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For almost 6 years the most relevant information published at:- care of the article >FOR SUCKERS TO WAKE UP<. From the top of the web-page the first line of the linked-to article, the reader should use and follow the provided link after the words ‘article in the London Evening Standard’ and thereby connect to the specific material published in the chapter that relates to the parts of ‘the police’ for and in the United Kingdom PSEUDO-Democracy; the Democracy that allegedly rests and is founded on principles of LAW & ORDER. Nobody ever wrote of or qualified that references to ORDER, related and relate to such orders as the two Lord Justices (>Orr & Buckley<) who entertained the invitation to DENY JUSTICE to the targeted sucker-serf, the plaintiff in the High Court case of BUSINESS FRAUD, namely the action YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (>High Court, 1970 Chancery Division<).

Readers / visitors who have not accessed the realities covered in the numbered paragraphs 16 to 27 of the explicit article published on 27th April 2018 should consider the realities stated / covered and WHY THE REQUEST FOR SUPPORT / DEMAND OF & FOR THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT, the elected Representatives of the people, of Mr. & Mrs. Average, to consider and address the issues attached to the parts of the legal circles in ORGANISED CRIMINAL OPERATIONS THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES; all and everything with the blessings of the police and THE MEDIA. Hence the changes for the plans of and for the life of the targeted victim of THE ORGANISED CRIMINAL OPERATIONS the victim-plaintiff Andrew Yiannides was subjected to for years (>1969-1976<).

Following on from the above brief RE-INTRODUCTION TO THE REALITIES which the victim of the abused public services and in particular >THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, namely THE COURTS AS USED<, irrespective of >THE EVIDENCE & THE LAW< the present states created by the followers and the PROMOTERS OF EVIL / WRONG DOING, such as many complain and speak of, including the FALSE FRONTS CREATORS whose only objectives simply happen to be the promotion of the wrong-doing and to hinder / obstruct the challengers who expose the abusers of public office and public facilities BY SEEKING MORE THAN SIMPLY EXPOSE THE CRIMINALS WHO ABUSE PUBLIC OFFICE, and in particular, the courts facilities as the Yiannides -v- Radley Gowns High Court case established.

The genuinely concerned and the interested are urged to access and read the specific letter to the Head of the police at Tottenham / Haringey, in North London as published here at JusriceRaped, care of the article:-

Haringey Police Commander Ignores & Buries the criminal activities the police force under his command relishes in.

Readers / visitors should Look for the new challenges and the called-for claims about one and all who love promoting all sorts of claims without producing EVIDENCE IN SUPPORT of their assertions and claims while ignoring the evidence published at:- as of 1992, when the human-rights web-site / material was first published as a sub-domain >human-rights< to

ALL readers / visitors are requested to consider the fact that ALMOST ALL CHAPTERS, web-pages for human-rights were constructed using a common header and a common footer for all web-pages / chapters. Mr & Mrs Average visitor should refer to the common header from any chapter / any web-page where the visitor can READ IN THE LARGE BLUE FONT the obvious HINT, which no one should miss / possibly overlook care of the big question in the blue font ‘WHERE IS JUSTICE ?’ and below the question, in the red smaller font the specific qualification / the give-away >DIRECTIVE to and the ARRANGEMENTS by the free to indulge, ‘the independent of any law restraints’ judicial chair occupants, such as the two Lord Justices (>LJ Orr & LJ Buckley<) who indulged and engaged in, when generating revenue for the courts and the usual constructive fraud costs, attached to the need to appeal alleged judicious rulings imposed on the created victims of the abused courts facilities FOR THE TARGETED SUCKER-SERFS care of the need to appeal such impositions, as happened to have been the scenarios in the YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS, High Court case.


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