The Ruling Pointed to as of the concept when first the material was published at the web-site

“..intentional wrongdoer … Liable… immaterial of date or any other date”

The ruling we point to, below, is very clear. It makes more than just common sense, when one reads it in conjunction with the obvious, which the case stated above covers.



“Where deceit was practiced by an intentional wrongdoer he was liable for the actual damage which directly flowed from the fraudulent inducement without reference to the transaction date or any other date, and foresee-ability of such damage was irrelevant”.



In a nutshell the wrongdoer who indulges in deceit / dishonesty / crime meets the costs of the original and all accrued damages whether or not the wrongdoer could foresee that damages would flow from the original wrongdoing. Consider the Court of Appeal ruling above and bear in mind the following factors:-


  1. The assertion and reliance, by an officer of law, that only if there had been evidence of any involvement or engagement in fraud or corrupt practices (for that matter) could there have been grounds leading to the indictment and the prosecution that secured a conviction under common law. Their Lordships, at the time, did not need to refer to any Act of Parliament to determine that an officer of law did act wrongly and in contempt of his duties to serve the law and the citizens
  2. The ruling, above, makes it abundantly clear that, when a person indulges in any act leading to pecuniary advantage and thefts of properties (including rights in law, do note) as covered by Acts of Parliament to which we point in our pages [*Link from here to an element covered by law, no one relates to] the person is liable for the original damages and the accrued consequential losses and damages.
  3. In the first case the offender merely negated in his duties to protect a member of the public from the consequences of criminal acts. In the second case what we have is an offender who indulged in wrongdoing for pecuniary advantage – for which you must refer to the page you can link to from the above paragraph.
  4. Consider, now all of the above issues and the most relevant issue of all. Citizens, pardon, the ‘serfs’, are constantly bombarded with : Ignorance of the law is no defense. The officer of the law in the first case, above, could not even have been considered as an ignorant of the law ‘serf’. However, how about the criminals who indulged in the procurement and the promotion of a false instrument, which they also made even falser by forging the date after they discovered that they had goofed? [*Link to the page where we relate briefly the criminal activities by the legal circles INCLUDING JUDICIAL CHAIR OCCUPANTS ALL THE WAY TO THE COURT OF APPEAL].
  5. EVEN BETTER for the ‘serfs’ to consider. How could any judicial chair occupant or police officer, who handled the false and forged instrument, EVER rely on ignorance of the law, when in fact they get their fat salaries, from our taxes, just to apply their knowledge of the law to the facts stated by the victims of crime which we cover, as recorded in the theatres of justice that are promoted as alleged courts of justice?
  6. Look up the word ‘jockey’ in any decent etymological dictionary. No one can possibly fail to recognize the implications that arise out of the crass arrogance of police officers and judicial chair occupants. They indulge in the most vile of crimes, because of and through their contempt for the law which they are retained to serve, as alleged servants of the LAW and the public(!).
  7. Can anyone not agree with us that what we are faced with are nothing but Rampant Corruption Jockeys? (*F1 a most important element below)


Over to you, your Lordship, and to your dedicated team who allegedly is looking into complaints about judicial conduct.

The citizens, your Lordship, look to the Home Office and to the Home Secretary for protection (*Link) and for the police, under the command of the Home Office, to cease their vile activities, such as we point to in our pages.


We publish evidence that all rely on stooges and planted mischief makers who promote nothing but inexcusable and unjustified lies (*Link) created and promoted by the scam in the police forces in every corner of these islands, as in other parts of the world, that can be accessed in and through our pages.


WE, the pro-active citizens, do not rely on the stooges and the lap-dogs who serve their masters (*Link) from within the media. We are using our rights as provided for, under THE LAW. Your Lordship, neither you nor the persons whom YOU MAINTAIN IN OFFICE, as servants of the law and justice, specifically as alleged judicious persons, can go on ignoring the victims of the rampant fraud ongoing in and through abuse of the courts imposed on the misguided and the misled sucker-serfs. We shall not be silenced.


