Member of Parliament, indifferent accessory to Criminal Activities by the Law Society, directs refering the organised criminal acts to the very circles who engage in blunt contempt of Parliament’s Laws.

Release of Submissions to Member of Parliament, the junior Minister Ms Lynne Featherstone commanded such action by the author, in the instance at hand, following failures of the MP to consider the facts related and the evidence pointed to, through the submissions the MP received.

Nothing but the usual reckless indifference to the criminal activities organised by the legal circles who engage and indulge in such while relying on the police and on compliant / co-operating judicial chair occupants who simply endorse it all and impose damages on Mr & Mrs Average by issuing False Instruments (alleged judicious court orders) lacking accountability. The letter and submissions copied below, command re-consideration by the MP and her team of advisers; also reference to the Leader of the Party she represents and acts for.

As an elected Member of Parliament she ought to refer the submissions she received to the Attorney General who qualified and clarified his stance on ISSUES OF FRAUD, in the article copied, as published, from the interview the Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC., AG., granted to ‘COUNSEL’, in October 2010.

From Mr. Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS

Creator of the Human-rights (NGO) community on line

TEL/FAX contact (Int.0044)+(Loc. UK.0+)20-8888-9275

Mr Andrew Yiannides c/o 16a WOODSIDE ROAD London N22 5HU

11th January 2013

The Rt. Hon. Ms Lynne Featherstone M.P

House of Commons





My Ref.                       MPJa2013 – ENCL

Your Ref:                   Interest in Law Society Failings / Theft of funds

Dear Ms Featherstone

Yesterday, Thursday 10th January, I received a letter from the Law Society, dated 8th January 2013, and the content of it prompted and caused me to contact your office. I left a message on the ansaphone, for your staff to contact me when available, but I did not benefit from such.

I beg to refer you to the issues you expressed an interest in, last August, 2012. At the time you committed yourself to address OUR (my sister’s and my own) INTERESTS & CONCERNS in respect of the arrogant criminal activities by the fraudsters who act for the Law Society >operating from within its confines<, also the criminal activities of the fraudsters who are >licensed by the Law Society< to operate as allegedly Honourable Officers of Justice.; one and all, as Officers of the Supreme Court, engaging in systematic deception and organised fraud on Mr. & Mrs. Average, in the United Kingdom.

The letter I received, from the Law Society, was sent by way of some alleged response proper, following my last submissions and reminder to Ms Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, the President of the Law Society. My letter and recent submissions to her I will now release in the public domain alongside the evidence I published, for obvious reasons, last month at:-

I am sure that you recognise the absolute need for the taxpayers, for Mr. & Mrs. Average, to be made aware of the realities of life as organised and arranged by persons in control of the legal system and Law Enforcement Agencies, namely the legal circles and the police, as endorsed and approved by the media Barons and the many false fronts allegedly addressing such issues in the United Kingdom.

I beg to draw your attention to the ongoing investigations for and in respect of the offensive and criminal activities of the late Jimmy Savile. I need not point to the latest report, the present press release for and in respect of the decades long buried, suppressed and ignored >by the many who were made aware of the criminal activities of the TV personality and ‘charity worker’.

Access, please, the letter I received from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office which I received in December 2010 and recognise what caused me to publish it in the public domain, later, at:-

I beg to remind you that in an earlier communication to you, I pointed out that I did not benefit / receive anything from the Ministry and note that I have as yet to hear from ‘someone employed and maintained by the Ministry at the taxpayers’ expense. I did qualify, on justifiable grounds, that it appears that the building where the Deputy Prime Minister directed my submissions over two years ago if not used and occupied by recklessly irresponsible servants of the public and the law, it may well be vacant, or the Ministry building appears not to be used, or frequented by ‘humans’.

By extension, I dare suggest and point to the present revelations and news in respect of the ongoing investigations about the criminal activities of the late Jimmy Savile, whereby the public is now informed that ‘the earliest of the offensive activities’ date from as far back as 1995. I hereby beg to draw your attention to the EVIDENCE ATTACHED TO THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES that I wrote of to you in my earlier communications. I hasten to state and emphasise the simple reality that >as the victim that I was and I have been< I did report the criminal activities ongoing in the courts at the time (>between 1972 and 1976<) to the following police stations:-

1. Blackstock Road Police, Finsbury Park, London N4, the police station closest to the offices / the premises from which the person who adduced and gave me a copy of the document >THE FORGERY< which the licensed criminal, Mr. Kypros Nichola, as officer of Justice and as the solicitor who purportedly was acting for me, for the victim of Commercial Fraud, he casually presented and promoted the relevant instrument as evidence-proper in support of an alleged defence in a High Court action I had to instigate, through him, as the ‘greenhorn that I was’ who believed in Justice, and the principles covered by Law, also the reasons for the maintenance of police and Courts Services in civilised societies : Democratic or not States / countries.

