Who Ultimately Responsible? Greed for silver, or The Blackmailed and THE CORRUPTED who are encouraged to adopt it all?

William further to my telephone call, earlier today, I copy / forward to you recent exchanges with MP Lynne Featherstone related to my long ongoing work / research and investigations.

You will duly note that it all relates to my recent submissions and challenges to the president of the Law Society. Everything, naturally, is attached to the causes and the reasons why I was contacted by many who purportedly were challenging the abusers of the courts facilities, the very elements I set out to research and investigate as of February-March 1972.

Read the exchanges and consider the simple fact that many (one and all) wasted my time while all were / are chasing the rewards on offer under the terms the criminals who created the allegedly civilized PSEUDOdemocracies put in place. I refer, naturally, to THE ARRANGEMENTS for the corruption of society, starting with such charlatans and morons >the victims of the abused courts facilities and the legal circles<. I refer, as you know, to persons who simply adopt the ways of the system they allegedly set out to complain about, >to challenge and expose the abusers of trust<. I just add the simple reality that such persons, through their recklessly convenient defaults and activities, simply established that they were / are operating as persons who were / are SOLD TO THE SYSTEM OF OPERATIONS, >corrupted to the last bone< care of the rewards under the terms I have been exposing and pointing to for years at:-

No need for me to remind you that you did benefit from immediate REACTION by the abusers of the courts facilities >the legal circles, including judges< as soon as you set off to challenge and expose the abusers as a member of the Human Dash Rights Dot Org Community on Line.

No need to point to the fact that AFTER you benefited from the prompt reaction and what other actions / activities ensued YOU DECIDED TO BURY IT ALL irrespective of the fact that millions out there are going through the same grinding wheels >with some benefiting from the same transformation WHEN they manage to progress with their complaints all the way to the European Court of Human Rights<. No need to point to the fact that many are running around >chasing new victims and offering assistance to take the new victims complaints / legal cases to the European Court of Human Rights.

As a result of your convenient failures to carry on >along the path I set you on with many man hours used for YOUR benefit alone< while millions out there were and are going through the grinding wheels in the abused courts such as you now inform me you are challenging for the UNION members you act for and represent.

The above, PLUS THE FORWARDED exchanges, below, should suffice for any logical ‘human’ >ANY TRUE THINKER< to consider the millions out there, then cast aside personal ego trips and any commitment to the system in place >the theatrical productions and operations ongoing in the abused theatres of Justice >the Deity / the Principle< and thereat CONSIDER IF THIS IS THE SOCIETY THEY WISH FOR THEIR OFF-SPRING TO INHERIT FROM THEM, provided, of course, that the persons do use grey matter as ‘humans’ as >THINKERS<.

The last time I telephoned and spoke to you >such contacts always instigated by me after you benefited from / received out of the blue without any applications to the court. [See image below visitor /reader and use grey matter].

Anyone noticed who the Respondents were, in the case at hand?
Anyone noticed the date of the original order and the extension of time by which to submit/lodge documents?
Anyone noticed the date endorsed on the new order >27-4-2001< issued >19.5.2001< and sealed / rubber-stamped 18 May 2001!!!< and submitted >by fax< to the plaintiff?
Anyone noticed the new date by which to lodge documents?
WHAT FOLOWED the miracle of the new order is left to grey matter users to ponder on.

The image of the order as received from the courts was THE PROMPT REACTION and action, from the abusers of the courts facilities< (as evinced by the hand-written Court Order that was rushed out to you by fax) you enquired about my sister Despina and I informed you that she was visiting her daughter and grandchildren in Cyprus and that she was to visit family friends in Greece, also, thereafter.

