An explicicit letter to Intellectual Prostitues >dedicated to all charlatans, dreamers and hypocrites.

NOTE PLEASE that I have delivered a letter for the personal attention of Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, the President of the Law Society, relative to the plundering of funds from the private bank account of a woman victim (of the system in operation) by a number of solicitors, who simply helped themselves to funding from Legal Aid for >NOTHING IN RETURN<….. and, somehow, also, arranged for the LAW SOCIETY to be helping itself to monthly income from the woman’s bank account, ongoing FOR YEARS NOW….. without any foundations or reasons >BEARING IN MIND that not one of the >solicitors she instructed to act for her rights in matrimonial rights and the distribution of matrimonial assets< after her husband caused their younger daughter to take her own life [a 23years old angel, my niece do note].

Among the abusers of trust who failed to act as instructed, INCLUDED was one Purcell Brown who was operating in North Tottenham; he, interestingly, was reported in a Guardian article to have ‘disappeared / left the country’ >he was exposed as one of a number of solicitors to have been one of the abusers / users of asylum seekers< for the plundering of funds aplenty from the Legal Aid / Legal Services Commission, etc., facilities.

Should the paper be CONCERNED with the breaches of the trust of the people (who have taxes imposed on them for such abuse of the trust they place on alleged services to them in a PSEUDOdemocracy, one of many, in fact the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies) and the illegal operations from within the legal services >including the courts, do note< contact me for further information and consider that way back >>in 1972-75, when I reported criminal activities by solicitors and barristers >>namely the INTRODUCTION OF A BLUNT FOGERY in a High Court action founded and resting on Commercial Fraud<<, the newspaper’s (my newspaper for over 20 years by then) senior Law Reporter, after copies of the evidence which I left at the offices of the paper in Farrington ( off Fleet Street, as I recollect) the law reporter >>>a professor (of law) at the LSE<<< simply wished for permission to use my papers without any commitment to address the serious crimes as the occasion commanded (of any decent law abiding citizen), just as the police in London, all the way to the office of Sir Robert Mark QPM, who a year after he received a copy of the blunt FORGERY, spoke of such activities >criminal activities< by solicitors in the course of ‘his’ Dimbleby Lecture on BBC, television. The whole of his speech I copied from ‘the Listener’ and publish it in the public domain, on the Internet in web-pages where ‘the convenient defaults (do note the plural, please) by the police, can be accessed by the victims of crimes organised by the law enforcement agencies and law / justice services maintained by the organisers of the lives of the taxpayers who have taxes imposed on them for such services…. Alleged, I hasten to add, services to the citizens who are kept in the dark by abusers of trust.

The above performance by the most Senior of police officers in London > of the Metropolitan Police > in the UK, I point to (with a true copy of the FORGERY, as lodged at the High court by the targeted sucker-serf, by the plaintiff / by the victim of the commercial fraud). Published in the public domain, also, other evidence resting on 40 years >plus< study and research of the legal circles / the police and the courts services in the United Kingdom.

I look forward to any interest the newspaper >through the editor in chief<is likely / possibly to indicate in the serious issues I am pointing to and likely to be addressing before I release a letter I received way back in July 1995, from the Spokes Person on Legal Affairs >for the Opposition (at the time) Paul Boateng after extensive submissions (ongoing for months) to the leader of the Opposition Tony Blair, who authorised the letter to me, whereby the element of >conceding< acknowledging to me the element / issue of >>>FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM<<< which I was informed was to be addressed / dealt with when in government. In the said letter reference to the Inquiry set up by the Conservatives, headed by Lord Woolf.


Andrew Yiannides., NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS

London – UK (Tel: (20) – 8888-9275

“Do for with and by yourself alone whatever pleases and satisfies you, so long as that which you do, does not infringe upon or violate the rights of any other”. [Andrew Yiannides]

This article is dedicated to all abusers of trust, including all charlatans who were / are operating out of false fronts >such as the managers of the LIPS crowd-mob, and in particular to the dreamer Marissa Sarda who had the audcity and nerve to contact the victim of the legal circles to whom reference in the letter to the Intellectual Prostitutes. The said Marissa Sarda sent leaflets she created / prepared for distribution to the public in the victim’s residential area. >Presumably, the leaflet was created and ‘the campaign was the brainchild of the imported legal guru’ who was organising and directing all shows by the LIPS crowd / mob, in the United Kingdom

Diogenis’ >Andrew Yiannides London – UK, searching for humans >THINKERS< 2400 years on.

