IMPOSTORS INDULGE IN PROMOTION of alleged grasp of the realities & benefit accordingly

Friend (?)

I accessed the URL you point to, BUT THE CREATORS OF IT, as typical one track-minds >NOT DESIRING any input that refers visitors to any other input BUT THE INPUT the creators of the website set out to promote< WOULD NOT ALLOW ANY OTHER INPUT, presumably because of the use of a URL I incorporated, pointing to OTHER POINTS OF VIEW > specifically to MY POINTS OF VIEW, chum<.

illegal characters for the ?

In so far as I am concerned anyone who indulges so, is NOTHING SHORT OF AN ABSOLUTE DICTATOR and, therefore, merits no consideration as an alleged human >period<. I simply add the fact that the creators of such a presence on the Internet act ‘as peddlers of the evil one’…. just like the creators of ‘the original ‘holy scriptures’ <*alleged*, holy scriptures, I emphasise>. The creators of the material at the website pointed to (care of the email I received from you) simply ACT AS DICTATORS who aim and desire to impose on human-kind what some fraudsters created about 2400 years ago, while in exile, in Babylon, because of the need to maintain hold on the suckers under THEIR CONTROL.

Their creation was first presented to ‘outsiders’ to Ptolemy of Egypt >in Alexandria<. Alexander the Great FREED THEM FROM EXILE, (exiled by the Babylonians for specific reasons) and as soon as Alexander created the new city in Egypt >named after him< they rushed there.

The circumstances under which the creators / peddlers of that vile God?

Simply, they had no choice BUT TO TRANSLATE to Greek their creations (the books of the Old Testament) which they considered to be most essential and necessary because of their concerns at the time >>THEY WERE LOSING HOLD and control of the new generations of their circle from the tribes of Israel that rushed to the civilising world of the Hellenes.

With the above I leave you and your followers to ponder on the realities I POINT YOU TO.

IF YOU ARE GENUINELY interested or concerned with the issues I am raising and IF AS A HUMAN and not as an indoctrinated / programmed non-grey matter user robot, you desire to open a dialogue on the issues I point to, you should contact me.


In the circumstances I look to you, as promoter of the DICTATORIAL CONDITIONING ATTEMPTS and the arrogant denial of any rights to me to put on the agenda >of the robots in control< MY VIEWS that REST & ARE FOUNDED ON DECADES OF STUDY & RESEARCH (which YOU COULD NEVER FATHOM as a conditioned serf / programmed robot) to contact me with a view to the opening of a dialogue…. provided, of course, that you ARE a human who uses grey matter.

Should you be a ‘human’ SOME CONSIDERATION OF THE REALITIES I POINT YOU TO, should prompt you to contact me, without fail.

FAIL TO CONSIDER any other’s views and you simply make it to MY LIST OF PROGRAMMED ROBOTS and or ABSOLUTE DICTATORS who object to ‘humans’ using what the humans on planet earth had been using >for millennia, long before the alleged creator of all and everything came down<, according to the fraudsters who created that deity, that god, the evil one who came down [*Link] with his chums in order to put an end to WHAT THE HUMANS WERE ACHIEVING for millennia.

Friend(!) the attempt to enhance the original vile scenarios written of and about the alleged creator of all and everything FAILED and all went astray; many the attempts thereafter to impose >on Europe the SATANIC WAYS of the original promotions:-

1. One has only to refer to the Inquisitions:- WHO was / from what origins was the worst of Spanish Inquisitors!

2. One has to consider the most clear of false assertions and promotions by the Romans (the Church of Rome) whereby the RCC asserts to have been built on the rock of Peter / Peter ‘the rock’…. THE Peter who denounced his mentor / teacher 3 times and never went to Rome. YET the Roman Catholic Church (miracle of miracles >NOT ‘Christian’ in the title it goes by for almost 2 millennia<… & the Roman >Catholic (from the Hellenic / Greek root-word implying all earth / universal) as the plans of the evil lot behind the Roman fraudsters / impostors were aiming at the time when the attempt to enhance their original creation failed…. for a number of reasons.

