Consider the ABSOLUTE EVIDENCE sucker-serfs >WAKE-UP<



Courts facilities abused for BLUNTLY ORGANISED FRAUD

In 1992, out of the blue, Mr. Andrew Yiannides was contacted by Mr. Peter Hayward who spoke of his associate Mrs. Philomena Cullen and their parts as managers / organisers of the Litigants In Person Society, in short the LIPS group, constituted of victims of the legal circles and victims of judges who systematically abuse the courts facilities.

LIPS, for the benefit of visitors / readers who are not familiar with ‘the scene’ in the United Kingdom, happened to have been and was promoted as such by the two; it was just one of the many False Fronts organised by such persons. In the instance at hand, both were relying on an imported legal guru. The three, also other self-appointed ‘experts at law and court proceedings’, jointly were misleading and using the sucker-serfs who fell and fall victims to the usual manifestations >the constructive frauds the legal circles freely engage in*[*Link]< as alleged honorable officers of the law and Justice, in the United Kingdom.

The link above takes one straight to information most relevant in the matter of practices by solicitors, by court staff and by officers (judges). The letter (on the right) to a firm of solicitors (Antons in Haringey London) from the European Court of Human Rights clarifies the routine and practice at the ECoHR. The visitor AFTER READING FIRST the stated facts and the realities covered in both the pink and the blue panels, should simply scroll down to the next pink panel, where one reads of the very solicitors’ mentality towards the plundering of the contributions to the national ‘income’ by  Mr & Mrs Average >’income imposed on the sucker-serfs through taxes'<. The letter from Antons, the solicitors, to another solicitor, one who offered to refund / pay back money to the client because of wrongdoing (when acting for the same client earlier) was NOT accepted by Antons, who responded in the context one reads in the second image, of their letter (on the right also) that their client’s case was almost concluded at the European Court of Human Rights and that the police were proceeding with an investigation. One simply has to consider the reality that NO PROSECUTION EVER TOOK PLACE against the solicitors and if one was to inquire of the police, of the Home Office and of the Attorney General’s Department / office, one shall simply be told / be informed that the case was settled amicably OR, BETTER STILL, that the claimant withdraw the claim / allegations.

The contact by the managers / organisers of the LIPS crowd-mob, ‘miraculously’, came about within days of the lodging of an explicit appeal at Bow County Court* [*Link]. Mr. Andrew Yiannides had no choice but to lodge the said appeal consequential to far too many reckless and criminal in intent activities >by no means mistakes or errors< by officers and the most senior of office staff, the Chief Clerk of the Court, Mr Bolton, as the documented evidence the police were shown established without any room for doubt.

In the meantime the police who had been contacted as of the first instance when the used builder indulged in improprieties and illegal activities simply blind, deaf and dumb; nothing unusual, as far as Mr Andrew Yiannides was concerned when the criminals in control of public services and public facilities engage in re-organising the lives of targeted sucker-serfs.

Over 20 years earlier, the Metropolitan Police, all the way to the most senior officer, Mr Robert Mark QPM, recklessly ignored arrogant criminal activities such as the creation and promotion of a blunt FORGERY by the legal circles who introduced the FORGERY two years after the institution of High Court Proceedings in respect of Commercial Fraud and went as far as to invite the court to ignore it all, deny justice to the victim of the fraud and to impose legal costs to be founded on blunt and arrogant abuse of the courts facilities* [*Link].

The rogue builder used and relied upon, 20 years later, engaged in the constructively engineered scenarios, as the dreamers who targeted a property ‘severally construed, and engaged in, as a joint venture’, while the police carried on in the usual manner when other alleged officers of the law and justice indulge and engage in organised crimes; the documented evidence attached to and born of the constructively engineered assaults establishes the validity of the conclusions related here, >when ‘humans’ use grey matter when perusing properly the evidence attached to the case of the used and encouraged builder, the idiot who was encouraged to indulge and engage in the criminal activities most certainly as a person who was / is assured protection, does.

The case the builder was used for, was instigated by the very used tool, as the case established to have been care of the realities before and prior to the use of that tool. Another dreamer / participating fraudster engaged as a used stooge, in another constructively engineered assault on the targeted property and the owner of it, as indeed had been attempted earlier; details will be released in due course.


Monday 25th January 2012 : Prime Minister David Cameron when addressing the Council of Europe spoke of elements Andrew Yiannides has been speaking of and writing about for decades.

QUOTE:  >The victory of an ideal founded on the right of the common man, on the dignity of the human being and on the conception of the state as servant not master of its people <


From ‘thought for the day at Facebook on 15th March 2012:-

Access the image of the letter to the Prime Minister on 8th December 1999 which I posted / transmitted to the media with no interest from any Intellectual Prostitute. The letter image can be accessed at (copy-paste the underlined url / text) and the content of the letter should, AT THE VERY LEAST, be of interest to genuine victim-challengers. Note, however, that all who were wasting my time >for years< while chasing only the REWARDS I HAVE BEEN WRITING ABOUT FOR OVER 20 years, now, similarly ignored the issues I covered in the short letter. When the aforesaid is considered with my thoughts for the day re: The documentary about Human Rights (last night screened by the BBC) and the REAL mentality of the reporter (Andrew Neal) who presented the FALSE FRONT PUKE PRODUCTION for the sucker-serfs to swallow YOU MIGHT CONSIDER why I was disgusted and sick enough / motivated to write of my thoughts today on my Facebook wall / Home Page.

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  • Visitors / readers should access the submissions and response to recent appreciations of this and other articles here at JusticeRaped. The reply is part of responses to the articles (1) BBC ‘This morning Live Show… walk on..’ and (2) ‘An explicit letter to intellectual Prostitutes….’.
    Access, read and thereby get to know of the realities suppressed by the media.
    The realities / submissions happen to be most relevant to ‘the convenient failings by the Intellectual Prostitutes and the arrogant contempt of everyone we ever contacted; everyone simply failed to take any interest in the criminal activities as organised, as instigated, as processed and as IMPOSED on the sucker-serfs, on the taxpayers, through abuse of the courts facilities in the allegdely civilised PSEUDOdemocracy created and maintained by abusers of trust in the United Kingdom.
    Such realities / realisations SHOULD BE THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY for consideration by all taxpayers / by the hard-working and creative sucker-serfs who are fooled and treated as fodder for the criminals in control of the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies, the United Kingdom AND ALL OTHER states / countries that signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights >one and all subject to the same practices by the abusers of the trust of ‘the sheeple’ : the sucker-serfs, who have taxes imposed on them for similar impositions.
    WAKE-UP suckler-serfs, and consider my call to attention “YOU CREATE, THEY TAKE”

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      TRUE DEMOCRACY relies and should rest / be founded on the truth on any matter and issue that affects or is likely to affect even one person.

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