ADDENDA on 15th August 2012

FOR THE BENEFIT OF PERSONS WHO CAN READ and in a position to work things out, without assistance or interpreters, we draw their attention to the fact that the IPs at the BBC, miraculously came along with a PANORAMA documentary, last night, aptly addressing the very issue of >>>”JUSTICE DENIED : THE GREATEST SCANDAL?”<<<

Some joke, of course. The BBC >at least the Intellectual Prostitutes within the confines of the very institution’, were fully aware of the criminal activities the legal circles engaged in, in 1972, and how the police, also abusers of judicial chair occupation simply turned blind eyes and deaf ears to the winds of fraud and corruption ongoing through the courts, the abused Justice System, just as they were pointed to the fallacy of the alleged concerns of Sir Robert Mark QPM, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, after HE USED THE DIMBLEBY LECTURE PLATFORM in order TO THROW SAND IN THE EYES OF THE SHEEPLE >the sucker-serfs< WHO HAVE TAXES IMPOSED ON THEM FOR THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS IN THE COURTS OF JUSTICE, not forgetting many an alleged Investigation and or Inquiry such as the one we expect to hear of and about in respect of the plundering of funds by the Law Society, from the private bank account of a woman whose instructions were as clear as could have been to FIVE FIRMS OF SOLICITORS, each one failing to serve her while engaging in all manner of reckless diversionary and evasive tactical assaults on known assets; and all the while the man who caused her / their daughetr to take her own life was boasting:- “Let us see IF you can find a solicitor who is likely ‘to help you'”, as if the woman was begging and not simply asking of the solicitors to DEAL WITH HER RIGHTS and nothing else.

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4 comments to An explicicit letter to Intellectual Prostitues >dedicated to all charlatans, dreamers and hypocrites.

  • I came across your ‘An explicit letter to Intellectual Prostitutes >dedicated to all charlatans, dreamers and hypocrites’, here at Justice Raped website. I wanted and want to let you know that we have decided to open our POWERFUL and PRIVATE website traffic system to the public for a limited time! You can sign up for our targeted traffic network with a free trial as we make this offer available again. If you need targeted traffic that is interested in your subject matter or products start your free trial today:=
    URL PROMOTIONAL LINKS REMOVED for obvious reasons. All material published at Justice Raped is for consideration by ‘true humans’ : >THINKERS< who need to consider the realities covered as UNACCEPTABLE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES which no decent / ethical 'true human' could ignore. Andrew YIannides - creator owner of the website and the articles published at both and at

    • The considerations and offer most interesting IF A HUMAN came in with the submitted comment???
      However, the possibility that some programmed *robot or human’ simply set out to promote commercial interests called and demanded of the creator of the Justiceraped website and author of the articles published here, to consider the failures of the visitor and we reciprocate accordingly.
      The addenda to the comment was considered >after removing the promotion of commercial interests< . The provision for comments is FOR PERSONS WHO READ / STUDY the issues related and pointed to in the article purportedly read and thereafter >for readers to convey their thoughts on THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THE RELEVANT ARTICLE<.

