JUSTICE, SEEN TO BE DONE? The principle for unadulterated Justice shoved in the sand!

Below, visitors can read the document I transmitted to contacts by email and to groups / rooms frequented by many on the  Internet; the document relates to the abducted and RAPED, systematically, JUSTICE in the mother of all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies, the United Kingdom.

I refer, above, to the type of Democracy the ill-educated, the ill-informed and the misguided taxpayers are paying taxes for; for the very kind of allegedly civilised Democracy which OUR LORDS & MASTERS SET OUT TO IMPOSE, and they are seeking to impose on Syria and Egypt; indeed as they have created by meddling in the internal affairs of the other SHEEPle they targeted, as in Iraq, in Libya, also in other countries / states, for example.

WAKE UP…. friends.

The copy follows, below, with additional input after minor edit corrections.

Pxxxx >FRIENDS, last Wednesday (August 28th, 2013) I decided to attend a county court hearing resting and founded on a case of recklessness by a firm of solicitors and long ongoing complaints and challenges, through the usual channels, by the victim of such.

I did not inform the security chap, at the entrance to the court building, who told me : “I will take that”, when I opened my brief case where I had a pocket radio-cassette recorder.

What followed shall be made public in due course.

Eventually, at my insistence, a senior member of the office staff, attended to my demands and issued, to me, a receipt for my property; thereafter I looked up and searched the listings for the court hearings where the case I wished to attend, was being conducted, and, I asked the security guard (the doorman / footman) who was acting on orders from the abusers of the trust of the SHEEPle to inform me ‘where the court number 3 was’, and I benefited from the floor where the court was.

I only have to inform you and all others who are to receive this, that the door was locked; no access to and no sign on the door as to why, in the instance at hand, the business of the court was being conducted behind closed doors, at the time / for the occasion.

It was not long after I attempted to open the door in order to go in, and I was approached by another member of the office staff. I DID, after all, ASK THE SECURITY CHAP, where the court number 3 was, and thus he got to know WHY I WAS THERE.  I trust, friends / readers, that  you now grasp my reasons and use of the ‘indirect information’, to the security chap, as to ‘WHY I was there, at the court building’.

I had given my calling card to the woman who issued to me the acknowledgment that she, on behalf of the court, took away my radio-cassette recorder; the younger office lady, was also handed a calling card, when she approached me in order to tell me that I could not go into the court, blah… blah… blah…

When handing her, also, my calling card, after I was asked to go (because of…. blah, blah…) I asked her to go in and inform the judge who apparently was conducting a hearing behind closed doors in contempt of the principle that ‘JUSTICE MUST BE SEEN TO BE DONE IN OPEN COURTS‘, she took it and went into the court room.

A few minutes later she came out to announce that the judge is not allowing me to go in his court. She then flatly told me to leave and I simply informed her that I was to wait out there until the end of the day’s business and I would then speak to / with the person who had to revert to court proceedings after one and all ignored and acted in contempt of her rights, allegedly assured in law.

She went away and returned with the senior office lady who handed over to me my property and like the young one told me to go / leave the court building; in the circumstances I informed the two of them that I was in a public building, not their private property, and that I was to wait there in order to meet with and hear from the person who HAD TO INSTIGATE COURT PROCEEDINGS as others arranged and imposed on the plaintiff, through contempt of the person’s rights, purportedly assured in law.

I was then threatened with police action (‘the police will be called upon to remove you, blah, blah, blah’, mentality) and I simply informed the two, ‘I will deal with the police later, if they dare get involved with and in the blunt abuse of the courts facilities, such as I was subjected as of the moment I was simply told I will take that.

Do refer to the chapter of my work / the research warranted and the report at:-

Access the evidence visitors / readers  and thereat consider the simple fact that the beneficiary of the removed obstructions to the right to benefit from unadulterated Justice, DID >WITH INTENT< SUPPRESS the precedent case he created care of the relevant Court of Appeal, application and hearing.

I request of anyone who makes time to access and study the material facts and the evidence I published / released in the above web-page to consider the simple fact that the person did secure the right to use his own recorder in order to benefit from sound (in both senses of the word I use here) records of the hearing at the Court of Appeal.

