Artemis, the alienated daughter raised and reared in her mother’s image and in her mother’s ways.

The email below to a daughter who was allowed the rights and the freedoms her darling mother engaged in, after her father determined that he had had enough of the evil ways of her mother; the gestation vessel who brought Artemis into the world of the spiteful, the maligned, the criminally motivated and the proactive in deception, in hypocrisy and in fraud aplenty.

Her mother had been briefed on the background to the maligned proclivities of the hypocrites whom the mother elected to treat as her preferred ‘birds of a feather’ circle. Indeed, her mother relished in the company of the very persons, even though she had been made aware of the causes and the reasons why she should be weary of the motives of the very persons.

The daughter was old enough to note and never forget, not bury in the dark corners of her conditioned and indoctrinated mindset, along with the many other incidents and the long ongoing states her darling mother, the gestation vessel Kyriaki / Koulla Evangelou Yiannides, had been imposing on ‘the idiot’ whom the mother of Artemis married as a ‘self proclaimed Hellene and as an alleged Orthodox Christian, in Cyprus, where both of her parents had been born.

The specific incident alluded to, above and below, no decent person could possibly forget, let alone elect to bury and ignore as if of no significance and worthy of any consideration by a ‘human proper’.

In the article where the realities are related / stated, visitors, every reader should be and have read / be reading and noting of the mother’s arrangements for the Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations with her loved ones, with ‘her family’; one need not be a genius to take on board the obvious.

However, the events and the incident in December 1992, when the father ended in hospital, in Cyprus, after he collapsed in the aeroplane, just before take-off, because of an existing angina heart condition, Artemis, could and should not have simply ignored the realities, had her mother ever raised her in any other way instead of the very ways her mother, namely Koulla / Kyriaki Demetriou / Evangelou was herself raised by her own mother, Maria Demetri / Metri Evangelou.

The daughter, Artemis, could not possibly come forward, now, with any excuses or justifications by way of ‘not aware of any problems‘, and, who had been, who was imposing the impossible states through incosiderate and evil mentalities attached to demands and unreasonable expectations of and from ‘the idiot’.

The specific scenario / incident on the occasion when the daughter informed the father that mother had invited the Antoniades couple and their elder daughter Rita, for Christmas dinner (lunch) when Artemis used the words ‘we are all to have dinner….‘. The news on the way from Heathrow airport, as her cousin Rita (>Charita<) was driving her parents and her uncle Andrew (>the idiot<), to their respective residences.

Artemis, had gone to Heathrow airport with her cousin Rita, where the latter drove the two of them to pick up her parents and her mother’s younger brother, Andrew, Artemis’ father when they flew back to London.

The next day when the guests of Artemis’ mother arrived, Andrew was called down from his room; no sooner had he entered the room and his brother-in-law, Yiannis Antoniades, told him to start carving the turkey because they (the guests) were starving, and ‘the gestation vessel‘ (>Koulla<)  pulled ‘the  idiot’ from the shoulder (from behind) turning him round towards her and ordered him, “You go away from here”. (>Φέυκε που δαμαί, εσύ<)

No need to remind Artemis or her brother Alexandros, that ‘the idiot’ recognised that Artemis acted of her own, and that it was evident she never told her mother that she acted of her own when she informed ‘the idiot’ of the arrangements for the following day’s Christmas dinner and celebrations as her mother made with and for ‘her guests’.

No need to remind Artemis or Alexandros how and where they had been celebrating, their Christmas and New Years’ celebrations with their darling mother and ‘her loved ones, with her family’, the two children, for years.

No need to remind Artemis and her brother Alexandros that ‘the idiot’ did not >there and then< realise the obvious, attached to the afore-stated, the realisation born of the ways of ‘the gestation vessel’ (>Koulla<). However, the performance of the Antoniades couple, Yiannis and Maria, thereat, gave away much more than the two young one’s could ever imagine.