On the above note I hasten to remind you that you do know what my sister Despina was subjected to by the evil one who caused his (their) daughter Rita to take her own life. You also were informed accordingly as to HOW MANY solicitors attempted to impose on her, their contemptuous of the law and the rules of procedures, ways, taking me straight to the last article I published at:-

I doubt if you bothered to access and read the article, at all, and I wonder, also, IF by any chance your curiosity did cause you to read it. I doubt if you would bother addressing any of the issues related and exposed especially as I dedicated the article to the dreamer and charlatan, Marisa Sarda, the fraud of an alleged human, who was operating as an alleged victim-challenger but like all alleged victim-challengers she was simply engaging in the subliminal indoctrination of the ill-educated, the ill-informed and the fooled, the lulled into submission SHEEPle, care of the ever-present rants about the abused courts facilities SIMPLY INTENDED TO PREPARE NEWBIES (new victims of the system of operations in and through the courts) FOR WHAT WILL BE ON OFFER if the victims co-operate with the ranting lovers of it all, the converted… pardon THE CORRUPTED MORONS who love chasing new victims for the intended long path to the rewards….. AS LONG AS THE NEWBIES ADHERE TO THE TERMS ON OFFER…. hence the grounds and reasons for the imposed >and preferred< silence of the doped and lulled into submission MORONS.

It SHOULD be of interest to you, to know and NOTE THAT MY RECENT CHALLENGES relate to challenges I will be making public along with the letter from the Opposition’s leader and Spoke’s Person on Legal Affairs in the House of Commons in 1995. Both politicians, as you know, Barristers and as you got to know thereafter, it was the leader of the Opposition, Tony Blair QC, who authorised the Spokes Person on Legal Affairs to write and concede to me the element of FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM.

Should you consider submitting any views and comments on the very issues I point to, especially the specific article you might consider reacting to the very article, after visiting

I will contact you after such submissions by you, thereafter. This email I will post on to you AFTER I receive the email and the Union newsletter you alluded to when I telephoned you. I will, at that time, consider posting on to you copies of my submissions to the President of the Law Society.

Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
Contributing articles at as Diogenis searching for ‘humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on.


“Do for, with and by yourself alone whatever pleases and satisfies you, so long as that which you do, does not infringe upon or violate the rights of any other”. [Andrew Yiannides]

From: Andrew Yiannides []
Sent: 26 August 2012 01:25
Subject: FW: The inexcusable transfer to the SRA of serious issues reported to the President of the Law Society


Forwarding the submissions to my Member of Parliament who overlooked the fact that the main issue of my submissions to the President of the Law Society relate to blunt theft of funds by the Law Society.

Note that in my present submissions I point to the obvious as to how the legal circles and the judiciary abuse the courts facilities for fraud aplenty.

Never let go the fact that I caused two barrister-politicians 1. Tony Blair QC and 2. Paul Boateng to CONCEDE TO MY SUBMISSIONS the reality of the long ongoing abuse of the courts facilities BY THE LEGAL CIRCLES, including judicial chair occupants; judges who went as far as to declare (published in their bible) such rights as ‘the inherent jurisciction’ to deny justice to the ‘ill educated >to the sucker-serfs< who seek justice from them (>the judges<) for and in respect of any wrong imposed on them (>the taxpayers / sucker-serfs<) by the state, THROUGH ANY ALLEGED SERVANT OF THE PUBLIC…..

Let me know IF you have ever heard of anyone pointing to the above facility as provided by abusers of judicial chair occupation….. which I released in the public domain well over 10 years ago, friend.

Access the web-page:-

NOTE when I created the web-page and what I used as the cornerstone upon which to build / create that web-page. Do not fail to NOTE how many charlatans and dreamers / fraudsters-club-recruits failed to respond / act as invited by me, as evinced by the PROOF OF POSTING CARDS where I listed all recipients of the submissions and invitation.

AFTER considering the above and noting the name of the star abuser of my time, the one who wrote to me as he did and thereafter I used his letter to create the above web-page.

