Your turn now. I have done my bit as far as the objections, the challenges and THE EXPOSURES GO.

The letter released, published below was written to a judge who ADAMANTLY INSISTED the targeted citizen should seek assistance from a firm of solicitors and ignored the allegedly insolvent person who made it very clear that her brother, who was there to assist put her case across was very familiar with everything.


As soon as the judicial chair occupant was referred and pointed to the documented evidence, part of it published in the public domain (for years), also the right to record the hearing in the interests of justice to be seen to be done, the judge simply walked out of the court room and retired to a back-room office and thereafter refused and failed to return to the courtroom.

The targeted & allegedly insolvent Mrs Englezakis and her brother were eventually told by the court usher to go, leave, because Her Honour was not to return to the court room (‘you might as well go’).

However, as soon as the two left as directed / told, the judge returned to the court room and set about dictating / creating a scenario that did not reflect the realities. Two persons who witnessed and had been intrigued by the states created after the introduction to the challenges that were to follow, intervened in order to point out to the judge that the two were directed “TOLD TO GO” by the court usher.

The above, by way of introduction to the content of the letter that followed after the court, in the person of the judge who walked out, failed to organise / arrange for a hearing proper!

Readers and interested visitors AFTER READING the content of the letter released >copy-pasted below<, must consider the realities pointed to in conjunction with the letters to the Minister/Ministry of justice  and the one to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Most important and relevant remains the fact that the release of the letters, as published in and USED FOR THE SPECIFIC ARTICLE, was and remains the element of CREATION & PUBLICATION OF THE VERY ARTICLE after Justice Secretary Michael Gove spoke of British Justice In The Dock as highlighted by the media and the Intellectual Prostitutes operating out of such ‘antiquated institutions’ after decades of turning blind eyes and deaf ears in the direction of howling / deafening winds.


17th November 2014

Central County Court

Royal Courts of Justice

Strand — London

WC2A 211



My Ref:            DJHABD4Q

Your Ref:        522 Of 2014

Dear Madam


I draw your attention to the Judicial Oath you were obliged to take when you were appointed to the position you hold within the Legal System and the facilities at your disposal when serving the Law. Justice and Mr & Mrs Average who meet the costs of it all through the taxes imposed on the citizens of the United Kingdom.

I hereby demand that you point to any part of the Official judicial Oath whereby you are meant to provide facilities for the endorsement and expansion / imposition of any FRAUDULENTLY CREATED demands of Mr & Mrs Average as arranged and organised by the criminal cabal in control of the United Kingdom; a SOCIETY / COUNTRY promoted as a civilized one resting and founded on principles of Law & Order. NOT on orders that are nothing but FALSE INSTRUMENTS LACKING ACCOUNTABILITY by the fraudsters who take part in the creation of such instruments.

I refer above to such instruments as you set out to use ‘as an absolute authority’ empowered to impose the activities of criminals who abuse public office and public facilities such as the used / abused facilities (take your choice) by the criminals who systematically indulge in such activities in  contempt of the law and the rights assured under the law to Mr & Mrs Average such as my younger sister Mrs Despina Englezakis has been for years and as I was subjected to over four decades ago. I refer to and emphasize that what my sister was and has been / is being subjected to I did not just witnessed but I challenged each and every time the proactive abusers of the facilities abused; the very facilities FOR THE IMPOSITION OF PREDETERMINED STATES such as were and are CREATED BY ABUSERS OF PUBLIC OFFICE & PUBLIC FACILITIES. Many the imposed states and many the wrongdoers such as the created, the encouraged and the used for fraud aplenty persons who also engaged in physical assaults on my person as the person all wished out of the way; in at least, on two occasions targeted FOR ELIMINATION AS SUPPORTED BY OFFICIAL RECORDS & SOLID EVIDENCE. The afore-stated conclusion arrived at, after the police maintained by Haringey Council failed to prosecute the assailants (Nihal Wijemuni and his brother-in-law). All and everything simply as arranged, as organised and as relied upon the convenient failures of the police to / who ignore it all.


