Judges & Solicitors CHARGED for 12 million plus Legal Aid scam

Judges in the DOCK: Three immigration judges and six lawyers appear in court over plot to ‘scam legal aid system out of £12.6 million’ – as one of accused slams ‘racist witch hunt’

(THUS & THEREBY, the specific accused offender, hastens to point to the rampant free-for-all the wholesome body of the legal circles, the professionals have been relishing in for centuries. Of such realizations the awakening of the victim Andrew Yiannides (>the author of this input and submissions<) compliment, the expressed ‘disclosure’ by the professional who simply spilled the beans. As the creator of the extensive work published in the public domain, I can only add, for the umpteenth time, that use of the obligation and the duty to report to the authorities crime and criminal activities relates to and reflects on the quality of life society benefits from, care of the ethics, the morals and the principles upon which any society rests and is founded.

  • Judges and lawyers were arrested as part of investigations into alleged fraud
  • Charges against the group centre on claims for legal aid totally £12.6 million
  • They appeared in court today but were bailed ahead of a plea hearing 


PUBLISHED: 12:57, 17 July 2018 | UPDATED: 07:49, 18 July 2018

Big deal, at and its twin the creator of the extensive work and presentations, the REPORTS that relate to and are founded on the extensive research and the studies most relevant to and born of the abused courts facilities.

As the owner-creator who has been pointing out to the arrogant criminal operations as published with the relevant evidence in place, I can but only demand qualifications and explanations by such media editors and government officials; the ‘authorities’ for their PARTS in creating the abused facilities. I hasten to add my conclusion and the specific quote submissions which many an official and members of the media received from me as of the mid March 1972 >”Through an act or an omission, the commission of the crime”<, ANY CRIME, I emphasize, were my conclusions as of 1976, when two Lord Justices were noted to be acting / operating, as blind, as deaf and as dumb as they came / come, hence the release of my conclusions (>quote<) in the public domain. Readers / visitors should note that the criminal activities I was subjected to, care of the abusers of the courts facilities and the need to seek Justice, almost saw me six foot under, care of the recklessly irresponsible parts of all, in maintaining and imposing the criminal activities, such as I was the victim of, throughout 1972-1976, all the way to the court of appeal.

And because of my determination to simply expose the criminals in control (>the abusers of the courts FACILITIES<) also the use of the parasite I married out of compassion, a refugee from Cyprus, one Kyriaki / Koulla Demetriou Evangelou, following the orchestrated arrangements for the invasion and the division of the island, where I myself was also born, the never ending obstructions to and the denial to my rights, inclusive of the use of the two innocent children born of the parasite of an alleged equal in law woman, in every respect inclusive of duties and responsibilities. I do not think I need to apologise to the women readers / visitors for the use of the term ‘gestation animal’, whom I hasten to add and qualify that I married the woman out of compassion because of a hasty remark when the authorities (>officials<) made it abundantly clear to me, that the woman, was not welcome to the United Kingdom, even though a genuine refugee of and from the orchestrated arrangements for the Cypriots, the inland’s brotherhood and sisterhood of humans to be divided as arranged by the powers that be….. the criminals seeking total control and manipulation of the conditioned and the indoctrinated >non-thinkers<.

Readers, visitors are simply asked to access the false and FORGED DOCUMENT at:- All need to consider one factor only; the FORGED (>wrong year/date amended<). That ‘document’ was but the instrument intended to serve the plans of the criminals in control of the abused courts FACILITIES, (>I hasten to repeat<) as the orchestrated arrangements, the legal circles engaged in and made for me to suffer the consequences of ‘their plans for me, were back in 1972-1976‘ and thereafter at every corner along the twisting and winding road of the imposed states that followed the long ongoing impositions and the introduction of new fraudulent in concept plans and arrangements for the targeted person, care of the used and encouraged gestation vessel, the ‘human’(?!?) animal(!!!) and the two innocent children the animal gave birth to care of the sexual services the parasitic animal benefited from.


Andrew Yiannides :

Mobile telephone:- (0044 – UK) 07449592353

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