3. One simply has to ask of the Roman Catholic Church:- “How come, St Paul, who left so much of his input and writing towards the attempted enhancement of the original creation by the fraudsters >>> through the much promoted PHYSICAL RESURRECTION of ‘the son’ of the God of the Old Testament etc., etc., …. I carry on HOW COME St. PAUL WAS ELIMINATED >in the dungeons of Rome (which no one can ever change)< some two generations after Peter who never went to Rome HAD BEEN & SERVED >allegedly< as the first bishop of ‘the church’ of Rome?

4. Have you any ideas or DO YOU KNOW as to WHY THE CREATION OF THE SUBSEQUENT ATTEMPTS TO SUBJUGATE EUROPE TO THE CREATORS OF THE ALLEGED CREATOR OF ALL & EVERYTHING…. the alleged creator who was delivering messages THROUGH A MESSENGER to the alleged last messenger of the same vile entity, the dictator created by FRAUDSTERS, PROMOTED BY DREAMERS & FRAUDSTERS in fact when they and their stooges / associates engage and indulge in OBJECTIONS TO ANY OTHER POINTING ‘humans’ >THINKERS< to the realities the dreamers who created the website you pointed me to…. bringing about this email which I will release at ‘friend(!).

Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
Contributing articles at as Diogenis searching for ‘humans’ >THINKERS< 2400 years on.


FOR ‘the rampant FRAUD & CORRUPTION’ that abounds in most allegedly ‘civilised states’, access the exclusive page:-

(The above link takes one straight to documented / recorded evidence >to the fact that tax-payers’ contributions are used to REWARD the victims of the legal circles who >when they< convert to supporters of the system of operations< to the rampant abuse of the courts facilities)

For PROOF of the collaboration, between the Executive & the Administrative, in the states / the UK, read below of the explicit arrangements for ‘the serfs’:-

“The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an ACTION which MUST FAIL; as for instance, an action brought in respect of an act of State.”

The above qualify: ‘Criminals are in control in pseudo-democratic states’.

Enlightenment for the products of the system : the fraudsters-club-recruits & the maintenance engineers of the system who seek to offend and obstruct genuine challengers who EXPOSE the criminals in control of the PSEUDOdemocracies that fraudsters created:-

From Isocrates’ Aeropagiticos:-

*** “But in fact, they thought, virtue is not advanced by written laws but by the habits of every-day life; for the majority of men tend to assimilate the manners and morals amid which they have been reared.

Furthermore, they held, that where there is a multitude of specific laws, it is a sign that the state is badly governed; for it is in the attempt to build up dikes against the spread of crime that men in such a state feel constrained to multiply the laws. Those who are rightly governed, on the other hand, do not fill their porticoes with written statutes, but only to cherish justice in their souls; for it is not by legislation, but by morals, that states are well directed, since men who are badly reared will venture to transgress even laws which are drawn up with minute exactness, whereas those who are well brought up will be willing to respect even a simple code”. ***

The above is dedicated to ALL abusers of Andrew Yiannides’ time and the trust they were allowed to benefit from, while their activities were being looked into, noted and investigated.

From: World Changer <>
To: Andrew Yiannides <>
Cc: Andrew Yiannides <>; James Todd <>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Sent: Thursday, 8 December 2011, 16:06
Subject: Andy never says anything about why
>>> You let them.
Subject: The God Meme: The State’s Authority is a Huge Lie

P.S: Anyone wishing to access the above URL should be prepared FOR OBSTRUCTIONS & OBJECTIONS TO SUBMIT & EXPRESS ANΥ COMMENTS & OPINIONS….. because the creators of the facility seek only morons and robots that have been / are programmed as products of the fraudsters who created at least 4 mainline ‘religions’ out of their original FRAUD ON MANKIND, the ‘Old Testament’ RUBBISH.

