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VISITOR-READER, please note that the below, as published here was not posted to the Prime Minister of the day because of the upheaval in the ruling >polytical< party of the day. Poly— incidentally relates to the multifaceted points of view in any elected representatives of the SHEEPle, parliament PSEUDO-Democracy.

2oth November 2016


In June 2015, Michael Gove on taking Office, appointed Justice Secretary / Lord Chancellor addresses the issue and speaks of:- “BRITISH JUSTICE IN THE DOCK“, reported yet ignored by the media as of the days when I first reported criminal activities in the Royal Courts of Justice!!!


In July 2016, Elizabeth Truss appointed Justice Secretary / Lord Chancellor. The MP for South West Norfolk since her election in 2010 has also served as the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs under David Cameron’s administration since 2014. Before entering politics, Ms. Truss worked in energy and telecoms, as an economist and as the Deputy Director for the think-tank Reform:- “lt’s a privilege and an honour for me to have been sworn in today as the first woman Lord Chancellor…, the duties that go with this role today…, to respect and defend the Rule of Law and the independence of the judiciary (>from the restraints of Parliament’s LAW???)- ‘must be upheld’ now as ever!!!!!!!!!!!! In my time as Lord Chancellor, I will uphold them with dedication because the rule of Law is the cornerstone of the British way of life. NOTE, we add:- >And the most abused, most promoted and most guarded / protected privilege which the rest of the public servants rush to proclaim when operating as accessories and abettors of the ORCHESTRATED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD ON THE TAX-BURDENED CITIZENS who are abandoned to the system that corrupts, eventually, the victims who somehow succeed when appealing all the way to >return to this link and get to know of the realities, reader, researcher and concerned sucker-serf / victims of PSEUDO-Democracies!!!!!!!!!!!!



1.  As an industrious creative business proprietor, in October 1969, I was faced with an arrogant state of FRAUDULENT IN CONCEPT & IMPOSITIONS scenario that commanded of me the need to seek Justice, through the Legal System / the High Court.

2. For the occasion I contacted and furnished full particulars and the essential, documented evidence which I secured before I called upon an old high school friend who followed the legal profession, armed, as I was, with the essential evidence in support of the case (MY case).

3.  Following a meeting and the essential briefing with a Barrister the legal wheels were set in motion and the process was left with >the professionals< to address and secure the warranted end product’, as I anticipated and expected of ‘the experts’.

4,  Two years into the case I benefited from a telephone call, whereby my solicitor invited me to visit him after the staff had gone, because it was important that he spoke to me in private, he explained.

5.  The reason for the privacy related to ‘the advice’ I was to benefit from, which, >according to my old school friend<, was to be my reaction to abandon the claim / case and cut my losses short, for my claim was bound to fail (!!!), >because of the strength of the evidence my solicitor received from the Defendant’s solicitors<.

6.  The above ‘advice from the professional’, was supported with the passing (>throwing<) over to the other side of the table, where I was about to sit, a copy document, right side up. I saw more than enough on first glance while standing up and, without picking the document up, I simply asked for a copy of the particular document, adding that we should discuss the developments, as old friends (???), over ‘souvla’ (>charcoal grilled meat<) during the weekend at his residence, which was not far from mine.

7. The specific document, when created, had been endorsed with the year (19)70, the year when the Writ of Summons was issued and served, and the digits 70 were altered (the 7 to 6 and the 0 to 9, (19)69 being the year of the fraudulent misrepresentations.

8.  The offending document-creation, as advanced and promoted, clearly was intended to be used for the generation of fraudulent in concept income >for and by the professionals<, care of abuse of the courts processes / the legal system, while frustrating the targeted, the intended victim who had no option but to instigate legal proceedings, >while a misguided believer< in the justice system, as maintained for and used by the professionals.

9.  The document (>alleged evidence<) advanced by the Defendant’s solicitors and as promoted and used by >both professional legal teams<, in the course of subsequent court developments, established without room for any doubt that >the blessings of judicial capacity officers< were and have been ever present, care of the Police who were >seen to be operating as a wholesome body-corporate partner< in the criminal activities ongoing in and through the courts over the last 44 plus years. (>Since I set out to look into and study / engage in the warranted research<).

