The Creators of PSEUDOdemocracies behind the Organised FRAUD ON & THE CORRUPTION OF THE SUCKER-SERFS

It had to be looked into. The study and research was commanded, warranted in fact, IF ONE WAS TO REACH SOME SOUND CONCLUSIONS. The fact was, is and remains that at the end of the day, one is bound to conclude: ‘THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN’.

One has only to consider the different facets of the same gem; the creation and the promotion of the alleged Holy Scriptures and the alleged creator of all and everything, as concocted by the very criminals who set out to become Lords & Masters of all and everything on planet earth.

It is up to the individual to look for the factors that inevitably took me back to the root of the problems I was faced with, after I was left with no option but to instigate legal proceedings returnable on the fraudsters who later engaged and were seen to be benefiting from false instruments aplenty as created and concocted by allegedly honourable officers of Justice and the Law.

One needs to start with the revelations and the experiences of Ian Gordon who authored The Craft And The Cross, first published by Kingsway Publications in the United Kingdom, in 1989.

Presently engaged in submissions to and demands, under ‘The Freedom of Information Act,’ from the Local Authority, the staff and officers of which, Haringey Council, were noted to be most pro-active and engaging in the misappropriation of Housing Benefit funds. Readers should not overlook or ignore the fact that Housing Benefit funds are transferred from Central Government, to Local Authorities, the staff and officers of which act and operate as handlers of and as intermediaries charged with, and demanded of them to ensure that claims for assistance relate to genuine cases by and for:-

(1)    A claimant.

(2) Claims do relate to properties occupied by the genuine, by authentic claimants, and

(3)  The agreed rent for each property relates to true market forces; in other words the cost for occupation of the relevant property is not above market value.

It is expected of all who were / are engaged in the chain of activities related / stated here, to act and operate as the primary duty of each commands, with honesty and honourable conduct within the remit of ‘the law’. One and all were / are expected, therefore, to act and operate within all applicable law.

Everything, as organised, as arranged as controlled and executed as imposed by pubic servants, the activities and convenient failures of whom related and relate to ‘serving the policies of the day‘ and to overlook every aspect of Parliament’s law applicable; thereby giving rise to the conclusion that the organisers and controllers are but promoters of the states of PSEUDOdemocracy = FALSE Democracy, hence the requests and demands for the police to account for the performance of its officers, operating within the London Borough of Haringey, as in other Local Authorities.

Many the abusers, many the dreamers, many the Charlatans and many the fraudsters who were noted to be operating as seasoned criminals; one and all observed and noted to be acting and operating as persons who were and are ‘assured protection by the powers that be’. And thus, none could be bothered with ‘petty crime’, as the law enforcement agents’ were / are trained and maintained for, by the states that govern and control ‘the products’ created by and through the arranged means and ways created by the master-minds who concocted, promote and are  in control of an allegedly civilised society, the United Kingdom, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies.

The above stated, are but recognised realities resting and founded on the long study and research that followed the free-for-all states and the criminal activities I was personally subjected to, throughout 1969-1976 and thereafter, ever since.

Everything organised by ‘the powers that be’, with the Law Enforcement Agencies promoting and endorsing it all. At the helm, as part of >the powers that be in control of the Police and the Legal circles<, from solicitors, through barristers and judicial chair occupants, including persons acting and operating as Court of Appeal ‘judicial chair occupants’; one and all operating in tandem with the powers that be, the criminals in control. All operating as they pleased and please, acting  and behaving as if deaf, as if blind, and, as dumb operatives busy serving other interests and possible directives when it comes to specific states, special cases and towards selectively targeted persons. Hence the blunt declaration which I copied from the bible of the judiciary, whereby the most evil of assertions which I HAD NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO COPY & REPRODUCE in the web pages I created and maintain. I had TO MAKE PUBLIC & POINT TO THE OBVIOUS, as part of my commitment and intentions to EXPOSE ALL & EVERYTHING that did not and do not comply with the promotions, with the assertions and with the declarations Mr & Mrs Average keep hearing of as of the days when each is capable of and in any position commanding acceptance of ‘the rule of Law!’

READ of, BELOW, and NOTE the arrogance of alleged servants of the law and the electorate; read of alleged servants of the taxpayers, of Mr & Mrs Average in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, the United Kingdom.

Anyone who has made time to ever access and read of the organised Housing Benefit Frauds (>plural intended<) as arranged, as executed and implemented by Local Government, by Local Authorities, by Council staff and officers could not and cannot possibly have overlooked, overlook the elements of:-

(1) Housing Benefit Assistance, to the needy, is paid out and transferred to the handlers of the funds by Central Government.