I allude here to:-

1. Judaism,
2. Christianity,
3. Islam,
4. Jehovah Witnesses and all of the derivatives from each and from one another.

Andrew Yiannides –
London – UK
9th December 2011

Added on 9th April 2012 the evidence below, video screen shot following the arrogant fun and games allegedly concerned persons engage in ‘as civilised products of PSEUDOdemocracies’.

mattg Skype Register

Arrogant *mattg* the proud one >BLOCKED because of his vile parts<

MOST IMPORTANT UPDATE: On 13th April Andrew Yiannides was assisting a friend to prepare challenges for submission to the arrogant abusers of public service facilities, operating out of Haringey Council, the infamous den of fraudsters who engaged ‘collectively in Housing Benefit Fraud >care of co-operating Letting Agents and compliant Housing Benefit Claimants<.

In the course of the warranted work attached to the reckless abusers of public service facilities, the assisted friend, >whose attention had been drawn to the quote from Isocrates’ work<, asked Andrew Yiannides to read the extract/ quotes as used here at this website for this article, because the friend wished to write down the quote in order to submit the very extract to the abusers of public facilities at Haringey Council. In less than one hour later (soon after midnight) when Andrew Yiannides returned to base and >connected to the web-service used for this website<, the whole of the article was simply no more / removed as if by ‘miracle’. However, the comments submitted by visitors who accessed the article were intact, as appeared to be the rest of the content at Justice Raped Dot Org.

Following a sleepless night and the best part of the next day, in re-constituting /re-instating the article, the miracle was ‘reported to friends in emails, also in Instant Messages to friends who were also informed of the comment submitted and the invitation extended to the author of the article by the visitor Mr Evangelos Polycarpou.

Another VDU screen image >below< was snapped and published as part of the re-constitution of the article long processes, which included numerous calls to the staff of the hosting service who provided excellent service and assistance to the author / administrator who also took steps to change the passwords for access to the service / authoring package. Lo and behold, the very article ‘miraculously DISAPPEARED AGAIN on Sunday 15th April 2012, sometime between 14.00 >2 pm< and 20.00 >8pm<. Repetition of the previous day’s reconstitution of the article and new additional contacts for assistance to take new steps in order to hinder anyone entering the data-base >through the back door< and new security pass-words the article was finally re-instated at 6am the following morning, the 16th April for the second time.

The second image created when reinstating the article on 14th April 2012

The >britishnproud< *mattg* Skype record snapped from the VDU

6AM 16th April 2012

FOR THINKERS >true humans< TO CONSIDER the developments through the image added below

The part of the VDU display relative to the 'IMPOSTORS INDULGE' article

Evidence attached to the developments the Yorkshireman should clarify if he dares to enter into the dialogue he was invited to entertain but failed to, as a typical shyster, as a maligned evil person. How typical of the experiences Andrew Yiannides benefited from care of another Yorkshireman, the bought and sold to the system of operations >as is< Norman Scarth ex Royal Navy WW2 hero.

17th April 2012

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  • Howdy! Quick question that’s totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My web site looks weird when browsing from my iPhone_4. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to fix this issue. If you have any suggestions, please share. Many thanks!.
    NOTE: Most interesting and considerate the submitted request as put by the visitor who used the comment facility for an entirely out of order submission. At the very least the person should have submitted some views or interest if not concerns about the issues we cover here at JusticeRaped. However, because of the civil manner the person requested for assistance to deal with some problem NOT RELATED to the issues we cover and EXPOSE through our articles we reciprocate in kind by allowing the request BY ADDING that as the problem relates to software / operating platform the person should consider addressing the telephone operating system providers.

    • Apologies my dear, I have not and I am not engaging in such attempts as to use more and more platforms through which the increase of assaults by maligned wrongdoers. I do regret at having to point out such realisations >of the obvious< to anyone who has been / is engaging in the use of the world wide web for whatever purpose or reasons. Andrew Yiannides / Creator /. Owner / Administrator

  • I do love the way you have presented this issue and it does present me a lot of fodder for thought. Nevertheless, through what I have observed, I really hope when other reviews pile on, that folks remain on issue and not embark upon a tirade associated with the news du jour. All the same, thank you for this outstanding piece and even though I can not really agree with it in totality, I respect your point of view.

