Democracy Is From The Roots Up, Not From The Leaves Down.

Visitors and the really concerned who have been pointed to the elements which, as the creator of the website and as author of the articles published here at I request of all visitors / readers to consider my simple response / reply to the irrelevant comments many leave for all to read (>only if accepted as considerations of the issues visitors read, note<). Thousands the rejected / trashed ‘comments’ which in no way relate to the content of the article purportedly read by such inconsiderate non-humans, persons who seek attention or plant advertisements and promotion of other irrelevant interests, far removed from the use of grey matter and intellect / understanding of the issues raised in the explicit articles published here at

As creator I dare to refer to such persons as arrogant abusers of such facilities as the information on, and the coverage of the issues pointed to at both of the web-sites I created; the internet facilities were and are USED in order to EXPOSE the abusers of TRUST & PUBLIC FACILITIES, including the courts facilities where the right of appeal from ‘the conveniently entered, as created CONTEMPTUOUS OF THE LAW rulings such as the decisions purporting to have been ‘judicious court orders’ entered as created, by such CRAFT-y operators as the two Lord Justices : Lord Buckley & Lord Orr, who determined that Parliament’s provisions for and in respect of MISREPRESENTATIONS, INCLUDING THEIR OWN ‘fraudulent in concept and promotions creation’; >their order< apparently, evidently was allegedly justified!!!

After all, the criminals who introduced the FALSE & FORGED document >TWO YEARS AFTER the institution of the High Court action Yiannides -v- Radley Gowns, were entitled to the legal cost-charges and the fees for allegedly serving justice as licensed authorities on the use of the courts, IN CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT’S LAW!!!

Read below, my response, my reply and my submissions to abusers of the ‘comment’ facility; the facility provided only for genuine comments on reflection following grasp and understanding of the issues and the elements pointed to and EXPOSED THROUGH THE MATERIAL FACTS RELATED / STATED here at 

The response and submissions start below:-

/ “Friend, you assert that you are a radical thinker and that you are seeking the truth.

Access some of my work on the Internet and thereafter do consider, ‘for argument’s sake’, the issue of arrogant constructive fraud imposed on the taxpayers in ALL PSEUDO-democracies. Consider the fact that all and everything is processed and endorsed at and by the European Court of Human Rights, in Europe, at least.

My study and research goes back to my roots, Cyprus.  The FRAUD on and the CORRUPTION of Mr. & Mrs. Average has been ongoing for decades, through abuse of the courts. For well over two decades, I have been writing of and about the very issues and the elements which I cover by publishing the essential evidence in the public domain!!!

ACCESS and READ there of the obvious ‘as recorded, as evinced’ in the copied image where the above link takes the visitor/reader.

Part of the text was underlined for the purposes of the chapter of my studies and research as published in the specific web-page. The chapter of my research, as published by me, was and remains most important and crucial. The visitor / reader must note / take on board and consider the fact that what the serfs are subjected to in the courts, in Europe, is endorsed by the European Court for Human Rights!!!

Victims who sought help and benefited from assistance were pointed to the fact that PAYMENTS MADE & RECEIVED as alleged compensation from the Government of the day, are subject to the arrangements I have been pointing to, as qualified in the image from the published material and clarified as I have been pointing to for over TWO DECADES; the payments can only be treated as REWARDS FOR AGREEING TO KEEP IT ALL >SECRET &  CONFIDENTIAL<, hence the title of the chapter ‘Confidential Fraud’.

In the circumstances, the state of affairs commands immediate action by all Governments; each must be seen to be properly accounting for the allocation, all FOR ALL disbursements and ‘the distribution’ of the revenue created and secured / imposed on Mr. & Mrs. Average through taxes.

Any serf who is lucky enough, or in a position to use the appeal facilities, because the person can afford the benefit of assisted passage by taking his or her case all the way to the ECoHR, the person should and must recognize / accept the fact that the successful person, at the end of the day, gets REWARDED AFTER THE PERSON AGREES TO KEEP QUIET ABOUT IT ALL. And, the reward is paid to the victims of the legal circles, out of TAXPAYERS CONTRIBUTIONS and other national wealth / revenue NOT by the professionals who milk and have been milking the sucker-serfs for centuries!!! The abusers of trust and the courts’ facilities simply enjoy the spoils of their criminal in concept and execution enterprising operations!!!

Pass this on to your contacts and >inform them all< that they can and should access, also:- where I publish more than enough on the very issues. 


Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS

Contributing articles at as Diogenis searching for ‘true humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on. /

End of the basic, general response and reply to persons who contacted me, Andrew Yiannides; all received from me, similar submissions over the last 20 plus years.

The content should suffice to cause ‘true humans’ >THINKERS< to reflect on their failings and the blunt abuse of my time; also the patience all benefited from.

All who failed to co-operate and collectively make public their own complaints and the warranted STATEMENT OF FACTS, as of the days when ‘The Human-Rights.Org – Community on Line’ facility was announced, as part of my test and challenges to the many who contacted me ‘of their own OR they were sent along’ to test my resolve and to play havoc with me and MY PERSONAL RIGHTS as a married man and the father of two children who HAD TO BE RAISED & REARED as the gestation vessel and those who used her and determined to impose on me; in other words those who used the animal FOR THEIR OWN PLANS & ENDS for their own ends and PLANS FOR ME, not ignoring, of course, their combined plans for the creation of their preferred society such as was spoken of and written about by Isocrates:-

*** But in fact they thought, virtue is not advanced by written laws but by the habits of every-day life; for the majority of men tend to assimilate the manners and morals amid which they have been reared. Furthermore, they held, that where there is a multitude of specific laws, it is a sign that the state is badly governed; for it is in the attempt to build up dikes against the spread of crime that men in such a state feel constrained to multiply the laws.

   Those who are rightly governed, on the other hand, do not fill their porticoes with written statutes, but seek only to cherish justice in their souls; for it is not by legislation, but by morals, that states are well directed, since men who are badly reared will venture to transgress even laws which are drawn up with minute exactness, whereas those who are well brought up will be willing to respect even a simple code”. ***

/end of quote

The ruling we point to below, is very clear. It makes more than just common sense, when one reads it in conjunction with the obvious, which the case stated above covers. (case stated above relates to the case pointed to at

“Where deceit was practiced by an intentional wrongdoer he was liable for the actual damage which directly flowed from the fraudulent inducement without reference to the transaction date or any other date, and foresee-ability of such damage was irrelevant”.

In a nutshell the wrongdoer who indulges in deceit / dishonesty / crime meets the costs of the original and all accrued damages whether or not the wrongdoer could foresee that damages would flow from the original wrongdoing. Consider the Court of Appeal ruling above and bear in mind the following factors:-

  • The assertion and reliance, by an officer of law, that only if there had been evidence of any involvement or engagement in fraud or corrupt practices (for that matter) could there have been grounds leading to the indictment and the prosecution that secured a conviction under common law. Their Lordships, at the time, did not need to refer to any Act of Parliament to determine that an officer of law did act wrongly and in contempt of his duties to serve the law and the citizens.
  • The ruling, above, makes it abundantly clear that, when a person indulges in any act leading to pecuniary advantage and thefts of properties (including rights in law, do note) as covered by Acts of Parliament to which we point in our pages [*Link from here to an element covered by law, no one relates to] the person is liable for the original damages and the accrued consequential losses and damages.
  • In the first case the offender merely negated in his duties to protect a member of the public from the consequences of criminal acts. In the second case what we have is an offender who indulged in wrongdoing for pecuniary advantage – for which you must refer to the page you can link to from the above paragraph.
  • Consider, now all of the above issues and the most relevant issue of all. Citizens, pardon, the ‘serfs’, are constantly bombarded with : “Ignorance of the law is no defense”. The officer of the law in the first case, above, could not even have been considered as an ignorant of the law ‘serf’. However, how about the criminals who indulged in the procurement and the promotion of a false instrument, which they also made even falser by forging the date after they discovered that they had goofed? [*Link to the page where we relate briefly the criminal activities by the legal circles INCLUDING JUDICIAL CHAIR OCCUPANTS ALL THE WAY TO THE COURT OF APPEAL.
  • EVEN BETTER for the ‘serfs’ to consider. How could any judicial chair occupant or police officer, who handled the false and forged instrument, EVER rely on ignorance of the law, when in fact they get their fat salaries, from our taxes, just to apply their knowledge of the law to the facts stated by the victims of crime and covered also in the theatres which they dare to promote as alleged courts of justice?
  • Look up the word ‘jockey’ in any decent etymological dictionary. No one can possibly fail to recognize the implications that arise out of the crass arrogance of police officers and judicial chair occupants. They indulge in the most vile of crimes, because of and through their contempt of the law which they are retained to serve, as public(!) servants(?).
  • Can anyone not agree with us that what we are faced with, are nothing but Rampant Corruption Jockeys? (*F1 a most important element below)

Over to you, your Lordship, and to your dedicated team who allegedly is looking into complaints about judicial conduct. The citizens, your Lordship, look to the Home Office and to the Home Secretary for protection (*Link) and for the police, under the command of the Home Office, to cease their vile activities, ‘such as we point to in our pages’.  We publish evidence that they rely on stooges and planted mischief makers who promote nothing but inexcusable and unjustified lies (*Link) created and promoted by the scam in the police forces in every corner of these islands, as in other parts of the world, that can be accessed in and through our pages.