2. Holloway Police Station, Hornsey Road N19, the police station closest to my place of abode and one of the addresses where I conducted business.

3. Highbury Police Station, Upper Street, N1, the police station close to the Local Authority H.Q Islington Town Hall, where I met with and reported to the Member of Parliament who was >purportedly representing me< and my rights, at government level. Needless to say, he, too, was handed a true copy of the forgery that was introduced almost two years after the institution of court proceedings out of the High Court, the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2.

4. The Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police at Victoria, where subsequently I caused to be delivered to the office of Sir Robert Mark QPM, who, a year after receiving a true copy of the forgery and copies of other relevant evidence attached to the ongoing constructive frauds (plural intended) care of the abused courts facilities, he benefited from airtime care of BBC Television, the annual Dimbleby Lectures.

Mr. & Mrs. Average can access and read what Sir Robert Mark QPM spoke of in the course of his ‘casual talk’; indeed he spoke of the criminals the Law Society was and has been licensing to indulge and engage in blunt fraud on Mr. & Mrs. Average, such as I was when I was first / initially subjected to, in the long learning curve that brought about, eventually, the acknowledgement I benefited from, care of a response I received from two Barrister-Politicians way back, in July 1995.

The acknowledgement I allude to from none other than Tony Blair QC, leader of the Opposition and Paul Boateng when Spokes-Person on Legal Affairs in the House of Commons.

Do access, please, the evidence I published / released in the public domain at:-




I hereby, ask and urge you to consider the fact that the recklessly irresponsible President of the Law Society failed to take any steps, and act in any way commanded of an officer of ‘the law’, upon receipt of my initial communication last August. Worse, however, happens to be the possible criminal intent of the President of the Law Society, whose irresponsible failings and ‘her contemptuous of the realities and the law, mentality’, render her an accessory and abettor, care of the delivery of the copy of the Bank Statement which I delivered with my letter of 19th December 2012 (Ref: LSP19D12). The afore-stated conclusion establishing without room for doubt Ms Lucy Scott-Moncrieff’s acquiescence of the criminal activities others set in motion without cause or reason, years ago, ongoing to the time of my last letter, as if legal. The pointed-to realities establish that the President of the Law Society failed to look into the ongoing issue of ‘plundering of funds’ and thereafter come along with any proposal / promise to attend to and address the activities of others, who, similarly were and are licensed to practice law as allegedly Honourable Officers of Justice and the  Supreme Court.

The evidence I released in the public domain constitutes absolute proof that the arrogant Ms Lucy Scott-Moncrieff failed to instigate an internal investigation, beginning with the finance / accounts department of the Law Society >in order to lead to her, personally explaining and justifying to me and to my sister< the grounds and reasons attached to the plundering and theft of funds from the bank account she was pointed to, >twice<. I hasten to clarify, for obvious reasons, that I refer to my younger sister’s bank account, to the bank account of the woman who merited >no services< from five solicitors (firms and individuals) who had been instructed >in writing< as to what they were retained to attend to, as ‘solicitors representing and acting for and in the interests of the woman whose instructions not one could ever assert were not clear or proper / appropriate in the case they were called upon to address, as alleged officers of the Law and the Supreme Court, Justice itself.

Note please that the President of the Law Society, was informed that I have been >and I am< acting under a Power of Attorney instrument. Do note, also, that my younger sister, throughout the ensuing decades, she was and has been fully aware of the constructive frauds and the criminal activities the legal circles engage and indulge in, care of ‘convenient and questionable failures by the police who elect to ignore the reasons and grounds for their retainers and as the appointments of each and every single one command of everyone of them.