    • Thank you for the visit and for the most welcome of views and opinions from one who obviously made the time to read and consider the article before concerning himsself with the issues covered. The latest article released on the 25th July 2017 I am sure will pose new challenges and prompt you to submit appropriate views and opinions after engaging in some research / studies of such other material as the evidence published for years at:-

  • Greetings from Florida! I’m bored at work so I decided to browse your blog on my iphone during lunch break. I really like the info you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m amazed at how quick your blog loaded on my mobile .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, superb blog!

    • Thank you for your kind words and considerations. Thank you also for furnishing such information as the fact that visitors, readers benefit from easy and quick loading access to the articles. If you are in a position to contact the WPSO radio and television the Florida based station inform them of your considerations and prompt them to pay a visit and thereby benefit from the realities we cover and expose at the web-site.

  • Hi there, You have done a fantastic job in my opinion. I’ll certainly digg it and suggest the site to my friends. I’m confident they’ll be benefiting also from the rest of the content at this site. Thank you for sharing and for pointing to the realities suppressed by the media.

    • We trust the visitor / reader considers the very elements >THE REALITY OF THE RAMPANT FRAUD CREATED & IMPOSED on the taxpayers in all European States, most definitely, including the European ‘fraudulently created union’, the all-embracing and allegedly civilised states that are in fact PSEUDOdemocracies resting on promotion and expansion of commercial interests alone and the expansion of more of the same conditions as we cover here at Justice Raped Dot Org and at Human-Rights Dot Org.
      Reference to the exclusive web-page >where I set out to expose the blunt and RAMPANT FRAUD ON THE TAX-PAYERS as I cover and point FOR THINKERS TO CONSIDER >>>the realities ongoing in the name of alleged Justice< << should cause 'true humans' >THINKERS< to act accordingly..... unless of course they do not mind paying taxes for such FACILITIES FOR THE CORRUPTERS & THE CORRUPTED / CORRUPTIBLE... most clearly covered and pointed to at:-

    • Well, well, teenagers are to benefit from the realities suppressed by the media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes that John Swainton spoke of in the course of his retirement speech….. only when he had moved out of the firing line (sacking / dismissal).
      Why NOTHING in your submit ‘friend’ about the realities you read of and about in the specific article that prompted you to promote deviously your real interests as arranged by the craft-y who engage in promotion of the real foundations of the modern world…. the ‘world’ : SOCIETIES >of all PSEUDOdemocracies.
      Congratulations…. ‘friend’….. for failing to mention anything about the realities that prompted you to use the opportunity for and in your chase of silver… ONLY!
      How typical of ‘the robots’… the robots…. the programmed robots!!!!!!
      Most certainly the creators of it all regale in their success…. for creating such sheeple…. bred to fatten themselves up for the wolves ‘their shepherds’ plant in the dens of all PSEUDOdemocracies!!!!!!

  • Pass on my thanks to everyone involved in the realities exposed and pointed to at this website. Best regards to all for giving us a lot of important information with substance. Most definitely I will be bookmark this website and pages; also, and most definitely, I will point all my friends to the content. I will be coming back for more. Once again, I recognise the value of your entire performance here; furthermore thank you for providing plenty of advantageous tips for your readers and followers.

  • I undeniably think everything you stated command serious consideration. Your selected and stated reasons turn out to be available here for research online, making it simple to corroborate by looking further into the states reported by you. My personal reply to you is, I personally clearly get irked if individuals look into causes which they clearly don’t understand anything about. You, however, are in the position to provide details you explain most ably and the states, issues as explained by you, complete the issues so everyday people can make their own judgement based on the information you provide. I wish and hope many people take a stance and join me in discussing / conversing on your comments and submissions. Many thanks for pointing out such issues of concern and interest.

  • Found your blog from Google; thank you for the informative read.

