President of the Law Society Contemptuous of The Law, ignores the criminal activities of the Law Society itself.

Copied below the letter delivered to the Law Society in the afternoon of 8th August 2012, FOR THE PERSONAL ATTENTION of the President of the Law Society the following day, >as a matter of priority<, in view of the gravity of the issues referred to the ‘Officer of the Court’ Ms Lucy Scott-Moncrieff.



9th August 2012

The President – Ms Lucy Scott-Moncrieff
113 Chancery Lane


My Ref. LSP9Au12  –  ENCL

Your Ref:  Funds Plundering

Dear Madam

Re: Law Society activity commanding immediate action

Attached hereto printed email exchanges that merited no attention or consideration by the Society’s web-team and or whosoever the request was passed on to, >for attention<.

Attached hereto, also, true image from a Bank Statement commanding explanation and justifications as to the reasons and ground >how come the Law Society has been plundering funds< from the personal account of a person whom a number of solicitors did not serve, safe to help themselves to applications for the funding of the usual irrelevant and fraudulent activities by persons the Law Society licenses to operate as they please >in contempt of all law and practice rules< applicable to whatever reasons cause members of the public to seek legal assistance, to recover and >benefit from rights assured in law<.

The bank statement makes it very clear that the Law Society itself and or staff / officers of it, somehow arranged and organised for the plundering of funds from the private bank account of the person, a woman in the case at hand, who was abandoned in the United Kingdom by her spouse / husband without any funds.

The person was living at the time on £42 income per week, from rents the husband had been receiving / collecting for decades.

As you can surmise, from the above, the need for Legal Aid arose in respect of the divorce proceedings, and because substantial funds and properties were part of the issues to be addressed by the solicitors, each and every solicitor called upon to attend the woman’s rights, simply indulged in the usual fraudulent in intent activities.

One of them, in fact, submitted to the woman, an affidavit for endorsement by ‘the assisted’, and the affidavit was laced with a deliberate untruth clearly intended to be the means to a gravy train for fraud aplenty; when challenged the solicitor elected to dismiss the greenhorn who was ‘looking’ (allegedly) after the client’s rights in law, and himself packed up shop and disappeared.

I simply add that another of the number of solicitors who targeted the assisted >through a Legal Aid Certificate< was one Purcell Brown who, years later, was mentioned in ‘the Guardian’; he also disappeared, from his practice in North Tottenham, London, as reported by ‘the Guardian’.

Kindly refer to the matters I bring to your personal attention and arrange for some responsible person from within the ‘finance / accounts department’, maintained by the Law Society, to justify and explain as to how an original Legal Aid Certificate was converted to a Certificate for the funding of the Legal Services Commission (at which time improprieties were challenged as a follow up to earlier challenges, attached to the usual improprieties / fraudulent in intent activities of solicitors and staff / officers of the Legal Aid Facility, >’the facility for arrogant and rampant abuse’<, as far as I was and I am concerned.

The above command immediate action and explanations as to how and under what circumstances the targeted person ever benefited from any services from the abusers of trust the Law Society licenses / issues Practice Certificates to; above all justification and explanations as to why the Law Society has been helping itself to the monthly income / charges, call the activity what you like Madam President.

The issue pointed to above, should not be diverted into any other area ‘for speculative arguments’ but treated as a case that commands simple explanation / justification as to how come the changes from Legal Aid Funding / Legal Services (services that never materialised) and thereafter, the change to the plundering of funds from the private account of the targeted woman / female, as targeted by the beneficiaries of >the courts and legal services facilities< as abused by the legal circles, at will and as they please.

I do not apologise for the strength of my convictions resting and founded on the realities to which I point and I draw your personal attention to.

The fact happens to be that some 40 years, plus, ago I was caused to engage in a long learning curve.

I was left with no option but to set off, in search / research of the criminal activities the legal circles freely engage and indulge in, because an old school friend, when acting as my solicitor, engaged in the promotion of a blunt FORGERY which he had the audacity to present to me, >two years after close of pleadings<, in a High Court Action founded on a case of commercial fraud.

That licensed criminal assertively insisted that I should abandon my case against the fraudsters; needless to say I was not aware of ‘the invisible services on offer through the abused justice and policing system in operation in our allegedly civilised society, one that allegedly rests and is founded on principles of law and order.

