Freedom of Information & THE DEMANDS WARRANTED in view of the offensive practices

The realities pointed to, yet again, to the many dreamers who engaged and indulge in promoting anything and everything possible, so long as the true facts and the realities are suppressed with intent, and thereby ignored, side-tracked and buried care of the diversionary promotions >the different tongues< promotions / scenarios I point to from the creators of such vile ploys.

An open invitation to a number of ‘otherwise preoccupied’ and engaging promoters of irrelevant and tactical diversionary misrepresentations has as yet to be taken up by any of the shysters and the promoters of all manner of irrelevant ‘ideas and alleged grasp of the realities‘, including the promotions of and about the convert to and the lover of the REWARDS UNDER THE CONDITIONS STIPULATED BY & THROUGH the European Court of Human Rights, to which realities I have been pointing for over two decades. The invitation I allude to here, SHALL BE RELEASED HERE, in this article, later, at the end of the main article, below.

I refer, above, to the World War 2 hero, Norman Scarth; he was made very much aware of the causes and the reasons, WHY THE STUDY AND RESEARCH ONGOING FOR DECADES (as of 1972, in fact) and WHY MY FEARS FOR THE END PRODUCT, which, through the article below, I now make public.

It is high time the SHEEPle started using grey matter and common sense instead of falling to such evil ploys and machinations as the promotion of and the indirect endorsement of the REWARDS TO ANYONE WHO IS PREPARED TO KEEP IT ALL PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL, when in fact acting and operating as promoters of the arrangements for the sucker-serfs, for Mr & Mrs Average.

Reference above to ‘endorsement’ relates to the relentless FAILURES & OMISSIONS by many, such as the WW2 hero Norman Scarth, who, in a recent video I was pointed to, about his parts as an alleged challenger and expert at what he has been engaging in and unwittingly provided the evidence to, ‘care of his failings to speak of his parts in promotion and expansion of the corruption of idiots!!!

NO MENTION IS MADE OF THE REWARDS UNDER THE COUNTER, by the lousy actor, by the hypocrite!!! No mention of the plundered funds secured through taxes imposed on Mr & Mrs Average, whom the fraud of an alleged human and his chums just LOVE KEEPING IN THE DARK!!!

In the meantime, for as long as the crafty and wily one has known of me HE WAS MADE VERY MUCH AWARE OF MY CONCLUSION and the most clear of declarations, by me, over 2 decades ago:-

“Through an act or an omission the commission of a crime”.

Consider the above conclusion reader and refer / point to it, to all of your contacts. In the meantime IF YOU ARE NOT IN TOUCH with any supporters and or / followers of the shyster Norman Scarth, seek and make such contact after considering that if you have family out there who are paying, who have taxes imposed on them for such activities, practices, arrangements and support-endorsement of the constructive frauds arranged and organised by the criminals in control of PSEUDOdemocracies, point them all, first, to the conclusion, to the declaration from and by me and then ask / demand of them to access and read the explicit material where I EXPOSE THE ARRANGEMENTS FOR REWARDS to persons of Norman Scarth’s mentality; to persons, in other words, who accept plundered and stolen funds >from the taxes imposed for such use< by alleged servants of the public, servants of the tax-payers, servants of Mr & Mrs Average, whom the likes of Mr Norman Scarth agreed to keep in the dark, while engaging and indulging in theatrical productions about anything and everything BUT NOT THE REALITIES I POINTED HIM TO, when the two of us were introduced to one another, care of the LIPS crowd-mob, well over  two decades earlier.

WAKE-UP, SUCKERS, for at the end of the day it is your fellow humans, including your own children and other blood-line relatives, who are meeting the cost of and for the ongoing FRAUD & CORRUPTION THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES.

Reference, above, to ‘the ongoing states’ relates to the obvious which ALL DREAMERS & CHARLATANS who set out of their own or were sent along to waste my time, and to abuse the trust one and all were allowed to benefit from, WHEN IN FACT I WAS OBSERVING THEIR CONDUCT, STUDYING THEIR BEHAVIOUR and considering the performances of each alleged challenger of the system, the very system of operations each was simply engaged in expanding, promoting and using for and through more of the same. I refer, of course, to the usual CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS ON Mr & Mrs Average, who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals who indulge and engage in the criminal activities I have been pointing to >for over two decades<, such as I cover and point to, yet again, through this present article.

