For The Concerned, the Caring & the Committed to True Democracy

NOTE from Mr. Yiannides who released the above extract, from the letter, for the benefit of all: – Many the converts to the system of operations, and many the dreamers who entertained notions that all ‘citizens’ are as naive as they were / are. One has to consider the simple fact that one is faced with tutored & used stooges, persons who promoted and promote alleged interest by Members of Parliament who set up Early Day Motions, which the victims / constituents promote, in respect of the wrongs attached to and arising out of impositions on the citizens through contempt of Parliament’s Law and the rules of procedure at court, by abusers of judicial chair occupation.

ONE & ALL were pointed to the fact that Mr. Andrew Yiannides, first got to know of the criminal activities instigated, set in motion, processed and executed through abuse of the courts facilities and in contempt of all law. All were informed of the fact and realization that the criminal activities ongoing in and through the courts were of no interest to the police & to Ministers who received complaints of and about such activities, from Mr Andrew Yiannides, for the first time, way back in 1972.

All, alleged victim-challengers were made aware of the arrangements, in place, by the Administrators of Parliament’s Law (judiciary) which we released, eventually, in our pages. *Link from here to the most obvious of arrogant abuse of public office and fraud -suppressed reality- from the taxpayers as the Executive in Government, Parliament -successive elected representatives of ‘the sucker-serfs’ in a pseudo-democracy.-; the media barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes they retain and maintain simply promote all manner of false states and willfully / recklessly suppress the realities (such as the facilities and practices we point to in this very page and other pages).

AND WORSE STILL, the organised constructive FRAUDS (plural intended) are suppressed by alleged victim-challengers who failed and fail to point to the material facts we relate to and cover in our pages!?! AND with vile (anagram of evil) intentions (with the exception of a few and some lousy actors) they failed to make public, themselves, the criminal activities ongoing in and through the courts, notwithstanding the fact that facilities were on offer as of the last year of the old millennium -1999 TO EXPOSE & CHALLENGE THE ARROGANT ABUSERS OF THE COURTS FACILITIES.


THE OBVIOUS NEEDS NO GENIUS TO WORK OUT. Indeed many the dreamers who sought guidance and assistance over the years, such as one of the LIPS (Loonies NOT simply Litigants In Person). Their objectives were the expansion of the numbers who loved & set out to benefit from the CONFIDENTIAL Fraud all readers / visitors can read of and about at:-


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