We look to our representatives in government; we look to the Members of the House of Commons, irrespective of any Party-Politics propaganda and false undertakings / promises, to ensure that all bad apples are made to >account, personally< THROUGH YOUR OFFICE and the department that meets their fat salaries, for the wrongs they imposed and impose on the ‘serfs’ whom they targeted and target in collaboration with the legal circles, including judicial chair occupants.

We look to the present government and its leader, also to all others who are legally qualified, to ensure that the undertaking, in 1995, to address the very issue of FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM, is dealt with appropriately by the House of Commons; by  the elected representatives of the ‘citizens’. The citizens object to being treated as ‘serfs’ of the Middle Ages. The days of “you create and we take”, were and SHOULD HAVE BEEN laid by the wayside, when democracy was introduced to these islands.


We look to their Lordships >including the Law Lords< to come to terms with the fact that true Democracy is from the roots up and not from the leaves down (*Link). The other way round implies and amounts to dictatorship by abusers of the power of office, any office.


Public servants should be seen to be serving the citizens in accordance with the remit of their retainers. ALWAYS IN AND SUBJECT TO / IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW.


Our founder wonders, if by any chance the French jurist Charles Louis Montesquieu was referring to these islands and the arrangements by the predecessors of the managers, the organisers, the planners of the lives of ‘the subjects when he coined:-

“When I go to a country, I do not look to see whether there are good laws, but whether those there are enforced, for good laws are everywhere”.


The argument at number 1 should cause all abusers of the public facilities, namely the staff and officers operating out of Haringey Council, also the police operating out of Haringey police, to reflect on their parts when ignoring and thereby endorsing the constructively engineered theft and misappropriation of the Housing Benefit funds in collaboration with letting agencies staff and officers.


The evidence that was published in the public domain soon after abusers of judicial chair occupancy, operating out of Edmonton County Court, is now to be submitted to Justice Secretary Michael Gove who acknowledged the very issue of “British Justice IS & SHOULD BE IN THE DOCK”, at the Old Bailey. At least all solicitors, barristers and police officers who consciously engaged in or aided and abetted the organisers of the scams whether as part of the organised crime or as accessories and abetters after the acts.


In the last category / class, naturally Commander Dr. Victor Olisa of Haringey police and Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe who shoved the evidence he received in the sand alongside the shredded and lost files that related to INVESTIGATIONS ATTACHED TO POLICE CORRUPTION, as acknowledged & reported by newspaper editors who received all the documented evidence most relevant and applicable in the theft and misappropriation of Housing Benefit funds, ongoing for years, as reported and EXPOSED IN THE Public Domain at


We had no option but to publish the evidence in the public domain, AS OF THE TIME WE WERE MADE AWARE & WE SECURED THE EVIDENCE, such as the FALSE LETTERS allegedly written to an Arab asylum seeker, by the owner of a targeted property who had moved overseeas for want of employment.


Haringey police, and the Metropolitan police had all the evidence that was needed to prosecute the offenders but as the misappropriated / stolen Housing Benefit Funds were shared by many, including …. shoving it all in the sand was the avenue chosen by alleged officers of the law and Justice when judicial chair occupants were seen to be party to the constructively executed criminal operations.



Readers / visitors who might wish / desire to see some of the evidence such as THE THREE LETTERS which both the alleged author and the alleged recipient knew not of. Both had not been aware of such creations, until the staff and officers of Haringey Council poduced the promoted the false and forged creations, first spoken of by the Letting Agents allegedly managing the residential property of the victim-owners of the targeted property.

Worse still was the performance of the Chief Executive of Haringey Council. He wrote to declare that the alleged recipient, the imported and intended as used new citizens of the United Kingdom knew nothing of the letters which ONLY THE STAFF & OFFICERS OF Haringey Council, also the Letting Management Agents spoke of and relied on the use and promotion of the very FALSE INSTRUMENTS!!! Yet, the Chief Executive of Haringey Council simply relied on the usual criminal activities and the organised operations to be ignored and suppressed by such fraudsters as the person who merited the position of CHIEF EXECUTIVE and executioner of the orchestrated NEW STATES the British citizens were / are subjected to care of such criminal activities as I, Andrew Yiannides was subjected to care of the legal circles and the Metropolitan Police, throughout 1972-1976.