  • You make some respectable points here, at Justice Raped. I searched the internet for answers to another problem and found myself thinking that most individuals will appreciate such information and should associate with your website’s revelations. Thanks for pointing to the realities suppressed and ignored by the media!
    >>>NOTE:- Links to commercial interest promotions replaced with a link to more than respectable and seriously worrying realities the visitor, IF a ‘human’ should have been pointing others to, instead of promoting personal interests!!! <<<

  • Blog moved out in chrome
    >>> NOTE:- Links to immaterial other interests promotions replaced with a link to relevant material at <<<

  • Hello there I am so glad I found your blog, I really found you by mistake, while I was looking on Digg for something else. Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say thanks a lot for a remarkable post and an all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the moment but I have bookmarked it and included also your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a great deal more. Please do keep up the superb job.
    >>>NOTE:- Links to unrelated material and commercial interests promotions replaced with a link to relevant material at <<<

  • For a while now, I have been exploring / seeking any high-quality articles or blog posts in this field and area. At last I stumbled upon this website while Exploring at Yahoo. After studying this info, I am glad to express my feelings and state that I have a just and very right uncanny feeling that I discovered just what I needed. Indeed most certainly I will make sure that I do not put out of my mind this web site for it provides a basis on how to look at the issues you relate here on a continuing basis.
    >>>NOTE:- Links to other interests, not relevant to the issues we cover here at Justice Raped, replaced with a link to material realities covered at <<<

    • Apologies to Mr Polycarpou for the delay in officially acknowledging his comment here.
      We are sure that he is in position to recognise that it had all been due to the fact that we did benefit from maligned interference, as in the extension to the article (above) qualified.
      My personal email, with was also compromised and many the reports from friends and contacts who received emails purportedly from me.

    • Apologies to Mr Polycarpou for the delay in acknowledging his submissions and invitation.
      We are sure that he is in a position to recognise the simple fact that the delays were caused by and due to the maligned interference this particular article was subjected to, twice.
      In addition to the vile and criminal interference with the article, the email service facility with was compromised and the data interfered with >by the maligned, fraudster/s who indulged<.

  • Dear friend,
    I am grateful to you for all the information you quoted. In all my life I was tortured by the fact that everybody was boasting that they were telling the truth but in fact they collected every possible lie and created religions which were applied with the power of Dictators and Autocrats. However We are planning to hold a great meeting of outstanding philosophers and writers and you are welcome to come too to give us your lecture in the recently build Hall of contemporary Art, at Angelshills near the vilage of Kambia
    Please communicate for further arrangements.

    • Dear Friend,
      the elements I relate in the article which you considered as a seriously concerned ‘human’, as a >THINKER< are the results of over 65 years of study and research; in fact as of the time when I was caused to read 'and study' of and on my own', the Old Testament scripts and scenarios. It all started when I froze white, from fear, when our priest, during catechism, was telling us of the test that God put to the father Abraham [/ Ibrahim] of Jacob [/ Yacub] in order for the father to prove to his God that he loved Him [God] more than his son [Jacob / Yacub]. The fact that my father did not care of the way I was being treated, at home, was more than enough, in my young mind, to indicate that my destiny was to be sacrificed, 'be made souvla', hence the reason why I asked the priest if that was what my father was to do, to me, when he asked me what was wrong; the priests interest, naturally, after he noticed that I had frozen white during the reading of the sacrifice test, script. I was not happy with the reason for the test and the assurance that God was only testing the father, simply because my own father never expressed any love for me; hence the reasons and motivation for me >to read and study< , on my own, the Old Testament scripts and scenarios. The initial study of the old testament when I was between the ages of 9 to 12 years old >because I was not going to wait for the priest to finish reading from the old testament and move on to the new preaching and teachings by Jesus who came along centuries after the old testament writings.
      The more I read and studied the old testament scripts, the more I determined that the unacceptable (to my young mind) scenarios about the directives and the acts instigated by the one and only God, were written / put together by evil minds; most clearly the scenarios they wrote of and attributed to the God they had written of and about in the old testament simply constituted evil.
      The above related realities should suffice for all others who concern themselves with THE TRUTH BEHIND every questionable / unacceptable to logic scenario to STUDY THE OLD TESTAMENT and learn / conclude accordingly, or at the very least be motivated to go find out under what circumstances the creation of the old testament ‘as a whole’.

