old school friend from our common English School education and grounding. He, one Kypros Nichola, studied law and had set up his solicitors firm in Seven Sisters Road in the Finsbury Park area of North London close to the heartland of the Cypriot community, for obvious reasons. Given the facts and shown the documented evidence the solicitor organised a meeting with a barrister he recommended as ‘the man for the job’.
  3. Two years into the High Court action I benefited from a telephone call from the solicitor who asked me to attend his office after the staff had left at the end of the working day. He explained that he needed to speak to me, in private, about developments in the High Court action. I attended as requested and while the solicitor was to seek the necessary file I went


to the canteen to make a couple of coffees. I hardly passed on to the solicitor the coffee I made for him and as I put the one I made for me where I was to sit and he threw from across the table copy of a document the firm had received from the other party, the Defendants. I observed and noted more than enough without picking the document up and I simply asked for a copy,  which I needed to study carefully >because he had qualified, as the legal authority<, that on the evidence ‘that’ document represented I was bound to lose my case and I should, therefore, abandon the claim; I should consider cutting my losses, he stipulated. Relying on our old school friendship I suggested that we could discuss the situation over souvla (charcoal grilled meat) in the garden at his residence which was not far from the Joannides family homestead.

  1. Armed with the copy of the specific document, at the conclusion of the meeting, I called first at the police station not far from the solicitor’s offices. Thereafter I called at the police station in the same road where I carried on the business of young fashion-wear as ‘Take-off’ (>to the moon, implied<). Both front desk police officers determined that as the issue I went to report was already in the courts I should simply let the solicitors and the courts deal with the case (>do not bother the police, implied<). In the circumstances, I contacted my Member of Parliament who arranged for me to meet with him at the surgery he was holding at an office at / in the Local Authority, the London Borough of Islington. At the conclusion of the meeting he suggested calling at the police station in Upper Street, Islington, where I should report my observations and concerns. On reporting my observations as directed by my MP I was advised to report my concerns to the police close to the High Court, in Holborn, because the report / complaint related to an active High Court action. And, Holborn police instructed me to report my observations and concerns to the Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police not far from the Victoria mainline railway station. In the circumstance I caused to be delivered by post to Sir Robert Marks the acting Metropolitan Police Commissioner my observations, complaints and concerns, founded and resting on the creation of the false instrument years after the events it was allegedly referring / related to(*4), for it was endorsed with the wrong year, the year when the High Court Writ of Summons was issued, whereas the year of the events that gave rise to the cause and reasons for legal action took place the previous year. (Refer to Page 1 of the Exhibit “A.Y.1” attached to this my affidavit). In so far as I have ever been concerned only the mentally, the morally and the ethically blind could be excused for failing to observe and note the amended digits from 70 to 69.
  2. Following my personal visits at the two local police stations, armed as I had been with the copy of the offensive to me document, I telephoned my solicitor the following morning and canceled(*5) the suggested weekend meeting over ‘souvla’. Due to the fact that my solicitor had told me that he had received the questionable document from the Defendant’s solicitors, after the additional activities I engaged in failed to produce any interest by the authorities, I telephoned my solicitor, weeks later, and I simply asked of him to arrange for inspection of documents without mentioning my observations, my visits to the local police(*6) or the rest of my actions. I explained that until the physical inspection I could not be expected to act as Mr Kypros Nichola, my old school friend and solicitor directed me. Hence the reasons why he acceded to my request and he arranged for a member of his staff to deal with, and organise the inspection of documents as a priority issue.
  3. I asked Harry Savva Dunbar, a trainee barrister who was operating out of my solicitor’s offices, at the time, as I was informed by my solicitor, to inform me of the


