The activities & THE PRACTICES EXPOSED, as related and stated in the most clear of reported criminal activities which the police, as maintained by the government of the day, irrespective of the political coloration the representatives of the SHEEPle benefit from, the same wolves are feasting on the sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them by the abductors and rapists of Justice & Democracy, the New World Order way and plans for humanity.

The extract below briefly and effectively covers the alleged Democracy in practice as operated, as applied  and as used by the impostors who allegedly represent the electors who have taxes imposed on them by the criminals in control of the mother of all allegedly civilized PSEUDO-Democracies.


Within a year of my arrival in London, the Joannides family of seven had secured first a decent flat in Highbury and when father suffered from a bad case of pneumonia a district nurse would visit us daily at the flat in order to administer injections and other medication. Through a friendship that evolved between my two sisters and the nurse, when visiting the nurse at her residence in Wood Green when the nurse was getting married and my sisters were asked to stand as bridesmaids, a residential property in the same road as the engaged couple’s residential property, was to be sold. The property was partly occupied by sitting tenants; an elderly couple was in occupation of the ground floor but the upper part was adequate for our family needs. When looking for the means to finance the acquisition of the property I got to know of the problems, the trappings and the one and only way the family could acquire the relevant property. At the time Local Authorities, such as the Wood Green Corporation, were providing funds for large families to acquire suitable accommodation through mortgage facilities at fixed low interest rates, and, as the facility was provided to family heads only, the issue was discussed and the only logical conclusion was for the property to be acquired in father’s name with the two working daughters…….

PAGE 6 PARAGRAPH 7 continuing

……..  to meet the initial deposit and the monthly mortgage repayment costs alternately, So it was agreed and the same arrangements were made also for the furniture and all other costs and expenses attached to the acquisition of such. All family members, relatives and friends were made privy to the agreed commitment of the two daughters Maria and Despina.


Early on Maria exhibited her usual selfish mentality and indifference for any considerations towards any other. In the course of my final year at college we were made aware of a small workshop, a making-up unit machining cut garments close to the hairdressing salon where Despina was employed. Maria, and myself visited the premises and it was agreed that it was a good opportunity, to start with, and father was informed accordingly. His input at the time was that we should proceed with the acquisition as a good business opportunity for Maria, implying that I was to be subject to her mentality towards others as the big boss she had been allowed to act as, care of the fraud of a father of five who had his wife slaving and toiling to raise five children on her own without any input from him. Because of my observations while growing up and father’s inconsiderate approach to such important issues I qualified to father that I would do my best for Maria and assist her to manage, organise the work flow and the work force but I was not likely to accept and endure such mentalities as Maria adopted after the acquisition of the residential property. I suggested that it would be best for father and mother to acquire the business, so to speak, jointly as a family business and thereafter develop it as a family venture


I beg to divert to other developments while I was in my final year at college. At the time, following independence, Technical Education was high on the agenda of the Greek Communal Chamber in Cyprus and I was being offered a possible position, through a third party. The offers kept coming after I accepted the partnership business opportunity in London.

PAGE 8 PARAGRAPH 9 continuing

At about the time when I informed father that I was to acquire a residential property in a suitable area befitting the business partnership and that the managing director of the main company my business partner and I were conducting business with, had given an excellent assurance and glowing references to the bank my partner and I were using to the effect that so long as I was involved in the business he would never look for any other making up unit, for he would rather see his business and the partnership business develop and expand side by side. When I informed father of my plans to move on, I also promised him that if Costas was to secure a place at any university for his intended studies in medicine, he could be assured for support from me as long as he was successful in his studies.


At the time father asked of me to consider my obligations to my two sisters and in particular to Maria whose hand in marriage was being floated back in Cyprus care of some relatives who informed mother and father that a particular in-law of a relative who had visited his sister from Crete, had seen Maria’s photograph and expressed the wish to meet her and marry her. And so it was that I was caused to lay my plans to rest by the wayside, delay my intended own marriage to my choice of a wife, until such time as Maria was married, not in the distant future as it was presented to me. For the journey to Cyprus I joined a business associate of uncle Yiannis, and his wife, because they needed assistance for the drive through Europe to Athens, for neither spoke or understood any other language, besides Greek.