ACCESS also the file / web-page:-

CONSIDER THE SIMPLE FACT that the very dreamer / fraudster FAILED TO PUBLISH in the public domain the whole of the transcript he created after he followed my guidance HOW TO SECURE THE RIGHT TO RECORD himself the hearing before the three Lord Justices at the Court of Appeal. Miraculously he did NOT USE the grounds and reasons I had told him to use, and that failure / absence of the RIGHT ARGUMENTS (he was meant to use) indicated >to me< that he had passed on the guidance / arguments (he was meant to use) to the legal guru who was imported from the US of A (I refer as you and everybody knew) to the one who was more than well connected with the Lord Chief Justice >himself busy preparing the ground for the soldiers who were waiting in the wings of the theatres of Justice< such as the Lord Chancellor spoke of when he was addressing / submitting his plans / arrangements >to the Home Affairs Select Committee< when responding to the H.A.S.C on the high cost of Legal Aid.

Do access the official records of the theatrical production relative to the plans of the abusers of trust in the United Kingdom at:-

THEN consider the promotions last year that the fraudster Norman Scarth was sent down for recording in a lower court and WHY SUCH PROMOTIONS by the many dreamers and fraudsters who made and make it their business to go about trumpeting the abused powers of the judiciary AS PART OF THEIR SUBLIMINAL INDOCTRINATION SERVICE (to the abusers of the courts facilities) FOR THE SUCKER-SERFS THEY TARGET (new victims of the legal circles they are pointed / directed to) IN ORDER TO OFFER ASSISTANCE and their services to assist the new victims to take their case / complaints to the European Court of Human Rights FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR the rewards UNDER THE TERMS & CONDITIONS ON OFFER by and through the European COURT…..

THEN consider why I spent so much time INVESTIGATING the activities of such fraudsters / dreamers and charlatans who FELL IN LOVE with the REWARDS facilities under the terms and conditions put to the victims who manage to take their complaints / cases to the ECoHR.

—–Original Message—–
From: Andrew Yiannides []
Sent: 25 August 2012 18:29
To: xxLynne Featherstone2
cc:; [Andrew Yiannides]
Subject: Re: The inexcusable transfer to the SRA of serious issues reported to the President of the Law Society

Thank you for the acknowledgement and the expressed interest.

Do note, please, that the problems do not reside with the SRA. Deployment of that facility, which I simply treat as ‘the separation of powers ploy’ as organised and arranged by the creators of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, do not wash with me.

Do refer, please, to the most vile (>anagram of evil<) of deception and fraud on the taxpayers >as arranged between the Executive and the Administrative< in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies. Access, read and digest >if you can< the following which I copied and point to at

“The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which MUST FAIL; as for instance an action brought in respect of an act of State”…..

Read of such at the top of most web-pages / files and note what I added to the vile proclamation by the criminals, by the fraudsters who promote themselves (just as the politicians do about such persons) as the alleged guardians of the rights of the citizens; alleged protectors of the taxpayers who have taxes imposed on them for such facilities, as concocted by the criminals in control of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies.

The criminal activities I reported / submitted to the President of the Law Society relate to persons who were / have been and are licensed >by THE LAW SOCIETY< and not the non-esxistent SRA at the time and throughout the years >while THE LAW SOCIETY HAS BEEN HELPING ITSELF / PLUNDERING & STEALING FUNDS from the bank account of the woman-victim of five solicitors< (individuals or firms immaterial for the purposes of my submissions). No need to point out that the person who responded to me from the SRA, from the clone constituting just another separation of powers ploy / tactical move BY the criminals who benefit from the charter that created the Law Society, in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies.

Remarkable it was and remains the fact that the President of the LAW SOCIETY FAILED TO ASK for the names of the five solicitors / individuals or firms, immaterial, I repeat. The fact WAS and remains that neither person (non-human / non-thinker) considered instigating an investigation into the matter of the PLUNDERING & STEALING OF FUNDS from the bank account of the victim of >THE FIVE SOLICITORS >LICENSED, BY THE LAW SOCIETY, FRAUDSTERS<. All five criminlas, simply ignored the clear instructions their victim gave them and all five failed to act as instructed.

