Foul of the realities Promotions by the media operating out of PSEUDOdemocracies

We publish below submissions that were intended to be submitted as comment to the very article published by the ‘Daily Mail’ for and in respect of the promotions >as intended< by the powers that be in control of all PSEUDOdemocracies. The article and the promotions, as published by the ‘Daily Mail’, were and remain nothing but the usual scripts resting on the foul of the realities >as created< by the followers of the teachings by examples stated and written of by the originators of the ‘divide and manipulate the SHEEPle as of the days when some crafty evil-mongers concocted the one and only deity >God<, who, although assertively claimed to be the one and only, nonetheless the wily ones came up with >a name for the one and only< in order to distinguish that deity from the many other deities!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visitors / readers are asked to access the reality and the obvious upon which the conclusion and reference to the creators of the ‘divide and manipulate the misguided and the used for the many different tongues which the creators of the one and only came and come along with as followers of the Evil one whom they created and carry on creating as they have been going along for well over two millennia:-

We copy and submit below the called for observations, after reading of the promotions relative to the alleged reasons as to WHY Tony Blair (>as implied and suggested through the headline, alone<) of and on his own, he elected to drag the United Kingdom into the war / invasion of Iraq!!! Simple considerations relative to the reasons WHY THE US of A and the powers that be >above the President of the US of A< should qualify and clarify WHY THE USA was and is hell bent on the EVIL >IN ESSENCE< MANIPULATIONS OF THE promotions through the media, ongoing as the powers that be, have been determining, arranging and organising for centuries / millennia.

Reference to the two explicit revelations as written of by the late Paul Foot who penned the article which the ‘Daily Express’ published >following the states he was subjected to< should assist ‘true humans’, >THINKERS< to come to terms with ‘the realities’ we have been pointing to for decades (>at least the founder of the human-rights non-governmental organizarion and creator of this website, Andrew Yiannides, has<). Reference, also, to the parallel conclusions of John Swinton, to his very words to which Andrew Yiannides set to draw attention to, as of the creation of the first web-pages for the human-rights web-site, should enhance and enrich grasp of >THE REALITIES<. For the former, we ask and urge visitors / readers to access:- and for the latter

In the same chapter, web-page, readers / visitors should NOTE and not overlook or ignore the TWO CARTOONS. Both relate to the EVIL FORCES & THE POWERS THAT BE, >the manipulators of the SHEEPle< care of and through ‘the different tongues’ created by the same evil forces, as of the days of the original  creation that was sold to the naive and the gullible who fell to the vile scenarios / promotions, alleged to have been Holy Scriptures. Both cartoons are very clear in terms of the messages each conveys to ‘true humans’, to >THINKERS<. The original cartoon, as created by the obliging servant of ‘the powers that be’, indeed points to the roots of the >divide and manipulate< the naive and the gullible; to the misguided and the kept in the dark suckers who paid and pay with their lives the high price of warmongering as the followers & promoters (>of the alleged creator of all and everything<) determine, organize and arrange, for centuries / millennia; in fact, as of the days of the first, and, later, the second clone religions founded and resting on the original creation about the one and only, who, although claimed to be such, nonetheless the creators of that deity gave ‘their creation‘ a name in order to distinguish their creation from the many others!!!

We publish, below, the intended comment, the reaction of and from Andrew Yiannides, the founder of the non-governmental organisatioon ‘human-rights’:-

Amazing presentation by the ‘Daily Mail’; “AMERICA bans documents that could reveal WHY Blair (>implying and suggesting that Blair of and on his own<) invaded Iraq”!!!!!!!!!!!!

AS IF THE US of A and the powers that be above its president had played no part in the orchestrated CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, ongoing as of the present era, since the ORGANISED >FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES< WARMONGERING HITLER & THE GERMAN SHEEPle WERE USED FOR, along with the millions of the SACRIFICIAL LAMBS WHO WERE DRAGGED into the 2nd WORLD WAR!!!

WAKE-UP SHEEPle, access and read the explicit article penned by the late Paul Foot which the ‘Daily Express’ published under the circumstances and the states he was subjected to at the time!!! Thereafter refer also to the revelations by John Swinton which he dared to utter in the course of his retirement speech; >ONLY WHEN HE WAS MOVING OUT OF THE FIRING LINE<, so to speak.

Both of the above revelations can be accessed at the former,  and the latter at:- in the very same chapter of my work (>based and founded / resting on 43-plus years of research and studies<). In the very chapter / webpage,TWO CARTOONS, RELATE TO THE EVIL FORCES >as represented by the very powers that be< and as CREATED, PROMOTED & PRESENTED THROUGH THE ORIGINAL CARTOON from / by the Daily Mail’s own obliging creator-promoter of misleading in intent creations in contempt of the realities (>arrogantly ignored and suppressed realities, with intent, of course<).