When back in Cyprus I called at the Department of Technical Education of the Greek Communal Chamber and I had a good meeting with the head of the department. Some time later uncle Yiannis informed me that he was very happy for me and congratulated me for the good news as reported in the newspapers. Apparently it was a case of an official announcement that I had been appointed to a new Technical School in Larnaca without any prior notification to me. In the meantime, while in Cyprus for the main cause and reason as to why I had gone to Cyprus nothing from the offending abusers of my goodwill and trust, namely the fraud of a father and the envious Maria whose poor performance at elementary / junior school took us to the same exit door. Because of her poor performance she stayed put twice in the same school years, the 3rd and the 5th year classes. As it was I did not wish to offend the education authorities after the official announcement.


While I was waiting and looking forward to the arrival of Maria no communications and or confirmation from Maria that she was to proceed with the cause and reasons why I had gone to Cyprus, in the first instance, at a very crucial point in my life as a person who always planned ahead in everything I was faced with in my long and varied journey through life, given the freedom of choice with the exception that in many an instance the maligned, the spiteful and the evil who abused and abuse the trust such persons seek and secure benefit from, such persons are rarely seen to reconsider their evil ways.


Maria did, eventually, turn up in Cyprus after I had been caused to stay put and accept my fate as others arranged for me but mainly because I did not wish to embarrass the Education Authorities of the Greek Communal Chamber in Cyprus, for, in addition to all other principles my mother’s brother Savvas was a cantor at St John’s the church at the Archbishopric complex and the President, Archbishop Makarios, had known of my cousin Takis and me personally because of my uncle’s connection to the Archbishop. When, eventually, Maria arrived in Cyprus she did not even consider bringing any of my winter clothing bearing in mind that I had been caused to go to Cyprus in late spring. She did, however, bring the tape recorder I wrote and asked for. She never spoke of or mentioned the reason why I was caused to go to Cyprus but she made ……

PAGE XX PARAGRAPH 13 continuing

…….. sure she did not miss any opportunities to attend all shows and live performances from visiting recording Greek artists, without considering the cost at the time when the scale of the salaries to be paid to Technical Education Teaching & Training staff / instructors had not been determined / concluded, due to long ongoing objections by the secondary / higher education school teaching staff.


At the end of the first year, for the summer vacation, a number of English School old boys and teaching staff organised for a chartered flight to the United Kingdom and I was one of the participating contributors. I turned up unexpectedly in London and the reasons were soon put to the treacherous fraud of a father. My scooter which I used to travel to the West End during the early morning rush hour and my car had been sold. What was even more objectionable, disturbing and offensive to me was the fact that when I wrote to Costas in my hours of need after Maria returned to the United Kingdom, to call upon a good friend, Dick of Dickinson’s Photographic, in Piccadilly, he failed to do so himself. Instead he told father to collect the moneys I had paid as deposit for the Hi Fi equipment I was to buy for the intended acquisition of my personal home and residency, I was informed of the unacceptable manner in which father spoke and ‘demanded’ for the return of the moneys in the presence of clients at the time.


It so happened in the course of my visit to London that a person who wished to ‘marry any suitable young lady in London’ and thereby secure unhindered residency in the United Kingdom; and, so, the usual arrangements were set in motion. In the course of dinner the suitor enquired who owned the Encyclopaedia Britannica in the lounge and Maria rushed to proclaim “the household”, thereby implying it was part of what was to be treated as hers, just as many other acquisitions were treated, as if hers and hers alone. I was left with no other choice but to respond

PAGE 10 PARAGRAPH 15 continuing

…….. appropriately by reminding her in the presence of all as to when and how I acquired the set; also why I had the volumes bound in claret wine Marocan leather, and embossed with Gold leaf in capital Greek letters on the spine >Iota Omega< (ΙΩ). I could have gone on to qualify further that the acquisition was paid for from the win on the pools I benefited from in father’s name because I started doing the pools long before I was 21. I could have added also that she wilfully failed to arrange for the payment of the cost of three pounds sterling (£3) towards the cost of the leather binding and the embossment with the Iota Omega on the spine in Gold leaf, towards the first and each of the next 20 annual updates / volumes for the subscription I contracted and paid for. I had no intention, however, to stir the waters at the time for obvious reasons. The aforesaid stated facts are but typical examples of Maria’s mentality towards other members of the Joannides Kingdom, as one the three clone-products of the fraud of a husband and the fraud of a father of five.