The created records, obviously, not subject to the usual edit operations to which official court recordings are subjected.

He, the wily and crafty one, however, the one who was ‘readily granted permission and the RIGHT TO RECORD, to secure, in other words, a TRUE RECORD, of the day’s theatrical production (as recorded by the wily one) although he forwarded to me the transcript he, Norman Scarth, created, interestingly and most conveniently HE DID SUPPRESS THE REALITIES WHICH HE RECORDED FROM Mr & Mrs Average and he simply carried on (suppressing the benefit he was allowed) FOR DECADES, NOW.

In other words Norman Scarth, did NOT & NEVER WISHED FOR ANY OTHER TO BENEFIT FROM THE VERY RIGHTS HE SECURED from the abusers of the courts facilities, when a full panel of judges, including the Lord Chief Justice were dealing with his application / the case that gave him grounds to appeal wrongly imposed states by the lower court’s judicial chair occupants.

Readers / visitors who are not familiar with ‘the work of and the many changing facets and faces of the World War 2 hero, should seek information from persons who knew of and were aware of the fact that the moment he was sent down, care of the theatrical production which I was taken up to Bradford,  by Mr Patrick Culinnane, for the last week of the trial at the Sheffield Crown Court, he set up Law Centres in the prison he was ‘assigned to’, in order to ‘use and assist victims’ of the legal circles, of the police and of other servants of the public.

All visitors / readers should simply access and familiarise themselves with the arrangements for REWARDS TO ALL WHO ENDORSE the system of operations as evolved and developed by the creators of PSEUDOdemocratic states; all  should access the evidence I have been pointing to for over 16 years on the Internet, presently at:-

EXTENSION and DEVELOPMENTS following publication of the revelations born of the rape of Justice activities at the revelant county court in the United Kingdom.

Below an email warranted after the plaintiff whose case  commanded looking into because it entailed complaints against a firm of solicitors as referred to Andrew Yiannides.

In the course of the meeting that followed at the conclusion of ‘the judge’s business for the day’, the Plaintiff stated / revealed / alleged a very interesting scenario. However, the Plaintiff instead of proceeding in a manner that would be indicative of ‘a victim who went on record to indicate complaints  about the conduct of the hearing behind closed doors, the Plaintiff indicated through the reported steps taken that what we publish above commanded of the Plaintiff to ‘find out IF what was reported IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, by Andrew Yiannides, was true!!!

And as can be surmised by reading what we report above, the Plaintiff sought confirmation from the very offenders who indulged and engaged in such practices as we report above, all of which was and remain THE ESTABLISHED PRACTICES in the courts maintained by successive governments of different political colorations; in other words governments that simply impose and enforce the plans of the criminals who set out to become Lords & Masters of all and everything on planet earth.

We publish below an email that was posted to the Plaintiff, who set out to offend the integrity of Andrew Yiannides who was first made aware of the abuse of the courts facilities, in the United Kingdom, in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, through the developments that followed the institution of High Court proceedings when Andrew Yiannides fell victim to the criminals who operate as alleged Honourable officers of the Law and Justice, established, care of the FORGERY and the transcript Andrew Yiannides published at:-

The email follows below:

Owing to the fact that I had not opened and read this email before responding to your subsequent email I am OBLIGED TO OVERLOOK my earlier response to your email that followed this; to the earlier email, from you, I now respond as follows:-

1.   You are in no position to dictate to me how I report such matters after I was left with NO CHOICE BUT TO RECORD >in the public domain< as I did, following your performance.

2. Recognise the simple fact that I USED MY RIGHTS when I HAD TO CONSIDER, ALSO, MY OBLIGATIONS when I acted as I did owing to the fact that:-

(a)   I do not approve of ‘half-baked potatoes’ and

(b)  I do not subscribe to suppression of the truth born of and attached to any factual events and in particular any abuse of trust and or reckless indifference to any states imposed on third parties, not simply my person, but on the millions of the innocent out there who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of theatres referred to as alleged courts of Justice.

