For decades pointing to the hint overlooked and ignored for centuries; the realities, however, prove it all.

For over 35 years pointing to the most clear of hints delivered to humankind by the creators of many vile scenarios presented and promoted as alleged holy scriptures, for over two millennia.

The specific scenario, pointed to, could not have been more clear, especially to any ‘true human’ who uses common sense, after making time to look at and consider the evidence published for and in the specific web-page at:-


The hint was pointed to the victim(?) at the relevant time  when addressing the issues which Mrs Veronica Beryl Foden was relating to Mr Andrew Yiannides, after the victim(?) was introduced to him, by the LIPS crowd-mob. (Litigants In Person Society).

When publishing, in the public domain, the realities born of and attached to the problems which the victim(?) was facing when she sought assistance, in order to deal with the problems the legal circles imposed on her, as a female victim of the abused courts facilities, in divorce and other family matters, it was natural that the hint should be pointed to her, especially after taking on board the following facts and realisations:-

a. The victim elected to ignore what she was pointed to, and the relevance of it, after noting and pointing out to her the coat of arms used by her home city, Plymouth.

b. The victim(?) like many others who find themselves in the states imposed by the legal circles and judicial chair occupants, also all manner of abusers  of the courts facilities, kept on blubbering, the Freemasons, the Freemasons:-

“It’s the Fremasons, you know”.

c. She never spoke to any other of the fact that she was pointed to the evidence from the Old Testament rubbish, as far as Mr Andrew Yiannides of human-rights dot org was concerned.

The fact was, and so it remained, that the background to the problems Mrs Veronica Beryl Foden related, made it a perfect case where the obvious, the very hint from the Old Testament vile scenarios had to be used and applied, come what may.

There she was, a caring daughter, one who set out to make her ailing father’s and her mother’s twilight years more tolerable and comfortable and there they were, the legal circles imposing, on the family, ‘way out, unacceptable and inexcusable states’.

One needed only to consider and hinge on the element and question:-

“Why stipulate and impose on the family changes to the father’s wishes whereby the caring  daughter, the only daughter incidentally, was to benefit from transfer of the cottage the ailing father owned outright, without any outstanding mortgage or other incumberances?”

The father’s decision and plans for his property, the cottage, after his only daughter informed him and her mother, that she bought and she was renovating a bungalow close to the shopping centre where her parents should move and thus make life easier for her mother who would be saved and spared all manner of inconvenience and difficulties if the parents were to carry on living in the cottage that was subject to rising damp,  and far from the shopping centre.

The above, by way of introduction to the email copied below, for readers to consider what the father, Andrew Yiannides, was relating in his email, albeit indirectly, to the estranged daughter Artemis, who was born of the woman the father married under specific circumstances, leading to the creation of two new specimen products, as arranged and organised by the creators, by the successors and by the maintenance engineers of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, the United Kingdom.

The specific Old Testament scenario as created by the fraudsters who concocted many scenarios on similar lines, their successors and the followers of the teachings by examples stated, carried on alleging and promoting such vile scenarios, for over 2400 years, to be holy scriptures.

The most clearly scripted of the scenarios had to be pointed, also, to the mother of Artemis, the woman who gave birth to two children care of her marriage to the man who married her under specific circumstances and subject to the need for the steps called for, and taken, at the time of and for the marriage of two Hellenes, two humans of Greek Cypriot origins and Orthodox Christians.

The steps were called for, warranted in fact, after the woman was pointed to specific real life scenarios as imposed on a family of six children and their parents in the United Kingdom; everything care of alleged servants of the public who engaged in systematic interference and assaults on ‘the family of eight‘. All and everything, in contempt of ‘the law’, starting with the education of the children as covered and pointed to through the specific scenarios which the father of Artemis and her brother Alexandros had to publish and release on line, thereby establishing the truth of such matters, which realities, although made known to the abusers of public office, none of the offenders ever disputed or challenged.

Reference to ‘the law’ above, relates to promotion and assertions that the United Kingdom is allegedly a civilised democracy; one claimed to be organised, managed and run by servants of the public, who act and operate, allegedly, in accordance with principles of law and order.