PARAGRAPH 16 continuing on PAGE 10

Moving on from the introduction to the clone products of the late Kyriacos Petrou Joannides Tsaroulla, I turn to the foundation stones on which the kingdoms of the Joannides, the Antoniades and the Englezakis principalities were created by such clone creators as Kyriacos Petrou Joannides. The very elements and principles directly relate and apply to the present day scenarios as created and concocted by the master abusers of trust and the crafty product-creations of the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies resting and founded, allegedly, on principles of Law and Order, such as the false instruments (alleged court orders proper) as I was to benefit from, a decade or so later; everything simply arranged and organised by the legal circles, with the blessings of the police and Ministers of the Crown, when I was the victim of such after I instigated legal proceedings in the High Court as covered in paragraphs 17 through to 23 hereinafter, related and covered most clearly, in plain English for even the…..

PAGE 11, PARAGRAPH 16 continuing…..

……… most illiterate non-thinker to grasp and understand, lest the person be a simpleton / moron.


Five years after returning to London in 1964, I found myself in a case of business misrepresentations, and, after conducting the essential research and securing the evidence called for, I contacted an old school friend from our common English School education and grounding. He, one Kypros Nichola, studied law and had set up his solicitors firm in Seven Sisters Road in the Finsbury Park area of North London close to the heartland of the Cypriot community, for obvious reasons. Given the facts and shown the documented evidence the solicitor organised a meeting with a barrister he recommended as ‘the man for the job’.


Two years into the High Court action I benefited from a telephone call from the solicitor who asked me to attend his office after the staff had left at the end of the working day. He explained that he needed to speak to me, in private, about developments in the High Court Action. I attended as requested and while the solicitor was to seek the necessary file I went to the canteen to make a couple of coffees. I hardly passed on to the solicitor the coffee I made for him and as I put the one I made for me where I was to sit, he threw from across the table copy of a document the firm had received from the other party, the Defendants. I observed and noted more than enough without picking the document up and I simply asked for a copy which I needed to study carefully because he had qualified, as the legal authority, that on the evidence ‘that’ document 

PAGE  12 PARAGRAPH 18 continuing:-

…… represented I was bound to lose my case and, I should, therefore, abandon the claim; I should consider cutting my losses, he stipulated. Relying on our old school friendship I suggested that we could discuss the situation over souvla (charcoal grilled meat) in the garden at his residence which was not far from the Joannides family homestead.


Armed with the copy of the specific document, at the conclusion of the meeting, I called first at the police station not far from the solicitor’s offices. Thereafter I called at the police station in the same road where I carried on the business of young fashion-wear as ‘Take-off’ (to the moon, implied). Both front desk police officers determined that as the issue I went to report was already in the courts I should simply let the solicitors and the courts deal with the case (do not bother the police, implied). In the circumstances, I contacted my Member of Parliament who arranged for me to meet with him at the surgery he was holding at an office at / in the Local Authority, the London Borough of Islington. At the conclusion of the meeting he suggested calling at the police station in Upper Street, Islington, where I should report my observations and concerns. On reporting my observations as directed by my MP I was advised to report my concerns to the police close to the High Court, in Holborn, because the report / complaint related to an active High Court action. And, Holborn police instructed me to report my observations and concerns to the Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police not far from the Victoria mainline railway station. In the circumstances I caused to be delivered by post to Sir Robert Mark the acting Metropolitan Police Commissioner my observations, complaints and concerns, founded and resting on the creation of the false instrument years after the events it was allegedly referring / related to, for it was endorsed with the wrong year, the year when the High Court Writ of Summons was issued, whereas the year of the events that gave rise to the cause and reasons for legal action took

PAGE 12 PARAGRAPH 19 continuing:

….. place the previous year. (Refer to Page 1 of the Exhibit “A.Y.1” attached to this my affidavit). In so far as I have ever been concerned only the mentally, the morally and the ethically blind could be excused for failing to observe and note the amended digits from 70 to 69.

