Haringey Police Commander Ignores & Buries the criminal activities the police force under his command relishes in.

The letter delivered and signed for,  in October 2013. As with earlier and subsequent communications to Haringey police and previous Commanders, Dr. Victor Olisa the present police Commander simply ignored and buried, by all, including the media who received copies. The content of the letter should be considered by Justice Secretary Michael Gove in the light of his personal undertaking to address the burning issues which the Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC failed to address and deal with as he had undertaken and stipulated in the course of an interview he granted to ‘COUNSEL’. We copied the article at giving full credit to the monthly and to the persons responsible for the revelations, the promises and the undertakings. Sadly, we have to point out that no sooner had we reminded all of the ex Attorney General’s undertaking and he was miraculously / mysteriously moved / removed from office by the very government that appointed him to the position he held as of the first post New Labour Government the Conservatives benefited from after years of relegation to the Opposition benches.

ALL READERS who make time to read the explicit letter we release below SHOULD NOTE THAT IT IS DEDICATED TO ALL FALSE FRONTS >such as the police force maintained by Haringey Council; we dedicate the submissions as related / covered / exposed in the letter, also, to all abusers of my time< while I was studying and researching the parts of each and every one as each enacted their roles through the activities and convenient failures one and ALL WERE ENGAGING IN, WHILE ALL WERE BUSY PROMOTING THE NEW WORLD ORDER Code of Morals as created by UNETHICAL product-creations of the allegedly civilised mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies >the United Kingdom<.

Andrew Yiannides, 24th December 2015.

COPY OF THE SPECIFIC LETTER (over 2 years earlier, note) FOLLOWS BELOW:-

29th October 2013

Commander Victor Olisa

Haringey Police HQ

398 High Road


London N17 9JA

By Hand DELIVERY – (postponed following request by Sgt Shawn Goodchild, attached to the Duggan shooting hearing)


My Ref.                        Oct2013B

Your Ref.                     ?

Dear Commander Olisa,

I beg to refer you to the submissions and to the evidence I have been pointing to, in the public domain and through the documents Det. Sgt. Shawn Goodchild passed on to you, after I delivered my recent submissions to Tottenham Police Station, in the evening of Monday 14th October.

I am most concerned at the fact that, as was the case when Commander O’Brien was pointed to the very criminal activities I was first made aware and a victim of such, way back in 1996, yet again, it looks that I have not merited even a simple acknowledgement, following delivery of my submissions, and documents, intended for your personal attention, which you received over two weeks ago, now.

Refer, please, to my submissions to Cmdr. O’Brien, which I had no choice but to publish in the public domain, at and consider the offensive, to me and to my integrity, failures by the police who failed to address the issues Commander O’Brien was called upon to deal with as an officer of the Law and Justice. The aforesaid failures, amounting also to contempt to my rights, as a victim of the ORGANISED CRIMES arranged through the staff and officers of the Local Authority, Haringey Council.

Kindly advise me if you are likely to consider such evidence as you received and you were / are pointed to now, and if, at all, you are to consider also listening to a recording born of and relevant to the organised Housing Frauds Haringey Council staff and officers were engaging and most proactive in, while relying on Haringey Police to ignore it all. I allude, of course, to the Organised Housing Benefit Frauds (plural intended) when Haringey Council, the Local Authority was faced with shortfalls in funds care of the orchestrated influx of alleged asylum seekers and refugees as arranged through the fraudulently created, by abusers of public office, operating out of the fraudulently created European Union. Everything, care of and through the votes secured (albeit from a minority of the total of the electorate) from Mr & Mrs Average who were simply asked to grant license to the government of the day, IF they, the electorate, would like for the United Kingdom to join ‘the Common Market’, the European Economic Community, not some future, as concocted and fraudulently created by abusers of the trust of the electorate, ‘the European Union’, for total integration, as concocted, as organised and as arranged by self appointed ‘Fascist Dictators’.

The recording, I allude to above, relates to the failures of the arrogant abuser of the blue uniform, an operative of the undeclared policy for blunt fraud on the indigenous tax-paying population of the United Kingdom. The said person, PC Holder, an alleged servant of the law and justice, recklessly and with malice aforethought, initially threatened my sister Mrs. Despina Englezakis with five year prison sentences for her and for me, while I was being attended to at Whittington Hospital, Archway, for a punctured vein and other physical damages to my right arm, shoulder and back for which I was attending physiotherapy treatment and exercises for months, and never regained full recovery and free of pain use of my right arm.