All and everything care of the arrogance of the tongue in cheek abusers of the ‘self-appointed absolute masters and dictators who go about rearranging the lives of the ordinary people’ who are none-the-wiser because in the main Mr and Mrs Average have been / are conditioned to accept all manner of FRAUDULENT IN INTENT MISREPRESENTATIONS, care of the great majority of the licensed who practice law; persons who recklessly misconduct in the execution of their primary duty which happens to be “to SERVE THE LAW and the citizens as provided by law in accordance with the rules of procedure at and within the courts of Justice, as relied upon (the police failures) to ignore it all care of the criminals operating out of Haringey Council and the police who did not just fail to prosecute the used and the encouraged participants who engaged and indulged in the ORGANISED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS (plural intended) care of the mishandling, the theft and the misappropriation of Housing Benefit funds owing, due, and payable to the targeted provider of the accommodation / the premises used by the used accomplices of the instigators of the Housing Benefit Scams. I repeat, everything organised and arranged by abusers of public office and public facilities, who, at all material times, were and have been relying, on the police maintained by Haringey Council to ignore the evidence such as the attempts to eliminate me, as the evidence published in the public domain establishes without any room for doubt, bar the instigators who resolved to create the present scenarios CARE OF THE FALSE INSTRUMENTS LACKING ACCOUNTABILITY, the very instruments you exhibited your part in as an accessory and abettor last month when we exchanged views on the very issues.

Following on from the above submissions (reminders & pointers to the law) I reiterate and remind you of the simple reality that “HAD THE ABUSERS OF THE PUBLIC FACILITIES ACTED WITHIN THE RULES OF PROCEDURE, provided, of course, that they could in any way possibly justify and or excuse the demands for Council Tax which they should and ought to have charged and present to others, (whom they may seek to assert no knowledge of) the very offenders, namely Haringey Council would have benefited from more than a simple Defense, BUT FROM SUBSTANTIAL COUNTERCLAIMS RETURNABLE ON THE VERY OFFENDERS and the abusers of public office operating as maintained by Haringey Council itself (the Corporate body) the staff and officers of which could / can never assert that they were / are operating within the Law created / enacted by the elected Representatives of the citizens (and any other residents) FOR THE PROTECTION OF Mr & Mrs Average from Crime & Criminals.

In the circumstances I attach hereto and submit the following documents (reprints and or copies) CONSTITUTING MORE THAN SIMPLE ALLEGATIONS / ASPERSIONS but solid statements resting on the realities I cover and I point to above; also more than sound and solid foundations for the prosecutions of the proactive creators of the states imposed on the naïve, on the gullible and on the victims of ‘the criminal in intent activities’ attached to the STATED FACTS which any person, who has any clue and or knowledge of and or understanding as to HOW TO APPLY PARLIAMENT’S LAW TO GIVEN FACTS & RECORDED ACTIVITIES, (>which activities no one can ever deny, challenge or ever change<), as MADE VERY CLEAR IN THE COURSE OF OUR FIRST EXCHANGES, last month. I expect of you to re-consider the Judicial Oath you took >when accepting the position you were assigned to within the courts service<.

1.  Letter dated 17th October 2014, as delivered to Haringey Council with the attached relevant evidence in support of THE FACTS STATED and repeated for the umpteenth time to ALLEGED SERVANTS OF THE PUBLIC. The very documents were passed on to ‘the Leader of the pack of abusers of public office and the trust placed in them by the electorate; the very persons who, as alleged representatives of Mr & Mrs Average (>the electorate<) assumed the role of ‘the protected species’ created by recklessly irresponsible servants of the law and Justice; namely the police maintained by Haringey Council itself (>as a corporate body<) and the lower courts such as Edmonton County Court and the very Magistrates Court officially recorded,
maintained and recorded as Haringey Magistrates Court.

2. Letter dated 16th October to Mr Vasilis Mavrou, the owner, Manager and Head (brains) in control of Varosi Lettings. I trust you will ensure that you DO ACQUAINT YOURSELF with the realities related as covered and STATED, by me, in the very communication.

3. Letter dated 10th November 2014 to Councillor Claire Kobber, the Leader of the pack of the elected, the alleged representatives of the electorate, operating within the Haringey catchment area, who, YOU SHOULD NOT OVERLOOK (just like every other who assumed and presumed rights to protection by other abusers of public office were (as they still are) ACTING & OPERATING IN CONTEMPT OF THE LAW. One and all simply elected to ignore everything just like the many I contacted and I had the pleasure to meet with and study, observe them in action’ as operatives of the criminally imposed states on the targeted and the abandoned to the criminal cabal operating out of Local Government / Local Authorities, Councils (as out of many other Councils) just like Haringey Council and Haringey Police abusers of public office and public facilities engage and indulge in.