Kindly ensure that you refer the matters I have pointed and I point you to, to the Attorney General, the Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC and inform him that I copied and I have been pointing to the article / the interview he granted to ‘COUNSEL’ as reported in the October 2010 issue which you can access at:-

Do refer, also, to the specific article at:-

After reading the response I received from the Deputy Prime Minister’s private office point out to him to the fact that no person from within the Ministry of Justice ever contacted me as of December 2010 when his private office wrote to inform me that my submissions to him were referred to the Ministry of Justice, the building NOT some responsible, alleged, public servant.

NOTHING UNUSUAL, as far as I am concerned, and as my experiences with the false fronts used by one and all when evading responsibility and duty to the taxpayers, to the citizens(?) who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of an alletgedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracy, such as the criminals in control of the United Kingdom and all other PSEUDOdemocracies and signatory states to the European Convention on Human Rights, created. All the while, the citizens of all other states, also have taxes imposed on them for the arrogantly organised REWARDS to the morons who act as blackmailed idiots when they sign up to and accept the confidential settlements founded on constructive frauds that are instigated, processed and imposed on the tax-payers by abusers of the courts facilities while the media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes they retain and maintain simply keep the taxpayers >the sucker-serfs< in the dark.

Do access the realities and the evidence I point to and expose at:-

I look forward to hearing from you in respect of the failures of the alleged servants of the public who operate out of the Ministry of Justice and that the Deputy Prime Minister is to address the issue of the failures by the staff at the Ministry of Justice, and with the Treasury in the matter of the billions (such as I caused the government to release to the press) of compensation paid out the previous year, after my subnmissions to:-
1. the Treasury

2. the Lord Chancellor

3. the Home Secretary and

4. The Prime Minister, which you can access at:-

The above >the last< URL takes one (straight) to my submissions to the Prime Minister consequential to long ongoing defaults and omissions by the police to act and prosecute abusers of public office and public facilities such as the theft and misappropriation of thousands of pounds (that I was investigating in one person’s case alone / one of a number of cases) secured by Local Authorities as and for Housing Benefit >funds owing to the targeted sucker-serfs, who after working for a life time, retired to sunny lands and were expecting the rents owing to them for the occupation of their residential properties by the imported refugees and asylum seekers AS ARRANGED by the criminals in control of ALL European States >PSEUDOdemocracies…. for the creation of the New World Order by such criminals who are sold and promoted to the ill-educated, to non-thinkers, to sucker-serfs as alleged servants of the public.

No need to point out the facts related and the evidence pointed to in letters and submissions to alleged servants of the public such as the police, Local Authority Councillors, not forgetting Members of Parliament, as in the present submissions and invitations to address the illegal and criminal activities by alleged servants of the public…. and worse by alleged servants of the law and Justice, in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies.

I expect of the Deputy Prime Minister and in particular the Attorney General to stand by his (the latter’s) undertakings to prosecute such criminals as the persons the police were given details of and full particulars of the criminal activities each engaged and indulged in, without any additional waffle and promotion of created SEPARATION OF POWERS FROM WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT, any government, irrespective of its political coloration.

The LAW IS THE LAW & CRIME IS CRIME…. no need to stress that crime is NOT statute barred, as you should know.

I will appreciate any information such as I sought from the President of the Law Society:-

“Does the government / the House of Commons maintain a register of Members of Parliament who volunteered membership of the Brotherhood of Freemasons such as the solicitor who indulged at my expense and had the audacity to promote to me THE BLUNT FORGERY, the police did nothing about, while brother Freemasons (more than likely) were endorsing and processing the constructive frauds (plural intended) ongoing through abuse of the High Court facilities >as organised and arranged by the criminals in control of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies.

Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
Contributing articles at as Diogenis searching for ‘humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on.

“The cost to the good citizens for their indifference in public affairs, is to be ruled by evil men”. [Plato, Hellas, 428-347 BC]


Sent: 23 August 2012 21:29
To: xxLynne Featherstone2
Subject: FW: The inexcusable transfer to the SRA of serious issues reported to the President of the Law Society

RE: Solicitors Regulation Authority

Thank you for copying me into your recent correspondence about the problems you’ve had with the SRA.

Please keep me updated on the response you receive. If the response is unsatisfactory or not forthcoming, and you would like my direct intervention, then please let me know.

Thank you again and please do not hesitate to get in touch again if you require my assistance in this, or any other matter in the future.

Kind regards,

Lynne Featherstone

Member of Parliament for Hornsey and Wood Green

Tel: 0208 340 5459


Whilst your MP will treat as confidential any personal information which you pass on, she will allow authorised staff to see the information if this is needed to help and advise you and may pass all or some of this information to agencies such as the DSS, Inland Revenue or the local council if this is necessary to help your case. She may wish to write to you from time to time to keep you informed or related issues that you may find of interest. Please let her know if you do not wish to be contacted in this way.

Ps. Please consider the environment before printing this email.


From: Andrew Yiannides []
Sent: 23 August 2012 16:21
Subject: The inexcusable transfer to the SRA of serious issues reported to the President of the Law Society

I acknowledge the attachment transmitted by email and I hereby re-iterate that such a letter was not received by me.

In the event that the transmitted document is from a copy from the SRA archives, please forward a duplicate of the original, which I anticipate will include the nominal letter-heading of the SRA.

Note please that I am to treat your submissions neither as private nor as confidential, but AS I SEE FIT.

The victims of the abused system in operation, for decades that I know of and as I experienced over the last 40 years, relate to ARROGANT & BLUNT CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, such as I was subjected to decades ago. Abuse of the trust of ‘the sheeple’ who are kept in the dark by the media and the politicians who have been selling to the ill-educated and the misinforrmed citizens, to the taxpayers who are lied to routinely, the alleged principles of law and order upon which a blunt PSEUDOdemocracy is promoted as the genuine article, have long gone past their sell-by date.

On the basis of the above conclusions, which I reached over 35 years ago, at which time the Law Society and the police DID NOTHING about the criminal activities solicitors and barristers indulged in, namely the introduction of a BLUNT FORGERY in a high court action resting and founded on commercial fraud, the issue of confidential arrogance to ignore the criminal activities by solicitors who are licensed by the Law Society to indulge in blunt crime such as I was subjected to, in no way can be treated these days as private or confidential by any stretch of the imagination.

Because the President of the Law Society failed to report or call the police in, in order to investigate under what circumstances and for which Services >alleged, I hasten to add< the Law Society itself has been plundering >STEALING / HELPING ITSELF TO FUNDS< from the private bank account of a person who did not benefit from any services by five firms of solicitors, I am obliged to make everything public.

I am to publish your communication, also the letter I received from the President’s office and my original letter AND THE EVIDENCE, for obvious reasons.

Everyone of the ‘five licensed by the Law Society, criminals‘, saw fit to engage in deception and fraud aplenty, as ‘authorised through defaults and omissions, by the Law Society itself. Through such failures and failings as the present failure to instigate an investigation as to the grounds and reasons WHY THE PLUNDERING and STEALING OF FUNDS FROM THE PRIVATE BANK ACCOUNT OF THE WOMAN WHO BENEFITED FROM NO SERVICES by all five firms of solicitors >I emphasise< translates to contempt for the law applicable. Such activities and failings by persons who know the law, yet failed and fail to act as the instructions and the evidence they received from the victims, called for, commanded and command action, such as I point to herein above.