The original of the  material, below, was published in my Facebook portal / home page for all friends to consider, to pass on, and point to, to this article, after they were to be informed that the article was published and released, for access to its content by all who take any interest in such matters.

I refer, above, to the realities and revelations victims of the abused courts facilities >have been and are kept in the dark, by many an alleged victim-challenger< with criminal intent. I refer to the REWARDS SUBJECT TO THE CONFIDENTIAL STIPULATION & ARRANGEMENTS between the victims and the administrators of the courts facilities as organised and arranged by alleged representatives of the SHEEPle, in all allegedly civilised states / countries. I refer to the very practices bluntly adopted, arrogantly endorsed and simply ignored by such persons, as Norman Scarth & Co, in a purportedly civilised society, one that allegedly rests and is founded on PRINCIPLES OF LAW & ORDER, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, in essence, the United Kingdom.

Below, the realities presented to ‘friends at my Facebook portal’

Presently engaged in submissions to and demands, under the freedom of information Act, from the Local Authority, from the staff and officers of which, Haringey Council, specifically, who were noted to be most pro-active in, for the plundering and misappropriation of Housing Benefit funds. Readers should not and ought not to overlook or ignore the fact that Housing Benefit funds are transferred from Central Government, to Local Authorities, the staff and officers of which are meant to act and operate, >primarily<, as investigators; each and everyone, as SERVANTS OF THE PUBLIC AT LARGE, each was and is >at all material times< meant to ensure that genuine claimants, needy persons who actually occupy real properties, before they approve and partake in dispensing with, passing on the funds Central Government transfers to the handlers the funds representing THE RENTS DUE & PAYABLE TO THE OWNERS OF THE RENTED PROPERTIES >occupied by the needy<.

Everything, of course, is arranged by fraudsters, by the criminals in control of an allegedly civilised society, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, the United Kingdom, as I have been pointing to and out for over two decades, as far as Housing Benefit funds go. More than enough evidence has been put on line, by me, as of the days when Haringey Council staff and officers, Haringey police and Letting Agents were seen and noted to be pro-active parties in the plundering, the theft and the organised misappropriation of HOUSING BENEFIT FUNDS, which funds one and all, with the blessings of judicial chair occupants, operating out of County Courts, they were treating as gifts to one and all; in other words >NOT AS THE FUNDS ALLOCATED BY OR SECURED FROM CENTRAL GOVERNMENT< FOR THE RENTS DUE TO THE OWNERS OF THE RELEVANT PROPERTIES OCCUPIED BY THE NEEDY!!!

Anyone who has made time or ever did read of the organised Housing Benefit Frauds (plural intended) that I wrote of (>and publish on line<) at human-rights dot org, >in particular as organised, as arranged and as executed by Local Government, by Local Authorities, by Council staff and officers< could not have and cannot possibly overlook the elements of:-

1. Housing Benefit Assistance to the needy is paid out of ‘tax imposed and secured revenue‘, specifically out of funds transferred and submitted to the handlers of such, by Central Government >from the Social Security & Benefit Fund<.

2. The funds transferred to Local Authorities happen to be the funds allocated and justified as ‘moneys due and payable to, as intended for and meant to be paid to the owners of the rented properties that are occupied by the needy.

YET, CARE OF THE ARRANGEMENTS >between the Local Authorities, the Letting Agencies and the local police, >the Local County Courts<. ONE AND ALL ENGAGING & INDULGING IN USE OF THE NEEDY, FOR FRAUD APLENTY >on the owners of the rented properties<. And the presence of the needy, the occupiers of the rented properties, among them the imported >as encouraged and created< the refugees and the asylum seekers, who, in the process conveniently introduced to the morals and ethics of the New World Order!!!

Above it all, >the police acting and operating as protectors< of the ORGANISERS OF THE ENGINEERED FRAUD APLENTY ON THE OWNERS OF THE PROPERTIES OCCUPIED & RENTED through >the co-operating, in the scams<, the Letting Agencies, party to it all and care of their position / participation, the rents due and payable to the owners of the rented properties did not and do not reach the intended recipients, the owners of the relevant properties.