I hasten to add that the realities and the facts I allude to above, do lead to the fears I point and refer to further on. However the said fears could never be grounds for any other servant of Mr. & Mrs. Average to assume / conclude that fear of the abused trust and the courts facilities by the legal circles, can be relied upon and used as the avenue through which to carry on indulging in perpetuity (as the indications are) in accordance with my research and study of the long ongoing criminal activities, systematically ignored and suppressed by the investigative branch of the law, namely by the police, by the Crown Prosecution Service and by the Attorney General’s office<, all of which leading to the inevitable realisation that all and everything is approved and maintained by the government of the day, as my research, the essential studies and the evidence that I point to, establishes, hence the release of evidence as published by me at:-

Proper and diligent reference to the realities covered and the evidence pointed to at the above URL, should make it abundantly clear that when victims of the abused legal system submit their applications / complaints to the European Court of Human Rights, they are invited and caused to accept REWARDS FOR ENDORSING THE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS ONGOING THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES, such as I witnessed in a number of cases in the course of my learning curve.

I need only point to the realisation, that through the term ‘abused legal system’, any diligent reader should consider that one has to include the issue and elements born of the abused courts’ facilities; all and everything, of course, care of abusers of judicial chair occupation, persons who issue false instruments as allegedly legitimate court orders; such instruments >passed on, promoted and acted upon as legitimate<, ‘in contempt of the evidence and the law’, such as THE FORGERY that was concocted and used FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE CRIMINALS who were operating as the protected species, as the selected and licensed organisers / arrangers of the lives of the taxpayers in all European States, the countries that signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights.

I look forward to you acting as you indicated and committed yourself last August / September. I will, thereafter, point you to evidence which I published in the public domain when I created the first web-pages at / for whereby I related and covered factual realities including the fact that I turned down an offer to join the club, join the circles who indulge in criminal activities care of the practices which >successive governments of different political coloration< have been endorsing for decades that I know of; for centuries, in fact, when one considers officially promoted records which no one can ever erase.


Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS

Contributing articles at as Diogenis, searching for ‘humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on.

NOTE:  Reprint copies to:-

  1. President of the Law Society

  2. The Media

  3. Known victims of the abused courts facilities

Enclosing reprint of last letter to the President of the Law Society Ref:-  LSP19D12

UPDATE 10th February 2016

The image below should assist any CONCERNED READERS & VICTIMS who access and study, not just read the articles published at this website. Should simply consider the proof we always point to, as in the instance at hand the submissions to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The author of the articles as creator of this website, as of the first web-pages / material first published at the website:- (no longer used) long before the registration of the domain name; Also other domain names, such as the JUSTICE RAPED website where the articles published here. Do relate to the very violated principle born of the practices and the activities Andrew Yiannides has been reporting and pointing to as of 1972. We do therefore release the evidence / proof, below which our readers need to consider as part of the long ongoing complaints and submissions to ‘the authorities’. The image, below simply establishes, yet again, the fact that the realities we challenge and expose DO REST & ARE FOUNDED on the realties of life in the United Kingdom, the mother of all modern Parliamentary Democracies.

The image should assist CONCERNED READERS and the victims who access our ARTICLES. We emphasize, yet again that at all material times our articles REST & ARE FOUNDED on the practices within the courts, as arranged and organised by the operatives of the legal system and the courts themselves, as Andrew Yiannides recognised 44 years in 1972, 44 years ago. The consequential need to study and research the practices and the arrangements for the sucker-serfs (refer please to our article:-  Taxes IMPOSEED…. ) neve3r ceased and it is ongoing.

THE IMAGE of the actual printed on line submissions was endorsed with the date the submissions and the printed document was secured.

THE IMAGGE of the scanned document:-

The long trail to the bastions of Democracy in the UNited Kingdom

Image of the porinted submissions on 5th November 2015

Released 12th February 2016 as part of the precursor and the preliminaries to submissions to both:-

1. The Justice Secretary Michael Gove the Lord Chancellor / Ministyer responsible for THE DELIVERY OF JUSTICE, from the dubgeons of the courts. Mr Gove did speakj of and acknowledged the issue and the very element of “British Justice In The Dock”, on taking office, we believe.

2. The Home Secretary Teresa May, respoonsible and Supremo in policing matters AND POLICE ACTIVITIES bot5h within the duties and obkligations of one and all who are apoointed as polkice officers. However the Home Secretary is also responsible for THE ELIMINATION (if possible) of crime and criminal activities).

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7 comments to Member of Parliament, indifferent accessory to Criminal Activities by the Law Society, directs refering the organised criminal acts to the very circles who engage in blunt contempt of Parliament’s Laws.

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    NOTE:- COMMERCIAL INTEREST PROMOTIONS and URL links, UNACCEPTABLE. The offending submissions / comment failed to address the issues the article related and relates to.

