Organised Constructive Fraud, the abuse of the courts facilities article commanding protection.

I seek contact with the team, and in particular the director & the editor of THE PROPOSED, DOCUMENTARY. I do so, primarily, because of my personal experiences with the institutionalized SUPPRESSION OF THE REALITIES such as John Swinton spoke of / concluded as he delivered his retirement speech after serving as Chief Editorial writer for the New York Times in the 1850-1860’s decade.

I refer, above, to what the Media Barons command and arrange with and for the reporters they retain and use for the arrogant suppression of the realities, such as I experienced over 43 years ago and thereat I determined to study, to research and THEREAFTER TO EXPOSE THE ARRANGEMENTS for abuse of the courts facilities by ‘the professionals’ who systematically engage and indulge in CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD on the taxpayers (>on Mr & Mrs Average<), as I qualify and point to THE EVIDENCE, which nobody can evade (>especially the offending abusers of trust who engage in such activities<).

Any diligent student can recognise the obvious, when reading of the facts and considering the documented evidence published for and in respect of the specific case when >the convenient wrongdoings by the court’s clerical staff< were seen to be party to the intent to cause me to retain professionals at the usual high cost impositions I was more than familiar with, after 20 years of study and research, hence the reason why I aptly named the chapter of my work, “The Breeding Grounds – case” as published at:-

I have been pointing to the evidence as of the days when I set up the human-rights website and, in effect, qualifying “HOW the legal circles and public servants systematically abuse the courts facilities by engaging and indulging in ORGANIZED FRAUD on Mr & Mrs Average, who have taxes imposed on them for the REWARDS to the converted, as I point to and I expose in the second URL, below.

One needs only to consider the evidence pointed to as published in the webpage / the chapter of my on-going study and research quantifying the obvious; namely, THE CONFIDENTIAL FRAUD, as at the below URL I cover with the documented evidence in support pointed to, and everyone can access as I did. Further to the aforesaid study and recognition of the tactics used by the abusers of public office and public facilities (>namely THE COURTS<) I ask the director and the editor of the proposed documentary (>as intended and announced<), to access and read carefully and pass on to diligent persons the absolute need to consider the material facts and the EVIDENCE pointed to, which I published in the public domain at:-

There, I have been pointing to the realities and to the INESCAPABLE FACT that the courts have been and SYSTEMATICALLY ARE USED FOR THE CREATION OF FRAUDULENT INCOME GENERATION as in “The Breeding Grounds – case” was the concocted claim against me; the institution of which proceedings and the attempts to cause me to retain professionals ANY DILIGENT READER CAN and should conclude, happened to have been the intentions and the plans of the creators-operators were noted to have been MOST PROACTIVE in the case when others were lurking in the background FOR & WITH THEIR PARTS, their anticipations, their expectations of and with THEIR PLANS FOR THE TARGETED individual (>my person<).

I did, however, recognise why and what for, at the time, the unfounded and false / inexcusable claim, hence the reason why I did not resort to use of and or reliance on any member of the legal circles to fight my corner, simply because of my experiences over 20 years earlier; also BECAUSE OF MY LONG ON-GOING STUDY & RESEARCH to which I committed myself, after a single High Court Judge and thereafter TWO LORD JUSTICES, sitting at the Court of Appeal were seen and noted to have been parties to and PARTICIPATING IN THE BLUNT & ARROGANT ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES FOR THE FRAUD APLENTY ARRANGEMENTS (>when one considers just the costs order attached to the perversion and the arrogant corruption of Justice<).

Everything simply arranged and organised by the Legal circles; by the professionals who engaged and indulged, in THE CASE THAT OPENED MY EYES TO THE REALITIES, as the targeted then, sucker-serf (>how Mr & Mrs Average are treated as<) as I was treated and used for, by abusers of public facilities, >namely the courts<; everyone, from the clerical staff at the County Court >in “The Breeding Grounds – case” twenty years or so later and as the abusers of the High Court facilities, at the Royal Courts of Justice did engage in, some twenty years earlier, when solicitors and Barristers relied on the use and promotion of the blunt false instrument (document) that was also FORGED (>date amended) AFTER THE CREATORS and the PROMOTERS OF THE FALSE DOCUMENT >CREATION< REALISED THAT THE CREATION WAS ENDORSED WITH THE YEAR AFTER THE EVENTS THAT GAVE RISE TO THE HIGH COURT ACTION; the action that rested and was found on COMMERCIAL FRAUD (care of deception, lies, abuse of position, trust and fraudulent in intent misrepresentations.

I look forward to acknowledgement of receipt of this email by the BBC, which institution like others received and ignored submissions and evidence attached to other power-mongering media institutions. All are scheduled to benefit from the relevant merits and credits for their parts in maintaining and promoting PSEUDO-democracies as allegedly civilised states of the genuine principles, as I prepare to release the most clear of acknowledgement by two professionals TWO BARRISTERS-POLITICIANS, namely the Spokes-Person on Legal Affairs for the Opposition, in the House of Commons, Paul Boateng and the Leader of the Opposition Tony Blair, both of whom had to concede to me, in July 1995, that I was right when 20 plus years earlier I concluded that FRAUD HAD BEEN & WAS ON-GOING THROUGH ABUSE OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM and the courts facilities >as used by the professionals<. Everything, of course, with the blessings of the police and Ministers; from the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney General; everything on-going for centuries >simply because the media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes recklessly suppress the realities and with intent elect to ignore the criminal activities and the impositions on the lied to, the cheated and defrauded gullible sucker-serfs, Mr & Mrs Average.

