Servants of the Law & the Public engage in criminal activities! Anyone cares?

THE COPY OF THE LETTER BELOW, as endorsed when authored and delivered, cοmands of the victim-author to release the specific letter AND ΤΗΕRΕΑFΤΕR PROCEED WITH MORE REVELATIONS ABOUT THE CONTEMPTUOUS OF THE LAW MENTALITY OF THE RECIPIENT. The short extract from the content of the explicit letter should suffice for the readers to recognise WHY TWO ATTEMPTS, SO FAR, HAVE BEEN MADE BY METROPOLITAN POLICE OFFICERS TO ELIMINATE the author of the material FACTS STATED & REPORTED IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN at for well over 2o years .

Visitors and the genuinely interested readers should access the page where the photograph of the state the author benefited from care of the video recorded assaults by the three school thugs who were used as created and relied upon to engage as the three school thugs indulged.  The injuries sustained by the targeted victim, were recorded by a friend of the victim, a professional photographer and thereafter published at

2nd May 2017

Haringey Police – Borough Commander

Chief Superintendent Helen Millichap

398 High Road


N17 9JA


My Ref:-   HBPCAp27 (Haringey Borough Police Commander Ap27)

Your Failures:  Contempt For Parliament’s LAWOrganised Criminal Activities






Dear Madam / Commander Millichap


May I refer you to my letter of 7th March, which you received care of the Recorded Delivery Postal Service, as my earlier communication???

Evidently, selected / targeted citizens of the United Kingdom, irrespective of origins and or background, do not merit from any protection under Parliament’s LAW, especially so, when subjected to the arrangements which the controllers orchestrate for the lives of the sucker-serfs who suffer and benefit from such states; precisely care of the very practices Aristotelis (Aristotle) spoke and wrote of, over 2300 years ago. For, and in respect of the aforesaid, I attach copy of the article I penned / created for publication in the public domain, for release here at

I draw your attention to the realities covered in the attached pages (>10 to 16<) from the STATEMENT OF FACTS (>part of the document 1PFamAff<) which I created as my contribution towards the essential exposures of and the warranted challenges to the followers of the Evil ways of the creator of all and everything as concocted and promoted by the creators of their EVIL WAYS and those of their ONE & ONLY.

I draw your attention to the fact that I published, at my letter to Dr Victor Olisa, your predecessor at Haringey Police. He may well have elected to disappear down some rabbit hole, care of the usual escapism and the arrangements made by the criminal cabal in control of and for selective application of Parliament’s LAW; the habitual arrangements with such other abusers of public office and public facilities for targeted persons, the  sucker-serfs of the United Kingdom. This victim of the criminal cabal is not, however, relying on some alleged officers of the LAW, but on THE LAW ITSELF!!!

Publication of the material FACTS & EVIDENCE, in the public domain, relates to MY WAY of challenging and addressing persons who abused my trust as a person who was sold the British ways of the Parliamentary / Elected Representatives Democracy, when I was benefiting from my high school education as dispensed by and at the English School of Nicosia, Cyprus, the Reverend Canon Newham creation/legacy. I refer, of course, to the Democracy resting and founded, ALLEGEDLY on the principle of LAW and ORDER. (>Orders, I qualify, that are created by abusers of public office<) >As far as I am concerned< to suit and fit their plans for the sucker-serfs such as Aristotelis (>Aristotle<) spoke and wrote of, over 2300 years ago. I allude to the creators of FALSE INSTRUMENTS (court orders) lacking accountability, such as I was the victim of ones too often, as of the days when the criminals created, promoted and used the false document that was also FORGED BEFORE IT WAS ADVANCED as a legitimate instrument. I refer, naturally, to the qualified; to the authorised, to the criminals used for the long established ways of the legal circles. I refer naturally to persons who are licensed by the Law Society of England & Wales to practice law as the police and the Representatives of the electorate endorse and recklessly approve!!!