inspection date and eagerly I looked forward to that event. On the way to the Defendant’s solicitors, Mr Dunbar told me that my presence was ‘most irregular’(?!?). After the physical inspection of the documents, specifically the offending creation I asked Mr Dunbar IF HE NOTICED THE OBVIOUS, namely the fact that the relevant document had benefited from a little accident and he asked me to explain “why the question”. I qualified that I noted as of the moment Mr Nichola threw, from across the table, the document that turned the case around(*******), that the very document had been endorsed with the wrong year and the error had been ‘corrected’, hence the requested / demand for the physical inspection of the original which as it happened, was a spirtograph copy-form, a document, apparently created and used by the buyers of the company that placed the order with the Defendants. I then qualified and I asked Mr Dunbar to look up the documented evidence I passed on to my solicitor in the first instance. I qualified and stipulated that he should consider the simple fact that I had written to the Defendants >at the time of the events<, and requested for a copy of the letter which the Defendants were to write to the buyers to the effect that the garments were not to be delivered. In other words the contract was to be canceled by the sellers, the defendants. And, I emphasized the fact that the buyers (not the sellers / Defendants) had written back to me and stated that the order had been canceled before I was faced with the fraudulent in intent misrepresentations. I pointed out that the letter / reply I received from the buyers discredited the assertions from the Defendant’s director and the issue of who canceled the order qualified my rightful claim against the Defendants. Such a letter, as the Defendant’s Director spoke of was not sent to the Buyers Department at C&A, I added and I pointed out that before I had the initial meeting with Mr Nicholas and the follow-up meeting with the recommended Barrister / Counsel I had secured a letter from the C&A Buyers Department who wrote back to state that the particular order (garments) had been canceled by the buyers before I was even asked to cut and make up the particular style.

  1. Following the above I benefited from information that the Defendants applied to the court seeking an order from the court “to dismiss the action on “Want of prosecution grounds”. My reaction was very clear “Should the Defendant’s application succeed Nicholas & Co would be held liable for the damages suffered by me and the use of the false and forged too, instrument would be high on the agenda. At and for the relevant hearing I had requested of Sir Robert Mark’s office to arrange for a qualified police officer to attend the hearing but my request was ignored and cast aside, in typical Metropolitan police indifference to criminal activities by and from within the legal circles and the courts, as my research and study of such practices as I had been subjected to, established.
  2. On the day of the particular hearing, without disclosing my intentions to attend, after securing the relevant information (inquiries of and at the High Court) I waited in the corridor some distance and round the corner for the respective legal teams to enter the Master’s chambers and a few minutes later I knocked on the door and simply entered the room; the Master told me that it was a private hearing and I proceeded to inform the Master that I was the Plaintiff, the first person entitled to address the court. My solicitor and his team confirmed my statement and stance, so I was invited to take a seat. The Defendant’s application was dismissed and directions were given for the case to be transferred to the Mayor’s and City of London Court leading to yet more research and study by and for me, Master Waldman having imposed cost damages on the Plaintiff (ME) as organised and arranged by my recklessly abusive of my trust old school friend Kypros Nichola, my solicitor who obviously had been working hand in glove with the Defendants legal team, as a typical licensed by the law Society solicitor. So were, also, the costs warranted for the appeal


which the Defendants legal team engaged in, following the Master’s order & Directions. That event (the appeal) was also conducted behind closed doors, as I got to know of and was to experience during the event, because a nephew of mine who expressed interest in the case and my brother Costas were not allowed to enter the court room. The usher even tried to block and stop me entering the court room, as happened earlier when I attended the hearing by / before Master Waldman, I simply informed the usher that I happened to be, ‘the plaintiff’ which took us to the scenario when I walked into the Master’s chambers, earlier. Of such activities the promotions about “JUSTICE SEEN TO BE DONE”. The day’s result? Case struck out, leading to the need for MORE scenarios and theatrical productions with the attached revenue creation for the actors, both legal teams and in the instance at hand to hell with Parliament’s FORGERY ACT of 1913 and all other Acts of Parliament relative to the need and purpose of many other Acts of Parliament as for instance for and in respect of provisions for “MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE”, to mention another relevant Act of Parliament most breached and violated by judicial chair occupants.