NOTE, for this repeat of ‘the protected article’ (published on 10th March 2016), the image of the letter I received from the House of Commons in July 1995, has been removed, for a number of reasons; specifically because attempts were made by victims of the abused courts facilities who allegedly aimed to challenge the practices by the legal circles and the arrogant abuse of the courts facilities for other objectives. In fact the alleged victim-challengers were most pro-active in attempts to create just another false front and thereby use the said creation for the processing of challenges intended to lead to THE CONFIDENTIAL REWARDS under the table facility, as covered and pointed to at:-

I refer and point above to the sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them for the creation and maintenance of conditional states care of the on-going in and through abuse of the courts facilities, >CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES<, the realities and recognition of which command considerations by all tax-payers who are bound to conclude as I did and submitted to the debate “Can WE Trust The Judges?“, in the course of the International Convention / the ‘Festival of Rights’ held in London in late June & early July in 1995. I hasten to add that the debate was chaired by the Spokes-Person on Legal Affairs for the Opposition Paul Boateng, who later was appointed High Commissioner in South Africa. For the debate at the time, Helena Kennedy also a Barrister, now Baroness Kennedy and the head of the most proactive firm of solicitors in the United Kingdom on issues arising out of Human Rights Violations.


Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS Contributing articles at as ‘Diogenis’ searching for ‘true humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on.

April 2015

One of the photographs I took at the actual time / in the course of the debate is now published on the Internet at:-

Copied below, also the addenda by way of a comment as submitted on 12th March 2016:-

1 comment to Protected, Organised Constructive Fraud through abuse of the courts facilities. All & Everything arranged and organised by the legal circles, by the professionals!!!

As the deponent of the realities and the evidence I published at the website over the last 35, or so, years, my paths crossed with many an alleged victim-challenger of the legal circles and the courts facilities, such as I was and I have been as of 1972.

Many the alleged victim-challengers who elected to ignore and in fact suppressed the obvious to which I have been pointing for over 35 years. I refer to the open and shut case of the CASH REWARDS UNDER THE TABLE (the suppressed realities) AS COVERED BY THE EVIDENCE qualified and made very clear to PERSONS who can and DO USE GREY MATTER when / after accessing and reading of the arrangements FOR ALL WHO READILY SUCCUMB TO THE TEMPTATION & CONVERT TO LOVER-PROMOTERS-USERS of the FACILITIES IN PLACE FOR THE CONVERSION OF THE VICTIMS >TO LOVERS-PROMOTERS-USERS< OF THE LEGAL CIRCLES AND THE ABUSED COURTS FACILITIES, AS COVERED AT THE ABOVE web-page.

Many the alleged victim-challengers who were pointed to the fact that attempts had been made to eliminate me >physically< and the most evil of ways when three school thugs were pointed to a bus stop (opposite my local police station) where I was waiting for a bus in order to go to the local library where I was to make some photocopies.

As soon as the bus moved on the three school thugs took it in tuns to punch and hit me as if a punch bug. Despite asking each of the three used as directed (obviously) by the police officer who escorted them out of the local police station; eventually one of the school thugs (as created, used and encouraged) produced out of his school satchel a folded pedal-bicycle chain which he used as THE WEAPON that caused the head injuries which visitors / readers (IF interested or concerned, of course) can access at:-

Added below a link that takes readers / visitors / CONCERNED CITIZENS to an explicit letter and submissions to an inspector of police as retained and maintained by the Republic of Haringey whereby one CAN READ OF & CONSIDER the realities and the parts of such alleged servants of Parliament’s Law against the background of the vicious assault, as arranged by the very police force. The specific injuries qualifying WHAT FOR and why the only conclusion any diligent grey matter user could and can arrive at; namely to render the assaulted victim into a brain damaged cabbage…. hence the additional conclusion after considering the failures of the very criminal cabal operating and used ‘the law enforcing agency / power’ maintained by the hypocrites and party politics fraudsters such as the Councillor who commanded of me, the victim of the organisers and maintenance engineers of the stolen /misappropriated Housing Benefit FRAUD ongoing through abuse of the Local Authorities, such as Haringey Council while all were / are relying on the abusers of Judicial chair occupancy to ignore the evidence and the law, thereby DENYING & OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE to Mr & Mrs Average SUCKER-SERFS who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of such criminals as ALL SENIOR POLICE OFFICERS (as Inspector Thorpe) who established through their reckless contempt for the rights assured under Parliament’s Law to the citizens……. citizens of the mentality and aptitude of the many lousy hypocrites who crossed paths with me over the last 44 or so years….. one and all electing to ignore & suppress from their alleged wholesome grasp of the criminal activities ongoing through abuse of the courts facilities for centuries.
The URL / Link, below takes one to the explicit letter and the evidence related and pointed to from:-
Visitors are invited to contact the survivor of the assault by joining the room / group “VOICE 4 JUSTICE” on Skype or by private email to


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