WE, the pro-active citizens, do not rely on the stooges and the lap-dogs who serve their masters (*Link) from within the media. We are using our rights as provided under THE LAW. Your Lordship, neither you nor the persons whom YOU MAINTAIN IN OFFICE, as servants of the law and justice, and as alleged judicious persons, can go on ignoring the victims of the rampant fraud, at and through the courts imposed. We shall not be silenced.

We look to the elected, to our representatives in government, to ensure that all bad apples are made to account, personally THROUGH YOUR OFFICE and the department that meets their fat salaries, for the wrongs they imposed on the ‘serfs’ whom they targeted and target in collaboration with the legal circles.

We look to the present Government and its leader; also, to all others who are legally qualified, and thus ensure that the undertaking, in 1995, to deal with the FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM, is dealt with appropriately by the House of Commons, by the elected representatives of the ‘citizens’. The citizens object to being treated as ‘serfs’ of the Middle Ages. The days of ‘you create and we take‘, supposedly, were laid by the wayside when Democracy was introduced to these islands.

We look to their Lordships, including the Law Lords, to come to terms with the fact that true Democracy is from the roots up and not from the leaves down (*Link). The  other way round implies and amounts to dictatorship by abusers of the power of office, any office. Public servants should be seen to be serving the citizens in accordance with the remit of their retainers and ALWAYS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW.


From the creator of the website, from and by Andrew Yiannides care of the research and studies ongoing as of the days when an old school friend, who was retained to act for the victim-plaintiff, the very solicitor also engaged and indulged in fraudulent misrepresentations as a typical product of the Law Society of England & Wales. Visitors / readers should access the FALSE & FORGED document which the legal circles, solicitors, barristers and judges loved using as part of their evil / criminal ways that could have seen the end / the demise of the victim of all.


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1 comment to Democracy Is From The Roots Up, Not From The Leaves Down.

  • FIVE PLUS months after publishing this article, the only submissions / ALLEGED INTEREST and contribution from one of the many charlatans and dreamer-lovers of THE SYSTEM AS IS was submitted by one such person to the follow-up article that was released / published the following month, in October.2017.
    Visitors / readers of this and the article founded and resting on my 46 plus years of studies, research and LOOKING AT THE PARTS OF SUCH HYPOCRITES and LOVER-PROMOTERS OF THE SYSTEM AS IS, should read and consider the submitted comment / contribution by Mr. Colin Peters of Bradford. Visitors / readers are simply asked to consider the response to the contribution from the person / creator and owner of the intellectual property published at JusticeRaped (>here< ). Visitors / readers should simply access and read the letter Andrew Yiannides (>Diogenis< ) received from one Norman Scarth and thus benefit from the obvious as covered in the letter Mr. Scarth sent to the researcher-creator whose responses >paragraph by paragraph< as published at:- & THEREAT consider the parts such charlatans and dreamers engage in when serving their selfish EGOCENTRISM and their masters, those who indoctrinated and CONDITIONED SUCH POOR SPECIMENS OF ALLEGED HUMANS. As I have been pointing out for years, anyone named and exposed as lover-promoter and user of the system as is, in other words FOR THE REWARDS under the circumstances and the pre-conditions that lead to the BLACKMAIL SCENARIOS is welcome to instigate High Court proceedngs in the United Kingdom and Andrew Yiannides will be most happy to accommodate and entertain such notions from hypocrites and lousy actors who made and make it their business to use NEW VICTIMS for the end result. I refer, of course to the issue of SHARING THE SPOILS OF THE REWARDS AVAILABLE at and through the European Court of Human Rights>>>> the REWARDS PAID out the taxes imposed on the sucker-serfs out of the taxes the very sucker-serfs have imposed on them through TAXES…. TAXES…. TAXES for the retainers and the maintenance >also< for the CRIMINALS who are misrepresent as ALLEGED SERVANTS OF THE PUBLIC and THE LAW!!! Andrew Yiannides 15th February 2018

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