Access, please the following evidence on line at:-

Do consider, please, the fact that the licensed by the Law Society fraudster, the solicitor Kypros Nichola who opened my eyes to the criminal activities, to the arrogant abuse of the courts facilities way back in 1972, was reported in 2006 to have been / be a Freemason of high rank.

Do consider the fact that I point you above to my study and conclusions, decades earlier, in respect of the most vile of fraudulent misrepresentations to mankind by the creators, by the successors, by the followers and all manner of reckless promoters of the alleged Holy Scriptures and the alleged creator of all and everything, to which conclusions of mine I point you in the 8th URL, above.

Do consider the simple fact that the ‘The Brotherhood’ of Freemasons happens to be one of the many false fronts, most proactive in promoting the rubbish first presented to mankind through the Old Testament and the vile scenarios one reads of there, as for example the most obvious that applies to and fits most snugly the activities of the legal circles and the justice system as used by the operatives.

In the circumstances, I beg to be informed if the Law Society maintains a register of solicitors who disclosed / volunteered membership of the secretive and alleged philanthropic society, the members of which, like the solicitors and the Law Society in the matter of the issues and the elements I draw your attention to, plunder and steal at will, through abuse of the trust of the people and reliance on one another >as members of and officers of the law and Justice engage in by treating the taxpayers as fodder, which reality I clarify and qualify to the sucker-serfs, in the 9th URL, above.

Please acknowledge receipt of this communication and inform me of any actions (plural please note) the Law Society will be taking in order to address the issues I raise, before I release in the public domain what the solicitors targeted in the case of the woman >my younger sister, incidentally< whose rights at law and interests were not addressed, ever.


Andrew Yiannides

The EVIDENCE IGNORED by the President of the Law Society



Visitors, readers and in particular victims of the legal circles and the abused courts facilities who are pointed to / drawn to my work for human-rights as published at and the articles I contribute here at Justice Raped Dot Org, need only to consider the element of the contemptuous mentality of the President of the Law Society who simply passed the serious issues and the evidence SUBMITTED TO HER FOR HER PERSONAL ATTENTION to other parties, just as irresponsible and contemptuous of the law, officers who operate out of the Law Society and its newest baby and clone, the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Passing on the bug to others has been the mainstay and the solid foundation upon which the building / creation of the states of PSEUDOdemocratic governance as arranged and organised by the fraudsters who set out to become Lords & Masters of all and everything on planet earth, as I have been pointing out for over 40 years, and in particular to all who contacted me as of the days when I settled and lodged the explicit appeal at Bow County Court when a property was targeted by criminals who were relying, at the time, on the use of a builder who contracted with me to execute some work on a building, a targeted property, which followers of the teachings by examples stated in the most vile of works ever to have been misrepresented to mankind >with fraudulent intentions<, set their sights on.

All visitors / readers should access and acquaint themselves with the material realities stated and the supporting evidence published at:-

After reading the content of the appeal lodged at Bow County Court, the serious reader needs only to consider the fact that out of the blue I was contacted by a couple of ‘dreamers’ who promoted falsehoods, assertions as to how they got to know of me and the tribulations I was subjected to while defending a false claim by the builder whom the organisers of the states of PSEUDOdemocracy were using as part of their onslaught on me, on my assets and on my well being as a married taxpayer with a family; above all, as one who dared to challenge the criminal activities instigated, ongoing and processed through abuse of the courts facilities as organised and arranged for me by the criminals in control of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies.

I allude, and refer above, to what I experiencd and got to know of, after I instigated High Court proceedings resting and founded on Commercial Fraud, way back in 1969-1970.

Visitors, readers should access the BLUNT FORGERY which solicitors and barristers relied upon and arrogantly set out to misrepresent as allegedly legitimate documentary evidence in support of the open and shut case of the commercial fraud I had been the victim of in 1969.

Visitors, readers, all / any ‘human’ who uses grey matter on sight of ‘the documented evidence’ : >THE FORGERY< should need no further input from any other after observing and noting the fact that the digits seven and zero (70) were amended to six and nine (69). 1970 was the year when institution of the High Court action was taken, whereas 1969 was the year of the fraudulent misrepresentation.