3.    The very issues I point you to above, I hasten to remind you, ALLEGEDLY (you leave me no choice but to use this angle, now) YOU AGREED WITH ME, whenever we were discussing the states you were speaking of care of your personal experiences with the very circles I set out, decades ago, to research and expose.

4.   I NOW DRAW YOUR ATTENTION TO THE FACT that I never asked for any evidence or proof in support of that which you were speaking of and relating to me, >attached, always, to ‘your experiences’ as you put them to me<.

5.    I suggest that you consider justifying THE GROUNDS & THE REASONS FOR SHOUTING & SCREAMING at me over the telephone, relative to your rights to ensure that you sign only factual and true statements, as if the suggested way to block any changes to the states imposed on me and on you (IF I am to accept at this juncture that what you related to me was factual and true). You should now consider that you are in no position NOW, to explain away or justify YOUR YELLING & SCREAMING LOUDLY at me, after I pointed out to you, the erratic way in which you set about to secure PROOF / CONFIRMATION FROM THE VERY OFFENDERS, and specifically >in order to ‘satisfy yourself, that what I related to you was factual and true’, as implied by your erratic ways. Seek professional opinion and advice on the implications arising out of the childish way you set out to seek ‘confirmation’ from the offenders, in order to satisfy yourself, I REPEAT, > that what I related and reported to you was factual and true<.

6.    There was I, waiting outside the court room, to which I was denied access, and there you were / are ‘as the intended victim of the theatrical production you spoke of when I met with you’, after the court’s business for the day was concluded >behind closed doors<. IF, AT THIS JUNCTURE, I am to use ‘your way of approaching such issues’, I ask that you consider MY RIGHTS attached to and born of the telephone call which you told me you made to the offending clerical staff operating out of the relevant county court. Your arrogance attached to the way you set about offended my integrity and sincerity, commands re-consideration of and FOR the way you set out to secure ‘confirmation from the offending clerical staff at the county court’, that WHAT I RELATED & REPORTED TO YOU WAS FACTUAL AND TRUE.

7.    Following on from the realities and realisations I point to, herewith, I request, >in fact I demand, if I am to adopt your ways<, that you now consider MY RIGHTS UNDER THE LAW and MY OBLIGATIONS TO SOCIETY:-

(a)    I object to any implied suggestions from and by any selfish and egocentric non-thinker, from and by any non-human and or anyone who acts and operates as a conditioned victim or as a programmed robot, IF NOT SOMEONE WHO IS ACTING AS AN INDIFFERENT BYSTANDER to the states imposed on any other, even if the other was / happens to be / happened to have been someone who >WAS< standing by, ready and willing to assist in challenging the abusers of public facilities, such as you were speaking of whenever you took up my valuable time in order to benefit from assistance when the need arose ‘to clear up whatever you were confused with, and or you were not sure how to go about presenting your case / stating the facts attached to and born of ‘the events and happenings’ such as you were speaking of, to me, relative to the many legal cases you found yourself embroiled and engaging in.

(b)     I DO NOT NEED YOUR APPROVAL because of some imaginary authority you created for yourself, whereby you can dictate to me what I can and, or, I cannot state, relate and record in the public domain FOR THE TAXPAYERS TO ACCESS & BENEFIT FROM.

I hasten to point out that THE CHOICE of what I relate and report in the public domain, especially when the stated facts happen to be of general public interest and importance in law, STAYS WITH ME AND ME  ALONE. Should I have to expand or state further particulars relative and fundamental to the suppression of material facts born of and attached to THE REALITIES PARTLY REPORTED & RECORDED in the public domain, rests with me and me alone.

In the event, that I may decide to expand on the facts stated and recorded in the public domain, as related to you in the first instance, you should simply consider the fact that FOR THE DAY’S THEATRICAL PRODUCTION >BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, I STRESS YET AGAIN<, it was MY TIME AND MY CONCERNS SUCH AS YOU WERE MADE MORE THAN AWARE OF, CARE OF THE MATERIAL RECORDED IN THE WEB-PAGES / IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, to which material you allude and refer to ‘care of your new approach to such facts and realities’ and I hasten to point out that through your present communication ‘you reveal another facet’ of you.