Visitors and readers should access the images of the three letters, allegedly written and sent to the planted refugees in the property of the British citizens who worked and paid the taxes both had imposed on them for some two decades before conditions caused them to seek / create employment back in their country of birth, as British Subjects and citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies. Readers should note the simple fact that all three letters, as scanned / copied bear the very same photocopied signature, as published at:-

All visitors / readers are requested to pass on the related / published information and point to the evidence published in the public domain. All should prepare for more evidence such as the letter to a judge who walked out of the court room rather than face the challenges and DEAL WITH THE MATERIAL FACTS AS SOON AS THE CHALLENGES WERE PUT TO THE COURT (to the specific judicial chair occupant, the lowest of the low at the Central County Court!!!

The challenges, incidentally, related to and attached to the abuse of the courts’ facilities for the theft and misappropriation of HOUSING BENEFIT FUNDS in the case of the targeted residential properties owner, Mrs. Despina Englezakis, an allegedly insolvent ‘serf / shitizen of the United Kingdom, a hard working and creative person who was used by a number of solicitors as the woman who did not merit or had any right to seek the divorce she instructed the first solicitor, one Pany Symeou who had been engaged and to all intents and purposes was to have married Mrs. Englezakis’ second daughter who was caused to take her own life after her elder sister sternly told her younger sister that she did not want her sister’s fiance at her wedding reception celebrations, as one of the family.

Most relevant to the issue of the divorce instructions was the Legal Aid Certificate which Mrs. Englezakis had to apply for at the specific time; it was used by and transferred to a number of solicitors by the solicitors themselves and eventually to the Law Society itself, NOT ONE OF THE BENEFICIARIES (including the Law Society, itself) EVER CONSIDERED ACCOUNTING FOR THE FUNDS PLUNDERED for years from the bank account of the allegedly insolvent / bankrupt Mrs. Despina Englezakis, the sister of the author / creator of this here article published at:-

FIVE SOLICITORS FAILED TO SERVE THE PERSON WHO NEEDED THE FACILITY for and in respect of a divorce and we will be releasing the evidence relative to the failures and THE BLACK ECONOMY, THE CASH UNDER THE TABLE FOR INVISIBLE SERVICES available from persons who do know of the law yet engage in such activities and orchestrated criminal operations!!!

The District Judge who walked out of the court, after the court clerk told the challenger and the victim of the ORGANISED HOUSING BENEFIT FRAUD to ‘leave the court’, returned to the court room and >others who had been intrigued with the performance of the judge, rushed out of the courtroom to find the challenger and the victim of the organised Housing Benefit FRAUD activities to whom they reported that the judge set out to create a false scenario. Apparently the judge attempted to enter and create false records in the court file such as the two, the challenger and victim, allegedly walked out of the court of their own volition, thereby creating FALSE RECORDS, intended to serve the plans of the abusers of the courts facilities, specifically the parties who had been and were relying on such criminally motivated and orchestrated creations!!!

For readers / visitors who failed or faced any problems when trying to access any links pointed to from this article we copy below one of the most relevant. We refer to the link from paragraph 4 where we refer to the false instrument (document) that was introduced and promoted by the solicitors in the High Court action case that opened the eyes of the Plaintiff in the High Court case YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS1970, Chancery Division, to the arrogant abuse of the courts facilities by the legal circles >solicitors & barristers<, with the blessings of the Police and judicial chair occupants!!!

The most disturbing of the very issue was the fact that THE SOLICITOR WHO WAS ACTING FOR THE PLAINTIFF, for the victim of ARROGANT COMMERCIAL FRAUD (>fraudulent in intent misrepresentations<) WAS AN OLD SCHOOL FRIEND OF THE VICTIM OF THE FRAUD. And it was that very solicitor who presented the false instrument AFTER IT WAS ALSO FORGED as covered in the first web-pages the victim created after the police and judicial chair occupants within the Royal Courts of Justice, up to and including 2 Lord Justices, like THE POLICE & THE MEDIA ELECTED TO IGNORE THE FALSE & FORGED INSTRUMENT, intended to pervert and corrupt justice!!! All the while generating FRAUDULENT INCOME FOR THE SOLICITORS & THE BARRISTERS WHO WERE PROMOTING & USING THE FALSE & FORGED INSTRUMENT for both purposes.