However, many the alleged victim-challengers who were pointed to the evidence, to the FORGERY which they elected to ignore and bury in the dark corners of their mindset, just like the single judge and the two Lord Justices acted when called upon to serve justice, >Parliament’s Law< and the victim of all, starting with THE POLICE as of the moment the victim of the original crime >the fraudulent misrepresentation the victim was faced with<. Needless to say the mentality and approach of ALL, was seen to be ‘the foundation stone of ethics and the morality being imposed on society by the creators of such states in the Umited Kingdomm the mother of all PSEUDO-Democracies, >resting and foiunded ALLEGEDLY on principles of Law & Orders…< Such orders as the mentally blind single judge and the two Lord Justices who abused judicial office and thereby were seen to be IMPOSING THE RIGHT TO APPEAL through which >the practice of CONSTRUCIVELY ENGINEERED FRAUD< namely the PLUNDERING OF targeted funds by imposing NEED TO APPEAL. And, in the instance at hand the use of TWO LORD Justices creating the need for an application FOR THREE Lord Justices to address the issues in order to secure a majority ruling, should one (>any victim<) have funds for ‘distribution and transfer to the pockets / to the bank accounts of the abusers of the courts facilies!!!!!!!!!!!!

The many I allude to above, set themselves up as alleged legal gurus; >one and all ready and willing to assist< new victims to fight their corner >in the courts< all the way to the European Court of Human Rights, for THE REWARDS I HAVE BEEN POINTING TO FOR YEARS, at:-

The forgery I allude to and an invitation to the court >invitation to abusers of judicial chair occupation, in other words< to deny justice to the victim of the Commercial Fraud, can be accessed at:-

Needless, to say, the URL above takes one straight to the invitation, (>as submitted in writing<) by the fraudsters who set out to abuse the courts facilities >through theatrical productions< as part of >the usual dual purpose objectives< of the fraudsters who are licensed to practice corrupt legal services and fraudulent court proceedings in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies.

I hasten to clarify the issue of ‘dual purpose objectives’:-

1. Assist the offending party to benefit by any means >including the creation of false states and false / forged documents


2. Milk the victim of assets in the process.


Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS

London  –  United Kingdom

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11 comments to President of the Law Society Contemptuous of The Law, ignores the criminal activities of the Law Society itself.

  • Excellent blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any tips? Kudos!

    • My dear friend, the first thing you need is the proper & thorough understanding / grasp of everything you wish to write about. The Objective should be for readers of whatever you write about is of interest to the readers / visitors. As you should have noticed the articles written here relate to the extensive work / the chapters of the specific issues most relevant to the abused courts facilities for FRAUD APLENTY. Everything simply arranged and organised by the managers, by the controllers of PSEUDO-Democracies. Access and read the article / chapter of my work where I point to the CONFIDENTIAL FRAUD and let me know IF YOU GRASP and understand what I am pointing to; most relevant to the TAXPAYERS who know not what is going on in their name, in allegedly civilised states / countries which allegedly rest and are founded on PRINCIPLES OF LAW and orders by allegedly judicious persons.
      ACCESS READ THE CHAPTER most important at:- and recognise WHY CONFIDENTIAL FRAUD, the title of the chapter / the web page.

  • Fraud man what are you trying to do here?

    You complain about violations in the Courts and Human Rights violations and all the criminal activities that surround it.

    You are a witness to the crime committed against Ormila and you are aware of the defences in place by the offender and had indirect contact with the offender.

    While you are condoning the violations, you are also condoning what you witnessed with your eyes and failed to put forward the right story. Why? Because there are a few things about Ormil;a that you might not be happy with. For example, the outcome of the crime by the offender such as removing the human rights website through cyber crime that was ongoing against Ormila since 1996 as you are aware.

    You are aware that the computer you set up for Ormila evade prior cyber crime set ups was also set up subsequently as you narrated to the court on August 14 and 19th 2003.

    You are like the rest you spend your years writing about.

    Ormila told me alot more of what was done to her in Britain and why many of you are condoning. There is no integrity.

    I note you removed my earlier response then you edited you page. Isn’t that fraud?

    Whoever is reading this need to hear from other who know your true personality.

    What you are saying about Ormila could not be right. Ormila has already “proved” a lot of what she said occurred in Britain. What were you able prove?

    You read what Ormila said on her blog about white men having no culture and character. You are no doubt proving to be one of them and it is pointless to be vindictive about it.