PAGE 13, PARAGRAPH 20 continuing:-

Following my personal visits at the two local police stations, armed as I had been with the copy of the offensive to me document, I telephoned my solicitor the following morning and cancelled the suggested weekend meeting over souvla. Due to the fact that my solicitor had told me that he had received the questionable document from the Defendant’s solicitors, after the additional activities I engaged in failed to produce any interest by the authorities, I telephoned my solicitor, weeks later, and I simply asked of him to arrange for inspection of documents without mentioning my observations, my visits to the local police or the rest of my actions. I explained that until the physical inspection I could not be expected to act as Mr Kypros Nichola, my old school friend and solicitor directed me. Hence the reasons why he acceded to my request and he arranged for a member of his staff to deal with and organise the inspection of documents as a priority issue.

PAGE 13 PARAGRAPH 21 follows:-

I asked Harry Savva Dumbar, a trainee barrister who was operating out of my solicitor’s offices, at the time, as I was informed by my solicitor, to inform me of the inspection date and eagerly I looked forward to that event. On the way to the Defendant’s solicitors, Mr Dunbar told me that my presence was most ‘irregular’. After the physical inspection of the documents, specifically the offending creation, I asked Mr Dunbar IF HE NOTICED THE OBVIOUS, namely the fact that the relevant document had benefited from a little accident and he asked me to explain “why the question”. I qualified that I noted as of the moment Mr Nichola threw, from across the table, the document that turned the case around, that the very

PAGE 14 PARAGRAPH 21 continues

document had been endorsed with the wrong year and the error had been ‘corrected’, hence the request / demand for the physical inspection of the original which, as it happened, was a spirtograph copy-form, a document, apparently created by the company that placed the order with the Defendants and used by the buyers. I then qualified and I asked Mr Dumbar to look up the documented evidence I passed on to my solicitor in the first instance. I qualified and stipulated that he should consider the simple fact that I had written to the Defendants >at the time of the events<, and requested for a copy of the letter which the Defendants were to write to the buyers to the effect that the garments were not to be delivered. In other words the contract was to be cancelled by the sellers, the defendants. And, I emphasised the fact that the buyers (not the sellers / Defendants) had written back to me and stated that the order had been cancelled before I was faced with the fraudulent in intent misrepresentations. I pointed out that the letter / reply I received from the buyers discredited the assertions from the Defendant’s director and the issue of who cancelled the order qualified my rightful claim against the Defendants. Such a letter, as the Defendant’s Director spoke of was not sent to the Buyers Department at C&A, I added, and I pointed out that before I had the initial meeting with Mr Nicholas and the follow-up meeting with the recommended Barrister / Counsel I had secured a letter from the C&A Buyers Department who wrote back to state that the particular order (garments) had been cancelled by the buyers before I was even asked to cut and make up the particular style.


Following the above I benefited from information that the Defendants applied to the court seeking an order from the court to dismiss the action on “Want of prosecution grounds”. My reaction was very clear “Should the Defendant’s application succeed Nicholas & Co would be held liable for the damages suffered by me and the use of the false and forged too,

PAGE 15 PARAGRAPH 22 continues

…… instrument would be high on the agenda. At and for the relevant hearing I had requested of Sir Robert Mark’s office to arrange for a qualified police officer to attend the hearing but my request was ignored and cast aside, in typical Metropolitan police indifference to criminal activities by and from within the legal circles and the courts, as my research and study of such practices as I had been subjected to, established.