Access the evidence I released in the public domain at:-


Consider the obvious I point to from the televised Dimbleby Lecture as prepared and delivered by the hypocrite, Sir Robert Mark, QPM, who engaged in such matters well over a year after he had received the forgery Kypros Nicholas presented to me when he set about instructing me to abandon my open and shut case of commercial fraud. Needless to say, one and all had been relying on such reckless attitude to the rights of the citizens who, allegedly are assured protection from crime and criminals.

My submissions to the President of the Law Society included a request for information such as the possibility of a list of solicitors registering with the Law Society membership of the alleged philanthropic Brotherhood of Freemasons, such as the exposed fraudster Kypros Nicholas the solicitor who was exposed to have been, the very fraudster who PROMOTED TO ME THE BLUNT FORGERY as a legitimate document in support of the concocted defence he received from the fraudster’s legal team in the matter of the open and shut case of the commercial fraud I was the victim of, by the protected species, by the criminals who were seen to be benefiting from invisible services by alleged Honourable Officers of the court, when one and all were relying on the likes of the abusers of public office such as the hypocrite Sir Robert Mark QPM.

Kindly acknowledge this email and note that it will be released in the public domain the moment a hard copy is posted to you / to the S.R.A


Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS

Contributing articles at as Diogenis searching for ‘humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on.

“The cost to the good citizens for their indifference in public affairs, is to be ruled by evil men”. [Plato, Hellas, 428-347 BC]
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7 comments to Who Ultimately Responsible? Greed for silver, or The Blackmailed and THE CORRUPTED who are encouraged to adopt it all?

  • As long as attribution and links are introduced pointing to the article from which the copied / quoted material is copied you will be acting within the law and no problem arises.

  • Readers of the article as presented for reference to by the concerned tax-payers whose attention was / is thus drawn to the realities of life within the allegedly civilised mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, should access the explicit material I set out to make public when the recipient of the email used as the backbone upon which the article rests.
    The article >
    SHOULD BE DULY CONSIDERED, by all visitor-readers, as THE SOLID FOUNDATIONS UPON WHICH rests my work and representations to one and all who set out to abuse my time when ALL were only interested in the cash plundered from the taxpayers contributions (as IMPOSED by the abusers of the facilities I have been pointing to for over 35 years) because they were all too keen to add their silence to the system of operations….. as alleged victim >CHALLENGERS< of the abused courts facilities.
    Sincerely CONCERNED, as ever.
    Andrew Yiannides