  • As expected of the awakened SHEEPle, the self-centred promoter of all manner of alleged interests and concerns for mankind, the indifferent in fact, politician Ms Lynne Featherstone was unseated in the recent Parliamentary elecetion (May, 2015).
    Needless to say neither my siter nor I voted for the lover of the arrogant theft and misapropriation of thousands of pounds sterlling Housing Benefit funds as organised, and arranged by the staff and officers retained and mainiained by Haringey Council as appeoved by the elected Councillors of the mentality of Ms L Feartherstone, I refer of course to all other alleged representatives of the SHEEPle who were / are elected on party-political agendas; each and ever y party hell bent on imposing the New World Order States which states the sucker-serfs (electors / taxpayers) are waking up to in increasing numbers.
    Everything, of course, approved by the Police maintained by Central and Local Government and the elected polyticians the many different tongues agents of the political parties, all hell bent on the creation of the New World Order.
    Ms Featherstone, when acting and operating as the elected leader of the Liberal Democrat Councillors at Haringey Council (the Local Government) was contacted from the onset, when thousands of oi=unds staeling wrer being stolen and misappropiated for the maintenance of the flood of refugees and asylum seekers as aranged by the creatiors of the fraudulently concocted European Union out of the European Economic Coimmunity. Everything through the Non-Elected Commissioners (>commissioned by who, was and remains the BIG QUESTIONassets were ssand her contempt for the rights of the victims of ORGANISED CRIME was as blunt as one could expect from a committed supporter of the ORGANISED CRIMES imposed by the criminal cabal all too eager and committed to the creation of the 12 new tribes…… of the fraudulently concocted and created alleged European Union of the emerging ALLEGEDLY DEMOCRATIC STATES and COUNTRIES / Nations (>the SHEEPle ofCrimes Incorporated UNited Kingdom UnlimitedTHE British Broadcasting Corporation< paid for through imposed revenue collection care of LICENCE FEES, granting the holders of such license to hear of and watch the manipulated puppets who oblige their masters by shoving and keeping the realities and the truth about and WHY THE IMPOSED STATES, such as the alleged European Unionm, under the rugs.

  • Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is magnificent, as well as the content!
    >>>NOTECommercial interests and promotions removed, simply because we carry on expecting of true humans to address the issues covered in the article / articles ‘read’, provided, of course, the comment/s submitted is/are not from a crawling robot. We look forward to jhearing from the poster again after reading of our reaction / response to attempts to promote commercial interests.<<<

  • Restorative justice has been defined as “a victim-sensitive response to criminal offending, which through engagement with those affected by crime, aims to make amends for the crime which has been caused to victims and communities and which facilitates offender rehabilitation and integration into society” (Final Report from the National Commission on Restorative Justice (2009)).
    >>>NOTE: Links to a dating facility website removed. We expect of visitors / readers to point to material that relates to the article/s the visitors read here at Justice Raped, period. We introduced a link to proof that the Metropolitan Police Cimmissioner Sir Robert Mark QPM, himself acted and operated just likje very other abuswer of public ofice who engaged in conscious contempt for Parliament’s Law and through such contempt was seen to be nothing but an accessory and abetoor to the organiused criminals activities, the constructive frauds ongoing in the United Kinfgdom through qbuse of the courts facilities, for decades. For centuriues in fcat when one considres Charles Dickens work ‘Bleak House’.<<<

  • Victims of crime have a special claim upon the criminal justice system’s human and financial resources. Whatever else it may achieve, no system that dishonors that claim can be considered legitimate. Finally, promoting noncriminal options means that punishment for criminal behavior should interfere as little as possible with the pursuit of noncriminal behavior. Even in prison, offenders should have at least some opportunity to engage in meaningful, constructive, and legitimate activities. Nor should government impose arbitrary restrictions on employment or other legitimate activities by convicted offenders except where justified as a form of punishment or where public safety is at risk. This is not to say that society has any greater obligation toward the betterment of offenders than it owes to nonoffenders. It is not even to say that government has an obligation toward the betterment of offenders and nonoffenders alike. But one function of government is to promote (not necessarily to provide) legitimate opportunities and to facilitate (not necessarily to require or directly to reward) their pursuit.
    >>>NOTE: Commercial interests promotions removed and replaced with a URL linking visitors / readers to explicit exposures and evidence the police failed to act upon as their duties and obligations to the public and in particular the victims of violent crimes command.< <<