  • Readers, all visitors must access the relevant information as to how the fraud of an alleged human, namely Miss Ormila Bhoopal, a Canadian citizen who was studying law in the United Kingdom, was sent along / introduced to me, Andrew Yiannides of human-rights, by the LIPS crowd/mob. The LIPS organiser / manager of the >frausters-club-recruits, one Peter Heyward, contacted me within days of the lodging of an explicit appeal, as settled by me and lodged at a county court in London, years earlier; at the time a property was targeted for conversion to legal costs, through the usual manifestations and arrogant abuse of the court’s facilities, which the Members of Parliament, like the police, simply endorse, irrespective of the fact that the criminals in control of the legal system and courts indulge in creating false instruments in the process, from false and inexcusable records namely court orders lacking accountability by the abusers of judicial chair occupancy; all and everything in contempt of the evidence pointed to the judicial chair occupants, as submitted and filed at court.
    Ormila, see / refer to her submission, her contribution, her alleged comment below, to and for this here article; thereat, consider my contribution to the attempt by the fraud of an alleged human, the typical fraudsters-club-recruit, who was introduced to me from more than suspect quarters; in other words by the Loonies (as I coined some time after getting to know / recognising their plans and aims) In Person Society, who did not fail my expectations of her.
    She DID BENEFIT from the work called for and commanded of me, consequential to the introduction of the aspiring fraudsters-club-recruit. She simply enacted her parts in the usual manner.
    I had spent over 30 hours to built a new computer for her, in formatting drives, installing the Operating System and the essential software programmes called for in order to meet the needs of the fraudster, Ormila. The aforesaid done and the setting up of her personal web-site in place, with the initial / introduction material published at the site, she simply disappeared, some weeks later, after deleting the material already published, by her, with my assistance, at her personal Human Rights Organisation Community on Line, web-site.
    Months later, she came along with some ridiculous assertions as the reasons for the disappearance of the fraud of an alleged human and for the disappearance of her web-site material. She came up with a cock-n-bull story, about another LIPS crowd-mob introduction, one Paul Talbot-Jenkins, who apparently did not just undertake to help her with her website material, he had also promised to marry her; he, a married man with family!!! His promise to help her with her website material, after she had gone to live with him, she asserted, where he was renting rooms away from his family home, in another part of the UK< , however, did not materialise, allegedly, because she was not meeting her part of the cost of the residential accommodation, Paul Talbot-Jenkins and she were sharing!!! And, allegedly, again, Paul Talbot-Jenkins, took hold of her computer as part of his claims for her share of the unpaid rents she was owing to him... blah... blah.... blah. Readers, visitors and researchers are asked to access and read the specific introduction to the parts of the four fraudsters-club-recruits, whom I name here and at:-

    Victims of the abused legal system and the courts facilities, after taking on board the activities of the hypocrites, the parts of the four corrupted users and maintenance engineers of the system of operations at and through the European Court of Human Rights processed, need to consider the overall picture created by the scheming fraudsters-club-recruits, the promoters of the system, the users of new victims of the legal circles in the United Kingdom, simply “FOR MORE OF THE SAME”. In other words FOR THE REWARDS UNDER THE TABLE, at all material times, subject to the conditions and the stipulations which the fallen must adhere to by keeping it all 'private and confidential'; hence the removal from the public domain of the material which the fraudster Ormila published, as a member of the Human Rights Organisation Community on Line.
    Anyone desiring more evidence, after reading some of the material at the web-page I created out of a long telephone call which the fraudster Johan Michael Richard Foenander instigated and recorded, when maligning me and benefiting from some interesting input, pointers and corrections by the wily fraudster Norman Scarth, should feel free to contact me for additional information. I shall then, point such persons to the copy a letter written by a solicitor (who was acting for the dreamer / charlatan, Johan Michael Richard Foenander) in very specific terms, to one of the solicitors who had caused damages to Johan M R Foenander, in the usual manner.
    The letter referred to above was written in response to one of a number of solicitors who caused damages to Johan M R Foenander, and the earlier solicitor OFFERED TO REPAY / make good the damages caused, to Johan M R Foenander….. BUT THE OFFER, HOWEVER, WAS NOT ACCEPTED, because, allegedly, the police were in the process of instigating (implied) prosecution/s and, apparently, the client’s case (Johan M R Foenander's case) was nearing completion at the European Court of Human Rights.
    Reader, visitor, work things out on your own, after YOU READ HERE & NOW, that there were no prosecutions and the craft-y maintenance engineer / promoter / lover of the cash under the table, along with his chums from within the LIPS crowd-mob simply carried on operating as the four I name here and at the URL material I point to above.
    All four, whom I name here, engaged and indulged IN USING NEW VICTIMS they were / are targeting by creating venues such as demonstrations, allegedly to simply challenge and expose the system of operation through the courts, blah…. blah…. blah.
    WAKE UP SUCKER-SERFS for you pay / you have taxes imposed on you for the creation and maintenance of such states in the mother of all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies, the United Kingdom, resting and founded, allegedly, on PRINCIPLES OF LAW & ORDER.