On the day of the particular hearing, without disclosing my intentions to attend, after securing the relevant information (enquiries of and at the High Court) I waited in the corridor some distance and round the corner for the respective legal teams to enter the Master’s chambers and a few minutes later I knocked on the door and simply entered the room; the Master told me that it was a private hearing and I proceeded to inform the Master that I was the Plaintiff, the first person entitled to address the court. My solicitor and his team confirmed my statement and stance, so I was invited to take a seat. The Defendant’s application was dismissed and directions were given for the case to be transferred to the Mayor’s and City of London Court leading to yet more research and study by and for me. Master Waldman having imposed cost damages on the Plaintiff (ME) as organised and arranged by my recklessly abusive of my trust old school friend Kypros Nichola, my solicitor who obviously had been working hand in glove with the Defendants legal team, as a typical licensed by the law Society solicitor. So were, also, the costs warranted for the appeal which the Defendants legal team engaged in, following the Master’s order & Directions. That event (the appeal) was also conducted behind closed doors, as I got to know of and was to experience during and after the event, because a nephew of mine who expressed interest in the case and my brother Costas were not allowed to enter the court room. The usher even tried to block and stop me entering the court room, as happened earlier when I attended the hearing by / before Master

PAGE 16 PARAGRAPH 23 continues

……. Waldman, I simply informed the usher that I happened to be, ‘the plaintiff’ which took us to the scenario when I walked into the Master’s chambers, earlier. Of such activities the promotions about “JUSTICE SEEN TO BE DONE”. The day’s result? Case struck out, leading to the need for MORE scenarios and theatrical productions with the attached revenue creation for the actors, both legal teams and in the instance at hand to hell with Parliament’s FORGERY ACT of 1913 and all other Acts of Parliament relative to the need and purpose of many other Acts of Parliament as for instance for and in respect of provisions for “MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE”, to mention another relevant Act of Parliament most breached and violated by judicial chair occupants.


The above stated facts and realisations created and caused health problems care of a severe stomach ulcer condition which did lead to the need for surgery, as I was advised by my doctor and the Hospital team addressing the state of my health. When in hospital for the planned operation at the Middlesex Hospital in Central London, I thought of visiting my father’s cousin Dr. K Kamaris at his surgery in Harley Street. I got dressed and told the staff nurse and ward sister that I wished to go to a book shop and look for something I could read during the recovery days after the operation. Dr Kamaris advised me not to undergo the specific surgery because part of it entailed some change to the exit valve / muscle from the stomach to the intestines and as a consequence the acids from the stomach when mixed with the alkali created gas and bloated bellies thereby causing the unpleasant sounds getting rid of the excessive wind. I was also told that the over-acidity and ulcer condition could be dealt with care of a diet that could reduce the over-acidity in combination with specific medication.


Following Dr Kamaris advice I discussed what I was told with the surgeon and the medical team at the Middlesex hospital, who ‘confirmed the wind scenario’ and it was agreed that I should try my father’s cousin advice. Shortly afterwards I was introduced to the person I married later; she was a refugee from Cyprus and the introduction stirred my concerns and interests that caused more than half of the islands population to be….

/ continuing on PAGE 17

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  • As author of the specific article / part of my explicit STATEMENT OF FACTS, covering the overall performance of the legal circles, including the judges, arranged and selected from the very professional / legal circles, each one, of course, AFTER SECURING SUCH TRAINING THROUGH THE PRACTICES I WAS SUBJECTED TO BY THE LOUSY ACTORS >en masse < BENEFITING FROM SUCH PERFORMANCES as I had my first experiences within the courts created and maintained by the United Kingdom, I need only add that my contribution as published in the public domain (>above<) should awaken all of the maligned evil shitizens, starting with my sister Maria Kyriacou Joannide - Yianni Antoniade who should reflects NOW on the simple quote from our ancestors as we inherited from our mother's commitment and personality / decency and promotion of her own family roots and background : "ΜΗΔΕΝΑ ΠΡΟ ΤΟΥ ΤΕΛΟΥΣ ΜΑΚΑΡΙΖΕ".

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