Of such activities and arrangements, as above I relate, my younger sister too, >Mrs Despina Soteriou Englezakis, the intended victim<, after the fraud of a human, a husband and father who abandoned her in London with no funds and with arrangements for a solicitor to forward to the couple demands for payment / settlement of alleged services by the solicitor who wrongly assumed (>or was assured by the fraud of a human, husband and father<) that he, the solicitor, would be dealing with a naive woman, one who was simply abandoned to the recklessly irresponsible solicitor; the solicitor, who had the audacity to engage in such demands AFTER ENGAGING IN WRONGLY INSTITUTED COURT PROCEEDINGS IN CONTEMPT OF THE REALITIES, THE FACTS & THE EVIDENCE attached to the case he, the solicitor, was meant to and SHOULD HAVE CONDUCTED PROPERLY AS A PROFESSIONAL, one who was and had/has been benefiting from such freedoms as all allegedly Honourable Officers of the Court who are licensed, by the Law Society, to indulge and engage in bluntly organised fraud and deception.

All and everything, care of the arrangements made by and through alleged servants of the public and the law; the last including, of course, the police, and, better still, judicial chair occupants, especially and specifically when the element of assured cover and protection by and through the invisible services provided by both law enforcing agencies, >the police and the courts, specifically judicial chair occupants ever present<. The invisible protection rackets / services afforded to the organisers and executioners, by both the police and judicial chair occupants, who were / are seen o be ready and willing to ignore the evidence and applicable law, the laws created by the representatives of the SHEEPle allegedly for the protection of the very SHEEPle.

I soon got to know of and I RECOGNISED WHY AND WHAT FOR, THE OFFICIAL ARRANGEMENTS; namely, for the spread of  the New World Order Code of Ethics and Morals.

HENCE THE PRESENT STATE OF AFFAIRS and the demands for the warranted information, such as the cost of maintaining criminals who were and are operating as police forces, the operatives and organisers of which are meant >according to the promotions concocted by the creators and promoters of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies<, to protect, allegedly, the electorate, the taxpayers, Mr & Mrs Average from crime and criminals; in other words, ‘to protect the SHEEP who have wolves planted in their dens by the shepherds who relish in watching the wolves they plant in the dens of the sheep, the wolves devouring the sheep; the very SHEEP which the shepherds are meant to protect from wolves, yet plant in the dens of the very sheep the wolves they regale in watching devouring the SHEEP they are meant to care for, and protect!!! The analogy should need no interpreter for true ‘humans’, for THINKERS.

Many the visitors who were pointed to the realities and to the evidence published by me in the public domain. Among them ‘friends’ and alleged victim-challengers, who accessed the photographic evidence, such as the state I was rendered into by three school thugs who boarded the same bus as me. Notably >the group came along from the wrong side of the road<, NOT from the school side of the bus stop but from the opposite side of the road where the local police station is situated; hence the promotion by the police, later, that the assailants, arrived at the bus stop from a school annexe that was on the same side of the road as the police station. I had to visit the local police station in order to seek information in respect of >any developments<, any events born of and attached to the assault, I was the intended victim of in the bus; the very assault that was video recorded by the equipment all London buses are fitted with. I need not have to point out that the police impounded the video recording and thereafter denied me a copy of the very evidence which no one could possibly change or manipulate; >food for thought SHEEPle> and alleged ‘friends’ / alleged victims of such practices.

I refer, above, to assertions by the police, at that juncture and point in time, when I called at the police station in order to request for a copy of the video recording, the evidence I intended to use for possible private prosecutions and I need not have to point out, here, that as far as I was concerned the police through reckless indifference, through failings and blunt contempt for the rules of procedure and the available evidence, Haringey police most clearly indicated they had no intention to proceed with any prosecutions of the school thugs. Only the recklessly indifferent and the unconcerned fail to consider the simple question, ‘WHY NO INTEREST IN & NO PROSECUTION OF THE SCHOOL THUGS FOR YEARS, as far as I was and I have been concerned?

WHERE be the evidence of any official photographs taken by the police and any statements secured from me, by Haringey Police,  warranted material for the relevant prosecutions?

Better still, ‘WHY THE FAILURES of Detective Inspector Gurdip Singh to ever keep his promise, to me, and look into the convenient failures >FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME, I NEED TO ADD,< of Haringey Police to operate and act as the primary duties of all its constituent parts, commanded of one and all?