  • Visitors, readers, serious students who concern themselves with the realities such as I set out, in 1972, to research and to expose should access the material facts and the realities I published at:-
    The above URL takes one directly to HOW the fraud of an alleged human, Miss Ormila Bhoopal (refer to the reminders to Ormila, 2 comments below).
    The circumstances under which Ormila was introduced to me and ‘the developments thereafter’ command consideration by all who concern themselves with the realities I have been pointing to and exposing in the public domain, for years. All visitors / readers should consider the fact that the persons named fell in love with the rampant fraud ongoing, for centuries, through abuse of the courts facilities and all engaged in promoting it all, instead of challenging it; simply put all four were followers operating as maintenance engineers of it all and Ormila was the new vehicle and fraudsters-club-recruit.
    No one could be excused for failing to take on board the fact that Ormila Bhoopal was directed to me as arranged by Peter Hayward, Norman Scarth, Johan Michael Richard Foenander and finally used and assisted to prepare, settle and submit her case / complain to the European Court of Human Rights, BUT all relied on my person to secure the documents lodged and used at the Court of Appeal in order to further process and progress Ormila Bhoopal’s case all the way to the goal all four were aiming for, namely the REWARDS UNDER THE TABLE subject to the suppressed BLACKMAIL STIPULATION the corrupted morons fell in love with.
    And subject to the warranted suppression the crafty hypocrite and fraud of an alleged human, Ormila, after she benefited from the original pressures / exposure of the realities ongoing through abuse of the courts facilities, the lousy actress disappeared for months and the website material she set out to create with my assistance, simply disappeared. Her reasons and excuse was that she had been promised marriage by a married man, lo and behold, Paul Talbot-Jenkins (a married man with two grown up children and a great wife) and allegedly she went to live with him, at a flat he was renting while working away from home, and allegedly because she did not pay her part for the rent of the flat, Paul took away her computer (for which I had spent over 30 hours to build, format drives, install the operating system and all essential software she was to be using when creating the essential material and pages for her human rights organisation Community on Line.
    The emails exchanged thereafter with both star performers Miss Ormila Bhoopal and Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins have been on line and neither of the dreamers-hypocrites / fraudsters ever dared to challenge the realities, related and exposed by me, for years.
    The above should suffice for GREY MATTER USERS, for VISITORS & READERS, for the genuinely concerned sucker-serfs, especially the victims of the abused courts facilities.
    What I point to and exposing for over 14 years should cause each visitor / reader to draw his or her own conclusions. Reading, simply, the first couple of paragraphs where the above URL takes the serious and the REALY CONCERNED TAXPAYER should suffice, especially when the reader / visitor reads of the STIPULATION, the blackmail conditions, put to anyone who seeks compensation BUT SUBMITS INSTEAD TO BLACKMAIL, ENDORSES ALL EACH ONE WAS SUBJECTED TO BY AGRREING TO KEEP IT ALL, CONFIDENTIAL & SECRET, SPPRESSED FROM Mr & Mrs Average and accepts funds plundered from the taxes imposed on the kept in the dark SHEEPle. Everything as organised, arranged and managed by the criminals in control of the allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies I have been writing of and about for decades.
    Anyone who has as yet to access the evidence I have been pointing to for years should access, now:-

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    NOTE >>>Yet another promoter whose only interests is to plant chain spinning links on targeted ‘interesting websites, that are intended to draw attention to important issues commanding consideration by Mr & Mrs Average taxpayer within allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies.>Link changed to the webpage where we point to the evidence that qualifies / proves the simple fact that the taxpayers in all states / countries that signed up to the European Convention have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals in public office and public facilities allegedly for and in the interest of the taxpayers, including judicial chair occupants, hence the reasons for Justice Raped for this website. WAKE UP SUCKERS< <<

