Taxes Imposed On You FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF CRIMINALS as your alleged servants
Conscientious world citizen, Karen Hudes the in-house Attorney who was dismissed from the World Bank for CHALLENGING & EXPOSING the organised fraud & corruption ongoing through the very institutions operating in all PSEUDOdemocracies, relates to the very issues I set out to EXPOSE, because of the states I was subjected to way back in 1972-1976 and ever since I never lost sight of my intended goal to expose the criminals who re-arranged my life.

The first three minutes, of the video, SHOULD BE BENEFITING from the full attention of true ‘humans’, >THINKERS< who, like me,  live in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, the United Kingdom.

Anyone who purports to be a considerate and concerned taxpayer, anyone who may, or may not, have been a victim of the abused courts facilities in the United Kingdom, such as I was, should consider watching the video right to the end and then consider what actually happens to the TAXES IMPOSED ON & COLLECTED FROM the sucker-serfs who reside in the alleged land of the free, the US of A. And, thereat, decide IF THE PERSONS are humans or just sucker-serfs such as I objected being used as, by the criminals who created the allegedly civilised states, arrogantly and recklessly promoted as such, by the Intellectual Prostitutes and the editors employed as retained for, by the Media Barons.

Anyone wishing for explanations in respect of the above conclusions of mine, should access the material facts I have been pointing to for well over three decades and published in the public domain, for almost 18 years at:-

When there, all visitors should look up the two cartoons in the left margin panel, >the original and HOW I amended / what changes I made to it for the version I submitted to the editor of the ‘Daily Mail’, at the relevant time.

Anyone who bothers and cares to make time to refer to the realities I set out to research and EXPOSE ACCORDINGLY / APPROPRIATELY, back in 1976, shall get to know of the states imposed on me, as on all sucker-serfs who reside in the United Kingdom.

The need to engage in research arose after an old school friend, from the English School back in Cyprus, had been instructed to instigate and serve proceedings by acting for me, the victim in a case of commercial fraud when he was expected to act and operate as an allegedly honourable officer of the law.

My solicitor, as of 1969, was expected to protect my rights as assured in law, but he saw fit to engage and indulge in the PROMOTION OF A BLUNT FORGERY, which he used in an attempt to cause me (as he advised me) to abandon my claim and case when he promoted, to me the forgery, true copy of which, as submitted and lodged at court, I published on the Internet.

The false instrument most definitely created by and promoted for the fraudsters I instigated the High Court proceedings against, in the United Kingdom, my solicitor, the police, High Court judicial chair occupants, the media editors and the Intellectual Prostitutes retained and used by the Media Barons as the criminals in control determined. All and everything with the blessings of persons who were representing me and my rights; my rights, assured in law (allegedly), the laws created by the representatives of all of the electorate >FOR THE PROTECTION OF ALL< sucker-serfs, as I got to recognise and know of, at the time.

ALL CARRIED ON TREATING ME AS A SUCKER-SERF, EVER SINCE, including treating and using me as the alternative social services for the maintenance of a gestation vessel and the two children born of her, in contempt of the principle that THE GENDERS ARE EQUAL UNDER THE LAW, and not simply as a  sucker-serf, as a sperm provider, but also as the alternative Social Services and maintenance provider along with all other manner of services and provisions / facilities for the gestation vessels created, used and promoted / encouraged by the criminals who created and have been / are in control of the mother of all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies.

WAKE UP SUCKER-SERFS for if you do not wake up, after watching the video you are POINTED TO, you have to consider the words of Plato some 2400 years ago, when he coined FOR THE ATHENIANS, the Hellenes:- “When the citizens fail to take interest in public affairs, they shall be ruled by evil men”, precisely what I set out to establish and point out to, to all other victims of the courts facilities in the United Kingdom, specifically the individuals who contacted me of their own, or were sent along, when all had only one aim in mind, which was simply to seek financial benefit such as the FRAUD & THE CORRUPTION I have been pointing to for over 30 years.

The very realities I set out to challenge and expose, did cause the leader of the Opposition, Tony Blair QC and the Spokes-Person on Legal Affairs in the House of Commons for the Opposition, to acknowledge, to me, in a House of Commons letter / a response to submissions by me, which I received in July 1995, the very elements Karen Hudes points to and set out to expose recently, decades later, in and through the video I point to herein above and as the evidence establishes, since I published it at:-

WAKE UP FRIENDS / sucker-serfs for you have taxes imposed on you, for the maintenance of criminals in public office. Everything, of course, as organised and arranged by the fraudsters in control of PSEUDOdemocracies, as you can see and listen also, to what Karen Hudes EXPOSES & POINTS TO, for true humans to take on board and act as FREE THINKERS, instead of acting and behaving as caged animals in a zoo.