  1. The above stated facts and realisations created and caused health problems care of a severe stomach ulcer condition which did lead to the need for surgery, as I was advised by my doctor and the Hospital team addressing the state of my health. When in hospital for the planned operation at the Middlesex Hospital in Central London, I thought of visiting my father’s cousin Dr. K Kamaris at his surgery in Harley Street. I got dressed and told the staff nurse and ward sister that I wished to go to a book shop and look for something I could read during the recovery days after the operation. Dr Kamaris advised me not to undergo the specific surgery because part of it entailed some change to the exit valve / muscle from the stomach to the intestines and as a consequence the acids from the stomach when mixed with the alkali created gas and bloated bellies thereby causing the unpleasant sounds getting rid of the excessive wind. I was also told that the over-acidity and ulcer condition could be dealt with care of a diet that could reduce the over-acidity in combination with specific medication.
  2. Following Dr Kamaris advice I discussed what I was told with the surgeon and the medical team at the Middlesex hospital, who ‘confirmed the wind scenario’ and it was agreed that I should try my father’s cousin advice. Shortly afterwards I was introduced to the person I married later; she was a refugee from Cyprus and the introduction stirred my concerns and interests that caused more than half of the islands population to be displaced. The person after getting to know of the ulcer condition exhibited interest and concerns and after getting to know of her family’s connection with my cousin Xanthos as more than neighbours, in Famagusta back in Cyprus, I decided to ask her if she would consider a permanent relationship and marriage to a man who was about 10 years older than her. And so it was that the friendship progressed to an engagement that eventually lead to a wedding in Cyprus after explaining why we should not commit ourselves to the states imposed by politicians and alleged legal commitments by and from unprincipled persons such as the abusers of the courts facilities who destroyed my businesses and my health, qualifying at the time why we should marry as Orthodox Christian Hellenes and raise our children as such too. And so it was, after explaining also that I did not wish to have any of the Joannides immediate family, except mother and my younger sister Despina attend our wedding with her young daughters as possible brides-maids if she did not mind. The aforesaid by way of realities stated / disclosed founded on experiences resting on the criminal in intent impositions by abusers of public office in contempt of Parliament’s LAWS.

/ copy-paste ENDS

I HEREBY DEMAND, YET AGAIN, that you produce / submit to me any evidence that you ever asked / requested / and or demanded of the Law Society to return THE FUNDS BEING PLUNDERED FOR YEARS from my sister’s bank account OR TO ACCOUNT for the FUNDS STOLEN from Mrs Despina Englezakis’ bank account. I REPEAT & EMPHASIZE the fact that the plundering / theft was on-going for years as you were informed at the onset, as an alleged ADMINISTRATOR OF PARLIAMENT’S LAW and as an allegedly honourable officer-product of the Law Society and creation of the systematically abused courts facilities.

I was most concerned at and with your offers / requests of the deep pockets fraud of a husband and father who benefited from NO PROSECUTION when he tried to strangle me after I challenged his parts / activities attached to the concocted water floods intended to lead to much more than a fraudulent insurance claim. The aforesaid, as pointed to and as I remind the solicitor P Symeou who failed to proceed as he should have done in the matter of the divorce and the distribution of the matrimonial assets as instructed by my sister who was LET DOWN WITH CRIMINAL (>as far as I am concerned<) INTENT by five solicitors, who, like the very solicitor whom I now remind of HIS PARTS (>not simple failings<) as arranged and orchestrated by the legal circles and alleged servants of the public and PARLIAMENT’S LAW!!!

You should NOT IGNORE the numerous references to ‘THE DEEP POCKETS BOASTFUL Sotiris Englezakis who benefited from invisible / paid for / the black economy services ON TAP on far too many instances inclusive of the arrogant and blunt obstruction to justice in the very matter of the water flood attempts and his assaults on my person when he set out to strangle me leading to the PRIVATE PROSECUTION and the invisible services by the Magistrates court clerk who was alleged to have passed on when the paid for PROCESS SERVER attended Haringey Magistrates Court to serve the abuser of public office with the SUMMONS ISSUED for HIS PARTS in the encouragement of such fraudsters as Sotiris Englezakis who exposed himself to have been a FRAUD of much more than a husband and father BECAUSE:-

  1. He failed / adamantly refused to provide me with the essential information as to which services / who was dealing with the TAX RETURNS in respect of the rents he was receiving as the manager / controller / absolute MASTER of the finances of the Sotiris & Despina Englezakis earnings / tax returns.
  2. Added to the above stated realities was and remained the element of the CONTRACT HE SET ABOUT TO ENTER INTO / OFFERED TO SOME shady characters who were frequenting some dingy café / gambling premises in Green Lanes in Haringey, the beehive / Local Authority of the ORCHESTRATED HOUSING BENEFIT CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS THROUGH THEFT & MISAPPROPRIATION OF the HOUSING BENEFIT FUNDS (>when factual and true as in the Stavros Antonas property case<) and the concocted as were the scenarios that lead to:-
  3. The assault on my person after I took steps to cause the created and used FRAUDSTERS (>the products of the New World Order<) within the fraudulently created European Union by abusers of the trust of the SHEEPle being devoured / destroyed by the wolves planted in allegedly civilised Democracies by the creators of such STATES / COUNTRIES as the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies, the United Kingdom, imposed on me over 44 years ago, care of the High Court CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES the legal circles engaged and indulged in, with the blessings of the POLICE, the media and the ALLEGED REPRESANTATIVES OF THE SHEEPle, who relished and ignored what I was going through just because I dared to instigate legal proceedings against some protected fraudsters who LIKE THE MAN WHO CAUSED HIS OWN DAUGHTER TO TAKE HER OWN LIFE, tried to strangle me, went along to place a contract on my life because I published on the Internet the evidence that he was earning 10% pa on 1,500,000 in order to cause him to part with the essential information attached / warranted for the tax returns my sister WAS DUTY BOUND TO SUBMIT TO CENTRAL GOVERNMENT for and in respect of the rent income, after with my help and assistance had attended to the first two renovated and occupied by tenants at 68 Rathcoole Gardens, Haringey London, N8.