I hasten to qualify and point out that MY WAY (>as referred to above<) relates to the most simple of legal principles:- ‘NO AVENUE for the offenders to seek legitimate redress after benefiting from and imposing damages on the kept in the dark sucker-serfs, care of the creation of fraudulent, in intent, FALSE INSTRUMENTS >court orders<. I simply point out that the offenders no longer can rely on some unwritten guarantee / assurances for no fear of / from prosecution, whereas THERE SUBSISTS NO FEAR FOR ME FACING ANY CLAIMS RESTING & FOUNDED ON SLANDER OR DEFAMATION aspersions by the criminals I am naming and exposing as abusers of trust care of the false promotions in respect of Parliament’s LAW; the law protecting, allegedly, >the rights of the citizens< as covered by THE LAW.

I hereby DEMAND that you come clean, climb down from cloud cuckoo land, get on your bike and proceed with the expected of you processing of the REPORTS ATTACHED TO THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, the staff and officers of Haringey Council engaged and indulged in when handling, ‘stealing and misappropriating Housing Benefit Funds’, as happened to have been:-


The case of the FALSE / FORGERIES which the staff and officers of Haringey Council advanced and promoted as alleged letters from the owner of the Antona’s couple residential property at 196 Lymington Avenue N22, when the property was used by an imported family of asylum seekers / refugees (a couple and their two young daughters); none of whom could speak or understand English >as ex-French colony exports / products<. The evidence, including the three letters allegedly authored by the owner and allegedly sent to the occupiers of the property; >’the property targeted ‘for conversion to forced / necessitated sale’< care of the criminal objectives and aims of the co-operating in the scams (>constructive frauds<) as arranged by and with the Housing Benefit funds handlers operating out of Haringey Council and the Letting Agencies (a) ‘Belle Estates’ and (b) Diamond Lettings; the former failing to remit / bank the contracted rents allegedly / assumed received via Haringey Council from the Social Security fund distributors; one and all simply parties to the creation of the twelve tribes of New Israel, as the European Union Ensign / emblem qualifies and made / makes most clear.


The case, also, of the lies and the false instruments promoted by the very criminals operating out of Haringey Council as Social Security Funds handlers in the alleged redundancy and unemployment state of the used and created fraudster Nihal Wijemuni (>the first tenant<) who contracted with his partner as occupiers / beneficiaries of the first floor rooms which I helped and worked with my younger sister, Mrs Despina Englezakis, to renovate / put in order, render them habitable, after my sister took over the two properties which the Englezakis couple owned at (i) 68 Rathcoole Gardens N8 and at (ii) 178 Weston Park London N8, both in the London Borough of Haringey.

  1. The realities and the documented evidence, in the above -B- stated case, the Nihal Wijemuni created and used fraudster scenarios attached to the CRIMINAL IN CONCEPT ASSAULTS on my person, also the damages to my car and clothing, were and remain published in the public domain, including >the police criminal case recorded reference number<. In respect of the very case and scenarios< I DEMAND THAT YOU PERSONALLY look at and consider the evidence which one of the many criminals whom the Metropolitan Police retained and appointed as qualified operators of ‘the invisible services and the protection racket enterprises’, such as I benefited from >the arrogant and blunt contempt for the law, contempt for the evidence and contempt for my rights!!! Everything care of the endemic and systematic failures of the police< to execute their public duties as officers of THE LAW. Of and from such persons the creation of the alternative society!!! The specific person who purportedly was investigating / looking into the orchestrated criminal activities, interestingly and most conveniently was transferred to the Hendon Police Academy (>whatever / where-ever<). Of such >developments< his colleagues / associates operating out of Haringey Police gleefully boasted to me >to the victim of more than one too many criminal assaults on my person, both mental and physical, as the records evince and SHOULD BE ON RECORD within the confines of the beehive of YOUR centre of operations, provided, of course, Haringey police, maintain true and factual records such as I published at:-

The evidence attached to and born of the attempt to eliminate me (>or turn me into a physically damaged mental nutcase<) should be accessed by you and you are called upon >I DEMAND in fact< that you explain away and justify (>IF YOU CAN<) the parts of the police force under your command and supervision!!! ADDRESS THE FAILURES OF THE VERY POLICE FORCE to:-

  1. Hand over / make available to me copy of the video recording which the police took possession of / impounded from the bus company clearly evincing the inexcusable and out of the blue physical assaults by the three THUGS (>products of the Metropolitan police, Haringey Division<). The three were pointed to my person while I was waiting for a bus at the bus stop opposite the Nightingale Road (corner with High Road) police station.