  • For the genuinely concerned and interested followers of the developments in the case at hand I submit here extracts from a letter which Lynn Featherstone, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Hornsey and Wood Green, received from Desmond Hudson, the Chief Executive of / at the Law society. The letter is dated 14th September 2012 and the wily and cagey one asserted / proclaims:-
    “It is common for those who are, or have previously been, in receipt of Legal Aid funding to have to make payments to the body which operates the Legal Aid Scheme. The Law Society used to operate the scheme up until 1 April 1989, but has not done so since. The function is now vested in the Legal services Commission.”
    Friends / sucker-serfs, the recklessly cagey author of the letter, continues:-
    “It is extremely unlikely that the Law Society is continuing to take payments from Mr Yiannides in respect of Legal Aid. However, if your constituent can confirm the payments have been taken by the Law Society since it ceased to operate the Legal Aid scheme, we will investigate the matter further”.
    SOME SICK JOKE, of course!!! One could not expect anything else from dreamers who concoct such idiotic promotions. THE EVIDENCE (copied from a Bank Statement) RELATIVE TO THE THEFT & PLUNDERING OF FUNDS, THE PROOF THAT FUNDS WERE COLLECTED DIRECTLY BY THE LAW SOCIETY (as debit charges) MONTH IN MONTH OUT, YEAR IN YEAR OUT, WAS DELIVERED (with my letter dated 9th August 2012) TO THE LAW SOCIETY, FOR (as submitted to) THE PRESIDENT OF THE LAW SOCIETY TO ACCOUNT FOR THE DIRECT DEBITS, for the plundering of funds. And ABOVE ALL ‘to explain away and account for what services the Law Society and or any of the fraudsters / the criminals the Law Society Licenses to Practice Law (>care of the annual Practice Certificates, the Law Society issues to such farudsters / criminals as I was first made aware of during 1972-1978< ). THE EVIDENCE I submitted to the President of the Law Society was more than enough; it includued all of the elements the Presidenet needed in order TO INSTIGATE AN IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION, and, thereafter come back with ANY REASONABLE EXPLANATIONS. Even better (as far as I am concerned) the President herself, should / ought to have come back with ANY POSSIBLE JUSTIFICATIONS as to the grounds and the reasons why the ONGOING THEFT & PLUNDERING OF THE FUNDS I PROVIDED THE ESSENTIAL EVIDENCE FOR. The President herself, ought to have instigated immediate action in order to explain away IF THE LAW SOCIETY could possibly do so, WHY the plundering of funds, consequential to the reckless attitude and failures of the firm of solicitors who did nothing, defaulted to act on the instructions their client >MY SISTER< retained them all for. One and all solicitors leicensed by the Law Soiety, I hasten to emphasize, to practice law, indulge in all manner of fraudulent misrepresntations when allegedly acting in their clients' interests. It befell upon the President of the Law Society, whom I addressed personally, to consider the evidence I submitted and thereat seek, from me, the names of the solicitors who failed to act for their client as the evidence they were afforded / provided, and AS THEIR CLIENT INSTRUCTED them for, in accordance with their client's rights. The aforesaid, of course, in the event the President could not possibly trace and secure 'the foundations and the causes / reasons for the direct plundering of the funds >THE EVIDENCE I SUBMITTED< evinced, QUALIFIED AND JUSTIFIED MY DEMANDS. Above, I refer and point to the states we are all subjected to by the criminals who set out to become absolute Lords and Masters of all and everything on planet earth. If you have ever concerned yourselves with the type of rubbish the media Barons, through the Intellectual Prostitutes they retain and mantain, deliver as the main causes and the only issues we >the SHEEPle< should be interested in and reading of and about, I ask of you to SET YOURSELVES FREE. BREAK LOOSE, CEASE FOLLOWING any of the diversionary tactical assaults on you and your well being. Cease wasting your time and concern yourselves with the rampant fraud ongoing through abuse of the courts facilities, such as I was subjected to way back in 1970-1978 when I was benefiting from and going through the learning curve, the educational facilities one benefits from >through personal experiences, SUCH AS THE IMPOSED AND NECESSITATED STUDY & WARRANTED RESEARCH I HAD TO ENGAGE IN, by necessity.
    REMEMBER, you, we all pay taxes for such services and facilities, as I was benefiting from (subjected to, in fact) from and care of the arrangements made by impostors who were, and to these days carry on promoting themselves as the front line soldiers who are fighting (allegedly, I emphasize) FOR THE HONOUR OF JUSTICE, the principle / the Deity whom the creators of the allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies are raping at will and as they please…. as followers of the one who came along (do remember, so concocted and wrote the creators of the alleged creator of all and everything) in order to put an end to the co-operation the sons (>NO DAUGHTERS< ) of men (>NO WOMEN< ) were benefiting from >collectively< !!! DO ACCESS and read the very extract from the alleged holy scriptures the creators of the evil one wrote of and about in their alleged Holy Scriptures; >the scriptures which they first delivered to outsiders< to Ptolemy in Egypt because of the specific circumstances their community was faced with.... when they found themselves no longer in absolute control of their young ones..... the new generations that were influenced by, and were adopting the civilising ways of the Hellenes. Access the extract / evidence at:-
    READ, CONSIDER THE FACTS; then & WAKE UP, sucker-sefs.