Reference to the Veronica Beryl Foden states, in the article [/realities-2] was essential because the very same states shall, in due course, be expanded and exposed by ‘the idiot’ who spent over 41 years researching the criminally motivated activities of the legal circles, who, systematically, impose such states as the solicitor Kypros Nicholas, the old school friend of ‘the idiot’, the father of Artemis, set about with other licensed criminals (>solicitors, barristers and judges<) to impose  their plans for Andrew, after >and ever since< he, ‘the idiot’, dared to instigate High Court proceedings returnable on ‘the protected, the well connected who can afford the invisible services and, or simply benefit from the, preferential treatment and use of the criminally motivated and the pro-active ‘as created by the criminals in control of the United Kingdom, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, all allegedly civilised states, founded and resting, allegedly on principles of ‘law and order’.

The email to Artemis, below, for consideration by the jury at large, the visitors and readers:-

From: Andrew Yiannides []
To:       Artemis
Cc:; Andrew Yiannides

Subject:    Your failure to respond and RE-ACT as commanded of any logical and thoughtful person, noted and taken into consideration.


The copy-paste below is loud and clear,

Your darling mother shall benefit from what she set out to secure without considering the possibilities, just like those who used her and those whom she used in order to impose on me her mother’s evil ways, as if she married an idiot (>her favourite endearment, remember<) whom she assumed the right to abuse as her mother had been using her father, as if I was of the same background and constitution as her father. [Link to the background of Artemis’ father, as created above for and in this article, later].

I simply ask that you start using common sense, reflect on the realities you are familiar with. because of your own parts in some. I add that you should reflect upon the realities without me having to point out to you anything (>as I am obliged to do, now<) the moment you accessed / received and read my response to the agenda you put on the table, as an indifferent to the realities ‘absolute dictator’ following in your mother’s footsteps and as the product of all others your mother relished in the company of, as if it was they who created what you know she and you, with your brother too, benefited from.

In due course, all will be learning of, and finding out, how ‘the idiot’, shall be proceeding after patiently collating all that was / is needed to challenge, to expose and to proceed with the essential claims against all dreamers who were relying on abusers of public facilities in order to impose on me the evil plans of one and all, as products of the corporations in control of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies.

Read the copy-paste below and consider the obvious, for if you elect to carry on pretending, like your mother, that ‘the idiot’ was just an incidental nobody you shall be learning of, and or hearing of the rest of the alphabet you should first bother to learn before attempting / relying on use of part of it, in order to paint the picture of ‘the idiot’ as other’s painted in your mind, when in fact you were old enough to have registered in the grey matter of your brain some, if not all of the realities, you shall be reading of in the public domain, just like the millions out there who need others to spell οut to them, word by word, the realities others imposed on them.

COPY-PASTE starts/

*** Dear Sabine

Back in May you received an email from me; the email was commanded / warranted at the time because I received copy (>forwarded to me<) of the specific plea you posted for and on behalf of Norman Scarth.

I was expecting, at the very least, a simple acknowledgement of receipt, if not confirmation of transfer of my concerns and considerations to Mr Norman Scarth and or to his supporters and other promoters of presentations that do not relate to, or reflect, the entire truth about the background to the relentless half-baked potato promotions all engage in.

I forward, AGAIN, from my archives, the very email you failed to take into consideration which you evidently brushed under the carpets.

I hereby request of you to act as a thoughtful, as a mindful and as a considerate person who takes into account realities you appeared or may well have been oblivious to as a misinformed person, if not simply as an operative of the usual shenanigans pumped out by lousy actors and by recklessly irresponsible hypocrites.

Note, please, that the email as submitted / forwarded to you NOW, with the original submissions as received by you, and by a number of others, last May, will be published in the public domain without further notice.

Do note that release in the public domain shall be followed with the creation of visual presentations >videos< too.

It is high time that persons who engaged and indulge in the promotion of false states, themselves benefited, also, from exposure in the very medium the lousy actors, whose performances and conduct / behaviour I set out to study and research as of 1992 (>commanded and command such considerations<).