(2) The funds submitted to Local Authorities happen to be the funds allocated and justified as funds to be paid, handed over to the owners of the rented properties that are occupied by the needy, by the assisted.

(3) However, care of the arrangements between the Local Authorities, the Letting Agencies, the USED FOR FRAUD APLENTY occupiers of the rented properties and with the police above it all >acting and operating as guardians and protectors of the ORGANISERS OF THE ENGINEERED FRAUDS APLENTY ON THE OWNERS OF THE OCCUPIED / THE RENTED PROPERTIES, specifically single property and private, absent landlords’ properties, the funds representing the approved rent for the rented properties, did not / do not reach the owners of the properties as the intended recipients and rightful owners of the funds representing the rents due and payable for the occupation of the relevant properties by the needy, by the assisted, by the used for fraud aplenty who benefit from the real life education for ‘the new products’ of an allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracy.

All and everything, care of the arrangements made by and through alleged servants of the public and the law; the last including the police and judicial chair occupants, especially and specifically when the element of assured cover and protection by and through the invisible services provided by the law enforcing agencies >the police and the courts<; the contributions of judicial chair occupants seen to be ‘ever present and serving the lawless, the criminals in control of the states created for the SHEEPle, by their shepherds’.

I soon got to know of the practices and I RECOGNISED WHY AND WHAT FOR THE ARRANGEMENTS; namely, for the spread and expansion of the New World Order Code of Ethics and Morals.

Above it all, however, riding the tide, the INTENTIONS and the PLANS of abusers of the trust of the SHEEPle, the politicians who exposed their plans when they secured, from the United Kingdom’s electorate, ‘the license for the United Kingdom TO JOIN, on behalf of the electorate, (>from those who bothered to vote, of course<) THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY.

However, it was not a case for a vote to create what was promoted, but for other states, for other conditions and for arrogant impositions by appointed and NOT ELECTED DICTATORS!!!

Nothing of, for and about the arrangements for unaccountable Commissioners who busy themselves by imposing other states than the stated arrangements the politicians spoke of and sought votes for, from Mr & Mrs Average!!!

DEMOCRACY, doped suckers?

The electors, Mr & Mrs Average taxed for the pleasure of having hypocrites and the otherwise pre-occupied politicians who also busy themselves in imposing on Mr & Mrs Average other states, which states the subjected to Mr & Mrs Average have imposed on them by fraudsters, in essence, because of >the-unspoken-of-plans< of the creators of ‘the states’; the states which Mr & Mrs Average neither have the means nor can they address or deal with as individuals on their own.

All and everything care of false reporting and the recklessly irresponsible promotions by the otherwise pre-occupied and retained for, media reporters, the Intellectual Prostitutes John Swainton spoke of in the course of his retirement speech almost a century and a half earlier!!!

Readers who are not familiar with the ‘Daily Mail’s’ Mac cartoon of 1st March 1994, to which I added detail of presentation and my version of and ‘for an intended caption for the times’, shall benefit from copy which I shall publish here, in due course. Readers / visitors can access it from here (second cartoon in the left margin-column) and thereat simply consider the fact that Paul Dacre, the editor of the much promoted ‘Daily Mail’, in the United Kingdom, failed to acknowledge receipt of same, as a typical servant of his controllers and as a recklessly irresponsible person who was noted to be as contemptuous of the realities and applicable law as the most seasoned of criminals I ever heard of and ancountered; worse, however,  was his contemptuous of the realities behaviour as a commited operative who was all out to simply impose the-planned-for-states; his parts simply reflected his contempt to the rights of Mr & Mrs Average to be informed and made aware of the New World Order Code of Ethics and Morals, just as the many reporters, other media editors, also Members of Parliament engaged in and were / are endorsing as promoters of it all.

>ADDED on 2nd January 2014 the obvious, for years pointed to, as of the first web-pages created for human-rights “THROUGH AN ACT OR AN OMISSION THE CIMMISSION OF A CRIME”<.

The last, allegedly, concern themselves and address the breaches and violations of the rights, in law assured, allegedly, to the electorate, to Mr & Mrs Average, in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, the United Kingdom.

HENCE THE PRESENT STATE and the demands for the warranted information, such as the cost of maintaining hypocrites and lousy actors >criminals in fact< who were / are operating, allegedly, as officers of ‘the law’, when in fact seen to be operating as supervisors of the organised criminal states imposed on the SHEEPle; the states which, >according to the promotions concocted by the creators of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies<, are to protect, allegedly, the electorate, the taxpayers, Mr & Mrs Average from crime and criminals!!!

