The CAMPAIGN of Campaigns for ALL VICTIMS OF THE ABUSED Public Services to WAKE UP


  1. An industrious creative business proprietor, in October 1969, was faced with an arrogant state of FRAUDULENT IN CONCEPT & IMPOSITIONS scenario that commanded the need to seek Justice, through the Legal System / the High Court.

  2. For the occasion the person contacted and furnished full particulars and the essential, documented evidence which the person secured before he called upon an old high school friend, one who followed the legal profession, armed, as he was, with the essential evidence in support of the case.

  3. Following a meeting and the essential briefing with a Barrister the legal wheels were set in motion and ‘the process was left with the professionals to address and secure the warranted end product’, as anticipated and expected of ‘the experts’.

  4. Two years into the case the person benefited from a telephone call from the solicitor who invited the person (his client) to visit him after the solicitor’s staff had gone. The solicitor qualified that it was essential and most important that he spoke to the client.

  5. The reason for the privacy related to advice the solicitor was to give to his old school friend, the client; and the client’s reaction to directions to abandon the claim in order for the solicitor’s client to cut his losses short, apparently because the claim was bound to fail care of the strength of the evidence the plaintiff’s solicitor received from the Defendant’s solicitors.

  6. The ‘advice from the professional’ was supported with the passing (throwing) over to the other side of the table, where the Plaintiff-client was about to sit, a copy document, right side up. The client saw more than enough on first glance while standing up, and, without picking the document up, he simply asked for a copy of it and added that the development, commanded exchange of views which the old school friends could conduct over ‘souvla’ (charcoal grilled meat) during the weekend at the solicitor’s residence.

  7. The document that introduced the change in the solicitor’s approach to the case, when created had been endorsed with the year (19)70, the year when the Writ of Summons was issued and served; and the digits 70 were altered, the 7 to 6 and the 0 to 9; (19)69 being the year of the fraudulent misrepresentations.

  8. The offending document-creation as advanced and promoted, collectively, by the solicitors, clearly was intended to be used for the generation of fraudulent in concept income for the professionals, care of abuse of the courts processes / the legal system, while frustrating the targeted victim who had no option but to instigate legal proceedings, while a misguided believer in the justice system, as maintained for and used by the professionals in the United Kingdom.

  9. The document (alleged evidence) advanced by the Defendant’s solicitors and as promoted and used by both professional teams, in the course of subsequent court developments, established without room for any doubt that the blessings of judicial capacity officers were (and have been) ever present care of the Police who were seen to be operating as a wholesome body-corporate partner in the criminal activities ongoing in and through the courts over the last 4 plus decades, 44 years.

  10. True copy of the created false and forged defence document, was received and seen by many an Intellectual Prostitute acting for and operating as reporters out of the mainline newspapers and the media generally, starting with the victim-plaintiff’s daily read ‘The Manchester Guardian’, as it was known then. The editor simply passed the extensive documented evidence on to a professor of law at the London School of Economics who contacted the victim-plaintiff directly. Both, however, were not prepared to commit themselves to raising public awareness to the liberties and the criminal, in essence, activities ongoing through abuse of the courts.

  11. Image of the false and forged creation, as used in the High Court theatrical scenarios that were enacted by the participants before judicial chair occupants, including two Lord Justices, was and has remained published in the public domain since 1997 as part of the victim-plaintiff’s human rights violations research and study of the conditioned and misdirected non-thinkers; also the otherwise motivated false fronts presenters who care not about any other, even members of the victim’s own / same family.

  12. The image of the offending document-creation can be accessed at:- and the scenarios as planned, enacted and executed by the offending abusers of the courts processes are covered in paragraphs 16 to 24 of pages 10 to 16 of the FACTS STATED in the document referenced 2PFamAff, intended for release in the public domain, part of the proposed indictment the government of the day, ought to have duly considered at the actual time of the events; even more so now, when one considers the development of the state of the health of the victim of many product-creations of the justice system as maintained by successive governments of alternating political ideologies but nonetheless of similar disposition to the welfare of Mr & Mrs Average who have taxes imposed on them for such services as the police, meant and intended to ensure that breaches of Parliament’s Laws are duly prosecuted and judges whose primary function is to apply their grasp of the law to established and proven breaches as happened to have been the creation of the false and forged creation of a document advanced and used by ‘the professionals’ in support of a concocted defence, two years after the events that gave rise to the High Court action.


Andrew Yiannides, the victim of the abused courts’ facilities.


VICTIMS OF SIMILAR PRACTICES SHOULD CONTACT THE author-creator of the above article-presentation at and seek copies of the specific pages referred to above in paragraph 12, especially if such victims are prepared to join a network of victims under the banner

The present request-invitation / article (as is) can also be accessed on SKYPE at VOICE 4 JUSTICE

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  • The victim / researcher / creator of the present article as submitted for true humans >THINKERS< to consider and WAKE UP TO THE OBVIOUS, the fact that the alleged administrators of Parliament's LAW in the United Kingdom are parties to and more than simply accessories and abettors to such criminal activities as the creator of THE STATED FACTS, MADE PUBLIC as PUBLISHED HERE at and at- care of 45 years of ongoing research and studies; looking into the ARROGANT CONSTRUCTIVELY ENGINEERED >ORCHESTRATED FRAUD< systematically and habitually imposed on Mr & Mrs Average. For over 22 years the victim / author of this article and these present submissions has had to put up with many an alleged victim challenger; one and all, simply, were interested in taking part in THE EXPANSION OF THE CORRUPTION OF TARGETED VICTIMS whom such charlatans, dreamers and lovers of the existing FRAUD APLENTY FACILITIES (such as the LIPS mob = Loonies >NOT Litigants< In Person Society; the objectives of which persons and their reasons for contacting me AFTER I CAUSED THE ABUSERS of a County Court's facilities to change their tactics and abandon the wrongly imposed states BY REVERSING THEIR ORDERS & IMPOSITIONS while all were expecting of me to retain some fraudster >licensed by the Law Society< to act for me in the inexcusable and unfounded claim which a builder was used for (instructed . guided) to instigate a concocted claim against me while all abusers of the relevant County Court's facilities were actively engaging in OBSTRUCTIONS TO THE JUSTICE I SET OUT TO SEEK AND FIGHT-FOR >ON MY OWN< . One and all were noted and observed to simply engage in similar activities and practices as I HAD BEEN THE VICTIM OF as covered in the FACTS STATED in the short article published here at:- FOR THE VISITORS / FOR THE READERS to wake up to the realities and seek ANY OTHER SUPPORTIVE EVIDENCE THAT qualifies and establishes THE FACT THAT THE LEGAL CIRCLES with the blessings of the police, also abusers of judicial chairs and MINISTERS OF THE CROWN ACT & OPERATE IN CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENTS LAW.

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