10.  True copy of the created false and forged defense document, was received and seen by many an Intellectual Prostitute acting for and operating as reporters out of the mainline newspapers and the media generally, starting with my daily readThe Manchester Guardian’, as it was known then. The editor simply passed the extensive documented evidence on, to a professor of law at the London School of Economics who contacted me directly. Both, however, were not prepared to commit themselves to >raising public awareness< to the liberties and the >criminal, in essence, activities< ongoing through abuse of the courts >facilities<.

11.  Image of the false and forged creation, as used in the High Court theatrical scenarios that were enacted by the participants before judicial chair occupants, including two Lord Justices at the Court of Appeal, was and has remained published in the public domain; true copies were seen and handed to many an otherwise motivated false fronts presenters who care not about any other, even their own / same family members.

12.  The image of the offending document-creation can be accessed at:- and the scenarios as planned, enacted and executed by the offending abusers of the courts processes are covered in paragraphs 17 to 25 of pages 11 to 17 of the FACTS STATED in the document referenced 1PFamAff intended for release in the public domain, part of the proposed and demanded indictment which the government of the day, ought to have duly considered at the actual time of the events; even more so NOW, when one considers the development of the state of the health of the victims of many a product-creations of the justice AND POLICING system as maintained by successive governments of >alternating political ideologies but nonetheless of similar disposition to the welfare of Mr. & Mrs. Average< who have taxes imposed on them for such services as the police, meant and intended to ensure that breaches of Parliament’s Laws are duly prosecuted and judges whose primary function is to apply their grasp of the law to established and >proven cases of breaches of THE LAW<, as happened to have been the promotion of the >false and forged< creation of a document that was used by ‘the professionals’ in support of a concocted defense, >two years after the events< that gave rise to the High Court action.


Andrew Yiannides

ENCLOSED/ATTACHED: Copies of my communications as referred to in the context of my letter of 20th November 2016 to the International League (>ILFHR-UN<) as the occasion commanded of me, for indeed in the circumstances, you need to be properly informed and acquainted with the states imposed on my younger sister, Mrs. Despina Englezakis and on me through arrogant abuse of the courts facilities by abusers of public office as orchestrated by seasoned criminals operating out of Local Government / Local Authorities, namely Haringey Council.



and DAMAGES to your property

in London – HARINGEY

because you rented your home / house / property to tenants

through Letting Agencies and you were faced with problems


and or other excuses you were offered by the agents

YOU SHOULD CONTACT the member of

The Landlords Action Group

Mr Stavros Antona

on 252-3239 or 252-5034

(Ayia Varvara – Nicosia)



στην περιουσία σας στο ΛονδίνοHARINGEY

επειδή ενοικιάσατε το σπίτι / την περιουσία σας

σε ενοικιαστές μέσω μεσήτες και ήχατε προβλήματα

που σας πρόσφεραν οι μεσήτες


με το μέλος του Landlords Action Group

κύριον Στάυρο Αντώνα

(Αγία Βαρβάρα – Λευκωσία)

The above NOTICE / ANNOUNCEMENT was called for in 1997 when looking into and studying the activities of the handlers of Housing Benefit / Social Security funds distributed by and through abusers of public office and public facilities, while relying on the police to ignore ORGANISED CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES as arranged and orchestrated by Local Government & Local County Courts. Any party / persons interested, all concerned taxed / Revenue providers should access the material facts covered and the evidence pointed to at and benefit from THE EVIDENCE PUBLISHED IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN AS OF THE TIME OF THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES ONGOING THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COUNTY COURTS WITH THE BLESSINGS OF THE POLICE & PERSONS ACTING / OPERATING AS ALLEGED JUDICIOUS PERSONS >Judges<, who systematically act in contempt of Parliament’s Law care of the principle of the independence judges are assured of >ONLY< WHEN SEEN TO BE ACTING & OPERATING within the rules of procedure and the RULE OF LAW AS CREATED BY PARLIAMENT and as provided / resting and founded on ALL RELEVANT EVIDENCE and the rules of procedure within the courts.

From Andrew Yiannides created 1st August 2016.