The fact that my life had been put at risk and threatened after I was assaulted by the first CREATED & USED FRAUDSTERS, who benefited from much by way of the INVISIBLE BLACK ECONOMY SERVICES ON TAP, care of the abused legal and judicial public services such as I point to and relate herein above, the present Secretary of Justice, Michael Gove and the Home Secretary Theresa May should suffice FOR YOU to land on Terra Firma and reconsider your parts in the orchestrated assaults on my person and my life; also on the interfered-with well-being of (>the family<) the two innocent children born of the gestation vessel the ANIMAL that was USED AS A CREATED FEMINASTY EVE in typical SCENARIOS as depicted / hinted at in the alleged Holy Scriptures that were delivered to non-thinkers over 2500 years ago, by the evil lot who set out to become Lords & Masters of all and everything on planet earth; destroying the extension and the expansion of ‘the co-operation and the achievements of the sons of men who were benefiting from the enlightened who were delivering and spreading their civilization far and wide on planet earth as the creations of the gifted / were doing NOT THROUGH WARMONGERING, CONQUERING & ENSLAVEMENT but as liberators of the enslaved >as the campaign of Alexander the Great established<, which reality no one can ever change.

The conclusion above should be enough for anyone who CAN USE GREY MATTER as directed and spoken of by Heraclitus, to his followers, which words (>original and translation as presented by me<) I used when creating the website, thereby hinting at the reality far removed from the promotions of and by the evil lot who set out to become lords and masters of all and everything. The very COPIED AND TRANSLATED > INTERPRETED< for the extension of the alleged Holy Scriptures when creating the first clone teachings founded and resting on the original vile scenarios which the creators of the specific scenarios and the alleged creator of all and everything, as they came up with, AFTER their original creation commanded improvements, just as the second clone creation was used for centuries after the first clone of and from the original work, the Old Testament was used to create another clone >religion< the followers of which were and yet again are BEING USED TO EXTINGUISH the flame of LEARNING OF AND SPREADING THE message of the creative love for one another, as opposed to the warmongering and destruction hinted at in the original work of the creators of the abductors and RAPISTS OF HUMANITY.


Andrew Yiannides

London N22 5HU

To be followed by letter to the users of the Antoniades couple

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3 comments to The Realities born of the abused courts facilities

  • The family courts systematically abuse families at tax payers expense with impunity. Parliamentary accountability for the family courts is wholly theoretical while the system remains closed.