Reference, above, to ‘the constituent parts of the police force’ should be read as ‘the programmed robots’ and as ‘the conditioned, as the tutored hypocrites’, who failed and fail to act as each should have done and should have engaged, be engaging in, ‘on each and every instance when the targeted victim of organised and premeditated criminal activities happened to have been ‘yours truly’, Andrew Yiannides the victim of the CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS THE LEGAL CIRCLES, including the police and judicial chair occupants >ALL THE WAY TO THE COURT OF APPEAL< engaged and indulged in, way back in 1969-1976’.

Readers of the above realities and conclusions should access and read what Sir Robert Mark QPM, >the Metropolitan Police Commissioner< spoke of, a year after he personally received from me succinct information and submissions in respect of the abused courts facilities, the creation and promotion of THE FORGERY, true copy of which he received from me, as passed on to me by my solicitor, as created and promoted 2 years after the institution of High Court proceedings, in support of a concocted defense in the High Court Action; the action I had no choice but to instigate as the victim of blunt and arrogant fraud. My submissions to the Metropolitan police, to all relevant / local police stations and to the HQ of the Metropolitan Police and to the very Commissioner himself, Sir Robert Mark QPM clear. MY SUBMISSIONS, I EMPHASISE, AS CLEAR AS CAN BE, JUST AS THE CREATED & PROMOTED FORGERY WAS.

>QPM, incidentally stands for and equates to ‘Queen’s Police Medal’<, a reward, in effect, for playing the field, by the established rules! I hasten to qualify and clarify >for and to the blind, to the deaf and to the dumb<. Only such persons as I specify and point to here, including the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police can possibly be excused for failures to consider why Sir Robert Mark QPM, spoke of false records as created by the legal circles when delivering ‘his’ Dimbleby Lecture on BBC Television in 1973, a year after he, and the rest of the protectors of the Organised Criminals who indulged and engaged in blunt and arrogant abuse of the courts facilities, in the United Kingdom, such as the Metropolitan Police exhibited throughout the years 1969-1976, when THE ISSUE OF THE FORGERY WAS REPORTED TO THE METROPOLITAN POLICE, TO MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT, TO MINISTERS & TO THE MEDIA.

Throughout the above period, the legal circles, including Court of Appeal judicial chair occupants, just like the police, simply self-imposed blindness >both physical and mental, I need to emphasise< whenever each was called upon to consider the most clear of forgeries which even children of junior school age did not fail to notice.

challengers, who, collectively, self-imposed and self-impose mental and physical blindness on themselves, because of other interests while complaining of similar practice by and from within the Law Enforcement Agencies, in the United Kingdom, an allegedly civilised society resting and founded on principles of Law & Order.

I refer, also to all manner of alleged protectors of Mr & Mrs Average, >as reared, as lied to and   as fooled<, by the criminals who maintain the states, as created and as maintained by the mother of all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies:-

Access and read of, marvel at the performance of the fraudster, the head of the Metropolitan Police Force, the endorser of blunt discrimination and promoter of the arrogant plans for the suckers-serfs, for Mr & Mrs Average who were and are having taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals as alleged servants of the public and the law in an allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracy!

I will presently relate and release more of the realities born of, and the use of lousy actors and dreamers FOR THE CREATION OF THE CONFLICTING (>TONGUES<), as arranged by the creators and the maintenance engineers of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, by the followers of the teachings by examples stated in the most vile of works ever to have been fraudulently misrepresented to humankind.

I refer to the Old Testament vile scenarios, where one reads of the evil one, the alleged creator of all and everything, the one who came down to planet earth in order to cause the sons of men (>wrote the male chauvinists over 2300 years ago<) in order to cause them to speak in different tongues after….. Do access, please, and read of the most clear of hints, suckers, at:-

THEREAFTER WAKE UP, no matter which branch from / of the original work, which religion founded and resting on such vile scenarios, as created for the original by the fraudsters who concocted the alleged creator of all and everything. Indeed, I need to stress that of and on such works you were and have been indoctrinated with, as NON-THINKERS, as non-humans and as the products of such persons as the creators and promoters of >the alleged holy scriptures< who now seek to impose their next creation >the New World Order< as the penultimate goal of the creators of the very original work you are pointed to above, the old testament.

operating partners : >the police and the gestation vessel< promoted and used the very birthmark, as the result of an alleged assault by me, in order to justify an arrest of me and thereafter sought and attempted to eliminated me when / while I was held in custody, at Leyton police station; the very attempt reminiscent of and failed emulation of the Steve Biko scenario in South Africa, decades earlier. Wake up Norman Scarth and your company / community of dreamers, for you were one of the first to be informed of the scenarios and the attempt to eliminate me, yours truly, Andrew Yiannides, the very person you exchanged extensive opinions of and about, with the fraudster Johan Michael Richard Foenander (>which telephone exchanges, the latter recorded<) after the two of you used Ormila Bhopaul for your evil aims and use / abuse of my readiness and willingness to assist and help all and any victims of the legal circles, the Law Enforcement Agencies, and in particular reckless abusers of the courts facilities in the United Kingdom, the mother of all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies, I repeat for the umpteenth time!