In view of the overall submissions you benefit from, as herewith presented to you, I can only stress and emphasise that IF you desire to change your part of the experiences you reported after you met with me at the conclusion of the day’s business in court number 3, >behind closed doors, I repeat<, you should do so within 28 days.


Andrew Yiannides

Contributing articles at as Diogenis searching for ‘humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on.

The JUDICIARY: “A judiciary let free simply to generate income for the circles from within which the judiciary arise to Public office IS DANGEROUS to the health of the nation, to the state”. (© by A. Yiannides to be found at:-

The above is dedicated to all abusers of Andrew Yiannides’ time and the trust each was allowed to benefit from, while each and everyone was observed and studied as typical products of the society and the states that created and create dreamers, charlatans and fraudsters…… EVERYTHING CARE OF THE ABUSED COURTS FACILITIES AND THE FRAUDSTERS IN CONTROL OF THE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, lock, stock and barrel.

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  • Easy to check out, readable…heck I had to leave a

    • Thank you for the simple acknowledgement. Your comment after reading / benefiting from the unadulterated reporting on the very issue injects some fresh air to the principled researcher’s spirit.
      Your contribution should and ought to be read by the dreamer who set out to offend the creator-researcher’s commitment to address OPENLY THE VERY ISSUE clearly pointed to care of the choice of the domain name registered by the author-creator / researcher, whom many LOVERS-PROMOTERS OF THE SYSTEM OF OPERATIONS AS CREATED AND EXIST, set out to offend and OBSTRUCT / BURY & SUPPRESS THE EXTENSIVE WORK & REVELATIONS / REPORTS NECESSITATED >in fact called for and commanded of any ‘true and considerate of others human’, IF such dreamers as ‘the alleged friend’ and NOTED LOVER-USER OF THE ABUSED SYSTEM OF OPERATIONS >the theatrical productions< in the courts of Europe fell in love with >care of the REWARDS AT THE END OF THE DAY care of THE CONDITIONS IMPOSED / subject-to, as covered by the researcher-exponent in the simply stated facts in the specific chapter of the work of the researcher whom the alleged OBJECTOR-VICTIM OF THE ABUSED COURTS FACILITIES determined to offend when he came out of the woods well over TWO DECADES since the EXPOSURE / the revelations published at:
      NOTE TO & FOR VISITORS-READERS to consider:- This reply to the author of the submitted comment-contribution the creator of the extensive work necessitated and called for / published at & is dedicated to my one and only daughter and her twins, who, I trust and hope, one day will be proud of their father and grandfather. Andrew YIANNIDES 27th May 2018

    • Thank you for the simple recognition and acceptance of our work as informative and useful.

  • Blogging is not my day job definitely. I am trying to market my business by attempting to write about it.

    But crap is it ever difficult. I do admire your articles, and I simply had to
    comment to give you kuddos on the wonderful information and content here.

    • Thank you for your kind words and sincerity. In no way I would seek to offend anyone who is trying to achieve anything for and by himself, especially a family person who committed himself or herself to make better provisions for his or her family and for mankind in general. Keep on ‘tracking, as they say, and follow closely as I proceed to address and expose more of the vile (>anagram of EVIL< ) activities and promotions by the creators of PSEUDO-Democracy. Consider, please, the words of IsoKratis which I repeat below as I translated for the benefit of all who access and' >>>”But in fact they thought, virtue is not advanced by written laws but by everyday life; for the majority of men tend to assimilate the manners and morals amid which they have been reared. Furthermore, they held, that where there is a multitude of specific laws it is a sign that the state is badly governed; for it is in the attempt to build up dikes against the spread of crime that men in such a state feel constrained to to multiply the laws,
      >>?Those who are rightly governed, on the other hand, do not fill their porticoes with written statutes, but only to cherish justice in their souls; for it is not by legislation, but by morals, that states are well directed, since men who are badly reared will venture to transgress even laws which are drawn up with minute exactness, whereas those who are well brought up will be willing to respect a simple code”<<<

  • My partner and I stumbled over here by a different website and thought I should check things out. I like what I see and read now, so now I am going to be following you. What I am looking forward to read and find out in your articles, your submissions and additional revelations here shall be most welcome.
    We shall be calling back for a second look and read.