  2. Explain away and justify the parts and the systematic / endemic failures of the police force under your command and supervision *(>if you are not otherwise retained and maintained for<) care of the invisible services to the organisers and re-arrangers of the lives of the electors (>the sucker-serfs<) who have taxes imposed on them for such facilities as I was first subjected to over 45 years ago, care of the orchestrated scenarios >and THE PRACTICES of the criminal cabal in control of the police and the justice system / the courts maintained at the expense of the sucker-serfs such as I got to recognise, as of the days when I was contacted and I was accosted within days of reversal of the ways I was subjected to in ‘the Breeding Grounds’ case, which I cover / expose and I have been pointing to; and NOW I POINT YOU to, as was the case with a number of other alleged servants of the LAW and Justice; >the Metropolitan Police and the courts’ service<.

  3. Refer me to and point to / provide me with copies of any records / reports by the police to some higher authority (>such as the Attorney General and the Crown Prosecution Service<). I refer, of course, to such issues and elements as the THEFT & MISAPPROPRIATION ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE HOUSING BENEFIT FUNDS. TO THE ARROGANT CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, ARRANGED & ORCHESTRATED by the staff and officers trained and maintained by Haringey Council!!! I refer to the specific persons who were noted to have been most proactive and engaging in the planned-for creation of the 12 new tribes of Israel, as above I qualify and point out, to the give-away element, care of the ENSIGN USED BY THE FRAUDSTERS WHO SET OUT TO CREATE THE European Union out of the European Economic Community, after the British Electors were asked to approve or not the United Kingdom joining the aforesaid E.E.C.

  4. Address and process the organised / premeditated ATTEMPT TO ELIMINATE me, care of the used Eve >the gestation vessel I married< under the specific circumstances the world at large, the sucker-serfs who are and have been caused to rush to the allegedly civilized mother of all allegedly civilised states / to which country one and all from within the controlled media promote as an alleged Democracy, founded and resting >allegedly< on the rule of Parliament’s LAW, when in fact run and managed by such abusers of the courts facilities who engaged in the theatrical scenarios the legal circles engaged and indulged in, when I had no option but to institute High Court Proceedings after I was subjected to and I was faced with FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATIONS in the course of running my business for A&S Fashionables, as the evidence of the SECOND AND ADDITIONAL FRAUDULENT IN INTENT MISREPRESENTATIONS happened to have been care of the introduction of the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT (>alleged legitimate legal instrument<) which document the legal circles came up with and >the police elected to ignore< when indulging in denial of MY rights, and the assured, by the police protection to the criminals who were seen and noted to be acting and operating IN CONTEMPT OF THE LAW, collectively!!! NOW, I DEMAND OF YOU to access the false forged document which I published at and I dare you to come back with any lame duck excuse or reason for the Metropolitan Police, including the Police Commissioner of the days and all others, one and all servants and operatives of the >JM CRIMINAL CABAL< for failing to address the issues arising by prosecuting the offenders instead of setting  out to re-arrange MY LIFE, as of then and thereafter!!!

For and in respect of the attempt to eliminate me, to which I allude and refer above, at (d) I request, I demand in fact, that you access the evidence I published at (Crimes Incorporated) and thereat consider the very issues and elements establishing ‘the institutionally organised criminal activitiesongoing as approved and arranged by abusers of public office and in particular servants of Parliament’s LAW, servants of the public and alleged servants of Justice!!!

Further to the above states the police, under your command and supervision, indulged and engaged in, I beg to refer and draw your attention to an earlier attempt, the Metropolitan police engaged in, when intending to eliminate me / take to fruition the planned for break-up of the family I created and maintained, as a kept in the dark  sucker-serf. In that instance an orchestrated scenario was used to create false grounds for the apprehension, the arrest of the targeted victim (>my person, of course<). For and on that occasion, the objective also, was to silence and or eliminate me physically. All and everything because of the threats to the criminal cabal CARE OF THE FACT THAT I USED and >CARRIED ON USING MY RIGHTS< by publishing the realities and the evidence attached to the Institutionally Organised FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, including the corruption of the sucker-serfs who somehow manage to reach the post, of THE REWARDS FACILITY, which I cover and I have been pointing to for well over two decades at:-