The amended version of the very cartoon which the editor (and the controllers) of the ‘Daily Mail’ received and most conveniently simply elected to ignore, exposed and revealed the true colours and the spirit with which such persons address the realities, AS IF THE REALITIES are likely to blow away to the sand dunes where all buried their devoid of grey matter sculls!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 comments to Foul of the realities Promotions by the media operating out of PSEUDOdemocracies

  • What I do not understood is actually how you are now not a lot more well-liked than you could and should be right now. You’re so intelligent and obviously know more than you publish and disclose here. Significantly when it comes to the subjects you address through the articles produced / published have shaken me personally. I imagine from the many various angles the issues are addressed here, it’s like women and men are not / do not get involved unless it’s something to accomplish with Girl gaga! Your own stuff is nice and at all times I take care to visit and look it all up!

  • pat

    The so called Media, journalism, reporters, newsreaders, producers, actors and all the minions who serve the oppressive totalitarian regime that uses the duped men and women of the military of the incorporated US as the thugs to force the global agenda on all nations who are not owned by their central banks into submission and debt to relieve them of their resources will have to answer to humanity and to the highest for their part in this horror show. They don’t even get it that they are just tools to be disposed of and aren’t going to be among the elect, they are just useful idiots.
    I don’t know how they sleep at night or live with themselves.

    As for the blinded masses, which it seems mostly dwell in the land called the united states, there’s a very logical reason for their trancelike blindness. Its a lifetime of cultural and institutional social molding of a mass mentality that is forged by lies taught as truth in mandatory schools from age 5 and earlier thru 18 coupled with the social norm of everyone believing the same lies as true and the mentality that’s pounded into our heads as dogma which is now waning, that we could trust our government and it was protecting us from external evils and danger. This is not only done thru textbooks, its drilled into our minds thru television which in many homes never shuts off, and media all around us in sports which is another religion/diversion/propaganda tool, and thru trauma and shock psychologically.

    It is a mind blowing reality to those of us in the so called “land of the free” to finally have the blinders lifted to SEE that all our lives we’ve been the duped brainwashed product of NWO regime controlled ‘school system’ and to realize we are among the most mentally controlled and manipulated mass population of the world, which was done so well by being brainwashed into believing that this ‘country’ was free, built on life liberty and the pursuit of happiness which turned somewhere into pursuit of the not so almighty dollar. The reason most people in ‘america’ couldn’t point out another country other than its bordering neighbors is because there was little to no focus on global news, global geography, and all outside realities have been masked or contrived in false narratives all our lives, molding our american centric thought process. The internet has opened this up like nothing ever has before but it too is censored here, while it points to China as the dictator of internet censorship. See that’s how they did it, point to others and bolster false realities by polarity.

    What a mind bender to consider how thoroughly this con job was done and how much work went into it, to hide the truth that America has never been free, it has always been a plantation of the triple arm of aryan rooted zionist/British/jesuit overtake, so much so that the War Powers Act, Trading with the Enemy act and Libor code have been the rule of ‘Law’ since 1933 when all humans in America were consecrated as collateral for the repayment of the false debt created by the zionist/jesuit banks in the wars they created to capture us by debt that could never be repaid because they removed all value from currency. We here are an occupied country, the occupying state is the vatican.

    How is it that we knew nothing of this capture or the fact that we are under rules of war within this very land of the free? Complicity by the broadcast media, the airwaves push out lies and propaganda and the institutions they own support and substantiate the lies, coupled by passive acceptance of presented textbooks, manipulation of the masses thru ideas, ideology, social molding done thru ‘talk shows’ soap operas, reality tv shows, movies, sit coms, and even cartoons that have run for decades like the simpsons. If you were a teenager in the 70s the tv was pushing ideas into your head thru inane entertainment like the brady bunch, two divorced people with 3 kids each marry and make another kind of family, or glorifying single mothers, making old people seem senile and crochety and stupid if they held conservative values, or the drug culture as being hip and open minded, the doctor dramas portraying genius caring doctors who wouldn’t give up till they discovered the cause of illness, pushing the idea of trust and superiority of the medical/pharmaceutical industry, the slogans and catch phrases these characters of popular tv shows would soon be used like that horrible “You GO girl!” UGH!!! You can tell what people watch by the terms they use.