Police Constable Holder, was informed of the events that caused my sister to run to Hornsey Police Station while the fraudster Nihal Wijemuni and his brother-in-law (Nono Congalves, the brother of Ms Christina Congalves, the common law partner of Nihal Wijemuni) were causing criminal damages to my car and threatening me while I was seated in my locked car. Police Constable Holder, on arrival at the scene of the compounded crimes, was shown the broken glass from the smashed car window and the blood from the punctured vein, on the road where my car had been stationary. He was also pointed to, and he picked up, a relevant document most important in the case of the constructive Housing Benefit Frauds for and in which, both Haringey Council and Haringey Police staff and officers were most proactive and complicit in.

Endorsing it all >for far too long<, as far as I was and I have been concerned, to these days, the alleged representatives of the electorate, the elected Representatives of Mr & Mrs Average, hence the delivery of explicit letters, recently, to a number of Councilors, the alleged representatives of the electorate; one and all far too busy imposing the New World Order Code of Ethics and Morals, care of the imported new cultures and in particular the third religion concocted and created out of / founded on the original vile scripts created by some fraudsters over two and a half thousand years ago; thereafter, the very scripts and scenarios translated to the Hellenic language and delivered to Ptolemy in Egypt in the third century BC; interestingly the BC, amended to BCE in recent years in order to meet the ploys of the craft-y who set out to impose on mankind their creations, one of which was the failed attempt to enhance the Old Testament vile scenarios, which failure led to the creation of another religion instead, founded and resting, nonetheless, on the vile original, on the alleged Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament.

The stated facts and the evidence published, also, in other chapters / web-pages by me, such as I had no choice but to make public, constitute and amount to more than enough for the criminal prosecutions warranted in each instance when Haringey Police ‘benefited from REPORTS AND COMPLAINTS BY THE VICTIMS OF THE ORGANISED CRIMES, such as my sister, Mrs Despina Englezakis, myself for and on behalf of Mr Antonas (care of a Power of Attorney Instrument), also other targeted victims of the disappearing and misappropriated Housing Benefit funds. I do refer to the plundered rents owing to the owners of the rented to and occupied by THE USED FOR THE ORGANISED FRAUD TENANTS, such as Mr Nihal Wijemuni and his partner Ms Christina Congalves, were claiming from Central Government, after the former declared that he was made redundant. The said claim, for Housing Benefit, the couple had been alleging for far too long that the staff and officers responsible for processing such claims at Haringey Council, had not been processed and all the while the staff and officers at Haringey Council were asserting the tenants / claimants did not furnish them all of the information and the evidence they needed in order to process their Housing Benefit Claim. Of such assertions from, and aspersions by and about one another, the promotions by the co-operating in the scams, parties. Of such excuses and reasons for the parts of both parties in the long ongoing failures for the orchestrated and organised constructive frauds on the targeted members of the community, the public, of Mr & Mrs Average, the private landlords.

The used for Housing Benefit Fraud tenants, the created criminals, as arranged and organised by Haringey Council and Haringey Police, the officers of both ‘public services’, simply carried on indulging at the expense of the targeted victims, leading to ‘the attempt by the used and the encouraged Wijemuni-Congalves couple to ‘disappear to destinations unknown’. The attempt and act of the disappearance as soon as the couple were served with the warranted Court Summons; the Summons issued for and in respect of the rents owing and due, subject to a Tenancy Agreement. Use of the plural covers and relates also to the Hadjoudj Tahar couple / family for which couple and the relevant Tenancy Agreement, the Letting Agency, ‘Diamond Lettings’ were party to the orchestrated Housing Benefit Misappropriation of Housing Benefit Funds, as organised and arranged by and for the criminally motivated and as the priorities of the operatives, namely the Local Authority, Haringey Council staff and officers, the local police operating out of Haringey Police, the police force you head and command as an officer of the Law and Justice, and, most certainly, the staff and officers of the Letting Agency, ‘Diamond Lettings, operating out of premises barely two hundred yards along the High Road from Nightingale Police Station.

I need only to add and inform you of the fact that the officer, one of the partners handling the Tenancy account for the rented property of the Antonas’ couple, was stopped and directed by me not to issue a Summons for the rents due and payable [for the occupation of the rented to the imported new language, new culture and the promoted religion, the family of refugees (?)] NOT IN THE ORIGINAL agreed and paid for Housing Benefit but for the amended to a lower rent because the last thing one was to have to deal with, at court, was to incorporate challenges for the cause and reasons as to WHY THE REDUCTION of £60 (pounds sterling per week) as arranged by Haringey Council staff and officers when a new Tenancy Agreement was concocted by the Letting Agency and Haringey Council staff and officers. The very ‘dreamers’ seen to be proactive partners-parties who were promoting, later, all manner of reasons and excuses for the questionable handling and routing of the allegedly paid Housing Benefit funds as arranged, and claimed, by the partners in fraud aplenty on the owners of rented properties to the imported new cultures and the promoted religion as organised and arranged by one and all who made it their priority to engage in and promote the undeclared policy, of and for the imposed states through which to create the multicultural society founded and resting on the criminal in intent plans of the creators of the different tongues scenarios as hinted at and as dispensed to non-humans, to non-thinkers for over 2300 years.