Holding back, for years, the information I now make public. The many victim-challengers, alleged friends (!) duly informed as of the time of the events / the realities. AND HOLDING BACK, NOT REPORTING THE EVENTS / REALITIES, was essential, for I did not wish for the two innocent children born of the gestation vessel to be made aware of the plans of the gestation vessel for ‘the idiot’, for the man who married her under the specific circumstances, I never spoke of to the two children, just as the feminasty gestation vessel, there is no doubt in my mind, never spoke herself, of such facts and realities, to the two innocent children she raised as she was raised by the mother she set out to emulate, while of opinion that she could treat and use me as her mother had been using her father, as if she >the feminasty gestation vessel< found me in the fields of my father whom she set out to treat as if an illiterate and uneducated idiot of her mentality.

However, the so-called victim-challenging friends (!), especially the males, the father-victims of the divorce industry, were informed of the realities, inclusive of how and under what circumstances the attempt to create a Steve Biko scenario while I was held in custody, which the co-operating police-force (>Leyton, East London<), the users of the feminasty gestation vessel, concocted, enacted and engaged in, THE NIGHT WHEN THE FEMINASTY ARRANGED FOR THE TWO INNOCENT CHILDREN TO STAY OVERNIGHT WITH FRIENDS!

NOTE: the above is dedicated to the misguided, to the ill informed daughter of mine born of the gestation vessel who raised her, Artemis Kleo Yiannides as the gestation vessel, the evil creation of >Maria Metri Evangelou raised her darling daughter Kyriaki-Koulla Metri-Demetriou Evangelou<.

Many the alleged victim-challengers (friends!) who were pointed to the explicit material, the webpage where I published more than enough relative to the preparation of the two innocent children for and in the ways of the criminals who created and were/are in control of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies. I hereby point to and I ask of all who read here of the realities relative to the parts of other servants of the SHEEPle, namely the police, to access and read of the capabilities and the manner, of the activities and of the failures and the arrogant impositions by the administrators of the education children ‘benefit from’, inclusive of the states of sex discrimination such as my son Alexandros Kimon Yiannides and many other teenagers were exposed and subjected to as victims:-

The serious reader and the concerned should consider the evidence born of, and attached to the realities I set out to expose and point to, to all victims of the divorce industry and in particular the males, such as the craft-y and wily Johan Michael Richard Foenander, Maurice Kellet, Len Miskulin, also Roger Jones, Norman Scarth, Paul Talbot-Jenkins and many others, including women victims of the divorce industry such as Marisa Sarda, Veronica Beryl Foden, Rosalia xxxxxxxxxx, as of the moment I was very webpages and some as of the moment of the events were related to me and made public care of the Internet facilities all were urged to consider using in order to state in the public domain what each was reporting orally to many others.

NOT ONE RECOGNISED & OR REALISED WHY THE REQUESTS & DIRECTIONS FROM ME. I hereby qualify and clarify my objectives >namely in order to observe and note how each was to use, report and make public what each was promoting and projecting to others / to one another.

Not one of ‘the so-called friends’, should have ever cast aside and ignored the concocted scenario and the attempt to eliminate me just as the three school thugs were, also used for, years later, when the new attempt on the life of ‘the idiot’ was enacted when the creators of such scenarios could or might have benefited from the possibility of the creation of a cabbage, care of brain injuries, most definitely as intended by the police, not necessarily by the maligned, as raised by her mother, the evil gestation vessel was used for when the arrangements were made with others to concoct and promote / rely on the false allegations founded on an alleged assault on the maligned gestation vessel, Kyriaki-Koulla Metri-Demetriou-Yiannides.