All three of the above communications were and remain very clear in the messages conveyed to the recipients, to persons who engaged and indulged or simply entertained notions that Parliament’s Laws do not apply to them for any number of excuses and or reasons they might dare to come up with and or concoct. However, at the end of the day, the moment each was / is made aware of any wrongdoing care of intended impositions such as my younger sister Mrs Despina Englezakis was and has been subjected to, as an allegedly insolvent victim (of the Housing Benefit scams) as the concocted and IMPOSED STATES on targeted victims of and by Haringey Council staff and officers. Everything care of use and abuse of some allegedly legitimate judgement for alleged Council Tax liabilities, namely as the victim of Haringey Council, Haringey Police, AND NAMELESS Haringey Magistrates operating out of, acting as Haringey Magistrates Court chair occupants, who are guided by alleged judicious persons who entertained and engage in similar manner as the like-minded abusers of judicial chair occupancy, county court District Judges, operating out of Edmonton County Court. One and all simply acting as alleged officers of Justice and Parliament’s Law, when in fact ignoring the evidence presented to each one, electing also to ignore the facts stated / recorded for / in the submitted court proceedings, which realities no one can ever change, ESPECIALLY WHEN SUCH PERSONS ELECT TO ENDORSE (and thereby noted to approve) THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES and the RECKLESSLY IRRESPONSIBLE CONDUCT & BEHAVIOR of ALLEGED SERVANTS OF THE LAW, WHO NEVERTHELESS ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THE VERY LAW just like the barrister Constance Briscoe, who as pat-time judge elected to misconduct in public office and thereafter benefited from a prison sentence for lying to the police.

Further to the above I submit also, as below listed, the attached reprints and or copies, of communications, TWO OF WHICH the Ministry of Justice, the very Government Department that maintains you and the court you are meant to be serving as an officer of ‘THE LAW’, and within the restraints of it all, at the expense of the taxpayers you are meant to be serving without fail and NOT AS A FACILITATOR WHO WAS SEEN TO BE HELL BENT ON SERVING AND SEEKING TO EXPAND THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES OF THE FRAUDSTERS WHO INDULGED AS THEY DID, CARE OF THE CREATION OF FALSE INSTRUMENTS LACKING ACCOUNTABILITY, as clearly stated and POINTED TO THE EVIDENCE SUCH AS THE RECIPIENTS OF THE ABOVE THREE LETTERS BENEFITED FROM.

4. The contents of the letter dated 6th October 2014, to the Ministry of Justice, were clear, YET IGNORED AND NOT ATTENDED TO IN TYPICAL MANNER. Of such mentalities and alleged services Mr & Mrs Average benefit as the very persons, operating out of the Ministry of Justice determined and exhibited when the very persons / Department received the letter and the documents attached as forwarded by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP, ALMOST FOUR YEARS AGO. Of such mentalities and services Mr & Mrs Average benefit, from and by alleged servants of the law and servants of Justice who simply ‘elect to’ ignore the victims of organised criminal activities.

5.  Letter dated 12th November to the very Ministry of Justice, from yours truly / me. Very clear on the issues covered and pointed to, to abusers of public office who indulged as arrogant and as CONTEMPTUOUS OF THEIR DUTIES TO THE PUBLIC and THE LAW, as any other alleged servant of the law engages in and thereby seen to operating AS THE PROTECTED SPECIES, one and all assume they are.

6. Letter dated 13th November 2014, to the Deputy Prime Minister and I ask that you duly consider the content of, and WHY the Deputy Prime Minister forwarded the letter he received from me with THE RELEVANT SUBMISSIONS and THE ATTACHED EVIDENCE, all of which he simply forwarded to the Ministry of Justice in December 2010 for OBVIOUS REASONS!!!

Over and above all else that I am pointing you to, CARE OF MY INVITATION TO & FOR YOU TO QUALIFY & JUSTIFY YOUR PRESUMED & ASSUMED ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY to endorse and expand the criminal activities of alleged servants of the public and the law, thereby seen to be acting as facilitator and promoter of the states imposed on the targeted  Mr & Mrs Average whom all abusers of public office and public facilities, expect and anticipate to be just naïve and fooled, misguided persons who should simply rely on abusers of trust and practice certificates issued by the Licensing Authorities, namely the Law Society and the Bar Council, SUCH AS I WAS THE VICTIM OF ALMOST OVER 42 YEARS AGO. At the time many the abusers of trust and many the abusers of public office, also public facilities, all the way to the Court of Appeal while all were HELPING THEMSELVES TO & IN THE PLUNDERING OF FUNDS FOR AND IN RESPECT OF ALLEGED LEGAL SERVICES, allegedly, while allegedly serving Justice.