  • Unfortunately, I was prevented from contributing additional information to the above article, for reasons beyond my control; so, I add here and now the essential information by way of material facts which no one can discard or ignore IF A TRUE HUMAN, one who does use grey matter…. as one THINKS instead of reacting like some overheated iron bar / programmed robot that react, the first type to the hammering from the metal worker and the second type to key-strokes from the programmer of alleged ‘humans’.
    I DID & DO POINT >in the above article< to the explicit Attorney General (interview of) as granted to and published by 'COUNSEL' in the October issue of 2010, which interview the alleged representative of a couple of nothings, Ms Lynne Featherstone, failed to consider before suggesting contacting some fraudster who is licensed by the Law Society of England and Wales to practice law as the re-organisers of the lives and as the ORGANISERS OF THE STATES IMPOSED on the sucker-serfs of / in all PSEUDOdemocracies are subjected to, which REALTIES Mr & Mrs Average, sooner or later get to know of and recognise as my research and the evidence I have been pointing to for over 35 years establish. Anyone really interested in and wishing to address THE REALITIES should consider getting to grips / getting acquainted with THE REALITIES I covered in my letter to Ms Lynne Featherstone, also, in the earlier articles born of and attached to THE REALITIES pointed to in the communications / submissions / invitations born of MY EXPECTATIONS & DEMANDS of an alleged officer of Justice and the Law, the Courts Services in the United Kingdom. I refer, of course to the courts and Justice Services as organised, arranged and maintained by the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies. I refer, naturally, to all states allegedly founded and resting on principles of law and order. Many the dreamers and charlatans who contacted me OR WERE SENT ALONG as stooges, whose only aim and objectives were to waste my time when and while each one was of opinion that all sucker-serfs were prone to succumb to the vehicles and ploys that are USED TO CORRUPT the ill-educated non-humans / non-thinkers who happen to be of their own, foul of the law mentality, towards any other. ALL WHO CONTACTED ME as of the days when the organisers / managers of the LIPS crowd/mob (>the Litigants In Person Society< ) dreamers were informed of and pointed to the invitation I benefited from and as put to me by the judge who eventually was ASSIGNED THE DUTY TO ATTEND TO MY RIGHTS as I set out to DEMAND & MAKE PUBLIC through my work, through the material facts, through THE REALITIES & THE EVIDENCE published and pointed to by me in the public domain..... THE VERY REALITIES & THE FACTS WHICH ONE & ALL BURIED IN THE SAND ALONGSIDE THEIR SCULLS, devoid of grey matter..... 'human brain'. The fact remains that ONE & ALL FAILED TO ADDRESS THE VERY ISSUES because every single one had other plans for their fellow travellers; and one and all simply established that much and much more, over a number of years, namely that all were, have been and happen to be be simply LOVERS OF THE RAMPANT CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS (plural intended) ONGOING THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES >>>PERIOD< <<. Visitors / READERS who are interested and concern themselves with THE REALITIES, should access the explicit webpages I pointed the Member of Parliament, also the President of the Law Society and thereafter consider WHY THE FAILURE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE LAW SOCIETY to instigate an investigation as to HOW and WHY, also >ABOVE ALL< FOR WHAT FACILITIES DID THE LAW SOCIETY INDULGE IN THE LONG ONGOING PLUNDERING & THEFT OF FUNDS FROM MY SISTER'S BANK ACCOUNT AFTER FIVE SOLICITORS simply elected NOT TO ADDRESS & SERVE HER RIGHTS, as the reckless failures of one and all alleged Honourable Officers of Justice, who failed to use the evidence and ACT AS THE WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS, issued to all, MADE VERY CLEAR???????????? The above is directed at and dedicated to all maligned abusers of my time and the beneficiaries of my goodwill each abused while I was studying their vile mentality and their attitude to any other who did not / does not fall within their realm of 'common purpose' plans for ANY & EVERY OTHER. .