    • Interesting the accidental connection to Justice-Raped. When / after the email address submitted with the comment, in due course the visitor / reader is to receive an explicit document for endorsement and submission back to the creator of the specific document. The creator / author of the Justice-Raped articles had been given ample ground and reasons that did lead to the victim of the legal circles and the abused High Court facilities to change his plans for his life.
      The specific document where the realities are briefly and very clearly stated / covered is available on request from the author / creator who can be contacted at

  • Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say you’ve done a excellent job with this. In addition, the blog loads super quick for me on Firefox. Excellent Blog!
    NOTE: Yes the pages load fast and quick because of the fact that there are NO PROMOTIONAL / ADVERTISING INTRUSIONS simply becasue the website is not a free but a paid for facility, provided by a proper paid for service.

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    NOTE:- promotional (advertising)material REMOVED. WE expect readers / visitors to read and learn from the realities exposed. WE do not reveal and expose fraud on the citizens by the legal circles and the corruption of the victims of the legal circles (solicitors, barristers and judges) to be ignored or the realities suppressed by some alleged ‘human’ who failed to consider what he read IF HE OR SHE DID READ & LEARN ANYTHING.

  • I just like the helpful info you publish here, for your
    visitors to read and benefit from your articles. I am going to bookmark your blog and check again right here
    regularly. I am quite sure I’ll be told plenty of new stuff right here!
    Good luck for the following!