Of such realities and realisations the reasons why the marriage  of the father to the mother of Artemis, not in the United Kingdom, after the woman who gave birth to her, later, had been informed of the realities and ‘the states imposed on the family of eight’, when and while alleged servants of the public were using and encouraging the mother of the six children to engage and indulge in all manner of unacceptable, unprincipled, unethical and even in criminal activities when a Social Worker and the mother of the six young children were using and encouraging the young children to engage in shop lifting, with worse scenarios befalling the family of six children, later.

Everything after the mother of the six children was encouraged and used by the system’s operatives.

Interested readers, concerned visitors, also researchers looking into such matters and issues as the father, in the instance at hand, was engaged in, for  years, command, of all visitors-readers, serious considerations.

The father’s studies and research, should be noted, started long  before the parents of the two children, the daughter Artemis Kleo (>who received the email copied below<) and her brother Alexandros Kimon, were born of the feminasty Kyriaki / Koulla Demetriou Evangelou – Yiannides.

Visitors-readers  are invited to access the web-page where part of the realities of life, as arranged and organised for the products of the society assertively presented and promoted, to the world at large, as allegedly civilised, should access the realities covered and pointed to at:-


The above, by way of an introduction to the visitors-readers to the realities and in particular, specifically to the states imposed by alleged servants of the public and the law, which facts can now be released in the public domain as expansions to the partly related facts and realities already published at:-


The facts stated in the above web-bage, readers should note were never challenged and no attempts to address or correct the states alleged servants of the public did recklessly impose on the targeted sucker-serf, the father of the two children born of the feminasty Kyriaki / Koulla Demetriou Evangelou-Yiannides.

Among the offending servants of the public, star performers the  police; in other words officers of the law and Justice, the parts of whom shall now be released in the public domain, as part of the further and better particulars to be added to the above URL / web-page.

It should be noted, also, that other persons who acted as officers of Justice, did engage and indulged in all manner of contemptuous of the evidence and the law impositions, the targeted sucker-serf, the father of Artemis Kleo had been subjected to throughout 1972-1978.

At the relevant times (1972-1978), the legal circles engaged and indulged in the promotion of a blunt FORGERY when judicial chair occupants, all the way to the court of Appeal, were noted and observed to be offering invisible services to the protected species and, or, in the alternative, to persons who could afford the invisible services on offer from within the Law Enforcement Agencies, as maintained by the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, at the expense of the taxpayers, Mr & Mrs Average, who are kept in the dark by the Media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes the Barons retain and maintain in order to promote all manner of lies and lame duck excuses to Mr & Mrs Aveage, as qualified by an insider who spoke of such realities in the course of his farewell / retirement speech, pointed to at:-


Needless to say the mother of Artemis, the gestation vessel Kyriaki/Koulla Demetriou Evangelou who benefited from the criminal activities many engaged and indulged in, such as the elder sister of the man the gestation vessel married, at no time ever considered the well known adage:-

“The one who laughs last, laughs loudest”.

The same, naturally, applies to all other dreamers, stooges and fraudsters who relied and carried on relying on abusers of public office and public facilities, on top of the abuse of trust the fraudsters >who shall be named and exposed now<, because the two children born of the gestation vessel are no longer young children who had to be spared the evil ways of their mother and of the others who indulged in breaches of trust and engaged in all manner of fraudulent, in intent, misrepresentations when one and all were relying on abusers of public office, such as the police and the legal circles to impose on the targeted sucker-serf, the father of the two innocent children, the evil ways of the re-organisers and managers of the lives of Mr & Mrs Average, and their children of course, who collectively have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals in public office.

The email to the alienated / estranged daughter of Andrew Yiannides, Artemis Kleo, follows below:-

From: Andrew Yiannides []

Sent: 20 July 2013 08:02 (the copy forwarded to

To: Artemis

Cc:; Admin

Subject: Thank you for setting the agenda


the subject entry I elected for this email should need no explanation if and after you bother / make time to learn the rest of the alphabet and you move on from ‘simply the ABC’ upon which rests and is founded your education, such as you benefited from, care of the wilful, the spiteful, the envious, the malicious and from the evil ways of those who prepared your mother for her chosen ways, hence your ways too, as it was bound to be and it had to be.