  • Attractive presentation and some really interesting content. I just stumbled upon your blogs and on accessing some material I assert that I actually enjoyed your account of some of your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your augment and confirm connection achieved and access to material consistently fast.
    >>>NOTE:- Links to irrelevant material and commercial interests removed and replaced with a link to the webpage created by Andrew Yiannides where the realities of ORGANISED RAMPANT FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS AT LARGE, as arranged by the legal circles and processed by judicial chair occupants, all of which is endorsed by the police, by Ministers and by Members of Parliament >the alleged representatives of ‘the people’ in an allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracy.
    Needless to say the organised CRIMES SIMPLY ENDORSED BY THE MEDIA BARONS and the Intellectual Prostitutes they retain and maintain in order to suppress such issues while promoting an alleged Democracy resting and founded on principles of Law & Order.
    Visitors / readers can access from here the words of John Swainton which he uttered only in the course of his retirement speech >in other words*, when he was moving out of the firing line< . [*Link]

  • INTERESTING developments in respect of the article I created after some charlatans engaged in the ways I simply had no other choice but to make public, as in this article I relate.
    ON SATURDAY 7th April 2012, at 00:13 I benefited from a call on Skype which I missed because I was working with another system, attending to important issues.
    I COMMUNICATED my inability to connect at the time using the Skype Instant Messaging facility, as I had not connected a headset and microphone unit to the computer I use for connection to Skype.
    AT 05:42am ANOTHER CALL ended with a short sharp connection all of which lasted only 00.18 seconds.
    AT 05:46am AFTER ANOTHER CONNECTION that lasted all of 55 minutes. >listening in without addressing any of the issues being discussed by the participants< I moved over to my other system and ongoing work after disconnecting from the group.
    AT 06:41 AND ANOTHER CONNECTION with the group one of the participants, one * mattg * decided to use the eject facility and I was ejected from the group without any participation / input from me. It was clear that some other had been responsible for the invitations I benefited from.
    THE ABOVE ISSUES called for a search as to who * mattg * was and what his / her background and personal interests were.
    LO AND BEHOLD, the * mattg * person is a United Kingdom citizen who lives in Leeds. Evidently he declares himself to be British and proud and most interestingly he was and is, apparently, the creator or the instigator of the website I was pointed to * http://www.4allofus * the very website and its creator that caused me to engage in the creation of this article about such persons and their maligned activities in the matters that brought about this article and webpage which I created on 9th December 2011.
    NOTE:- The image added / released as part of the main article on 9th April 2012 is clearly endorsed with the issues purportedly addressed, challenged and or exposed by the maligned ‘British And Proud’ (>britisnpoud< ) product of the mother of modern Parliamentary Democracies through elected Representatives. The arrogant one when registering at Skype personal parts and involvement in the URL / website For All Of Us (>4allofus< ) thereby qualifying participation in operations / actions allegedly undertaken and executed FOR ALL OF US, at least so the registered URL title, most definitely implies. Readers likely to gain access to the website >or their attempt to access the website fail and or applications to ‘join the group’ are rejected<, should consider asking:- "WHY PRIVATE THE MATERIAL AT THE WEBSITE, IF THE CREATOR/S IS/ARE ACTING FOR ALL OF US AS ALLEGED OBJECTOR/s & CHALLENGER/s in matters that relate to the issues the maligned * mattg * registered as of concern to the creator / owner of the domain when signing up to the Skype service?

  • …. amsterdam…

    May I suggest an add button for twitter?
    >>>NOTE:- Links to commercial interests / irrelevant material removed and replaced with a link to the interview granted to ‘COUNSEL’, the closed circuit monthly, by Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC >in October 2010< when he qualified that one of his priorities shall be the issue of FRAUD and failures to prosecute the offenders!!! Visitors who are not familiar with Andrew Yiannides' research >ongoing as of the spring of 1972< need to access the explicit web-page he created in order to point to the arrogant constructive frauds (plural intended) instigated by the legal circles >solicitors and barristers< and thereafter processed by court staff and judicial chair occupants to fruition care of fraudulent court proceedings all the way to the European Court of Human Rights* [*Link].<<<