  • Visitors / serious readers and in particular victims of the abused courts facilities in the United Kingdom are invited to access an article by Michael Mansfield QC, published by ‘the Guardian’, on the 30th. of August 2012, under the title “Justice Can’t Be Treated As A Business Enterprise”.
    I love the choice and use of ‘enterprise’ hinting at the enterprising conspiratorial elements noted to be in play in almost every court case I have had a look at, over the last 40 or so years, while researching and investigating the criminal activities of the allegedly honourable officers of Justice in the UK >the mother all PSEUDOdemocracies< . Intriguingly interesting, also, the USE OF MY WORDS when settling / writing the article for 'the Guardian'; more than likely the article was commissioned by the editor or the Barons above the Intellectual Prostitutes (at 'the Guardian') who excel like all other Intellectual Prostitutes at burying / suppressing the truth in just about everything that is not conducive to the imposition of the plans of the criminals in control of all PSEUDOdemocracies. I do refer, above, to the plans of the successors and the followers / promoters of the vile teachings by examples stated in the most vile of works, ever created and sold to the naive and illiterates of the days when the vile work first was promoted, some 2300 years or so ago, as alleged Holy Scriptures. I invite all visitors / readers to read the article here at Justice Raped:- & READ my conclusions as of my teen years after STUDYING the vile scenarios scripted by the fraudsters who created the alleged creator of all and everything. Their evil creation, I first read as a youngster, apparently, descended on earth >THE PLANET we live on< with his affiliates and associates, in order to put an end to the creative co-operation that EXISTED between the sons >NO DAUGHTERS, note feminasties, used Eves< of men >NO WOMEN, note feminasties, used Eves< and cause them to talk in different tongues, thereby HINTING AT THE EGOCENTRIC SELF CENTRED PERSONAL INTERESTS such as I was subjected to by the dreamers and charlatans who contacted me and the many who specifically were sent along to play at havoc with my time and my patience as persons who fell in love with the existing facilities FOR CORRUPTING MORONS OF THEIR RECKLESS indifference to any other >>>including their own children, the generations to come, all of whom will be paying taxes >as imposed on us all now< FOR THE COST OF MAINTAINING CRIMINALS as alleged servants of Justice, servants of the Law and servants of the suckers who are kept in the dark by the media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes the Barons retain and maintain as blackmailed stooges and fools who serve their Masters' plans for the SHEEPle of planet earth. Access read and WAKE UP suckers.

  • Most interesting the fact that comments to the article “BBC ‘this Morning’…. walk on by… don’t get involved’”, merited attention and we were thanked for spelling things out to persons who are treated as serfs of the middle ages, in the dawn of the 21st century.
    The author of the compliments and words of gratitude / thanks, included observations about the use of different fonts, italics, underlined text, different colour backgrounds to specific statements / paragraphs, etc.
    The observations were / are accepted as logical BUT ONLY when one considers ‘as IF the material facts are simple writing which the readers are invited to read AS IF some novel or plain narrative >without PUNCH< . In other words as if one, the author had / has nothing to REALLY say and convey to the reader!!! We assure the person >that one and all should be able to access the first of the three comments as part of the relevant article. However, (>as the second comment was simply a repeat of the first, word by word< ) the use of another name for the author and the email address as submitted >although the same< the spelling 'mistakes / errors' were noted just as the common portal / access to the Internet was noted!!! Release of the comment should serve as a hint to others who DO concern themselves with THE ARROGANTLY IMPOSED STATES OF DICTATORSHIPS THROUGH THE BALLOT BOX.... everything simply care of the misinformed and the lulled into submissive servitude 'morons'.... persons who fail to consider the realities they recognise to be simply attached to the imposed states.... which, states, they fail to CHALLENGE THROUGH SUBMISSIONS to their servants >to the hypocrites whom they vote into office, supposedly to represent >them, to represent ‘them and the welfare of the electors, as a whole / society at large’< not their personal greed and interests when in government!!!!!! This here present article could not have been / be clearer in the messages >PLURAL / LOUD & CLEAR, NOTE< as THE MESSAGES ARE & INTENDED TO BE & CONVEY. We invite the person who expressed such gratitude and admiration for THE GUTS the creator and author of such articles as the visitor / reader liked, to consider the implications attached to the criminal activities pointed to in this here article!!! All, visitors / readers should consider the simple reality attached to the fact that >NOT ONE OF THE Intellectual Prostitutes (>over the many years< ), EVER addressed the issues they were pointed to..... precisely as they failed NOW to address the issues.... with the exception of the 'convenient' release / screening of the documentary in the BBC1 Television 'Panorama' series >JUSTICE DENIED….< within two days of the challenges to the Intellectual Prostitutes... (the un-informed visitor / reader of these here submissions) should access the words of John Swainton.... and consider the reasons why and HOW he addressed the gathering of colleagues and subordinates in the course of his retirement speech, reproduced at: Even the simplest of simpletons could NOT fail to recognise the forces and pressures at work, behind and above ‘the robots’ who serve the plans of the criminals who set out to become Lords & Masters of all and everything…. controllers of the lives of the non-humans, the ill-educated non-thinkers!!! As with other revelations, challenges and exposures the evidence >as submitted to the President of the Law Society, will be released and published at and at >as the latter is NOW to be re-launched< . Alongside with the letter that was delivered to the Law Society, the proof / evidence submitted to the President of the Law Society will be released and the readers’ attention is drawn to the next paragraph, below!!! The ploy of separation of powers and authority IN NO WAY CAN BE USED TO ABSOLVE THE LAW SOCIETY AND THE CRIMINALS WHO ARRANGED FOR THE LAW SOCIETY to be helping itself >PLUNDERING & STEALING, month in month out, funds from the personal bank account of the woman victim of the fraudsters whom the Law Society / was / is licensing and issuing practice certificates to help themselves and their dishonest greed for funds< ONLY..... just as the Law Society was simply issuing practice certificates to the fraudster Kypros Nicholas who was entrusted with the legal rights of his old school friend, Andrew Yiannides, who assumed / believed that his old school friend was simply an >Honourable< Officer of the Supreme Court.... but as it transpired >decades later< the victim entrusted a member of the allegedly philanthropic brotherhood of Freemasons.... one and all followers and promoters of the alleged 'wisdom' >light / gnosis< . One should be able to consider >what light, what wisdom< by simply STUDYING the rubbish, the scenarios created and scripted by the fraudsters who concocted the alleged creator of all and everything and alongside the vile scenarios all manner of evil scripts, which the creators of such 'gifted wisdom' also concocted!!!!!! On the above note I conclude these here submissions to the well wisher / admirer of the WORK FOR human rights, and I beg to inform the person, also all persons who abused my time and took advantage of the patience and tolerance all were allowed to benefit from >along with the work most benefited from, both directly and indirectly< that soon I WILL BE RELEASING AN ARTICLE, published in / by 'The Times' : authoress: Geraldine Van Bueren; the article "Human Rights Law Stops The Clock". Therein the Professor of law asserted / made references (on Tuesday April 29th 2003) to time limitation 'rules' >as devised by the fraudsters in control of the Justice system in PSEUDOdemocracies and I beg to inform one and all, including the esteemed professor of law, that >CRIME IS NOT STATUTE BARRED!!!!!