The material copied and added below was called for on two counts:-

A. Relate and REPORT the created states that were imposed on Andrew Yiannides’ younger sister, Mrs. Despina Englezakis.


B. The need to challenge & EXPOSE the abuse of the courts facilities FOR THE STATES imposed on Mrs Englezakis, the younger sister of Andrew Yiannides. Simply put, the abuse of the courts facilities, directly related to the fact that her brother, namely Andrew Yiannides, determined to use his rights, as assured in National & International Law, to CHALLENGE & EXPOSE the criminal activities ongoing in and through abuse of the courts facilities in the United Kingdom.

A. A STATEMENT OF FACTS / AFFIDAVIT is presently to be delivered to the Lord Chancellor / Justice Secretary Michael Gove & to the Home Secretary Theresa May, responsible accountable to Parliament and Mr. & Mrs. Average, for the performance of the police, specifically their failures to deal with the element of ORGANISED CRIME, such as were the cases of the abused courts facilities in the cases published >with the supporting evidence< in the public domain:-

1. where the issue of Housing Benefit funds theft and misappropriation were recorded by Andrew Yiannides and remain as reported realities after the police recklessly failed to execute their public duties >AND PROTECT THE VICTIMS OF CRIME< such as the sister of Andrew Yiannides Mrs. Despina Englezakis was. The states imposed on Mrs Englezakis were and remain simply extensions of the blunt and arrogant failures by the police to address the criminal activities ongoing through abuse of the handling and the misappropriation of the Housing Benefit funds, which issue and elements the local County Court judicial chair occupants were complicit in. The very scenarios reminiscent of the High Court case that opened Andrew Yiannides’ eyes over 44 years ago, as above pointed to; (>the many mischief makers who were introduced or of their own contacted the awakened victim in order to impose their own aptitude and parts for perpetuation of >the system AS USED & OPERATED, through contempt of the evidence and the applicable law; the inexcusable and convenient suppression of the realities. THE PRACTICES< one and all were pointed to, inclusive of THE DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE!!!


Access the above chapter of my work and consider WHY THE ARRANGED attempt to eliminate me, out of the way; or turn me, the awakened Andrew Yiannides, into a mental cabbage or a frightened and ‘helpless’, all alone without real support from any of the thousands of other true and real victims of the abused courts facilities, >Crimes Incorporated< Enterprises. All and everything care of the conditioned, the indoctrinated and THE CONVERTED TO LOVERS OF IT ALL, if not simply idiots and morons, not plain SHITizens of some civilised society, resting allegedly on the rule of LAW but on orders concocted by licensed, by approved and authorised, by >the state< criminals!!! NOT by the electors who are kept in the dark and have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of such states, BY CRIMINALS WHO OPERATE OUT OF PUBLIC OFFICE.

B. The need and main reason WHY THE FRAUDULENTLY created states imposed on Mrs. Despina Englezakis rested and have been founded on the fact that she had been supportive of the long ongoing challenges & the  EXPOSURES ON THE INTERNET in the very area of ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES for many a criminally imposed state such as the denial of judgements for and in respect of the  stolen and misappropriated Housing Benefit funds due and payable to the owners of properties occupied by the assisted including asylum seekers and refugees as covered with the documented evidence published on the Internet by Andrew Yiannides >the brother of the allegedly insolvent / Bankrupt Mrs Englezakis< care of FALSE INSTRUMENTS LACKING ACCOUNTABILITY BY THE CREATORS & THE AUTHORS OF SUCH INSTRUMENTS (>alleged Court Orders proper<) just as the case was that opened the eyes of Andrew Yiannides, the brother of the allegedly insolvent / bankrupt who had no other choice but to USE & RELY ON HIS & HIS SISTER’S RIGHTS >allegedly assured in National & International LAW<.