  • THERE FOLLOWS BELOW COPY OF PART OF THE INTRODUCTION TO THE EMAIL TO Mr WILLIAM SPRING >the beneficiary of the miracle order granting him time to appeal the states imposed on him, on his sister and their brothers in the matter of the legacy that was converted to ‘convenient legal cost awards’ through abuse of the courts facilities< . Everything, naturally, care of theatrical productions in >the courts maintained BY THE POLITICIANS< , the alleged representatives of 'the SHEEPle. Party to the misrepresentations? The false fronts of:- 1. THE POLICE and 2. THE JUDICIARY & THE COURTS, when retained by me and acting as the solicitor who purportedly was representing me and my rights >AS ASSURED IN LAW TO ALL of the SHEEPle< in all PSEUDOdemocracies, allegedly, I emphasize. With criminal intent, as every other of the many dreamers & abusers of the trust I allowed them all to benefit from >FOR YEARS< . The aforesaid, WHILE I WAS STUDYING THE BEHAVIOR and conduct of every single one who was recognized to be a lost soul; one and all, sold to the rampant fraud and corruption ongoing and expanded through abuse of the courts facilities, and, most definitely and emphatically the Law Enforcement Agencies : the police and the courts. The last bodies acting and operating as THE expansionists 'of the system in operation and as used', I did emphasize, when I was explaining 'the obvious', to the person who exposed himself as a convert, as one of the many abusers of my time and goodwill; as just another who adopted the ways of the fraudsters who created the states of PSEUDOdemocracy and the states I have been pointing to for over 35 years : 'the realities suppressed' by the Intellectual Prostitutes of and to whom John Swainton spoke and addressed in the course of his farewell do, his retirement speech; naturally only when he was moving out of the firing line : no risk of sacking / dismissal by the Media Barons. WHEN READING THE ORDER that was rushed out >as transmitted by the court< , the order created by the abusers of the courts facilities, by the arrogant dreamers who claim and point to the footpaths spread with broken glass while they, themselves, are walking along another footpath, the footpath of the REWARDS ON OFFER TO NON-THINKERS, the anticipated rewards to persons who are prepared for and caused to convert to lovers of the rampant fraud ongoing through abuse of the courts facilities. All and everything, simply arranged and organised by the legal circles, such as I was subjected to way back in 1972. At the time, an old school friend engaged in the PROMOTION OF A BLUNT FORGERY when acting for me, his client, a victim of commercial fraud. He, one Kypros Nichola >an allegedly Honorable Officer of the Supreme Court< had the audacity to advise me to abandon my claim against the fraudsters who 'secured his invisible services' on offer to criminals through the legal circles, including the judiciary and the police in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies. One expects, as I do, of anyone who bothers to consider the realities I am pointing to, TO CONSIDER POINTING OTHERS TO SUCH REALITIES by using their rights to freedom of expression. One is entitled to expect of persons who now read here of the realities, to invite others to consider the very realities and, one and all, COLLECTIVELY & AS INDIVIDUALS, to CHALLENGE THE ABUSERS OF OUR TRUST, our representatives in Parliament who never fail to promote the abused Independence of judicial chair occupants to indulge and engage in rampant CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS (>plural intended< ) THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES!!!! WAKE UP SUCKER-SERFS. Do not ignore the fact that you have taxes imposed on you even for the rewards paid to the converts who sign on the dotted line >as I have been POINTING OUT< for well over a decade at:-

  • Visitors, readers and researchers who access and read the above article constituted of submissions founded and resting on the realities SUPPRESSED BY THE MEDIA and the Intellectual Prostitutes (such as John Swainton spoke of in the course of his retirement speech) should endeavour / seek and see copy of the video ‘ILLUMINATI’ after watching the two video clips published here at:-
    No ‘human’ : true >THINKER< could possibly miss or overlook what the eliminated / the assassinated late President John F Kennedy spoke of most clearly. Perhaps then, the awakened shall spread the news far and wide, to all of their immediate family and most important to all of their contacts world-wide.

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