  • What’s up? Very nice web site!! Guy .. Excellent .. Amazing .. I’ll bookmark your site and take the feeds additionally? I’m satisfied to have searched out such helpful information, here in these submit; we want to work out extra techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .
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  • This is my first time I check out here. I found such a lot of entertaining stuff within your blog, especially its revelations and submissions. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I ‘m not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the excellent work.
    >>>NOTE:- Links to irrelevant to the revelations at this website material removed for obvious reasons and replaced with a link to the webpage Andrew Yiannides created in order to point to the arrogant and blunt abuse of Public Services beginning with the education of the young ones. Further down pointed to the way the courts facilities in the United Kingdom, are abused for fraud aplenty, intended to and leading to REWARDS TO THE VICTIMS OF ORGANISED CRIME WHEN THEY SUCCUMB TO THE INVITATIONS THEY BENEFIT FROM, but only FOR THE ONES WHO EVENTUALLY SUBMIT THEIR CASES TO THE EUROPEAN COURT ON HUMAN RIGHTS*. [*Link].<<<

  • Hello I believed I might send a quick remark considering that Ive spent the better part of the previous half-hour scanning through your weblog posts I am…..
    >>>NOTE:- Links to immaterial to the issues we expose and challenge at Justice Raped Dot Org REMOVED, for obvious reasons. <<<

  • My brother suggested I might like this web site. He proved to have been totally right. This put up on the web truly made my day. You cannot consider simply how and what a lot of time I had spent searching for this kind of information! Thank you!
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  • I like this web site it’s a master piece! Glad I noticed this on google.
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  • Hi my family member! I want to say that this post is amazing, nice written and include approximately all important infos. I’d like to look more posts like this.
    >>>NOTE:- Links to irrelevant to the issues we cover removed and a link to the web-page Andrew Yiannides created in order to point to the fact that rampant fraud on the taxpayers has been ongoing for decades through abuse of the courts facilities and thereafter the victims of the legal circles are REWARDED FOR AGREEING TO KEEP IT ALL TO THEMSELVES, as thee evidence published makes it abundantly clear.<<<

  • Thanks for an amazing post, may examine your others posts. I appreciate your thinking on this, I soon became aware of this reality and it somewhat made an impact on me, by this short article. Merit again! You make good moments with your submissions. Have and share great factual realities here. I believe that when and if more individuals thought of it like that, they’d possess better moments in time when they have the grasp of things in such situations.
    >>>NOTE:- Link to site provision facilities and site creation removed. The promotion of the service and facilities FOR WEBSITE REGISTRATION & CREATION, should be a lesson to all abusers who benefited from my assistance over the years; one and all should simply recognise the simple fact that grasp of the states imposed on societies in all PSEUDOdemocracies, is fast recognised as the offensive abuse of trust commanding challenges by the victims.
    The ways of the persons who set about to introduce the website creation facilities / service SPEAK LOUDER THAN JUST A SIMPLE INVITATION or advertisements.
    It is a case of recognising THE DEVELOPMENTS, from the needs of the consumer >the targeted individual who now recognizes the need to publish his or her own story in the public domain because the media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes John Swainton wrote and spoke of do not give a dime about the sucker-serfs who have taxes imposed on them for the maintenance of criminals / fraudsters in public office.

  • Woah! I’m really rooting your template/theme of the site. It’s straightforward, however efficient. A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance” in between simplicity as well as look and feel. I must say you’ve accomplished a great career with this particular. Furthermore, your blog loads extremely quick personally in Opera. Outstanding Blog!
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  • Best post. I look forward to reading through more. Regards
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  • Simply wanted to comment on your wonderfully designed website, awesome job!
    >>>NOTE:- Typical ‘nothing to say on the issues covered by article, attempt to create a link to irrelevant commercial interests / promotions; crawling robot or not link replaced.<<<

    • We trust visitors who do read comments consider the many >NOTE< entries in bold below all attempts to use Justice Raped Dot Org as a stepping stone for routing traffic to irrelevant commercial interests and promotions.

  • Hi my family member! I want to say that this article is awesome, nice written and include approximately all significant infos. I would like to see extra posts like this.
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