All and everything care of the explicit scenario of and to which the fooled and indoctrinated people, none of the promoters of the alleged ‘holy scriptures’ ever pointed to, just as the case was when the co-operating Letting Agency staff and officers, also the alleged servants of the public operating out of Haringey Council, as the Housing Benefit Funds Handlers-Distributors NEVER PRODUCED THE FORGERIES, such as I forced the relevant Haringey Council staff to physically present and produce to me and deliver copies of such to me. However, the Detective Constable who assumed the duty of the warranted investigation simply defaulted in the execution of his duties to the victims of crime, and subsequently benefited promotion to the Police Academy in Hendon, according to his colleagues at and within Haringey Police who were all too happy to promote such declarations to me.

At the same time, the Chief Executive retained by Haringey Council, one Gurbux Singh, was also ready and eager to assert “as the tenants, the Hadjuj Tahar couple, denied knowledge and handling of the Three Forgeries (which I caused the relevant Haringey Council staff and officers who indulged in promotion of the very forgeries, also other false instruments, such as the computer printouts published by me on the Internet) which computer printouts, the very circles handed to Police Constable Holder, earlier, in the Wijemuni-Congalves orchestrated Housing Benefit Misappropriation and theft of funds) to hand over, to me, copies of the relevant forgeries, while their partners in the orchestrated promotion of the New World Order Code of Ethics and Morals, with the penultimate insult to common sense and aptitude / intelligence the assertion from the Chief Executive Officer at Haringey Council who proclaimed, also, that as the Council itself did not loose any funds, did not suffer any losses he could not be bothered. Yet the Council secured >he should have declared< the much needed funds for the creation of the intended Multicultural Societies as planned for, by the Fascist-Dictators, operating out of Brussels and Luxembourg!!!!!!

The above realities cross-relate to the recent assertions by others who were, have been and are operating out of Hornsey Police Station as alleged servants of the Law, of the public and of Justice itself. Hence my demands of your office to secure and produce to me true copies of the statements which ‘Jamie’, the ‘phantom-person’, who telephoned me on behalf of Haringey police, or was granted license and given information about the latest criminal activities the police at Haringey, and whosoever was / is managing Hornsey Police Station passed on to Jamie, after the very persons operating out of Hornsey Police Station, did recklessly cast aside, in the established ways, such as I had no choice but to publish in the public domain. I refer to the reports of breaking and entering, the causing of extensive criminal damages to the relevant property and subsequently the reports of the theft of properties and the additional criminal damages to the very properties, by the encouraged criminal, care of the failures of Haringey Police to attend to the reports and complaints from the onset, in contempt of their public duties and the law.

I beg to reiterate and emphasize that following the breaking in and entering of the relevant property, the police failed to attend to the criminal acts, in line with their long established ways of imposing the New World Order Code of Ethics and Morals on Mr & Mrs Average who, on average worked for decades and paid the due taxes purportedly / allegedly for the creation and the maintenance, among other facilities, also, Law Enforcement Agencies. Everything, as far as I am concerned, simply organised and arranged by recklessly irresponsible impostors who misrepresent themselves as alleged servants of the public and the law, in our allegedly civilised society; an alleged Democracy resting and founded, allegedly, on principles of law and order.

Above, I refer, of course, to the laws created by Parliament in order to protect Mr & Mrs Average, who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of false fronts and alleged servants of the Law and the public at large. I hasten to point out, that I specifically refer to such servants of the public and the law who simply make it their priority to aid and abet the criminal activities of all manner of used and encouraged ‘tools and vehicles’ for the creation and imposition of the New World Order Code of Ethics and Morals on the silent, yet affected directly for the cost of maintaining irresponsible public servants such as the many I encountered over the decades I have been researching and looking into the arrogantly imposed cost of the constructive frauds care of the abused courts facilities, such as I have been pointing to for over 16 years at:-


Andrew Yiannides

=ENCL: Copy of submission to a number of Councilors, warranted in view of my right to demand Information under the Freedom of Information Act, 2000.