    WAKE UP sucker-serfs, and recognise that of such rubbish you are spoon-fed by the fraudsters in control of the media and those whom you elect to >represent YOU in government< in arrogant DICTATORIAL STATES with a false face mask alleged to be that of Democracy!!!!!! Democracy, for your information was one of the Deities the Hellenes (Greeks to the vulgar) created / wrote of and 'REVERED' as opposed to 'made to worship as blind illiterate zombies, or as ill-educated and as ill-informed SUCKER-SERFS... now, in the days of PSEUDOdemocracy'. Serious readers should access the new release of material at:- & Then consider that I will be releasing more of the material realities that shaped my life as of a young age, more specifically WHY I was >caused to study the old testament< on my own as of a young age, after I was caused to fear that the sperm provider could sacrifice me to god, as the animal who simply fathered me and caused the gestation vessel who gave birth to me 'to resent, my being born of her as a result of the animal Kyriacos Petrou Joannides - Tsaroulla's 'conjugal impositions on her'. Anyone who bothers to access >now< the Van Buerren article I refer to above, shall be afforded cause to consider the implications born of ‘The Times’ article and the references to the casting aside limitations acts / rules when vile conduct and behaviour… when specific IMPOSITIONS ON THE INNOCENT INFLICTING DAMAGES on the innocent….. on children, such as I was when I feared the sperm provider, the animal might proceed with sacrifice of me to his god, the god who ordered a father to prove that he loved his god more than his son!!!!!! WAKE UP, cease taking the drugs administered by the abusers of trust you fail to stand up to as humans who can work things out….. especially when others bother to research and point you to the errors of your ways as conditioned / indoctrinated and ill informed SUCKERS. Sincerely CONCERNED Andrew Yiannides London – UK

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