Should you personally seek further and comprehensive particulars of the scenarios created and enacted by the participating actors used for the apprehension of my person, I am ready and willing to do so, for I did not shred the evidence (>hint about the files lost / destroyed by the Metropolitan Police<) as the ex Commissioner asserted to the House of Commons Select Committee when he appeared before the panel to provide answers, reasons and excuses about the failures(!) of the Metropolitan Police to address(?) and DEAL with the elements and the issues attached to THE RAMPANT CORRUPTION >running amok< WITHIN the Metropolitan Police!!! For the opening scene through which to go back and establish the ORCHESTRATED SCENARIOS which the servants of the criminals in control of the Metropolitan Police added to the FAILURE OF THE ORIGINAL SCENARIO, provided to and for me the avenue through which to secure / lead to the opening scene and THE EVIDENCE, which the targeted victim published in the public domain, years ago!!!


  1. The criminals operating out of Haringey Council and Haringey police, may well have co-operated with and provided their invisible services to the tax evader, the fraud of a husband and the father of the three children born of / to my younger sister Despina through her marriage to the CRIMINALLY MOTIVATED FRAUDSTER, to Sotiris Englezakis, when he attempted to strangle me at the time of the orchestrated water flood from above the hairdressing salon at 178 Weston Park, London N8.

  2. The very fraudster, Sotiris Englezakis may well have benefited from the invisible services Haringey Police provided at the time of the assault of my person, when the created and used fraudster Nihal Wijemuni and his common law spouse were caught in the act of disappearing to destinations unknown THREE DAYS after they were served with the County Court Summons founded and resting on the unpaid rents the couple contracted with my sister Despina, as joint tenants of the first floor rooms at 68 Rathcoole Gardens, London N8. The Summons was issued out of Edmonton County Court because of non-payment of the contracted rents while the offending tenants were promoting alleged failures by the co-operating in the scams, the orchestrated theft and misappropriation of the allegedly not processed Housing Benefit care of the conspiracy / the co-operation that was secured between the handlers of the fictitious unemployment the created and used, by the encouraged fraudster Nihal Wijemuni who was sucked into the orchestrated scenarios as a participating beneficiary from the constructively engineered / processed fraud, my sister Despina was the targeted victim of >as her husband intended and arranged with the participants, including Haringey Police Officers!!!


Andrew Yiannides

Contributing articles at as ‘Diogenis’ searching for ‘true humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on

COPIES TO the solicitors (a) Pany Symeou, (b) Christopher Garwood, (c) the solicitors firm THRINGS, (d) The President of the Law Society & TO THE CABINET OFFICE (e) the Home Secretary, (f) the Justice Secretary/Lord Chancellor and (g) to the Prime Minister. Also to selected media editors

P.S:- Most interesting, indeed, the report on 23rd June 2016, the front page headline “British justice in the dock”, the undertaking to reform the justice system as spoken of by Lord Chancellor / Justice Secretary Michael Gove; also the news article in respect of the undertakings by the replacement Elizabeth Truss as copied by me for the purposes of the DEMAND INDICTMENT document which I created around the abused High Court case I refer and point to in the document number 1. In the same vein and light also the Evening Standard headline / front page news, on 17th of September 2016. I refer to the article relative to the views and the expressed opinions of Victor Olisa the ex-Commander of Haringey & Tottenham Division of the Metropolitan Police. The very Commander, who, to all intents and purposes rose to the position he held at Haringey, presumably because he HAD BEEN SERVING Parliament’s LAW and protecting the citizens’ assured protection rights, from crime and criminals; probably as the Det. Constable who benefited from a move / promotion to the Police Academy in Hendon for, OR, after abandoning the processing of the report most definitely resting and founded on the DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE, namely the THREE FALSE INSTRUMENTS, the alleged letters from the owner of the residential property occupied by a family of imported (as organised by the EVIL FORCES AT WORK) refugees / asylum seekers who spoke French but made sure they were welcome in the United Kingdom. And, care of the performance of Haringey police and Haringey Council the deprived of the rents stolen, the misappropriated (Housing Benefit?) the residential property owners were left with no other option but to sell their investment >the family residence intended to provide funding for the University studies of their two children<. Remarkable also the article published deep inside (page 28) on Friday January 20th 2017:- “JUDGE STEALS £1Million.