Apologies for the strength of these submissions and for having to conclude as I do, above, friends

Sincerely Concerned

Andrew Yiannides

30th December 2013

NOTE: This article is dedicated and my New Year’s present to Alexnadros Kimon Yiannides and Artemis-Kleo Yiannides-Whatever , the two products and creations of the gestation vessel, Kyriaki-Koulla Demetri-Metri Evangelou-Yiannides.

Andrew Yiannides 9th January 2014

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18 comments to Taxes Imposed On You FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF CRIMINALS as your alleged servants

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  • The article penned / authored by me, as published here (above) relates to the BANKSTERS as in the opening paragaph referenced. Throughout my long study and the research warranted, I concentrated on THE ESTABLISHED PRACTICES (ongoing for over 43 years,) I crossed paths and met with / I was targeted and accosted by many a fraudster who sought to and established contact with me under VERY SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES at the relevant times.
    I allude to and I refer above, specifically, to the public, to the right of Mr. & Mrs. Average to be made aware of THE SELF-CREATED RIGHT OF / BY THE JUDGES TO STAY ANY ACTION BROUGHT BEFORE THEM WHICH MUST (>note, ‘NOT’ should but ‘MUST’) FAIL’, PARTICULARLY ANY ACTION AGAINST THE STATE (and by extension any action against any government (irrespective of political coloration) and or against any person acting in any official capacity!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Many the persons who were noted to be suspect as to their real intentions and their plans for any other, especially any person whom they could NOT OR FAILED TO SUCK INTO THEIR WORLD (>and their plans for Mr. and Mrs. Average. The targeted usually / inevitably persons who had been and were victims of the abused courts facilities AS ENDORSED AND ADOPTED BY THE WILY dreamers and charlatans, such as the crafty Norman Scarth who indulged in arrogant deceptions and fraudulent in intent misrepresentations as a product-creation of the mother of all allegedly civilised Demcracies; the states resting and founded, allegedly, on principles of Law and Order; on orders issued by judges who are committed to spread and expansion of the very states to all corners of planet earth, care of the New World Order states the misguided and the lied to SHEEPle keep hearing of and about when in fact no one ever bothers to address the very issues.
    Reference to the wily and crafty Norman Scarth relates to his attempt to pass on a copy he made of the copy of the letter he secured from me under false pretences. I refer to the letter I received from the House of Commons in July 1995 (kept on ice for almost 20 years). The letter was authored by the Spokesperson on Legal Affairs for the Opposition, Paul Boateng MP (a Barrister) who referred, also, in the very letter to my long ongoing submissions to the leader of the Opposition Tony Blair MP (a Barrister), both conceding to me the very issue and element of FRAUD WITHIN THE LEGAL SYSTEM. Crafty Norman Scarth simply defaced (scratched out the name of the owner / recipient of the letter and passed his masterpiece on to The Telepgraph & Argus newspaoper in Bradford, without considering the rights and any reaction / action by the deceived owner of the letter.
    All the while the Intellectual Prostitutes (reporters) retained and maintained by the Media Barons never failing to promote such states >as intended by them< , relentlessly projecting falsehoods and serving half-baked potatoes to Mr. & Mrs. Average, the 'citizens'. Yet, all alleged victim-challengers AS BLIND & AS RECKLESS as any person all out, ready and willing to suppress instead of pointing, Mr & Mrs Average, the kept in the dark citizens / taxpayers to the most obvious of abused facilities, the courts. All the while the offending abusers of the courts’ facilities hinging and relying on the blind trust of the misguided and the lied to Mr. & Mrs. Average, collectively referred to by me as SHEEPle for well over two decades.
    Recognising the objectives of persons who were / are otherwise committed has been and remains the mainstay of my work, the studies and research as of the days when the organisers and the managers of the Loonies, >NOT< Litigants In Person Society, contacted me out of the blue, within days of the lodging of the explicit appeal which I had no choice but to settle and lodge at Bow County Court as was commanded of me, at the time, remains the cornerstone of the work that followed after the leaders / managers and the manipulators of the suckers who were drawn and sucked into the plans of the charlatans who simply aimed for the creation of the parallel legal services such as one Norman Scarth worked hard for, as directed and arranged by the legal guru who was imported from the US of A, the person who was well connected with the head of the judiciary in the UK.
    All readers are urged to read the explicit appeal which I published on the internet, for obvious reasons, at:-

  • Gazz

    Hello Andrew, it appears your latest article does not appear when clicking the link from the main page ~ ‘Who, if any, cares?’ ~
    I can see the first paragraph or so on the main page, but when the link is clicked – nothing.