  • See the paralells:
    NOTE: Link REMOVED, for obvious reasons, for we are certain the person who submitted the short introduction to the removed link, is but the time waster Ormila Bhoopal.
    The person was but a typical time waster and an abuser of the trust and the work she benefited from. All the while she was operating and working, in tandem, with dreamers and fraudsters-club-recruits, such as Norman Scarth the WW2 hero, the lousy actor-hypocrite; also with Johan Michael Richard Foenander and the most pro-active of promoter-users of targeted new victims of the legal circles, one Paul Talboit-Jenkins whose emails published at and at need no additional input for readers to conclude accordingly.
    The last, referrred to and named above, was attached to the usual shenanigans as a typical LIPS crowd-mobster.
    Johan Michael Richard Foenander, as an accomplished lover and promoter of the cash under the table arrangements, observed and noted to be targeting new victims of the legal circles and thereafter engaging with many others, in chasing the cash rewards under the table, as arranged through the European Court of Human Rights; his solicitor, in fact, confirmed in a letter published at human-rights his own and his client’s parts, the accomplishments of both, solicitor and client, suppressing their parts in the constructive frauds (plural intended) on the taxed sucker-serfs, exposed at human-rights.
    The cash under the table arrangements confirmed as the dreamer’s, the abuser’s, the ‘fraud of an alleged human’, in a letter which Antons (his solicitor) wrote, when operating out of premises in Haringey, North London at the time. Everything when and while the fraudster Johan Michael Richard Foenander, was in touch with Andrew Yiannides of
    The person recognised, Ormila Bhoopal, purportedly was a student of law, who could never write proper English; her spelling of the word ‘parallel’ alone, leaves much to be desired, hence the main reason why Andrew Yiannides could not be bothered to read anything the person cares to project as anything worth-while from and by a fraud of ‘an alleged human’ who never apologised for her evil ways, to Andrew Yiannides.
    The fact that the person (Ormila from Canada) NEVER SET THE RECORD RIGHT by justifying her parts in the constructive frauds the LIPS (Loonies not Litigants In Person Society, as far as Andrew Yiannides was concerned) engaged in, also for her vile ways and unacceptable manners should suffice for anyone who has accessed some of the email exchanges published at and at to arrive at the right conclusions.

  • The URL below takes one straight to a Defence and COUNTER-CLAIM settled and lodged in a case when a solicitor, indulged in the usual activities solicitors engage in, in the United Kingdom.
    The individual was just one of the many who are licensed by the Law Society and promoted as allegedly honourable officers of Justice and the courts; the courts maintained by the mother of all PSEUDO-democracies, the United Kingdom.
    The extract, following, is from the web-page, from the chapter where some of the realities are pointed to:-
    “The DEFENCE & COUNTER-CLAIM document released in this page, Andrew Yiannides dedicates to all fraudsters-club-recruits, whose only aims were, and remain, to operate as alleged victim-challengers. In fact all they engaged, and engage, in, is plenty of fraudulent misrepresentations, ill directed and foul subliminal indoctrination of new victims they target; it all leads to control of the new victims they are pointed to, or others ‘phish for them’, through postings in the newsgroups and in organised false fronts, such as the LIPS crowd/mob that targeted me in 1992.
    Every one named and exposed, by me, established beyond any doubt that ALL THEY WERE & ARE AFTER was and is to share in the spoils of crime.
    I refer, above, to the cash under the table facilities, on offer to the victims used for the REWARDS UNDER THE TERMS & STIPULATION THAT I POINT TO, CLARIFY & QUALIFY IN AN EXCLUSIVE web-page at I refer to the very page which everyone I name and expose, elected to treat as non-existent. In fact every single fraudsters-club-recruit whom I expose treated the very web-page, as ‘the anathema they never wished to cross their paths’.
    ALL named and exposed fraudsters-club-recruit spoke, speak of and PROMOTE RIGHTS, relentlessly! YET, one and all, CONVENIENTLY IGNORE THEIR OBLIGATIONS >to society, at large< . Every single one, including the conditioned new victims whom they target >for more of the same constructive frauds on Mr & Mrs Average Taxpayer< suppress the realities attached to and born of the abused courts facilities. Their aims include the very element of suppression because THEIR OBJECTIVES ENTAIL KEEPING THE TAX-PAYERS IN THE DARK & IGNORANT of the activities they adopted, as recruits to the New World Order Code of Morals and Ethics, just as the Media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes whom the Barons retain & maintain do, as alleged reporters of the truth attached to events and activities commanding investigation and scrutiny. [*Link, to a short list of organised converts to the New World Order Code of Morals and Ethics]”.
    Access also
    Concerned visitors / readers should make time to access the 42 web-pages listed in the footer part, common to all web-pages at