In the meantime >and all the while, for years<, the so-called ‘friends’, promoting all manner of irrelevant scenarios such as the alleged concerns of the hypocrite Norman Scarth who was the very first to be told, by me, naturally, of the scenario which the participants enacted in order to lead to the arrest of my person; followed, later, by the attempt to eliminate me, to make a Steve Biko case out of me. Everything care of the gestation vessel as arranged with the police through the artificial grounds for the arrest of ‘the idiot’, the very arrest used subsequently by the police for the intended and failed attempt to eliminate me while I was held in custody overnight, at Leyton Police station.

The attempt failed, simply because I was no game as of the false promotion and use of the birthmark, being the result of an alleged assault, by me, on the feminasty Kyriaki / Koulla Metri Demetriou, Evangelou-Yiannides.

The above with my compliments to the many abusers of my time and to the many victims of the divorce industry as created by and through the conditioning, the preparation and use of the gestation vessels, such as the feminasty vessel who brought two ‘children’ into the society her mother prepared her for, just as the evil forces that maintain such states as the mother of all other PSEUDOdemocracies ‘relish and flourish’, in. Everything through and FOR the organised plundering of assets, care of the Law Enforcement Agencies the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies created and maintains.

The genuinely concerned and the really interested should access and read the introduction to the organised attempt to eliminate me and thereat consider that because the attempt failed, due to the fact that I was no game, there followed the following day, while I was dealing on my own, with my rights at the Magistrates Court, the convenient miracle, the happening, the arrangements as far as I was ever concerned, for the aggravated theft, at knife point, of my son Alexandros Kimon Yiannides’, brand new mountain bike with the attached and ensuing trauma care of the states imposed on the young teenager; access reader / visitor, please:-

AND THEREAT GRASP THE EVIL SCENARIO CONCOCTED BY THE POLICE & THE USED FEMINASTY, the mother of two innocent children, who willfully and with malice aforethought did NOT WISH FOR Detective Inspector Harris, to proceed with the investigation necessitated care of ‘the false records and the falsification of such by the police operating out of Leyton Police Station; the very criminals who attempted to eliminate me after arresting me care of the concocted scenario earlier, allegedly because, I assaulted the evil feminasty Kyriaki-Koulla Metri Demetriou Evangelou-Yiannides.

Andrew Yiannides – London – United Kingdom

16th October 2013

IMPORTANT NOTE / INFORMATION:- The above is dedicated to the many abusers of the trust each benefited from, while I was studying the performances and the behaviour of each and everyone, for and because of the need to consider all aspects attached to the creation of all PSEUDOdemocracies, care of such failings by the many abusers of my time and patience with dreamers.

Most important, however, for and to me personally, the need arises that I dedicate this very article to the two innocent children, the products of the gestation vessel, Kyriaki Koulla Metri Demetriou Evangelou, who raised and used the two children born of her, care of my sperms, in the very manner and the ways of her mother AT MY EXPENSE ALONE and not at the expense of the PSEUDOdemocracy!!!

Above all as the gestation vessel was tutored by the nuns who taught her of and in the ways of the Roman Catholic Church; the nuns who prepared her for the ways of THE PRODUCTS THEMSELVES OF AN ALLEGED CHRISTIAN INSTITUTION; the very institution CREATED BY THE ROMANS AFTER THE ATTEMPT TO ENHANCE THE OLD TESTAMENT PROMOTIONS / TEACHINGS FAILED. I refer and point to the obvious when 3 centuries after the passing of the one who spoke of and addressed the religion gurus of his days in the lands he roamed, with such words as:-

You are of your father, the Devil.

Need I add anything else, besides drawing attention to the fact that the Roman Catholic Church never used the missing ‘Christian’ foundations in the title it goes by, yet alleged promoters of the teachings attributed to Jesus Christ as used by the very institution when imposing itself in Latin America, in Mexico, in India, the far East and other lands!!!

My concluding thoughts, in the above paragraph, food for thought, for such dreamers as Johan Michael Richard Foenander, a product of the Dutch Reform Church, and Norman Scarth, the wily and crafty one, who, at a particular point in time when residing in Bradford, he discovered / was sucked into the promotion of teachings attributed to and created FOR the second clone and attempt to enhance the original vile scenarios and the teachings one reads and accepts as allegedly Holy Scriptures as concocted and created FOR the followers of the vile scenarios such as the example I point to above, in this article where I reproduce from the Old Testament the foundations of ‘the divide and rule / manipulate the sucker-serfs


Updated 23rd November, 2013

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2 comments to Freedom of Information & THE DEMANDS WARRANTED in view of the offensive practices

  • Gazz

    Hello Andrew, excuse my ignorance if you have released the reasons but, why on earth did the mother act this way ? Was it financial ?