  • Amazing, no sooner had the letter to MP Lynne Featherstone (Lib-Dem) been released by me, here, with the essential introduction, and my sister returned from a hospital appointment with a copy of the day’s London Evening Standard.
    Miracle of Miracles, on page 4 the Headlines for a relevant article most loud and very clear:- “ONLY ONE IN FIVE OF US NOW TRUSTS MPs TO TELL THE TRUTH”. The sub-heading qualifying and clarifying “HOW WE VIEW POLITICIANS”.
    Perhaps someone, some visitor, some reader from within the United Kingdom, preferably, might consider contacting the author Joe Murphy, Political Editor for the London Evening Standard, and point him to the above article constituted of my explicit letter to the Member of Parliament purportedly representing all Liberal Democrats within the community from which she is meant to be duly considering any and all problems the constituents report to their respective Member of Parliament.
    I do not expect or anticipate of any abuser/s of my time and goodwill to concern themselves with the obvious. I refer to persons who came along of their own or were directed by others, to contact me as alleged victim-challengers.
    I do not anticipate of such persons to react as the realities command; nor do I expect of ANYONE ACTING AS THEIR DUTIES WERE AND REMAINED >as of the days when each and everyone contacted me because of the impositions through the abused courts facilities, such as many were / are reporting as ‘alleged victim-challengers yet pro-active and more than conscious participants all out to abuse my time, obstructing and hindering the essential process of the warranted challenges settled for the dreamer / stooge / fraud of an alleged ‘human’.
    The called for actions, such as first challenges to the abusers of the County Courts facilities DID PRODUCE RESULTS…. but the alleged-victim challenger elected to bury it all, why? He naively assumed that I could be drawn into other scenarios and agendas clearly intended as ‘exploitation of the ill-informed who might be sucked into the agenda ‘the victim(?) and an affiliate of his somehow dreamt up without any reference to me and or the possibility that I smelled the rot’.
    The attempt I relate to, above, was but reminiscent of the activities of the LIPS crow-mob and their guru, who was imported from the USA, some 20 years earlier in order to ‘direct the shows and the false front charlatans’. Of such realisations, relative to what may have appeared worth-while activities on the surface, but highly questionable as to ‘the intentions of the architects’, when attached to ‘blunt suppressions, arrogant obstructions, offensive hindrances and all manner of ‘diversionary ploys attempt’, the ‘victim (?) challenger (?) was briefed.
    No pain was spared to cause him to never let go of the type and kind of idiotic ploys used over the years clearly intended to hinder and corrupt my work and research. However the victim(?)-challenger(?) as a programmed robot, in another language (>refer to the obvious hint I have been pointing to for over 35 years readers / followers< ) carried on along the thread and strand of the objectives of his programmers as A PRODUCT OF THE SOCIETY THAT CREATED & REARED HIM. Notwithstanding the input called for by way of 'alternative programming of the victim (>as of the moment he elected to suppress the results of the first challenges< ) he carried on operating as others programmed and his mental states imposed on him and in circumstances I simply moved him to the appropriate slot for 'research and study of the alleged (as of 'the moment') the victim-challenger, failed to act and operate as 'a human' >AS A THINKER< because of the attempt to suck me into an area of activities which ONLY THE DESIROUS WHO SEEK TO CAPITALISE on some other's know-how, render themselves 'commoving dreamers and fraudsters in my book. The last 'victim who perch himself up in the branches of the tree of fraud and corruption aplenty by electing to ignore the causes and reasons as to why my long ongoing research and investigations in respect of the abused courts facilities, by the legal circles and all manner of alleged servants of Mr and Mrs Average, of the taxpayers, happens to be most clear. I conclude my present input and submissions by simply adding : I HAVE BEEN DOING MY BEST FOR OVER 21 YEARS, SINCE THE FIRST CHARLATANS & STOOGES RUSHED TO MAKE CONTACT WITH ME, AS SOON AS I LODGED THE EXPLICIT APPEAL AT BOW COUNTY COURT. >THE REST IS UP TO YOU SUCKER-SERFS< . You either wake up and take on board YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES and YOUR RIGHTS, as informed, concerned and as considerate >THINKERS< who do cherish DEMOCRACY and do not approve the states of ARROGANT DICTATORSHIPS imposed through abuse of the ballot box and the perpetual crap you are served by the media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes they >DEPLOY & USE IN ORDER TO MESMERISE YOU and sell to you all manner of falsehoods and misdirect you into all manner of false assertions for and in respect of the arrogantly imposed states of PSEUDOdemocratic governance such as they busy seeking to impose in the Arab world while maintaining silence on the arsenal of nuclear armaments in the Middle East, care of the long standing plans and programmes to impose on Mr & Mrs Average, the taxpayers totalitarian regimes on planet earth.
    IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS YOU, THE SUCKER-SERFS, EITHER APPROVE OF THE RAMPANT DECEPTION and organised constructive frauds (plural intended) ongoing for decades, such as I have known of and I have been researching for well over four decades, as experienced and pointed to above OR YOU SIMPLY ENTER EVASION MODE AS IRRESPONSIBLE AND EXCLUDED FROM THE CLASS OF TAXED NOTHINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Andrew Yiannides
    Sincerely CONCERNED
    London – 13th June 2013

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