  • Visitors / Readers / Researchers should consider accessing the explicit DECLARATION published at:-
    Consider that the President of the Law Society shall presently be receiving and asked to complete, sign and return without prevarication and further contempt for the rights of the targeted taxpayer, who had and has the right to demand explanations as to WHY & WHAT FOR THE THEFT & PLUNDERING OF FUNDS by the law Society, ongoing for years!!!
    The President needs to account, also, as to the reasons why the issues reported to her were passed on to the new clone >grafted by the Law Society, to the irrelevant false front, to the S.R.A< when in fact it was and it has been a case of the Law Society itself that has been plundering funds from the targeted serf's bank acoount. The Law Society itself has to account as to why and for what services the Law Society has been helping itself to the serf's funds, whose rights to personal property, are guranteed care of the Law Enforcement Agencies : the police and the judiciary, as maintained by the state : by the Government, at the expense of the taxpayers. All genuinely concerned victims of the abused courts facilities, all taxpayers who object to the realities of the organised constructive frauds (>plural intended< ) instigated, created and processed through abuse of the legal system : namely the courts facilities, should consider the simple fact that I caused the leader of the Opposition >Tony Blair QC, and the Spokes-Person on Legal Affairs in the House of Commons, Paul Boateng, (>also a Barrister< ) to write back to me and acknowledge : >concede to me, in July 1995< the issue of FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM. The response, as authorised by the Leader of the Opposition, was founded and rested on the relentless submissions the leader of the Opposition had been receiving from me. For further enlightenment, visitors should access the explicit letter I received from the wily Norman Scarth, (>the wily and crafty WW2 hero< ). He wrote to me, as he did, after he attempted to abuse a copy of the letter to me, from the Opposition Party's Legal Authorities and I put an end to his arrogant abuse of the trust he had been benefiting from for years; copy of the aforesaid letter I handed to Noman Scarth for specific reasons and explicit objectives. The said copy Mr Norman Scarth agreed with me, in the first instance, to use as I stipulated. However, he defaced the copy I handed to him and he submitted the defaced copy, through an affiliate of his, who was operating, also, out of the Litigants In Person Society (>the LIPS crowd-mob< ) to a local newspaper in the North of England. Mr Scarth simply acted AS HE PLANNED WITH OTHERS who collectively aimed to operate as approved volunteers, legal experts, such as the Lord Chancellor spoke of when the Lord Chancellor was briefing the Home Affairs Select Committee on the Government's plans for legal services with emphasis on the Legal Aid facilities. Access the House of Commons record of the aforesaid briefing, which I reproduced as copied at:-
    Access thereafter, Norman Scarth’s letter, to me, by using the link below and NOTE HOW I USED HIS LETTER in order to create the specific web-page, where I published evidence in respect of the many charlatans and dreamers, who were waiting in the wings all ready and willing to operate as legal experts / gurus, approved volunteers, such as the Lord Chancellor was informing the Home Affairs Select Committee.
    Norman Scarth’s letter is broken into parts, with interjections by me, as warranted and commanded of me when I set out to create the explicit web-page / chapter as published by me, at the time, when considering the House of Lords deliberations in the case I point to at:-
    NOTE:- “…. Where covert action is concerned it may not be necessary to tell a lie or misrepresent the truth; a decision by someone who is aware of the true position to remain silent and in this way deprive an individual of his entitlement may constitute an implied lie or misrepresentation…..”.

  • Any victim of the abused trust they placed on any solicitor should note that the President of the Law Society shall next receive a copy of the DECLARATION I created and published at:-
    I will be asking the President to complete and sign >The Declaration and return it to me. Any victim who reads these submissions> must consider the simple fact / reality that >>as of 1997<< not one recipient completed and returned a printout of "The DECLARATION" and SHOULD NOTE that such failures spoke and speak even louder than admission to wrongdoing.
    WAKE UP SUCKER-SERFS for you work, toil and create while the parasites simply grub and take.

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