    One of the biggest changes in family dynamics and elder wisdom being passed down came thru media, doctors,and institutions that changed society from those who cared for their elder members,recognizing the sacrifice they gave to you, the grandmothers and fathers, who used to care for the children while parents worked until they were unable. The social construction of womens liberation pushed women into the workplace out of mothering and homemaking, the latter portrayed as wasted life, increasing taxability and liability to the family and opened children up further to control of state. Removing elderly from the central family unit, pushing the self centered convenience ME oriented mindset into the populace, offering nursing homes, insurance for elder care homes, or retirement homes where elders were exiled with all they’d seen and knew about the reality of the past, where they wither and wait to die, to prevent their wisdom and experience from being passed on to the young.

    I think about my parents who lived thru the ‘great depression’ and now that they’re gone I realize how much I could have asked them about and what they did not think to tell me, not knowing the reality or magnitude of the fraud themselves.

    The rewrite of true history by the very perpetrators of all evil and terror in this world, has happened I’m sure more times than once, from burning the library of Alexandria and slaughtering all tribes and ancient peoples, elders, sages who knew to enable utter control without controversy, their lies and false paradigms written in school textbooks revised annually, supported and propped up by the film industry, heraldry and meaningless patriotism to thwart any who would contradict the status quo. They don’t stop there though, no, they figured out how to break thru the natural curiosity and questioning minds of children by creating events and scenarios in schools away from parents, to jolt and confuse the mind coupled with trauma and/or terror events.

    I recall standing in line to get polio and smallpox vaccines in elementary school, among crying and fainting children. Painful injections that left a pox mark we carry to this day as a reminder. In my parents day they had air raid sirens though no ‘enemy plane’ ever crossed the sky here. Why? Psychological conformity assurance. Coupled with war movies of course.

    They psychologically traumatize and shock the young in schools ritually, thru the use of drills with children in the classrooms. Apart from the regular fire drills, in the 60’s it was bogus nuke attack drills where we were forced to kneel under our desks with our hands over our ducked heads,not unlike a pow position now that I think of it, as if this would do anything useful in such a cataclysmic scenario.

    It was intended, as all these school scenarios are intended, to incorporate the physical, mental and emotional trauma and submission to authority while perpetrating fear of death in young children, the false notion of the authorities protection, which carries into life as an undercurrent, the expectation of something dreadful coming and your powerlessness.

    From there the next school drill scenarios progressed to drug awareness, fear of police, acceptance of searches, promotion of snitching on peers and very curiously, the coincidental massive infiltration of drugs available in schools and undercover ‘narcs’, young junior narcotics officers among us. I wonder now if the drugs were actually implanted thru their agents using teens they’d determined would be a good mule. I’d bet on it knowing what I do now.

    Then came earthquake and natural disaster drills, more duck and cover, storing of supplies and throughout fire drills which were routine, where you were sent home with questionairres to fill out about your household, the preparedness and other information to be returned to school administrators.

    Now today we see actual militarized police swat teams in school drills, menacingly kicking in doors with guns raised while children are present likely in some submissive position, in mock armed terrorist drills to put neurosis, anxiety,helplessness, dependence and fear into the young minds to mold them into conformity and make them more open to whatever the ‘authorities’ tell them, fear submission. Its like stockholm syndrome enforcement.

    Some of these drills have ‘gone live’ to the world thru the hand in glove relationship of owned media reading scripts approved by the stealth agencies owned by the Occupier/BigBrother, which among the alert and awakening masses are known as false flag events, used heavily now and have been used since government became a noun. The production by trained psychological operatives of a fake event and claims of murdered children at school, because the use of children is the ultimate weapon to gain consensus for anything. In false flag terror events like the world trade center people actually did die, but they figured with children they’d have harder time recruiting scumbags to act the parts if children were murdered, so they used old childhood pictures of children who didn’t even go to the school, with different names and actors hired to portray family members for media production,names changed to hide identities,which is difficult to pull off in the connected world now, much to the dismay or delight of the hidden hands who have far reaching expectations from these event. Oddly they don’t dummy up the official statistics of deaths in the county/city/state by adding these alleged murders of children. The media is to portray in false reality, that numerous children were gunned down by a non existent madman in government sanctioned propaganda drills broadcasted as reality with the aim of both creating an underlying fear in the young, unquestioning cohesiveness between parent child and authority and submission to the armed storm-troopers and war like visuals, while broadcasting the faux fear of attack on our children in the last ditch effort to convince the masses to allow the final bastion of defense against tyranny to be taken from us. It’s been so easy after all to gain voluntary consensus all these years, they’re just forging ahead to figure out what will work to convince the masses that all defense should be turned in.

    Fortunately the masses are awakening now, you can see within minutes the dissection of false news and the mass support for the reporting of its falsity, where a year ago there were more who believed the lies. The media has lost credibility but we have a way to go yet before the majority get it. The century(ies) of human study and mass psychological warfare done to the people in “america” is a textbook study of how you create cult mentality among millions of different people by consensus reality. Don’t get me wrong, the notion/ideal of America is and was a beautiful notion but it never was real. Those who feel they must own the world and all within it could not allow it, and there’s always a judas willing to help them ruin a pure ideal. So it isn’t america, its the U.S.Incorporated, the united states of zionism,jesuit,aryan nwo oligarchical rule that captured the people while continuing to position that nothing had changed when we were turned over as chattel.