  • For the benefit of persons who bothered and and make time to access the realities and consider the observations I publish and point to in the public domain, for the reasons I made and I make very clear to the victims of the long ongoing abuse of the courts facilities, as organised and arranged by the licensed criminals who are issued practice certificates by the Law Society, I hasten to point all visitors to the articles published here at because all rest and are founded on my observations and sound considerations >leading to the submissions and the challenges, among others, to the President of the Law Society and the blind and deaf Intellectual Prostitutes operating out of the media centres!!!
    Anyone who bothers to access the very article published here at Justice Raped SHOULD TAKE ON BOARD THE FACT THAT THE LEGAL CIRCLES, SYSTEMATICALLY INDULGE & ENGAGE, in the plundering of targeted assets as was the case born of the realities I reported to, I pointed to and I challenged the allegedly honorable officer of Justice, the President of the Law Society, Ms Lucy Scott-Montcrieff, who simply shoved her head in the sand!!!
    All visitors and readers, after accessing the article I published in November 2012, should access, also, and study, the article I created using the context of the entire letter I delivered to the relevant office at the House of Commons, for delivery to the Member of Parliament, who purportedly was representing my younger sister Mrs Despina Kyriacou Joannides-Englezakis and myself, at government level; specifically on and for any issues that concern the constituents, any constituent whom Members of Parliament represent at government level, in the mother of all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies.
    All visitors, readers, researchers and in particular the Blind, the Deaf and the Dumb reporters, in other words THE INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUTES, of whom John Swainton spoke in the course of his retirement speech, every single one that I, personally, contacted over the last 18 years, more specifically, and all others whom I contacted as of February 1972, should revisit their corrupted mindsets and consider the law breached and the rights of the SHEEPle violated by allegedly HONORABLE OFFICERS OF JUSTICE and the Law, >including judicial chair occupants and the police forces maintained by successive governments constituted of alternating political coloration in the United Kingdom!!!
    I hasten to point one and all, more specifically, to the last paragraph of my letter to Ms Lynne Featherstone, the MP for Haringey, North London, who contained herself to simply direct and instruct me to see some licensed fraudster, some criminal such as the Law Society licenses to freely engage and indulge in tandem with other licensed, by the Law Society, criminals, who collectively engage in the plundering of targeted assets in the most blunt and arrogant of organized crimes such as I was first subjected to, throughout 1972-1976, when an old school friend, the solicitor Kypros Nicholas when purportedly and allegedly was acting for me in the High Court case YIANNIDES -v- RADLEY GOWNS LTD, a case of COMMERCIAL FRAUD >a simple business contract< . The old school friend presented and promoted to me, to his client, THE VICTIM OF THE BLUNT FORGERY, which the police contemptuously ignored as accessories to and arrogant abettors of the FALSE & FORGED DOCUMENT which I published in the public domain, for obvious reasons at:- for all readers, for researchers and more specifically for all victims who are pointed to such evidence, to access and to consider the mentality and the parts of the police who simply elected and elect to ignore such evidence, as the branch of the Law Enforcement Agencies, maintained by the allegedly civilised mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies created and maintains!!! I should not have to point out and emphasize the simple reality that many the corrupted and many the dreamers who, simply, as alleged victims of the abused courts facilities, contacted me over the years. Yet one and all, like the BLIND, the DEAF, and the DUMB media reporters also ELECTED TO SHOVE THE OBVIOUS, THE MOST CLEAR OF EVIDENCE in the sand alongside their devoid of 'human brain' sculls. Of such aptitude and mentality the many who received the explicit request / invitation to complete and return to me the simple document visitors / readers and researchers can access at where, I published, alongside other evidence, the proof of posting cards, evincing how many charlatan-dreamers received the specific invitation / request. I hasten to point out that one and all failed to consider the simple request, simply as persons who were recognized to be operating as lovers of the cash rewards under the table, as covered and pointed to by me at:- The REWARDS, I refer to above, SIMPLY SUBJECT TO THE CONDITIONS AND THE STIPULATIONS UNDER WHICH THE REWARDS ARE PAID TO THE CONDITIONED AND INDOCTRINATED IDIOTS & MORONS, as covered, by me, through the explicit material I published in the public domain, currently directly accessible at I hasten to add that I withheld the obvious to which I pointed and I have been pointing the many lovers of the cash rewards under the table, namely that the rewards are paid out of the revenue collected as taxes imposed on the sucker-serfs who are kept in the dark by the media, in contempt of the fact that the Intellectual Prostitutes were pointed to the obvious, decades ago. I refer to the evidence I have been pointing for years to ALL ALLEGED VICTIM-CHALLENGERS who contacted me over the years, first of which was the group who were going by / using the Litigants In Person Society >the LIPS group< . I hereby point to the fact that not one of the hundreds of ALLEGED victim-CHALLENGERS who contacted me over the last 47 years (>1972-2019< ) more specifically, since the two dreamers who were fronting the very FALSE FRONT >the Litigants In Person Society >the LIPS< crowd-mobsters< contacted me, out of the blue, within days of the SPECIFIC APPEAL I SETTLED & LODGED at Bow County Court, which appeal I subsequently published in the public domain at
    The above realities when a property was targeted by the organized criminal factions in control of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, which realities no gray matter user, no true human who refers to the evidence I published in the above web-page can / could possibly overlook or ignore, unless the person be a typical mentally blind and dumb volunteer-lover of the system of operations organized, processed and imposed on the SHEEPle through abuse of the courts facilities in the mother of all allegedly civilized PSEUDO-democracies, the United Kingdom.
    I would be failing my commitment to deal with, to study and TO EXPOSE EVERY ASPECT OF THE ORGANIZED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS IMPOSED ON THE SUCKER-SERFS, who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals as alleged servants of the public, of the electorate in allegedly civilized PSEUDO-Democracies; one and all resting and founded >allegedly< on principles of law and order. I request of all who have bothered to read this far, if not sucked into the need to find out / to learn of the realities to which I point out through these submissions and the other articles I publish as 'Diogenis', relative to the absolute need to access and read of the parts of just another dreamer-charlatan who was sent / came along with a proposition / promotion to create a documentary in the context of the suggestions I set out with the supporting evidence as I published at:- With the above pointed to now, I hasten to add that only idiots are likely to overlook and or ignore what parts the dreamer came along to serve as a crafty fraud who somehow assumed he was to succeed in transfer >THEFT< of my property, the results of my work and research published by me resting and founded on the realities I point to herein above as part of my commitment to EXPOSE THE CRIMINALS WHO CONCOCTED THE ALLEGEDLY CIVILIZED STATES OF PSEUDO-Democracy!!!

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