Many the visitors and among them ‘friends’ who accessed the state I was rendered into by the three school thugs who boarded the same bus as me (intriguingly, from the wrong side of the road) NOT, I emphasise, from the school side of it. Only the unconcerned, the recklessly indifferent and the otherwise pre-occupied and committed, failed and fail to consider simple questions, such as:-


B. WHY NO INVITATION, NO REFERENCE TO & HENCE NO IVOLVEMENT OF & NO INTEREST BY & FROM >the Victims Support team<, maintained at the expense of the taxpayers, at the expense of Mr & Mrs Average, in the London Borough of Haringey??

C. Better still, WHY THE FAILURES of Det. Inspector Gurdip Singh to ever keep his promise to look into the convenient failures >FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME< of Haringey Police to act as the primary duties of all its constituent parts, commanded of one and all, as SERVANTS OF THE PUBLIC and ‘the Law’???

Reference, above, to ‘the constituent parts of the police force’ should be read as ‘the programmed robots‘ and as ‘the conditioned, the otherwise tutored and maintained-for hypocrites’, who failed to act as each should have done on each and every instance ‘when the targeted victim’ happened to have been yours truly, Andrew Yiannides’.

Readers are invited to access and consider the realities, the evidence Inspector Gurdip Singh was pointed to when he assured the victim, yours truly, that he was to look up and consider the very evidence >as an officer of the law<:-

I will presently release and point to more of the realities born of and attached to the use of others FOR THE CREATION OF THE CONFLICTING INTERESTS & PROMOTIONS (>TONGUES<), as foretold, and written of, by the creators of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, by the followers of the teachings by examples stated in the most vile (>anagram of evil<) of works ever to have been created with fraudulent intentions and misrepresented to mankind, the Old Testament rubbish, where one reads of the evil one, the alleged creator of all and everything, the one who came down to planet earth in order to….

Do access and read of the most clear of hints, suckers, at:-

READERS SHOULD, THEREAFTER, WAKE UP, no matter which branch of the vile work, which religion founded and resting on the original, on the Old Testament rubbish, the vile scenarios, for on such vile scripts and writings the readers were / are indoctrinated with, and, as such, each acts and operates as a NON-THINKER, as a non-human but as a creation of the criminals in control, simply because each failed and fails  to go to the roots and thereat read the suppressed, >by their tutors<, material in the original work, which work the crafty who indoctrinated and conditioned them >with intent ignore and never address< when challenged for ‘their parts in indoctrinating young minds and for their convenient failings to address the obvious’ >when invited and or challenged<.

I shall be releasing more of the material held back, more of the suppressed realities which I removed from the web (which I published years ago). For good reasons, I hasten to add, the removal, such as the suppression of the orchestrated attempt to eliminate me on the occasion when the gestation vessel was used by and she co-operated with the police when the large birthmark on her right cheek >was promoted and used by both parties to the conspiracy in order to assert and allege that the birthmark was the result of an alleged assault by me<.

Of such falsehoods the reasons to justify an arrest of me and for the police, thereafter, to seek, as indeed the police did attempt, to eliminate me while I was in custody in a police cell at Leyton police station.

Holding back the information, for years (>because I did not wish for two innocent children to be made aware of the feminasty gestation vessel’s plans for ‘the idiot’<), BUT NOT SUPPRESSED FROM the many victim-challengers (alleged friends!) who were informed at the time of the events, of the concocted assault scenario and of the attempt to eliminate me or turn me into a cabbage, years later, care of the arranged assault with a pedal bicycle chain over the head. Essential it may have been at the time when I determined and made sure the two children born of the gestation vessel were NOT TO BE MADE AWARE of the plans of the gestation vessel for ‘the idiot’, for the man who married her under the specific circumstances I never spoke of to the two children, just as the feminasty gestation vessel never did.

There is no doubt in my mind, that the gestation vessel never spoke, herself, of such facts and realities, to the two children she raised as she was raised by the mother she set out to emulate as a conniving evil product of her darling mother and three seem-plinks  of mine, an elder sister and two younger brothers, the products of an evil fraud of a father.

However, the so-called victim-challenging contacts, especially the males, the father-victims of the divorce industry (friends!), were informed of the realities, inclusive of how and under what circumstances the attempt to create and enact a Steve Biko scenario while I was held in custody, which the co-operating police-force, the users of the feminasty gestation vessel, concocted and engaged in, THE NIGHT WHEN THE FEMINASTY ARRANGED FOR THE TWO INNOCENT CHILDREN TO STAY OVERNIGHT WITH FRIENDS, for the first time, as far as I was concerned and I got to know of later.