Call me a dreamer, if you must, but as a realist I trust and hope that you will duly consider looking into the realities / at the evidence I pointed you to, back in late May, without further procrastination and promotion in the media used of recent years, by the promoters of the half-baked potatoes when / while / after electing to ignore the fact that some were offered to consider ‘telling it as it is’ by using the video facilities (documentaries) over two decades ago.

I refer here (above) to the days when the two persons who were fronting the LIPS (Litigants In Person Society = LIPS) crowd-mob, (>with the imported legal guru behind them<) contacted me OUT OF THE BLUE within days of the lodging of the explicit appeal, which appeal, Mr Norman Scarth was made aware of when the two of us were introduced to one another in ‘The George’ after a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, in London, where I am based.

Do note and inform Mr Norman Scarth, also any of the others you are in contact with, also any others of whom you are aware to be creators, promoters and as persons who have been / are relishing in the promotion of half-baked potatoes, inform one and all that the follow-ups and the organised assaults on my personal well-being after and following the fraudulent court proceedings the legal circles engaged and indulged in, way back in the early to the late 1970s, shall be made public.

The aforesaid, care of my long research, the study warranted and the patience, also the tolerance called for, over the last 41 years, the best part of my eventful life, care of the re-arrangements of it as organised by followers of the teachings by examples stated in the most vile of works ever to have been misrepresented to hu-man-kind by the criminals who concocted it all some 2300 years ago.

I refer above to the arrangements alleged servants of the public engaged and indulged in, by expanding / using other areas of the organised crimes imposed on the sucker-serfs who have been sold the false states of an allegedly civilised Democracy as one that rests, allegedly, on principles of law and order.

All and everything SHALL BE MADE PUBLIC and benefit from the essential exposures in the public domain such as the exposures commanded of the hypocrites and the many lousy actors who sought contact with me in 1992 and thereafter.

One  and all, simply and only because they were interested in and committed to expand the existing states as lovers of it all, and as fraudsters-club-recruits.

All aiming to and actually seen to be operating as maintenance engineers of the long established criminal activities instigated by the legal circles and processed by abusers of judicial chair occupancy, such as Charles Dickens wrote of in ‘Bleak House’.

Of such, I personally experienced and I was, I have been subjected to, after I instigated High Court proceedings because of blunt and arrogant COMMERCIAL FRAUD the assured, the well-connected and the circles who can afford / or can rely on the invisible services such as the facilities the LIPS crowd-mobsters (>among other false fronts<) engaged and indulge in, while of opinion that they could / can carry on relying on the organisers of all and everything ongoing in the names of Democracy and Justice, in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, the United Kingdom.


Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS

Contributing articles at as Diogenis searching for ‘humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on. ***


My Best to you & yours

Andrew Yiannides

London – UK

27th July 2013

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2 comments to Artemis, the alienated daughter raised and reared in her mother’s image and in her mother’s ways.

  • Hello there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m going to watch out for Brussels.
    I’ll appreciate it if you continue this in future.
    A lot of people will be benefiting from your writing.

  • The serious and the interested visitor-readers who concern themselves with the realities I have been pointing to for decades, should read the material facts related and for years published in the public domain, specifically the webpages
    E and