The heavy strike sustained injuries intended to silence or eliminate the challenger. Yet THE OBVIOUS SIMPLY IGNORED by one and all who contacted me over the years just as all (including family members) ELECTED / CHOSE TO IGNORE the blunt false instrument that was introduced 2 YEARS after the institution of the High Court action; the document simply used by the legal circles even though it was FORGED (year-date amended) before my own solicitor promoted the CREATED FORGED DOCUMENT, as legal / legitimate proof in support of an alleged / concocted defense in the High Court Action YIANNIDES (A&S Fashionables) -v- Radley Gowns Ltd (1970 – Chancery Division action – case). The photograph of the injuries I sustained care of a vicious bicycle chain strike after three secondary school thugs were directed to join me in a 329 Arriva bus and had their fun punching me, Andrew Yiannides. The assaults and the chain strike were recorded by the video equipment the bus was fitted with, thereby recording the orchestrated ASSAULTS AS ARRANGED BY THE POLICE. Needless to say, no copy of the video was given to me after the police impounded the evidence. Also NO PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE SUSTAINED INJURIES OR ANY STATEMENT WAS SOUGHT / SECURED FROM THE TARGETED VICTIM (>Andrew Yiannides<) who was never invited to attend any trial of THE THREE USED THUGS, the created by the Metropolitan Police ‘seasoned & protected criminals’, >product-creations< of the mother of all allegedly civilized PSEUDO-Democracies, states / countries / societies resting and founded ALLEGEDLY on principles of Law & Order (>orders as concocted by allegedly judicious and honorable officers of the Justice System as created and maintained by the mother of ALL PSEUDO-Democracies<). The photograph, below, was taken in the course of the debate “Can We Trust The Judges?”, in the course of ‘The Festival of Rights Convention’ held in London last week in June & First week in July of 1995; the very debate when I was afforded the opportunity to submit my views and opinions after 23 years of research and study of the states imposed on Mr. & Mrs. Average sucker-serfs, as created and maintained by the mother of ALL PSEUDO-Democracies.


A. Yiannides, c/o 84 DUNBAR ROAD, London  N22 5BJ

Public Attendance to capacity & Attentive as the panel chair expression evinces

The Petition / DEMAND Straight to the point. The LAW IS THE LAW

RECIPIENTS OF PRINTED COPIES OF THE INDICTMENT / PETITION AS PRESENTED above are invited to complete and post their support to the above address. Readers / visitors to this specific article are invited / requested to download, print and complete the document as is. All who concern themselves either as victims of the abused courts facilities or as persons who witnessed and are aware of the arrogant abuse of the courts facilities are requested to pass on copies of the document as is after completing the requested information as created & REQUIRED below:-

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  • Andrew, we have known each other for many years and I know that you have a brilliant mind and grasp of the evil and the intricacies inherent within our legal and judicial system. Please accept this as constructive criticism, but I believe that your main failing is your inability to express yourself in words/terms that the ordinary man in the street can understand. Whilst you can know inside yourself what you want to express, your way of putting it across is hard for the ordinary person to understand. I’m not boasting but I have an above average IQ and yet find it difficult to decipher your writings. In the past I have put your writings before an highly educated doctor of medicine who could not grasp what you were trying to convey. Please Andrew, in order to get public support, express yourself in a way that we can all understand. Your talent is wasted if it is not able to be understood by the ordinary member of the public. Please take a look at my own website/blog as an example of how I really do believe that you should be expressing yourself. I bow to your superior knowledge of this evil system Andrew but it is how you get that knowledge across to ordinary members of the public that really matters. If you cant get this knowledge across in a way that all can understand then, your efforts are wasted. Once again Andrew, this posting is not meant as just criticism, but constructive criticism. Please accept it in the manner intended. My Best Regards to You and, if you are ever up this end of the country again, I will be happy to offer you my hospitality.