I shall be releasing more of the realities and the evil ways others imposed on me, some of which you were party to or directly affected you as the victim of such mentalities and activities, not necessarily at all material times as an innocent victim of such.

Others, the millions / billions out there, need to learn of, and might benefit from such revelations; in other words from the facts of life in all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies.

All I ask of you, at this point in time, is that you simply access and listen to the views, to the opinions and to the conclusions of one of my internet contacts and friends in the USA.

The person has a lot of following and you might benefit if you do consider paying attention to her thoughts on the very issue of ‘divide and manipulate the SHEEPle’.

The lady in question refers to me as ‘her teacher….. the very one who taught a few lessons to yours and to Alexandros’ school teachers, at both of the institutions, the junior and higher schools the two of you attended.

I simply ask that you listen to and that you do consider / take on board the thoughts of Tami Pepperman by accessing:-


READ there, also, the comment / input I added in respect of the realities you will be listening to and you should consider, now, that you are a married ‘woman and a hopeful mother to be….. whatever you elect to be’. The name attached to the comment (yours truly) points to and links to an explicit channel created by automatically without any reference to me, by the way.

In view of the ‘sentimental value of the items you refer to, I ask that you should first access certain facts and a number of extensions to the realities, which in the past / until now, I elected to ‘leave for later’, because I did not wish for such matters to mar and adversely affect your education and conditioning as organised and arranged by others, most definitely not by me.

Many will be learning of, and finding out about such matters and realities, whether or not you like or approve of such revelations….. now that you are grown up and ‘to all intents and purposes mature and fit to create more sucker-serfs’, as arranged by the creators of the PSEUDOdemocracies I recognised and I have been writing of and about as of 1972.

In view of the only interest you expressed in, I ask that first and foremost, you should ask your mother to tell you who arranged for us (as a family of 4) to go all the way to Hellas in late October (high up in the mountains of Northern Hellas) for the Christening of her second gun, necessitating in the process change of flights too and at high cost.

She must also tell you how much it cost me to pleasure her whims and the arrangements she made with and for the benefit of others, not that she ever considered such issues and or what the objectives and the plans of your godmother were at the time and thereafter.

As usual, your mother’s arrangements, without any consideration for any possible thoughts and or any issues and concerns I might have to raise for consideration in the first instance, which issues the one who was being imposed upon (>the idiot, in other words<), care of your mother’s upbringing, was denied any rights for input to her decisions and arrangements with others.

Following on from the above, I simply add that when I decide to ask a safe-breaker to open the safe for me >because the keys had gone missing< along with other important items and personal properties of mine, including substantial evidence such as the audio tapes your mother STOLE / REMOVED from my room and for which criminal acts she had the audacity to boast to me about her evil ways, as a typical daughter of the woman who targeted the innocent and naïve Demetris / Metris for a possible and probable husband….. for he was from a well-to-do family, after all.

Among the number of audio cassettes YOUR MOTHER STOLE from my room, a very important audio cassette that included also a recording when I telephoned Leicester where your mother and you with your brother Alexandros were spending, as usual, your Christmasses and New Years celebrations (>plural for obvious reasons<), in typical English manner and tradition, with her loved ones, with her family and the products of the animal who married me for her plans and her dreams alone, as an alleged Christian….. yet simply a product of her family background and the societies / the PSEUDOdemocracies that create such vultures of prey.

Among the recordings, part of an audio cassette, where / when her darling niece Christina asserted to and accused me of her views about the time when ‘the idiot’ was looking after the darling family of your mother’s in Leicester.

I refer, above, to the time and the states that followed after the specific family lost the other man who married a typical product (daughter) of Maria Demetriou (Metri) Evangelou. I refer, naturally, to the elder sister of your mother, Thekla Steliou Louka, the widow of Stelios Louka.

I look forward to hearing from you, that you have secured the return of the audio cassettes, also the photographic records / albums that I created with love and care through which the proof of and the motives of the creator of the albums / photographic records, yours truly, of course.