    There the seriously concerned, the interested visitor can and should read, then take on board the facts of life; how the SHEEPle are indoctrinated and conditioned as of their schooling years in the ways of the fraudsters in control of the United Kingdom, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies.
    I refer, of course, to the facts of life as imposed on ‘the idiot’ (yours truly) as of the days when my marriage to a perfect specimen-product of the corporations in control of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, was benefiting from the conditioning alleged servants of the public were engaging in with alleged ‘humans’ hailing from the same roots as myself.
    I allude, above, to certain specimens products from the family the fraud of a father created through marriage to Harita Kyriakou / Tzierkalli – Joannides who was instrumental in bringing me into the world of the maligned, the evious, the spiteful and the fraudsters who always seek to benefit at the expense of others.
    I refer above to the two younger brothers of mine Costas Kyriacou Joannides and Savvas Kyriacou Joannides; also to my elder sister Maria Kyriacou Joannides – Antoniades. The three I name and point to, perfect specimen-products of the fraud of a father of five, whom I denounced as a recklessly irresponsible animal who brought five children into the world, as an animal and, as such, he never acted or operated as a ‘human’, let alone as a thoughtful, or as a decent and, never as a considerate and honest one, but, simply as a husband and the father of five, who simply set out to abuse the woman he married and the chldren she brought into the world for all of whom he had his plans, of which readers shall be reading in due course.
    I need only disclose here that the woman who married me, was informed of life with the fraud of a father and what he and his darling daughter Maria Kyriacou Joannides imposed on me as perfect maligned hypocrites and fraudsters, in 1962. Both relied on the family connection in their joint deception ploys and undisclosed private plans for me, of which mother was never informed, even though she had been the woman who strugled to raise five children, three of them born during the 2nd World War bar the eldest, Maria who was born in July 1936 and myself, born in Aplir 1938.
    In the background, attached to and born of the realities I relate above, were the facts that Maria, as of her junior school days, established early on that she was a failure as a pupil and as such she developed an envious and spiteful personality, especially so, after I caught up with her, at junior school, because she failed two school years which she had to take, each one, twice.
    The woman who married me as an educated Hellene Christian, in addition to the above, she was also informed of the fact that I made darn sure I was to benefit from secondary education, HENCE MY DECISION to work after school hours and through my summer vacations, as of the fifth year at the junior school; also throughout my entire secondary education years, as a student of and at the English School, Nicosia, Cyprus, where I was left to tend to my needs for the last 4 years after Maria with her darling father came to the United Kingdom, followed a few months later by mother with Despina and Savvas, with Costas, placed as a boarder at the English School after he succesfully passed the entrance examination there.
    I beg to inform readers (persons who have not been bored or turned off) that the woman who married me had been informed of Maria’s parts in the states she and her darling father, the fraud of an alleged human, Kyriacos Petrou Joannides, imposed on me in 1962, and of the revelations mother spoke of to me when the fraud of a husband and father of five was passing away, in hospital. What mother disclosed unwittingly in the course of relating to me, ‘the years with father, as of the introduction of Kyriacos to her family and life with him as a husband, thereafter, included the most painful of mental agonies and torture that I had been living though as of a young age, which revelations released me, from it all, the moment I realised why mother’s treatment of me as if not a child of hers and as a ‘rejected one’. The fact happens to be that the revelations from mother, released me there and then, from the mental torture that marred my banefiting from any care and tenderness from mother as of my earliest memories.
    Mother confirmed to all others, later how she revealed the part of the past that released me from the mental pain and agonies when I was 33 years old; she also confirmed my immediate reaction, when she spoke of the way ‘the man who impregnated her’ spoke to and blackmailed her when she was making arrangements to leave him and return to her village, her parents’. She spoke of and confirmed the tears and my immediate declaration of forgiveness for my wrong thoughts and doubts over the years, because of and about her treatment of me, which included the question, from me, when I was barely 19 years old “AM I A BASTARD?”.
    The woman who married me was told that I had put everything on the shelf and never in any dark corner of my brain, for, as I qualified and clarified, what I was subjected to were never to be ignored. I made her very aware of my decision that in due course I was to deal with everything the fraud of a father imposed on me, on mother and on my younger sister Despina Kyriacou Joannides – Englezakis (through her marrioge to the man who caused his younger daughter Harita / Rita / Ritou to take her on life).