    Among all of the sickening realities is the one that’s recently hit me, that the rest of the world likely think that the actions of the united NWO states is condoned and sanctioned by the people trapped within it. The realization that the NWO is being forged thru those posing as american government when in fact there is no american government, it was shut down in 1933, all actors are compromised and threatened into compliance with the capturing forces agenda, they’re primed in the universities and connections it takes to get into ‘office’. There is no reality in elections here, the dog and pony show of the wild card candidate is meant as convincing evidence there’s such a thing as free elections when in truth there is only one party, demorepub and no matter who the two finalists are, they were vetted to get there and will carry out orders like any hireling or else. We’ve seen the blood line connections, they’re all related.
    This is why the empty cries of ‘invalid birth certificate’, ‘that’s unconstitutional’, ‘hey, he can’t start a war without congress’ means nothing because besides being the ceo of the corporation, the commander-in-chief is exactly that, the military point man- administrator of the liquidation and empirical global overtake. This month for the first time the pope is going to address congress. This should be interesting to say the least. The landlord is coming and as the talking heads say, congress is delighted, couldn’t be happier. Suckups.

    There are very few, and getting fewer, real investigative journalist reporters who will tell the truth or will create their own outlet to be able to do it and are willing to go to the wall to do it. To those go the highest appreciation, respect and honors, it seems we all will make a choice in this paradigm, and have to live and die with it. There is a line for each of us, where it all matters, maybe something like a point of no return where if you cross it against your own conscience the effect in your soul and life is irretrievable and ‘life’ and your own self worth is never the same.
    There is a line in the sand for us all, in your own eternal consciousness as much as in this world of matter and dimension. You won’t miss it when it comes, so its best to have your own self discussion and deal with it in advance.
    I have crossed lines of conscience before and had to live with the consequence, I’ll not choose wrongly again, especially at this momentous point in history. Sometimes these decisions are masked by justifications or the social approval that we’ve been programmed to cooperate with, which can lessen the intensity, but make no mistake this is your defining moment.

    The bullies in the newspapers, magazines, journals, TV, Radio, commercial media are intended to lock down free speech and truth, to control what the masses see and hear, because the only way to control the masses is thru our minds and perception. It isn’t going to get any easier but we outnumber them and their minions and grass roots spread exponentially so consider every opportunity to communicate a node in the network of humanity, it spreads even if you can’t see it happening.

    As the oppressors stealthily continue to censor the internet it won’t matter because the truth is out, it isn’t a small pool any more. Even if the internet ceased entirely it would never undo the truth that’s been told and they know it. The more obvious the censorship the faster the reaction and blowback. Messages by beloved honest journalists pushed out of employment by the controllers and their minions make a big impression and impact into the programmed minds of the public.

    These journalists will find people supporting them thru donations if they step out and create their own info hub.
    As far as I’m concerned these journalists with integrity and conscience are the heroes who’s name will be spoken of when the tale of this global humanity rising against oppression cruelty war and evil is told in the future. I’d like to see a real investigative journalism site, not like the co-opted ones which are too numerous to mention. Maybe the ousted truth tellers can work together remotely from a single hub. That would be an interesting turn of events.

    Awareness is crossing into segments that are generally oblivious now and people are getting louder and bolder. This is why the aggressive fear tactics are taking place, they’re losing the grip and resorting to the very thing that the absence of gave them 100 years or more here of subterfuge that kept them in control by our belief system. Force. They are blowing their cover to even the most entranced.

    a few source links; Greg Hallett in 2007 – researcher and author presents rapid fire history of how the west was conned. This is a very good in depth breakdown of the multi layered fraud perpetrated on the unsuspecting people watching media and the focal point of social manipulation. There are many brilliant expose’s of this event on youtube exposing entirely the truth that the very ‘children’ allegedly murdered in fact appeared to sing at the super bowl a year later, the actors who played parents and so on.
    Oh heck, here ya go

    Propaganda legal by executive order- U.S.History The Informer- a few decades ago he and his team did their physical research before internet in the ‘official’ archives and tried like hell to get it thru to people. His old website against the grain press was swept into the archive. I’ve notice more instances of archive’s way back machine not having captured a url which means they’re censoring even the archives now so go read his work and copy it before its gone.
    Here’s the index- A wealth of information that will help clarify lies from truth wherever you find it on this topic.

    Thank you Andrew for your relentless commitment to the truth and humanity.

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