FROM PLATO:-  “I Think, therefore I am dangerous”

FROM DIOGENIS:- “I am looking for a human” >a THINKER, implied<, when asked why he was roaming the streets of Athens in broad daylight with a lit lantern.

FROM A. YIANNIDES:-Through an act or an omission the commission of the crime”, (From yours truly in 1976, following the abuse of the High Court facilities & the Court of Appeal provisions by the legal circles, by the professionals as acquiesced and endorsed by judicial chair occupants.

 The results of the attempt to create a mental case cabbage or ELIMINATE THE OBJECTOR-VICTIM of the abused public services, INCLUDING THE JUSTICE SYSTEM and THE COURTS FACILITIES, as covered in the DEMAND INDICTMENT which the recipient of this communication, the Commander of Police operating out of / in charge of the Haringey Borough police cabal maintained through the taxes imposed on the sucker-serfs, on Mr & Mrs Average >by both CENTRAL & LOCAL GOVERNMENT< that retain, appoint and maintain abusers of trust who are misrepresented as alleged servants of the public and THE LAW, including judicial chair occupants who act and operate as covered in the letter to a judge, called for and published at:- 

REFERENCE TO THE WORDS OF ARISTOTELIS (over 2300 years ago)  command that the specific words should be published here as part of the relevant information the visitors / readers SHOULD HAVE THE BENEFIT OF expressed wise observations that apply to and in the present days.


‘…… Επιδίωξη της τυρανίας είναι να πτωχεύσουν οι πολίτες. Αφ’ ενός για να συντηρείται με τα χρήματά τους η φρουρά του καθεστώτος και αφ΄ ετέρου για να είναι απασχολημένοι οι πολίτες και να μένει χρόνος για επιβουλές.

Σε αυτό το αποτέλεσμα αποβλέπει τόσο οι επιβολή μεγάλων φόρων, η απορόφηση των περιουσιών των πολιτών, όσο και η κατασκευη μεγάλων έργων που εξαντλούν τα δημόσια οικονομικά….’’

English translation / interpretation by Andrew Yiannides of (an N.G.O pro-active in challenging and exposing wrongdoing; also here at

THE TRANSLATION:- “……Aims of the tyrants are to render the citizens penniless / worthless. Thereby, on the one hand to maintain the guardians of the tyrants through their (the citizens) moneys / funds; and on the other hand keeping them otherwise busy / preoccupied; and thus they (the citizens) should have no time to seek and impose on the tyrants any redress.

The end product is the creation of the states the tyrants impose through high taxes, the sucking in / the taking over of their (the citizens) properties and the construction / creation of large / extensive public projects that swallow public funds / extinguish / destroy the economy….”.

Hello, abusers of my goodwill, my time and my patience!!! Do the words from the great Philosopher, the sage Aristotelis (>Aristotle<), ring any bells to any of the conditioned and the indoctrinated, the ill educated non-thinkers around? I mean the products of >the PSEUDO-Democracies< the creations of such societies mean anything? Do the words convey any messages >such as the ignored and hinted at, the pointed to in the material I have been publishing ON THE INTERNET by simply using MY RIGHTS & MY DUTIES TO REPORT WRONGDOING / CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, such as the creation of the FALSE INSTRUMENT (document) that was introduced to me AS FORGED & PROMOTED BY an old school friend who was retained to act for me in the FRAUDULENT MISREPRESENTATIONS SCENARIO that necessitated the introduction of the legal circles, the alleged honorable officers of the law >including JUDGES<, also the POLICE, all of whom collectively IGNORED PARLIAMENT’S LAWS; the wrongdoers activities amounting to contempt of and for the law as the guardians of it engaged in with FRAUDULENT  INTENTIONS care of which the creation of income, legal costs AWARDS, what the very abusers of trust and the system, the very circles generated!!! Not forgetting, naturally, the issue of enhancing it all through the imposition of REVENUE attached to the cost of paying for the right to apply and use the courts service, such as I was subjected to and as of the creation, the presentation and the promotion of the FALSE & FORGED INSTRUMENT which my old school friend and solicitor USED WHEN HE ATTEMPTED TO CAUSE ME TO ABANDON MY RIGHTS & THE HIGH COURT CLAIM, which I insisted HAD TO BE ‘the particular case’:-

Yiannides –v- Radley Gowns.  >Chancery Division – 1970<


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