As regards the photographic albums which I asked to be returned to me ‘at the right time’, do note that I simply wished, and still I wish, to copy and return for your and your bother’s consciousness to carry on benefiting from, if that be possible, at all.

The need to copy some of the moments of life with ‘the idiot’, is an absolute essential.

The need arises to publish such realities in the public domain, simply because of the fact that ‘the jury at large, out there’, the rest of the world is entitled to look at such evidence (>alongside other evidence<) and thereby consider what the father of the two lifeless / non-human properties Koulla Demetriou Andrea Yiannides brought into the world as an animal who gave birth to the two non-humans she set out to raise in accordance with her own upbringing; all and everything for the benefit of the societies which the abductors and rapists of both Democracy and Justice have been creating and imposing on the sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals in public office and for the upkeep of public facilities such as you benefited from and for which now, as a taxpayer yourself too, are a contributor to, like it or not.

I conclude by thanking you for setting the agenda and I request that you ensure that you keep track of the new material and the realities I am to add / release and point to at:-

Do consider that as of now you will be finding out (>if you bother that is<) >’as a human and not as a pining animal’, why your mother arranged for you to go stay with friends overnight, on the specific night (>the first and only time as far as I was made aware of<) without any reference to me.

You will be reading of the realities and what the plans of the conspirators were for that specific night.

You will also get to know how the plans of the evil ones backfired because I was never the naïve idiot your mother assumed / presumed me to be, as my challenges to the officials who were educating you and preparing you and your brother for the PSEUDOdemocracies some criminals created centuries ago, and their successors are organising and managing in line with their plans for humanity, ongoing now in excess of 2,300 years.

You and Alexandros should now get to know (>if you bother at all<) why your brother’s brand new mountain bicycle was snatched from him at knife point.

Also why your mother did not wish for Chief Inspector Harris to proceed with the specific investigation for and in respect of the false records and the forgery the police created in respect of alleged visits, to Abbott’s Park Road, which records the police at Leyton Police concocted in respect of follow up visits (allegedly) for the creation of the alleged statements warranted in respect of the aggravated bicycle theft.

I need not remind you that your mother contributed nothing for the purchase of the bicycle, which fact is nothing when one considers the after-effects on and the trauma Alexandros was subjected to care of the orchestrated productions for the previous day’s / night’s conspiracy / arrangements for me.

As with the police, your mother, for the occasion and thereafter, did all she was capable of, as one of the feminasty products of Maria Demetriou / Metri Evangelou whose ways she was simply following for her own plans for the one who offered to marry her, under the specific circumstances when she was being treated as an unwelcome visitor, by the United Kingdom Authorities, the very Government that failed to honour its obligations under the Treaty that created the Republic of Cyprus.


Andrew Yiannides

London – United Kingdom

July 2013

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6 comments to For decades pointing to the hint overlooked and ignored for centuries; the realities, however, prove it all.