    The painful event, referred to above, necessitated the flight to Cyprus, where the Englezakis clan, decided to take the departed one for a funeral, there, was 16 years after / into my marriage to the feminasty fraud of an alleged wife; in the background to my hear condition and the cause of the collapse in the aeroplane just before take-off when flying back to London, after the funeral; the collapse was simply linked to the feminasty’s words, when I informed her that >I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO ATTEND THE FUNERAL OF MY NIECE, in Cyprus; and ‘my decision, only after the hospital consultants and doctors were consulted by me. And all the feminasty could think of was to make her personal wishes very clear, without CONSIDERING why the experts who knew of and recognised the causes, the reasons and why the development of the angina condition. I need only add that the feminasty, never considered me as anything else but a convenience that suited her personal plans, hence her favourite endearment, never even uttered as a joke, but simply as ‘a stement of fact’ as far as the animal I married was concerned.
    The readers need only take on board the fact that of the three guests of the feminasty, for the Christmas dinner (Lunch) Maria, the maligned, the spiteful and the envious one, as the one who engaged and indulged, with her darlking father, in fraudulent in intent falsehoods and blunt misrepresentations, over three decades earlier, when the two of them, >father and daughter< , caused me to go to Cypurs, after I informed the fraud of a father that I was to move on, as a successful businessman who had been invited to join, as a partner, in a firm, without any financial input / investment on my part; the maligned and spiteful Maria, must have relished in observing the results of the activities and the parts of the three evil products of the FRAUD OF A FATHER, namely the parasite Costas Kyriacou Joannides, the fraudster Svvas Kyriacou Joannides and herself, naturally, all three perfect specimen products of the fraud of a husband and father of five. At the time, when the fraud of a father was informed that I was aiming to move to a residential property I had made a successful bid for, the only reason that I acted as the two, father and daughter fraudsters, engaged and indulged in, was the one and only element that related to the arrangements within the family circles, back in Cyprus for an engagement and the marriage of Maria to the brother of a sister-in-law of a distant and far removed from our father’s and mother’s family trees, intended / prospective husband. Such were the statements from the father and darling daughter, to me, thereby causing me to go to Cyprus, as a matter of family duty.
    All shall be revealed, in due course, for it is high time the SHEEPle recognised WHY I HAVE BEEN pointing to the vile scenario and ploy as HINTED AT BY THE CREATORS, BY THEIR SUCCESSORS and as instilled in the followers of the teachings by examples stated in the fraudulently misreprersented as alleged holy scriptures by the creators and by the promoters of allegedly civilised societies, PSEUDOdemocracies.
    Many the dreamers and chrlatans who, over the years, through their questionable failures and other activities each established his / her parts as ‘different tongues promoters’. As perfect speciman-products of the ‘old testament scenario’, such as the feminasty daughter of Maria Demetri / Metri Evangekou – Yiannides, >care of her marriage to ‘the idiot’< . Every single one chasing personal goals at the expense of others. The feminasty Kyriaki / Koulla Evangelou – Yiannides‘Yiannides’ through her marriage to ‘the idiot’, who was raised and reared by her mother Maria Demetri / Metri Evangelou, entered into her kind of marriage to me >as an alleged Christian of Hellenic-Cypriot background< simply conducted herself and acted as if her mother and hence her mentality and attitude to 'the idot', who married her, left much to be desired, in contempt of the many requests to cease treating 'the man whom she married' as if another Demetris / Metris. The reader-visitor who reads this article should consider the realities related through the relevant exhibits, such as the letters and the images from newspaper articles in the .org/dadscare.htm webpage to which I pointed Artemis and simply consider the similarity in conduct and behaviour NOT OF ARTEMIS TO HER DARLING MOTHER but that of Sabine >the promoter of the lousy actor-hypocrite Norman Scarth, the World War 2 hero.
    All visitors-readers should note that the element and the reality ‘G’ wrote of in his comments to the earlier article /realities-2, I consider to be additional proof and evidence that WE, THE PEOPLE, CAN NO MORE BE TREATED as simpletons and sucker-serfs, for as tax-payers WE ARE NOW DEMANDING OF THE CRIMINALS IN CONTROL of all PSEUDOdemocracies to start accounting TO THE PEOPLE for the organised CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, ONGOING FOR CENTURIES, without any room for doubt.
    Sincerely CONCERNED, as ever
    Andrew Yiannides

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