    • Dear Mr Mortimer, we have known of each other for well over 20 years. Do consider the following from submissions to the relevant offenders, the abusers of public office / public facilities and consider the essential submissions to the right government departments & MINISTERS. The extract, below, in accordance with the information I benefited from SHOULD BE OF INTEREST to the group you lead and you have been assisting as of the days when you set out to enlighten / inform the sucker-serfs of THE REALITIES. Read therefore the specific extract and consider only one element. “Do you believe the disappearance (promoted death) of the abuser of public facilities and office to be factual and true, or do you >from personal experiences INDEED CONSIDER SUCH PROMOTIONS AS INSTRUMENTS USED FOR & ABOUT abusers of the courts FACILITIES, intended to thwart and obstruct victims from pursuing their rights, such as I was faced with in February 1972.
      “The specific article relates to, and covers impositions born of the realities such as I set out to look into, to study for and I have been researching as of 1972. The material facts covered in the two communications which I caused to be delivered to the two named product-creations of the Law Society as endorsed by the creators of the system of operations, ‘ongoing for decades’ and imposed on Mr & Mrs Average in the United Kingdom; also in Europe generally. I simply qualify by pointing out to the evidence which I secured through my extensive studies and ongoing research work.”
      The specific abuser of the public facilities CARE OF FALSE ASSERTIONS & FALSE DOCUMENTS (alleged legitimate court orders issued by the lowest of the low scam, District Judges, NO ONE CAN JUSTIFY OR EXCUSE when addressing the foundations for such creations, especially when the abusers of the facilities are seen to be operating in tandem with others AND THE POLICE SIMPLY IGNORE IT ALL, because the police themselves are involved and DO ENGAGE IN THE SYSTEMATIC CREATION OF SUCH CRIMINAL OPERATIONS.
      Further on the following:-
      >”I look forward to a possible meeting with you and the legal team advising and supporting thus far the abusers of the public FACILITIES such as I was forced and obliged to look into and research as of 1972. The aforesaid expectation and hope provided, you have made time to contact other abusers of such FACILITIES as I relate, cover and point to in and through this communication. I need only point out that the arrogant abuser of position, assigned to one Christopher Garwood, apparently / allegedly passed away, as his way of departure from the scene of the constructively engineered fraudulent impositions on my naive sister, Mrs Despina Englezakis who failed to adhere to HER RIGHTS such as I qualified and explained to her throughout the long constructively engineered objectives of the so-called public servants, when one and all were and have been relying on alleged officers of ‘The LAW’ and Justice as dispensed by the licensed by Parliament ‘criminals with some undeclared mandate to IMPOSE YOUR WORLD on the sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of such states as I was first subjected to throughout 1972-1976 after I instigated High Court legal proceedings returnable on some used for OR buyer of such services as Mr Sotirios Neophytou Englezakis benefited from in the case of the targeted IMPROVED PROPERTIES care of the person who is to claim against Haringey Council and all other abusers of the courts FACILITIES such as my sister benefited from as a typical product-creation of YOUR WORLD, an allegedly civilized society resting and founded on ‘The LAW’ and such orders as the criminals who collectively indulged in the sum total of the operations I was first subjected to, following the introduction of THE FALSE & FORGED INSTRUMENT >by no means an acceptable ‘document’ for and in defense of the original FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATIONS, both in concept and IMPOSITIONS, >plural intended<".
      Your considerations and any contributions, always welcomed.

  • The realities covered and pointed to in this specific article / the submissions AS RECEIVED by allegedly honourable officers of the law and justice, should suffice for abusers of my time over the last 46 years. All should reconsider their mentality and maligned / evil interference with my work over the past 25 or so years; especially the persons who joined, came along as members of the pro-active promoters and expansionists of the planned-for REWARDS FACILITY to the victims of the abused courts facilities, such as the creators of the LIPS crowd-mob were noted to be.
    Litigants In Person Society, being the acronym used by the self promoting LOVERS of the system as created by the abusers of the courts facilities in Europe, as COVERED & EXPOSED BY ME (>Andrew Yiannides, of and the objectives / use for the specific chapter of my work< & the web-page pointed to from here relates to CONFIDENTIAL (not spoken of or addressed by the lovers of it all) FRAUD.
    I need only add that I hardly informed a relative of mine that I had created / published the specific issues / my submissions in the two communications to the two product-creations of the system of operations; both licensed by the Law Society of England & Wales to practice law as solicitors. And the person who was acting as the administrator of the targeted funds and assets of the targeted sister of mine, the naive and used wife of the man with the deep pockets, and the administrator of the targeted funds and assets was promoted as deceased / passed away!!! Precisely what was promoted about the clerk of Haringey Magistrates Court when I was left with no option but to institute legal proceedings about the two original offenders (dreamer-fraudsters) who engaged in the attempt to create a fraudulent insurance claim and blame the targeted sister of mine and my person for the alleged water flood, damages from above the business premises in the ground floor.
    Needless to point out that the need to instigate a private prosecution, simply came about because Haringey police failed and adamantly refused to prosecute the conniving husband of my sister who assaulted me and attempted (for the second time) to strangle me!!!
    British Justice & Law enforcement at their best, as organised, arranged and maintained by the government of the day /of any polytical coloration.
    Polytical by the way I specifically spell with a 'Y' instead of an 'I' for the simple reason that I had to consider the MANY (as in polYgon and the POLIS (city) from which the foundations of POLITICS & POLITICAL.
    Sincerely CONCERNED (about the states of PSEUDO-Democracy / Justice)
    As created / promoted and dispensed by creators of such states

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