  • The only person who bothered to submit a straight forward and realistic comment to this article benefited from the factual revelations necessitated, back in August 2013.
    The very person, submitted, also, a short request after accessing and reading the article “Freedom Of Information And The Demands Warranted In View Of The Practices”, in October 2013.
    In the meantime not one of the many ‘victim-challengers’ who benefited from assistance and guidance over the years, bothered to submit any views and observations to either article.
    Not that such failures were not expected, but the compounded failures of the last person who was introduced to me, most interestingly were and remain highly questionable.
    The person’s silence and crass indifference, after exhibiting blemished facets of personality, actually pointed me to certain promotions by one Sabine in respect of the allegedly concerned Norman Scarth, the World War 2 hero, who never fathered any children, never had a family and recklessly with crass indifference simply ignored the states being imposed on me, even though he had been and was fully informed and made aware of all and everything.
    And, years on, all of a sudden Norman Scarth, is promoted as an allegedly concerned ‘human’ who bothers with the very states he was failing to consider as the cornerstone of the breakdown of any civilities and respect / concerns for the rights of the sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them for the constructively engineered frauds on Mr & Mrs Average intended to lead to the rewards through the European Court of Human Rights, the very rewards Norman Scarth and his LIPS crowd-mob buddies fell in love with and made their one and only interest.
    The last person who was also introduced to me by a third party, because the person needed assistance to challenge the abusers of a County Court’s facilities in London, as a ‘typical victm-challenger’, had nothing to say and never ever bothered with the realities published here and in the next article, in October 2013. In fact the person conveniently turned his back, walked away and simply failed to make public, expose the fact and the reality that the abusers of the relevant County Court’s facilities backed off as soon as they benefited from the first challenges which I settled for the victim and the victim submitted to the abusers of the County Court facilities, the County Court that had been used and was relied upon to create and impose such false instruments as the abusers of judicial chair occupancy had created; everything reminiscent of the false instruments lacking accountability by the creators and authors of such ‘court orders’, as I was faced with when a property was targeted for conversion to legal costs, had I been naive enough to retain and instruct solicitors, in 1992.
    I need only point out and stress the fact that the last victim introduced to me had been given the full facts, such as the attempts to convert the targeted property to legal costs, as I refer to above. The person was pointed to the explicit appeal I had to settle and submit / lodge at the relevant County Court in 1992, which appeal I published in the public domain, on the Internet, in 1997, for the benefit of such persons; persons who simply elected and elect to suppress the existence of the explicit challenges in the public domain.
    The very challenges did lead to changes in approach, over 20 nyears ago, when an invitation to me, by a judge who was acting / operating at the very County Court where many the questionable activities by the County Court office staff, also the police in that instance, not just the abusers of judicial chair occupancy.
    Access, read and consider the realities covered and challenged through the appeal and prepare for the publication and revelations most clear in an application I settled for the person who pointed me to promotions for the allegedly concerned Norman Scarth in respect of the states imposed on families through the abused courts facilities.
    The explicit appeal that caused the abusers of the County Courts facilities, can be accessed at:-

  • Thank you for the interesting news.
    One could not welcome a better compliment constituting proof that the evil abusers of our trust are taking notice.
    The only element-reality that has bothered me over and above the criminal activities of the alleged servants of the public, of the sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals in public office, has been the issue of the sold to the system, as is, morons, THE CORRUPTED IN OTHER WORDS, the idiots who simply sign on the dotted line and accept the cash under the table >the rewards for endorsing the organised contructive frauds, through abuse of the courts facilities< , as the evidence I have been pointing to through the official records, maintained in respect of the contribution to it all by the European Court of Human Rights, pointed to by me at:-

  • Gazz

    I’ve been trying to share the link to this page three or four times today. Each time I have failed. Clearly, someone doesn’t want your site viewed !


  • Gazz

    No problem Andrew, people are more aware now. See ~

    Good luck


  • Gazz, thank you for taking the time to concern yourself with the all important elements I set out to research as of February 1972.
    Thank you also for pointing to the mis-type which as it happens I noticed when I was checking / proof reading the article, after I rested for a few hours.
    I am sure that after you have taken it all on board, as I add also more of the realities attached to and born of the ORGANISED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, you will be in a position to accept the simple fact that everything was and is arranged by criminals who follow teachings by exampes stated in the most vile of works ever to have been misrepresented >with fraudulent intenetions<, to humankind; in other words the Old Testament rubbish.
    Incidentally, my conclusions in respect of the alleged holy scriptures, the Old Testamnent vile (anagram of evil) scenarios as of my pre-teen years, AFTER I had cause to study on my own, again and again, the vile scenarios promoted as alleged holy scriptures by the successors to the creators of the rubbish and all manner of subsequent creations based and founded on the original vile scenarios about the evil one, as far as I am concerned. All and everything created about and attributed to the alleged creator of all and everything, as concocted by the original fraudsters.

  • Gazz

    Hello Andrew,

    That is some article you’ve put out there my friend. Not quite sure what to make of it, in fact, I will likely need to read it all more than twice to register its content.

    I just want to alert you to the fact the link you have added > < failed ~ I realized that there are two dots following the word 'rights' in the link. I corrected it by removing one dot and the link worked.

    Take care of yourself.


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