RELEASED, by necessity, THEREFORE, the letter-submissions specifically settled and delivered to the hub of the government centre at 10 Downing Street, for the Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg, whose office staff informed the victim-author of the letter, that his earlier submissions >in December 2010 had been passed to  the Ministry of Justice for the attention of the relevant officers to attend to and deal with the serious issues born of and attached to THE ARROGANT CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES which PUBLIC SERVANTS, alleged servants of Mr & Mrs Average induilged and freely engaged in as the protected species of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies,

The content of the letter, dated 13th November 2014, published below most clear:-

13th November 2014

The Deputy Prime Minister
Nick Clegg MP
10 Downing Street
London – SW1A 2AL


My Ref:.        CFAA4FOC
Your Ref.     Ministry of Justice to address the serious issues / organised crime

Dear Mr. Clegg


I attach hereto true printout of the image of the letter I received from your private office in December 2010 and I beg to inform you that one and all from within the Ministry of Justice simply ignored everything as if the serious issues they were meant to address and deal with, were ‘to simply vanish in thin air’. My letter of 6th October to the Ministry (attached) relates to the blunt abuse of the Legal Aid facility BY THE LAW SOCIETY for the theft and plundering of funds from my younger sister’s bank account, ALSO IGNORED & BURIED by alleged servants of Justice and the Law.

I attach copy of a letter I received from Lynne Featherstone MP; the MP representing my younger sister and me, >as our ‘representative and agent< at government level, just as the very person was also representing us for years at Local Government level as the Liberal Democrat Councilor, whom I had to contact and kept informed on the deplorable states created and imposed on the owners of properties rented to and occupied by the flood of asylum seekers and refugees, also to the assisted who relied on Housing Benefit.

I attach, also, the following self-explanatory communications (letters from me) such as:-
1.  My letter of 17th October to one of the many Letting Agents who were (as some most definitely are) carrying on as the protected by the police and other alleged servants of the law and Justice, including judicial chair occupants as the evidence I secured established without any room for doubt.

I attach also printout of the images from the explicit article published by the monthly ‘COUNSEL’ most relevant on the issue of FRAUD and in particular the undertaking and commitment by the government you represent as covered in the interview the Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General who was moved to another post not long ago, within days of releasing in the public domain my intent to request of the Attorney General to make good his undertakings on the very issue of FRAUD.

I am most concerned at the fact that Lynne Featherstone MP, apparently is to be moved to the Ministry of Justice for I have good and very sound reasons to be concerned. The MP exhibited the most questionable of approaches bordering on contempt of the obvious and the evidence she was presented with, in the matter of the theft and plundering of funds from my younger sister’s bank account, as covered in the copies of the letters you now receive (my communications / submissions) and as covered (partly) in the article published at:-

The very MP, when representing my younger sister and me as the Liberal Democrat Councilor (who was) elected to act as (A) REPRESENTATIVE of Mr & Mrs Average at Local Government level, the infamous Haringey Council, the very person could not be bothered to raise any issue with the Chief Executive, with the Local Police and with the governing elite;  in other words the New Labour Party group of Councilors who engaged in all manner of deception, fraudulent misrepresentations and simply ignored FALSE INSTRUMENTS created by the staff and officers Haringey Council DEPLOYED (not simply employed) in order to impose their dishonest and criminal in intent policies on Mr & Mrs Average, just because of the rush of asylum seekers and alleged refugees who LOVED THE GENEROUS HAND-OUTS to such persons while the locals were being deprived of and denied their rights to protection under the law among other denials.

The reprints and copies of the letters / communications I submit with this letter cover it all and the explicit photograph of the state I was rendered into by the three secondary school thugs who walked over from the local police station in order to board the same bus as me command more than a cursory glance especially by servants of the law and the public at large.