    • Consider WHY the use of FEMINASTY as I coined for the animal and you can probably work things out.
      The animal as the product of an illiterate mother-animal, early in her marriage to me, attempted to impose her evil ways, on me, by using sex as her big gun. HER ASSUMED POWERS of and for control of someone she treated and looked upon as if just an animal, like herself, SIMPLY FAILED.
      SHE FAILED TO CONSIDER THAT AS A HUMAN with an extensive background in relationships care of my design background, the fashion industry, also the extensive photography I was engaged in, the circles I was very well connected with and most pro-active in, AS A MALE (animal), I WAS NOT JUST A GREENHORN, LIKE HER FATHER WAS when her mother targeted him as a good catch back in a village in Cyprus where I was born too in the city, Ncosia. She also got to know of the fact, as my mother and other family members confirmed, that I made sure that through hard work, after school hours and throughout all summer vacations, as of the age of 10, I benefited from proper education.
      The woman failed, also, to consider the fact that besides the education I ensured I benefited from, I did have the benefit of a teaching background, both in Technical & Secondary Institutions. She assumed the right to ignore the business acumen and background, without any consideration of the fact that I told her most clearly that those who set about destroying my businesses (three) through abuse of the courts’ facilities, one day ALL WILL BE CALLED TO ACCOUNT FOR THEIR EVIL >CRIMINAL IN INTENT< WAYS, as many now are getting to read of, after 41 years of extsnsive study and research. When the animal first attempted to use sex as her big gun, through which to command, to demand and to control me, as if I was just an animal like her, she benefited from a simple answer and a very clear warning:- "You can live as an animal and with your needs in that area, within any relationhip, as a married woman, but NOT in the marriage you entered into with me; enjoy life in good company with your egoism while I can simply exist in good company with my self-respect. I do not need to drop to your level as an animal, for 'I am a human". SHE SOON FOUND OUT THAT I MEANT EVERY WORD, BECAUSE PRINCIPLES RIDE HIGH IN MY LIST OF ETHICS AND MORALS. Later, when frustration set in, after the animal failed to impose also her evil ways and sex had been cast overboard by me, she tried using my love and devotion to the two innocent children, so, she benefited from another warning, especially when she set about using my love and devotion to the two children she bore care of my initial services to the animal I married as a 'human who had had more than enough in the sexual arena'. She was told to CEASE USING THE CHILDREN >such as moving into any other room with ‘her properties’, away from ‘the idiot’, thereby introducing the new blackmail facility / gun, thereby WORKING AT AND IMPOSING ON THE TWO CHILDREN THE ALIENATION PLOY AS A FEMINASTY who never bothered to consider the effects of her evil ways on the innocent children the ANIMAL GAVE BIRTH TO.
      However, ‘the idiot’ was never a naive illiterate and inexperienced animal when our paths crossed (like her father or her brother Evangelos), and she was told that come what may she could enjoy and share her animal needs with anyone, so long as she did not bring any other into the home I was content to carry on with (the extensive improvements to the bricks and mortar), for I was not game and I was NOT prepared to abandon my duties as ‘a father and for the ‘family’ I created, for which I was happy to exist, simply as a human.
      REFERENCE TO MY CHALLENGES TO THE SCHOOLS AND THE AUTHORITIES, which I published at human-rights dot org, the chapter dadscare, specifically, SHOULD SUFFICE TO ANY GREY MATTER USER, any true ‘human’, any >THINKER< . BUT, she was told, IF ANYONE, EVER, was to speak to me of her, carrying on in any relationship in the open, with any other animal of her mentality, I would simply respond by calmly informing such informants that, "Unfortunately, I am a Diabetes victim, friend; so, she has to look to others for that side of the animal's needs, as a married woman. Feel free to try your luck too, and do not worry about me, or concern yourself with such matters". As you can see this 'human' may have erred in assuming that the animal I married, as an alleged Hellene and as an alleged Christian such as she claimed to have been raised as. I was well adjusted to the ways of the world / the society I was born into and raised in, as the mother who gave birth to me through an arranged marriage to an evil fraud of a father, I was more than well versed with the evil ways of some women. I was aware of the fact that some women are raised and bring up, raise their own daughters in and with such approaches to marital relationships, as animals. I was, therefore, more than prepared, for the