    • Thank you for the contribution. Do access, please, the article at all about the Human-Rights Community on Line THAT WAS and let me know if you ever heard of or anyone pointed you to the specific article.
      I do believe that the first two pages of THE PETITION, when you receive the printed document (version) happen to be most clear and no one can come in or back with any excuse or reason such as ‘CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE CAUSES OR REASONS WERE / ARE >>>FOR THE SPECIFIC PETITION< <<. Thank you for the kind consideration and the invitation. I look forward to more constructive exchanges most relevant on the issues attached to the specific states which no one can change in respect of >>>the abused< << COURTS FACILITIES and the criminal in concept and execution operations ongoing in the courts >the legal system< , care of the parts of the legal circles, the professionals = >solicitors and barristers< , also the police and the judges, as I cover in THE STATED FACTS most relevant in the HIGH COURT case / action : YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS (1970, Chancery Division), especially and specifically, HOW THE LEGAL CIRCLES, including the judges / judicial chair occupants, all the way to the Court of Appeal, USED their alleged grasp of 'the English language', when reading of THE STATED FACTS and >>>ALLEGEDLY WHEN EACH WAS CONSIDERING >>>THE EVIDENCE< <<. The evidence most clear and relevant, applicable to THE SPECIFIC CASE, especially the plans and the >>>INTENTIONS OF THE PROFESSIONALS, namely, I repeat, the solicitors, the barristers AND THE JUDGES.
      In the circumstances the convenient failures of the police, all the way to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Robert Marks also the performance of THE MANY VICTIMS who were introduced to my person and my work in respect of the abused courts FACILITIES. I repeat >FACILITIES, by no means SERVICE< to and for the >>>administration of Justice< <<, each and everyone CANNOT BE EXCUSED or justified for IGNORING THE INTRODUCTION OF THE FALSE & FORGED document, when in fact >>>JUST AN INSTRUMENT THAT WAS USED FOR THE CREATION / GENERATION OF FRAUDULENT IN INTENT INCOME FOR THE SOLICITORS AND THE BARRISTERS, with the blessings of the police and >THE JUDGES< I refer, of course, to the particular document that purportedly was some >>>LEGITIMATE< << defense document when it was >>>INTRODUCED & USED BY THE LEGAL CIRCLES TWO YEARS< << AFTER THE INSTITUTION OF THE HIGH COURT COURT ACTION, my dear friend. I also look forward to some near future meeting when we can discuss WHERE WE GO FROM HERE >NOW<.

  • Visitors / readers who DID READ this article should read and consider the foundations of the conclusions / decisions founded and resting on THE PRACTICES, the author / victim of the orchestrated MISREPRESENTATIONS, >THE CRIMINAL IN CONCEPT< & EXECUTION of the practices / activities the author-victim was subjected to >care of the allegedly honorable officers of Parliament’s enacted LAW. One need only to consider that the VICTIM’S / PLAINTIFF’S solicitor was not simply an old school friend; he was also >an allegedly HONORABLE OFFICER OF THE LAW >>>as practiced by the grossly misrepresented instruments of modern times, allegedly CIVILIZED STATES / COUNTRIES / SOCIETIES. In a nutshell >PSEUDO-Democracies< All visitors-readers should access and read the article on THE FOUNDATIONS and the experiences the author benefited from, care of such poor specimens of >alleged humans< , such as every single officer of the law, namely, solicitors, barristers, police officers and JUDGES, all the way to the Court of Appeal in the mother of all PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACIES(?!>) ADMINISTERED as constituted by elected representatives of >THE PEOPLE< (citizens with rights??? such as the rights assured under the Magna Carta DECLARATION!!! Such representatives to the Parliament that was created in the United Kingdom in modern times.. The specifics can be accessed and read, as published at:-

  • Submissions / invitation to the Facebook contacts/readers/followers:- “Friends, below I point you to the very issues and elements I have been looking into and researching over the last 45 years. I dare ask of all friends to consider the realities, such as >’the Transparency International’ team / organization points to< . AFTER taking on board and considering THE REALITIES I am pointing to most relative and close to me and the one and ONLY of the two children that were born to the Eve of my life, the maligned and evil Kyriaki / Koulla Demetriou Evangelou whom the followers of the EVIL one, may well have used as the animal they desired came across and aimed for, but the evil gestation vessel / the animal, of an Eve, IF ANY TRACES OF HUMANITY were instilled in her through her upbringing and education / raising, she ought to have considered the two innocent >human beings, the two children that were born of her< and not treat them as her pets / as the animals she was after raising, as the animal who gave birth to and raised her had created along with the RC nuns who tutored / taught her!!!!!!!!!!!! Article URL:-

      The addition to the article as submitted by the author, above could be copy-pasted in its entirity and posted to persons whom readers / visitors consider to be victims of the PSEUIDO-Democracy principles and practices exposed here at JusticeRaped and at the first website Andrew Yiannides created in order to EXPOSE & POINT TO THE DECEPTION & MISREPRESENTATIONS sold and promoted by the criminals and their followers / devotees who remain as deaf and blind in their brains as their love for promisory noted urges each one to the creation for false wealth in material goodies and false paper wealth that stays behind when each one departs from planet earth in spirit only.

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