Andrew Yiannides


  1.  Letter from 10 Downing Street, from the D.P.M’s private office informing me of the transfer of the letter & documents to the Ministry of Justice, December 2010.
  2.  Letter from Lynne Featherstone MP relative to the serious issues the MP elected to ignore / bury.
  3.  My letter of 6th October to the Ministry of Justice relative to the abuse / use of a Legal Aid facility BY THE LAW SOCIETY for the theft and plundering of funds from a targeted woman’s bank account, just ignored by the staff and officers at the Ministry of Justice, as usual.
  4.  My letter of 16 October to Mr Vasilis Mavrou of Varosi Lettings, a typical abuser of trust who participated freely in the rampant theft and misappropriation of Housing Benefit funds in concert with the abusers of public office, the staff and officers DEPLOYED & USED by Haringey Council (as other Councils  were proactive in and for<), with the blessings of the police, the participation of / endorsement of such by judicial chair occupants and everything endorsed by Councilors, by Members of Parliament with Intellectual Prostitutes busy serving the plans of the Media Barons.
  5.  My letter dated 17 October to the acting Mayor Madam Amin of Haringey Council who received, as you will note, more than enough proof and evidence relative to THE USE OF THE PROACTIVE IN ORGANISED FRAUD and deception aplenty as imposed on the owners of properties let to and occupied by the arranged influx of asylum seekers and refugees.
  6.  My letter dated 17 October to the leader of Haringey Council, Councilor Claire Kobber to which (letter) I attached the two relevant documents as proof of (the) attached (evidence pertaining) to the arrogant selective impositions of CRIMINAL IN INTENT DENIALS (OF) and obstructions to Justice by alleged servants of the public and the Law.
  7.  My letter dated 14 November to Mr Vasilis Mavrou, the very person who indulged in the creation of INEXCUSABLE FALSE RECORDS WITH INTENT, aimed for Haringey Council to use for the joint enterprise of all towards the states I am to make public without further notice. UNLESS I hear appropriately from the offenders and or the relevant government departments such as the Director of Public Prosecutions I will simply point to the article covering the performance of the relevant department in the case of the Barrister / part time judge Constance Briscoe  COMMANDING CONSIDERATION by the government without prevarication and or conscious DISCRIMINATION.

THE IMAGE / Article BELOW from / by a local newspaper commands only ONE OBSERVATION, namely, what the used and trained for did also for themselves not just for their masters who needed funds to finance the import of the new sucker-serfs to the mother of all allegedly civilized PSEUDO-democracies, resting and founded, allegedly on principles of LAW & ORDERS such as the orders the creator of this website was first made aware and the victim of over FOUR DECADES EARLIER.

Common Sense follows

WELL, what could anyone expect of the trained and the used for fraud aplenty on the targeted sucker-serfs????????????

Could anyone really blame the busy-bees for directing some of the honey they created for their masters also their way and for their chums down the road, the letting agents and their other affiliates????????????

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4 comments to Haringey Police Commander Ignores & Buries the criminal activities the police force under his command relishes in.

  • Appreciating the hard work you put into your blog and the detailed information you offer. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material. Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your web-site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  • I wish to extend my thanks to you for bailing me out of the challenges and the problems I was facing. After looking out through the world wide web searching for ways to deal with the problems I was facing, I discarded the useless and non productive and I thought my life was over. Living without the presence of the material I accessed here would have never introduced the new approaches to the problems and the difficulties I was facing. Your articles and the material I accessed here helped me solve the problems I was facing. Through the published articles and the realities covered here I have been able to deal with the problems that adversely damaged my career. If I had not come across your website, no doubt I could not have benefited. Your primary ability and kindness in touching and addressing a lot of issues was very useful to me. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t come upon such material and subjects / issues as I discovered here, like this. It’s possible now to look forward to my future. Thank you very much for this specialized and sensible help. I won’t be reluctant to refer your blog post to anyone who desires counselling on this subject matter.

  • Sunday 3rd January 2016 and NO INTEREST OR ANY CONCERNS / SUBMISSIONS / CONTRIBUTIONS by way of any comment from the many alleged victim-challengers who crossed paths with me and or were sent along in order to play at Hide and Seek as charlatans who, in essence, acted and operated and operate as seasoned and USED AS FRAUDSTER-PRODUCTS & CREATIONS of the New World Order cabal seeking and aiming for total and absolute control of all and everything on planet earth.
    Remarkable indeed the failures by such persond the ns, irrespective of the fact that such individuals and groups claimed and assertively proclaim themselves to have been and remain victims of the abused courts facilities.
    AND IN PARTICULAR CLAIMING TO HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF JUDICIAL CHAIR OCCUPANTS, such as I had been and was (throughout 1972-19756) when / after solicitors, barristers and Counsel engaged and indulged in USE & PROMOTION OF A FALSE INSTRUMENT THAT WAS ALSO FORGED, in order to deny to me the rights to the protection I sought of the court / the justice system as the law created and promoted by the representatives of the SHEEPle. But as the many who abused my time, also the trust & the PATIENCE all benefited from over the last 23 or so YEARS, all CAN ONLY BE REFERRED TO AS SHITizens by using my usual similar sounding references to such poor specimens of alleged humans!!!
    Most disappointed & CONCERNED
    Andrew Yiannides
    London – United Kingdom

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