Not one of ‘the contacts / victim-challengers and the so-called friends’, should have ever cast aside and ignored the concocted scenario and the attempt to eliminate me just as the three school thugs were used for, years later.

In the meantime and all the while ‘the so-called friends’, promoting all manner of irrelevant scenarios such as the alleged concerns of the hypocrite Norman Scarth who was the first one to be told, by me naturally, of the scenario which the participants enacted in order to lead to the arrest of my person, followed later by the attempt to eliminate me / to make a Steve Biko case out of me.

Everything care of the gestation vessel as arranged with the police through the artificial grounds for the arrest of ‘the idiot’, the very arrest that was used subsequently, by the police, for the intended and failed attempt to eliminate me while I was held in custody overnight at Leyton police station in East London.

The attempt failed, simply because I was no game as of the false promotion and use of the birthmark, as the alleged result of a concocted assault on the feminasty Kyriaki, Koulla Metri Demetriou, Evangelou-Yiannides.

The above with my compliments to the many abusers of my time and the many victims of the divorce industry as created by and through the conditioning and the preparation of the feminasties such as the gestation vessel who brought two ‘children’ into the society her own mother prepared her for, just as the evil forces that maintain such states, which states, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies created for all to relish and flourish in….’, through the organised plundering of >assets targeted<, care of and as arranged, as promoted and as imposed through the Law Enforcement Agencies created and maintained by the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, the United Kingdom.

The genuinely concerned and the really interested should access and read the introduction to the organised attempt to eliminate me and thereat consider that because the attempt failed, due to the fact that I was no game, there followed the following day, while I was dealing on my own, with my rights at the Magistrates Court, the convenient miracle, the happening, the arrangements (as far as I was ever concerned, thereafter) for the aggravated theft, at knife point, of my son’s brand new mountain bike with the ensuing trauma and the states imposed on the young teenager; access reader / visitor, please:-

AND THEREAT GRASP THE EVIL SCENARIO CONCOCTED BY THE POLICE & THE USED, the CO-OPERATING mother of the victim, the FEMINASTY Kyriaki-Koulla Demetriou Evangelou, the ‘gestation vessel mother’ who >most conveniently< was not at home, and far away, when the victim of the aggravated theft of his brand new mountain bicycle, Alexandros Kimon Yiannides, MY SON, run home.

It was the next door neighbours who attended to the distressed teenager; and >it was the neighbours who telephoned the local police station<.  The mother of the two innocent children she gave birth to >care of the animal services and the sperm of ‘the idiot’<, was far away from base and even more interestingly NOT INTERESTED, NOT WILLING TO PARTAKE, IN FACT, OBJECTED TO THE WARRANTED INVESTIGATION which I had no choice but to instigate, later, for a number of reasons, >primarily because of the false records and THE FORGERY the police promoted< as the records created ‘by the police’ in the afternoon  of the day when >OUR SON< was subjected to the aggravated theft of his brand new mountain bicycle AT KNIFE POINT!!!

Andrew Yiannides – London – United Kingdom

19th October 2013

THE ABOVE IS DEDICATED SPECIFICALLY TO THE TWO INNOCENT CHILDREN, born of the feminasty gestation vessel, Kyriaki-Koulla Demetriou-Yiannides:-

(1) The first-born, Alexandros Kimon Yiannides.

(2) The second born, Artemis Kleo Yiannides-Whatever.

The two innocent children, ‘simply products’ of the states imposed, on all of the SHEEPle, by hypocrites and followers of the teachings by examples stated and written of in the Old Testament. The scenarios with intent ignored and suppressed  while the evil fraudsters who create and impose their plans for the SHEEPle, through and care of the maintenance engineers of the United Kingdom, the mother of all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies.

This article was released on December 12th 2013.

ADDED  on 21st. December, the obvious, which some media editors are beginning to address at long last:-

My submissions in respect of the treatment Nigella Lawson benefited from in the courts, as ‘the Guardian’ pointed out in an explicit article.

My comment was published in my Facebook portal, presence for contacts and friends who are familiar with my long ongoing research to read of such; to consider my conclusions, yet again, as born of and attached to the abused courts facilities for the IMPOSITION OF CRIMINAL STATES on the SHEEPle.

Everything, of course, care of and as arranged, as organised by the shepherds in control of the flock and ‘the dens’ managed by the criminal element in the United Kingdom, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies:-

“The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which MUST FAIL; as for instance an action in respect of an act of state.” >copied from the bible created by the criminals in control of Justice, and the courts, in the UK<.

WAKE UP sucker-serfs, for you have taxes imposed on you for such states and impositions by alleged servants of the law and Justice.

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