ways of the feminasty. It was more than clear, to me, that the feminasty never studied, or ever bothered to read any of the CLASSICS which I asked her to read, after she set out to use the big gun her mother must have tutored her in, what for and how to use sex! I trust you can see now why the frustrated animal has MORE TO LEARN FROM 'the idiot' (>her favourite endearment’ to, of and for me, by the way< ) as I pointed out in the recent email submissions to the second born of the animal, to 'Artemis' (our daughter) who now has to learn, read on the Internet and or hear from friends / third parties who are to follow the ways of 'the idiot'; in other words, read of and learn the rest of the alphabet besides the A, the B and the C which the gestation vessel, the feminasty prepared her with, as an alleged mother proper. Artemis and many shall be learning 'from the idiot' that the A, the B and the C do not constitute total grasp of some language and no one can possibly use the three letters only, in order to express anything of any true value, as any grey matter user SHOULD RECOGNISE. I have big surprises up my sleeves, friend, especially for the male suckers of the ORGANISED DIVORCE INDUSTRY as arranged through alleged public services and public servants; in particular the abusers of the courts facilities, the many abusers of my time and patience riding along in tandem with the criminals in control, as the otherwise preoccupied non-humans, non-thinkers and as the corrupted products of the system of operations. THE SURPRISES, BY THE WAY, WERE MADE KNOWN TO SUCH DREAMERS, CHARLATANS & FRAUDSTERS as Norman Scarth, Johan Michael Richard Foenander, Len Miskulin and his Live Beat Dads chums. Also to other known victims of the family courts, such as Michael Wiffen, Nigel Beckwith, David Mortimer, Garry Westcar, William Spring (a victim of the established 'Bleak House' approach to family assets in family matters such as Charles Dickens wrote of, over 160 years ago, of and to which treatment and arrangements also for Veronica Beryl Foden, whose relationship with her mother and, later, with her own daughter, the poisoning as organised and arranged by the legal circles which issues I touched in an earlier article, here at justice raped). MANY THE OTHERS WHO FAILED to consider the patience of a much tried and tested 'THINKER' who was not interested and NOT GAME FOR CONVERSION TO LOVER OF THE ABUSED COURTS FACILITIES FOR FRAUD APLENTY care of the REWARDS ON TAP. I refer, of course, to the rewards at the end of the line for morons who 'somehow' succeed to take their complaints, or are used by others to take, submit, lodge their complaints and cases to the CORRUPTING WAYS OF THE European Court of Human Rights; one and all failing to consider, at all material times, my parts and contributions, in bringing about consideration of, for and WHY eventually the United Kingdom put on the statute books The Human Rights Act 1998, years after the acknowledgement of the long ongoing FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM (in 1995) and decades after my first challenges as of 1972. By the way, the first woman to have been informed, by me, of my plans and what I WILL BE PUTTING IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN IN DUE COURSE was Tami Pepperman from the USA. She joined the group I started at ning dot com, 'URrights' dot ning dot com, using the facilities created / provided by Unfortunately failed to proceed with their commitment to MY RIGHT to download all material and submissions from the many who joined me there. I refer to MY RIGHT TO EDIT by SELECTING WHOM I WOULD LIKE TO RETAIN AS A PERSON who could be seen to be a genuinely concerned 'human', after the craft-y dot ning dot com creators were to start charging ME for the facilities. In other words, I was only prepared to allow / accept as like-minded persons who DID & WERE OBJECTING TO THE SYSTEMATIC ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES for the 'divide and manipulate the SHEEPle of planet earth, NOT FREE-RIDERS, and self-promoting authors of all manner of diversionary works, ploys far removed from the curse and the foundations of the ills imposed on humanity by the criminals in control. Above I refer to the different tongues scenario from the old testament holy scriptures; the very ploy and hint, the most clear of warnings which the criminals who concocted the vile scenarios they sold to the naive and gullible some 2400 years ago, which scenarios they dare refer to and promote as holy scriptures! I allude, above, yet again, to the very scenario I have been pointing, for over 21 years now, to victims of the legal circles, to the victims of the abused courts facilities and to victims of other public services and servants, as of February 1997, when I first published material for and at human-rights dot demon dot co uk, eventually / now at:-

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