The concluding words above relate to THE FAILURES of County Court Judges WERE, care of CONVENIENT FAILURES with intent in order to create / justify the allegedly legitimate bankruptcy state for the sister of Andrew Yiannides, who also was targeted for similar scenarios and states as the extensive material published in the web-pages where the documented evidence published in the public domain covers many an act of deliberate and inexcusable failures by judicial chair occupants who failed to address the issues presented to the courts as for instance in the case of the rogue builder who WAS USED by many an abuser of trust and more specifically the police (>besides  the instigators / users of the rogue builder<). The particular case, as published at:- qualifies and clarifies the parts court clerical / office staff also engage in as persons who are used for the very parts they engage in as the evidence published in ‘The Breeding Grounds” case when the imposed states were created by abusers of the courts facilities.

The material copied and added to this article, below, was called for on two counts:-

A. To establish, once and for all, the complicity of the media Intellectual Prostitutes who were to be ENDORSING THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES ONGOING AT & IN THE ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE noted AT THE TIME (1972-1976). Hence the reason why the victim of the abused courts facilities ceased reading what had been his chosen daily read as of 1953, ” The Manchester Guardian”, as related / covered in the article “Who, IF ANY, Cares?” published in respect of the systematic / endemic abuse of the courts facilities ‘reported’ here at

The convenient failures of the media, in general, were considered to be offensive to common sense,  in particular as of 1997 when the material facts, as copied herein below, were published at the first web-pages the victim of the original commercial / business fraud and THE ENSUING FRAUDULENT IN INTENT COURT PROCEEDINGS THE VICTIM WAS SUBJECTED TO, CARE OF THE POLICE AND THE MEDIA who collectively have, ever since, seen to be accessories and abetters to the ongoing criminal OPERATIONS, STARTING WITH THE REPORT TO THE POLICE WITHIN AN HOUR AFTER THE VICTIM SECURED A COPY OF THE OFFENDING DOCUMENT / FALSE INSTRUMENT FROM THE SOLICITOR who attempted to cause the victim, of the commercial fraud, to abandon his High Court Action against the initial offenders, the wrongdoers who subsequently were seen to be relying on the creation of the offending FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT, used as an instrument in support of a concocted defence as the solicitors and Barristers who themselves were operating as SECONDARY OFFENDERS. Everything care of the police and the judicial chair occupants all the way and up to the Court of Appeal, at and within the Royal Courts of Justice, in London.

The specific material FACTS RELATED / STATED AS PUBLISHED in the public domain added / copied below after 19 years of it all being ignored by the authorities care of the media who also appeared to ignore the arrogant abuse of the courts facilities attached to FRAUDULENT IN INTENT COURT PROCEEDINGS. Reference to the two letters published as part of the evidence that qualifies much towards the conclusion and the words of the present Lord Chancellor / Justice Secretary Michael Gove who acknowledged and spoke of the very elements, the victim of the commercial fraudulent in intent court proceedings which the legal circles, instigated, organised and arranged with judicial chair occupants could not under any pretext or excuse be spoken of in any other context but the very words used by the Justice Secretary, Michael Gove:- “BRITISH JUSTICE IN THE DOCK”.

In the last..

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  • Thank you for your considerations and kind words.
    Access please the clearly stated commitment and the creator’s determination to challenge and expose the organised FRAUD ON Mr. and Mrs. Average, the tax-burdened sucker-serfs who are kept in the dark by the media barons and the blackmailed Intellectual Prostitutes whom the Media Barons retain and maintain, so long as each adheres to the terms and the conditions under which ‘the intellectual prostitutes are RETAINED SIMPLY FOR the promotion and the perpetuation of the CONSTRUCTIVELY ORCHESTRATED FRAUD ON THE KEPT IN THE DARK, the misinformed and with intent lied to tax-burdened Mr. & Mrs. Average.
    Access, please, the exclusive and very clearly covered theft and transfer of the tax-imposed revenue to alleged compensation payments >WHEN IN FACT REWARDS TO SUCH MORONS AND IDIOTS as I have been pointing to THE REWARDED CONVERTS & FRAUDSTERS who agree to operate as the victims of the abused courts facilities, care of the arrangements any true human and grey matter user >THINKER CAN WORK OUT after being pointed to the very facility YOU CAN READ of at:-