    I wonder Andrew, if you can possibly contact me regarding serious matters I’m now concerned with.
    If you can please do ~ 0791 467 6325 after 6pm

    Take care

    • Thank you for pointing me to the problem you faced when attampting to connect to the last article “Who Cares…”.
      Your report that after accessing the site home page where all the articles are listed in descending order the link to the last article (at the top of the list) the link at the end of the introduction paragraph to the article was not operating / taking you to the article whereas the link from the top of the article worked OK In the circumstances I reported the problem to the maintenance.
      In the meantime I will be looking into the problem personally.
      Thank you also for your concerns about my personal well-being.
      Believe me when I say that my worst fears came along (materialised), as of the days when the leaders of an organised FALSE FRONt, namely the LIPS (Litigants In Person Society) contacted me out of the blue, within days of the lodging of my explict appeal I settled and lodged at the relevant County Court, in the case of the USED BUILDER, whose fraudulent claim the targeted victim-defendant (me) did not rely on some fraudsters licensed by the Law Society to act for me, as the criminals in control of Justice in the United Kingdom expected / anticipated. I came to recognise many other False Fronts and noted / realised that many the wily and used charlatans who came / come along as persons who fell to and sold themselves to / adopted the evil ways of the criminals in control of the justice system AS OPERATED BY THE ORGANISERS OF IT ALL. Many were noted and obeserde to be engaging in such use and abuse of the courts facilities for illicit gains. Everything care of ‘the terms for and atteched to the rewards’ as arranged by and through the European Court of Human Rights.
      The above relate to my experiences as of 1992 when the leaders-managers-organisers of the LIPS (the Loonies not Litigants In Person >as far as I was concerned following the first three meeting with the craft idiots) many the FALSE FRONTS and many the individuals who were sent / or came along with all manner of scenarios born of and attached to ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES.
      Contact me using the email facility and I will send you a recent documant relative to such matters, after I was faced with yet another scenario concocted by recklessly irresponsible and self-centred / ego tripping non-thinkers NON HUMANS. I will aslo forward to you my mobile telephone number and you can use it to contact me in the event I face problems contacting you on the telephone number you submitted to me.
      My Best to You & Yours

    • I do not appear to have merited from any reply / input in respect of your request.

    • Gaz, your considerations in the first instance and your submissions after accessing the material facts as stated and covered in the article, you will now note the obvious as far as I am concerned. The present states, until the article is recovered by the hosting corporations engineers simply confirm the fact that the abusers I have been pointing to >the criminal cabal operating out of the courts >the legal circles, including the judges ALL COLLECTIVELY have been and are party to the organised FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS and the CORRUPTIOIN OF THE IDIOTS / THE MORONS who fall to the conditional REWARDS PAID to the victims who ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THE PAYMENTS from the taxes imposed on Mr & Mrs Average who are kept in the dark as I have been pointing out for over 23 years.
      I have set up a PETITION with / at SIGN PLEASE & PASS the information & URL to all of your contacts. We need to make this campaign GO VIRAL THROUGH THE INTERNET AS A MATTER OF PRIORITY
      I trust you are in a position to access and sign the petition. Please pass on the information to all of your contacts whom you should invite to sign too. Do pass on the URL after you have successfully connected andf signed the cmapaign yourself and request of all to pass on to their contacts too.

  • I tend not to comment, however after browsing
    a few of the responses on Taxes Imposed On You FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF CRIMINALS as your alleged servants

  • Gazz

    Hello Andrew, hope all is well. Just want to draw your attention to the link for this site you have put on one of your Human Rights website pages – You have seemingly incorrectly named the link and it reads ‘juasticeraped’ . . .

    Good luck.

    • Thank you for the relevant information, Gazz.
      Thank you also for your kind considerations and wishes in respect of the task long ongoing, for over 42 years in fact.

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