7. I include, as attached, a black and white copy of a letter I received from the House of Commons, dated 3rd July 1995, which I put on ice while I set out to study and research the very elements covered in this communication. THE CONTENT OF THE LETTER SHOULD BE CLEAR TO ANYONE WHO KNOWS OF THE REASONS FOR THE CREATION OF THE LAW,

I copy paste below submissions to persons whom I asked to consider the material facts and the realities covered in my present invitation to persons who are familiar with the reasons WHY I SET OUT TO STUDY & RESEARCH the activities of and by all manner of abusers of the trust of Mr & Mrs Average; and, ABOVE ALL, WHY / WHAT FOR the abuse of the courts facilities which at the end of the day for the few who have their lives abducted, rearranged and with intent misdirected recklessly by abusers of trust and public facilities, when they end up (>of their own or as used and as assisted by others<) at the European Court of Human Rights where the REWARDS TO THE BLACKMAILED WHO SUCCUMB TO THE TEMPTATION TO KEEP IT ALL, (THE REWARDS) CONFIDENTIAL QUALIFIES & SHOULD MAKE CLEAR WHY the title of the chapter / web-page of my work, where the abused courts facilities qualify and justify the conclusion > WHY THE REFERENCE TO >CONFIDENTIAL FRAUD<< as organised and arranged by abusers of public office and public facilities especially, the courts facilities.

The copy-paste I refer to above follows below:-

“Friends should access:-


Read there under the IMPORTANT part of the information imparted / the development and undertaking POLICY of and FROM the coalition government, such as the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg spoke of on prime televisions, a politics programme in SEPTEMBER 2010, FRAUD was the element and issue. Thereafter access the most clear of RE-ITERATED commitment at:-


Read of the government’s commitment and undertaking as spoken of by the Attorney General Dominic Grieve, as recorded and published in the OCTOBER 2010 issue of ‘COUNSEL’.

Thereafter access:-


READ THERE the letter from the Deputy Prime Minister’s office at 10 Downing Street, the fact that he forwarded SUBMISSIONS AND THE RELEVANT DOCUMENTS HE RECEIVED FROM ME AS POSTED TO THE Ministry of Justice, in DECEMBER 2010.

Thereafter prepare for the release of the full content of the letters to arrogant abusers of public office, to alleged servants of the public and THEREAT CONSIDER THEIR CONTEMPT FOR THE LAW and the directions from the elected (as it appears on the surface) MP, the Deputy Prime Minister


THEN consider the simple question:- WHY REMOVE Dominic Grieve as Attorney General within days of MY ANNOUNCEMENT that I was to invite the Attorney General to adhere to his (and the coalition government’s commitment and undertaking to PROSECUTE THE CRIMINALS WHO ENGAGE IN FRAUD?

The letter’s full content< to the Ministry of Justice shall be released for it is HIGH TIME THE SERVANTS OF Mr & Mrs Average, also of the Law & Justice STARTED SERVING THEIR PAY-MASTERS, >the taxpayers< and they ceased serving the plans of the criminal cabal all out to impose on the SHEEPIe their New World Order objectives as created by the very circles, care of their long ongoing vile activities as followers of the EVIL ONE, who, according to the creators of the VERY EVIL one, came along to cause THE SONS (>NO DAUGHTERS?<) of MEN (>NO WOMEN<) to cease co operating and achieving greatness.


/End of copy-paste.

This communication and the relevant submissions with the clearly pointed to unacceptable impositions, systematically created and imposed on Mr & Mrs Average, the citizens who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of the status quo as I experienced and I got to know of over 43 years ago, and  specifically as I was afforded the additional opportunities to observe and study the offending abusers of public office and public facilities over the last 20 plus years, make it abundantly clear that humanity is faced with arrogant abuse of trust and CRIMINALLY IMPOSED STATES as yielded by alleged servants of the public and the law, such as the states created by one and all who were / are seen to be party to the states my younger sister, Despina Englezakis was and has been / is subjected to by persons who should be called to account FOR THEIR PARTS, TO THE ELECTORATE instead of demanding of and from their victim to account to the very offenders, including the police and such alleged ‘judicious persons’ who were noted, recorded and seen to be acting and operating IN CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT’S LAW.