  • Well over two years since the release/publication, in the public domain, of the most clear of precedence cases, here at JusticeRaped!!! Amazingly, NOT ONE visitor / reader of the specific COMMON SENSE RULING / JUDGEMENT considered it worthy of NOTICE & deserving PROMOTION or pointing to in their postings. Not one of the known and self promoting victim-challengers, the self-declared CHALLENGERS of the abused courts facilities mentioned or pointed to the obvious REVELATION & COMMON SENSE ruling / judgement.
    Many the lover-promoters of the limitations assertions and promotions through which one and ALL DEFAULTERS / FAILURES AS HUMANS >allegedly considerate persons (>humans???< ) whereas noted to be SIMPLY LOVERS of 'THE SYSTEM AS IS'. THE EVIDENCE, that betrays the real reasons for alleged victim-challengers who SERVE & PROMOTE THE EXPANSION OF THEIR LOVE & the INVISIBLE SERVICES TO & FOR THE ORGANISED SYSTEM OF OPERATIONS as ORCHESTRATED >ARRANGED BY THE CRIMINALS WHO HAVE CREATED AND ARE SEEKING THE EXPANSION OF THEIR WAYS to the whole of planet earth through the New World Order CRIMINAL OBJECTIVES & PLANS FOR HUMANITY, ongoing now for OVER 17 CENTURIES. VisitorS / reader Should ACCESS:- and consider the DOUBLE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD ON THE TAX-PAYERS ongoing through abuse of the courts facilities, as qualified through the established abuse of THE COURTS FACILITIES all the way to the European court for Human Rights!!!!!!
    25th March 2018

  • Appreciating the dedication you put into your blog and detailed information you present.

    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material.
    Excellent read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my
    Google account.

  • Intriguingly impressive the performance and the/ continued failings of the contemptuous of THEIR DUTIES and obligations to REPORT CRIME & RECOGNIZED CRIMINALS TO THE AUTHORITIES, as of the day of publication / release of the material facts relative to THE LAW & the specific ruling in the United Kingdom, the mother of all allegedly civilised states /societies resting and founded on government constituted of ‘the elected representatives of the people, when in fact ‘government made up of the manipulators of the programmed / the conditioned and the indoctrinated non-thinkers , non-humans

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    • Thank you for your interest and expressed wishes. We are doing our best to support and encourage victims of the abused courts facilities to stand up to the abusers of public services.
      In due course we shall provide the right platform through >THE PROJECT< , details of which we are to release particulars of and about soon / in due course. ANY victim of the abused courts facilities who has been unable to secure assistance from within the legal circles / from, 'the professionals', shall be benefiting, care of >the project< as soon as we can secure the right support in financial terms and the right professionals who can be trusted to work WITH US FOR & IN THE INTEREST OF THE MEMBERS WHO ARE TO >JOIN THE PROJECT< For the time being, please keep following our ongoing work by visiting and pointing others to our submissions and challenges in the public domain. If you do not mind, pass on the information to all others who know of the problems, specifically the criminal in concept activities and orchestrated operations ongoing through abuse of the courts facilities as arranged and USED FOR FRAUD APLENTY ON THE SUCKER-SERFS & the corruption of the non-thinkers >NON-HUMANS< . THE INTERESTED and the CONCERNED shall benefit from more than the realities we are CHALLENGING & EXPOSING by using >our rights.
      We need the essential support for our work and the necessary promotion of the existing work, the published material facts and the evidence we publish in the public domain, here at and at
      The creator / owner desperately needs the support we request.
      Once again THANK YOU FOR YOUR APPROVAL & THE INTEREST in our work and for your specific request.
      Andrew Yiannides creator-owner FIND me on Facebook and connect

  • Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very useful information particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

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