Following on from the above conclusion-submissions I repeat that unless the court, in your person Madam, can point to any part of the Judicial Oath, granting and or authorising judicial chair occupants to act and operate as FACILITATORS FOR THE IMPOSITION OF FRAUDULENTLY CREATED STATES, I demand that you, Madam stand down / recluse yourself and that you refrain and cease demanding accountability by the victim of abusers of public office and public facilities such as I was faced with over four decades ago.


Andrew Yiannides

London – November 2014

Enclosures as per text.

Copies to whom it may concern


This document was reconstituted on 19-20 July 2015 because when seeking to access it (as saved in 3 different folders it was no longer there. Setting aside the whys and which parties behind the imposed states (the invasion of my computer system), an OCR facility / software facility was used to re-construct the text and later with minor edits and improvements to the intended meanings of all I cover/ed it was RE-SAVED, and thereafter published here >FOR OBVIOUS REASONS<.

Andrew Yiannides 20th July 2015

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  • Oscar and all other visitors should note that the creator-owner of the extensive work published at and here at has NOT BEEN USING a free facility but paid for provisions for both websites. Presently I will be releasing more evidence most relevant to the sacrifices and the assaults >INCLUDING THE TWO ATTEMPTS BY THE METROPOLITAN POLICE TO ELIMINATE ME >or as the second attempt most definitely WAS Andrew Yiannides expects of TRUE CONSIDERATE HUMANS, at least the caring type to come along with SOME CONCERNS and sign the specific petition as covered here at JUSTICE-RAPED. We refer to the DEMAND INDICTMENTS for the abusers of trust and the courts facilities < and PETITION was afforded the opportunity to make good his offer of hospitality and to inform me IF I WAS LIKELY TO MEET ANY OTHER / Introduce me to other victims of the abused courts facilities and the REPLY / RESPONSE as expected was silence.
    Sincerely CONCERNED
    Andrew Yiannides
    15 June 2018

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      You will definitely appreciate reading of THE CAMPAIGN and you will be properly prepared to proceed with your request / project.

    • Thank you for the interest and the invitation ./ request. Contact me, the creator, by email and you will receive my specific article / project CAMPAIGN which, after considering the brief introduction to the why and what for the changes to MY PLANS FOR MY LIFE, over 45 years ago,
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    • The creator of the website as author of the articles is NOT surprised.
      It is obvious that agents of the criminal cabal, are at it, interfering with the spread of the realities being challenged and exposed at:-
      The interference in itself proving and establishing the fact that the abusers of the public services being exposed ARE USING SUCH METHODS & CRIMINAL IN ESSENCE OBSTRUCTIONS TO THE USE OF THE CREATOR’S >RIGHTS TO TELL IT AS IT IS< and NOT as the Intellectual Prostitutes systematically engage in, precisely as John Swinton addressed and spoke of / to them, in the course of his retirement speech >WHEN MOVING OUT OF THE FIRING LINE< . The only suggestion I have for the visitor / friend is to turn the sound down or off and consider that the creator of both websites as author of the articles does not include video or sound recordings for obvious reasons. AFTER ALL persons who have suffered and suffering from such criminally imposed states as covered / exposed at both websites ARE & SHOULD BE ABLE TO READ / STUDY & DIGEST THE VALUE OF THE INFORMATION DISPENSED >PASSED ON<.

    • Charlene should seek assistance to clear HER SYSTEM / COMPUTER OUT. Most certainly the ‘assertion’ by the visitor Charlene that the creator of the work published here ‘benefits from such interference is commendable. No mention of any complaints or reports to OR return to us with additional information since the original response we are updating in July 2018. The creator of this website, as author of the numerous SERIOUS ISSUES / articles published at this website NEVER added any disruptive music as part of the content.
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      The owner of the work at this website and the providers of the hosting service >PAID FOR< by the owner of the website, MUST HAVE THE PROOF / THE EVIDENCE ASKED FOR above by using a mobile phone facility OR APOLOGISE for such a comment WITHOUT FAIL We conclude by pointing out that the facility >COMMENT< relates to submissions the visitors leave here AFTER READING THE SPECIFIC ARTICLE. Charlene needs to reconsider her irresponsible and childish contribution that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ARTICLE purportedly READ??????

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